Heroes Charge Arena Ultimate Guide

Heroes Charge Arena Ultimate Guide by chipersimmons

AAA.Hero 1-52 53-71 72 on 90? Pros Cons Good hero combos OVERALL ANY NOTES Notes 81-90
Swordmaster ? ? ? only martial merchant Need info
Commando 99 99 97 haste,agility aura low dmg Most OP hero, needed for all 1-80 levels Less needed?
Lunar Guardian 70 95 70 dmg,interrupts Gives energy Essential for level 53-72; before and after that, she is merely good.
War Chief 70 95 94 life steal aura, resurrects physical team to increase lifesteal Claim to fame? Revives after purple.
Old curse 90 94 90 freeze,good dmg give enemy team alot of energy Insane damage, has freezing ultimate. Some complain of giving too much energy.
Fallen Dominion 90 93 85 can ult with half energy Only Vip 11 Warchief Only Vip 11
Cloud Walker 90 90 85 many illusions Only Vip 11 Annoying clones make ultimates and other skills go in wrong directions
Iron Hoof 85 90 85 Can resist Commando (Reedemable Grand Arena Coins
Drunken master 60 87 95 blinds AS One of the best tanks at later levels. Huge HP Pool
Shadowleaf 60 85 86 silence,slow, damage aura Ult miss alot (especially if blinded) Shadowleaf and Lunar Guardian works nice with VS Has decent damage to single targets and to the whole enemy team, can silence, and at purple becomes nice because gives an attack buff.
Vengeance Spirit 75 85 92 energy drain, cc aoe gives energy Shadowleaf and Lunar Guardian works nice with VS Similar to Old Curse in role. Gets better with level due to GS. At 80+, it attacks 4 targets with almost full damage each, easily topping your team’s damage stats.
Mystic 50 80 95 blind,magic aura Ult has long charge magic team Awesome in all magic teams, is used a lot now, and maybe can counter sapper.
Wind Master 85 75 75 stun,pushback only ult deals good dmg not popular past purple because her purple skill isnt strong.
Shallows Keeper 50 78 75 stun, armor impair, high armor slow, no good dmg Insane magic resitance and armor, but low damage
Frost mage 51 75 75 reduce magic resist (4th skill) ult is lacking dmg mystic,magic team more towards support
Savage One 80 75 68 armor reduction squishy Nice armor reduction;decent starter tank
Succubus 95 75 60 high dmg,dodgy dies fast due to aoe Good at beginning; merely average after
Wandering Spearman 50 75 70
Imperial executioner 70 72 72 cc, high dmg output Very cool skill and powerful 3rd skill: Hex a.k.a. rubberducky
Deathgore 78 70 75 Recently went from VIP 11 to redeemable by arena coins
Pilot 68 70 80 Fully physical damage skills + damage backrow Interesting hero, some swear by him, some say he is useless
Silencer 45 70 85 Silence, sap energy Awesome in all magic teams, is used a lot now, and maybe can counter sapper.
Soulhunter 79 70 71 Tanky, with high magic resistance purple skill Underrated hero. His ultimate need timing which is bad for arena
Necromancer 75 65 69 Ult heal and make dmg 2nd skill can make them avoid physical damage Need info, isn’t that good
Poisoned One 75 65 60
Brute 85 63 59 Nice armor at beginning Good starting tank
Bear Warrior 65 60 70 good dmg dies fast, Ult miss alot Decent starting tank
Death Mage 85 60 60 53+ replaces DK as crusade tank very squishy, even at full health Mystic, Frost Mage very good for crusade, literally never lost from a team using her in arena (ie not the best arena hero)
Ice mage 60 60 80 freezes sapper right after his first jump, gets insane energy regen at late 70 (not uncommon for her to ULT twice in arena) Great in magic only teams, otherwise as average as you can get
Psychic Sword 60 60 75 kill back hero fast, aoe armor reduction Ult is a suicide counter Mystic based teams.
Shadow Shaman 40 65 60 3rd skill OP, lowers enemy team armor Funeral Skill can add extra HP to a wounded sapper or give the tank extra HP
Sniper 58 60 65 Pretty much only useful in specific setups
Tusked Storm 55 60 79 Physical team Gives nice attack buffs
Warrior Monk 65 60 70 stuns Old Curse Counter Arcane Sapper
Ferryman 85 61 75 Many times ults twice (as it is given when he dies) give enemy team a lot of energy ? Seems like a cool hero, but very few if any people use in any stage of the game. Perhaps good in a certain scenario
Master mage 70 55 60 fireball- every atack is a magic atack, about 800dmg, eating tanks at low lvl ? ? fireball- every atack is a magic atack, about 800dmg, eating tanks at low lvl
Admiral 50 50 70 One of two female tanks (Admiral & Depths Voice) Not very good early game comparatively
Death Knight 77 50 50 shield; crusade dies before ulti AS (for extra protection) Basically a crusade only hero unless in very beginning
Emberstar 75 50 40 Decent early damage do-er, good single target damage.
Lightning Master 75 50 50 Average all the way unless in very beginning
Mountain 50 50 70 Strange note: Some server 1 player found a way to use him at level 80
Professional Killer 95 50 60 Can do 1 on 5’s early game, gets interupted easily late game
Depths Voice 40 40 68 cc Good sapper counter at late levels.
Lighting Elemental 75 40 30 crazy damage ult usually dies before can ult nearly impossible to get off ultimate skill after level 53
Machinist 40 40 85 95 Insane damage doer at late levels Supposed best DPS
Vanguard Warrior 45 40 40 normal attacks hit small area, ulti dmg back row enters the fight too late If use VW with other tank, his tackle will be useless.
award of December of 2014
When entering fight, knocks back opposing AS if he has blinked into your team. Cloud Walker counter?
Chaplain 36 36 50 Healing, charm no dmg Decent arcane sapper counter at high levels.
Psychopath 30 30 60 Sapper counter at 5* Sapper counter Good tank
Rifleman 70 30 40 single target dmg dies fast Really a raiding only hero. Some players run him in Arena to burst Arcane Sapper (risky play)
Arcane Sapper 18 24 95 clear back line dies fast if no support Dodge hero with high DPS, can be countered with hard CC or high INT tank (Psychopath)
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  1. Your assumption is that if WC3 does not drop a soul, either WC2 or WC1 has to – which is not true.
    I tried your process: finish WC3=no soul. Try WC2=no soul, retreat. Try WC1=no soul, retreat.
    According to your diagram I would be stuck in a infiniti loop fighting WC2+1 forever as the loot is always the same.
    You are talking about additional steps needed to reset the loot, but you dont say how this is done…?
    I also needed one SS for Mechanic and fought all 3/3 and none dropped a Stone.
    Maybe your guide only worked for older TC versions?

  2. You forget Phenix

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