FFXIV World of Darkness Boss Guide

FFXIV World of Darkness Boss Guide by SeriousPan

Hey guys! I finished World of Darkness and wanted to share a quick boss guide I wrote up to help out anyone that was worried about going in blind. (Why would you be? It’s fun!) I hope this is useful. Please forgive me if it is badly written – I don’t write guides. This is from the eyes of an Off-tank in Alliance C.

Angra Mainyu:

This boss is a lot like Temple of Qarn (NM). There are spots on the ground that light up to remove the debuff “Doom”. If you get hit by Doom when he casts “Mortal Gaze” jump in them to remove it. The alternative is to not have your character face him as he casts. During the fight 2 types of adds will spawn:

Hourglass: Kill them one at a time, mark them 1 – 2 – 3 and don’t mark the fourth. Combining your power on killing these will make it easier to notice when the boss will stop his one hit KO attack. As you kill hour glasses a finger will tick around the room. If you take too long or kill the last hour glass – it will stop on its last position and cast an instant hit KO attack on anyone stunned inside. To avoid this make sure everyone knows what the last hourglass is so when it dies, they can dodge the last selected area. The Eye adds that spawn need to be taken away from groups and killed. Off tanks need to stun “Eye for an Eye”. When these adds die an invisible AOE will damage people around it.

The boss does level 100 and 150 attacks. In the circles you need either 2 level 50s or 3 level 50s to match the level of spell that he does. 2 for level 100, 3 for level 150. (May be incorrect) As the fight goes on the boss will cover the room in a dark and light spell. Each time this is cast alternate which colour you stand on to stop yourself from taking too much damage from particular attacks.

tl;dr: Kill Hourglass all at once. Avoid last selected area. Kill adds away from others. When 100 Death is cast, get 2 level 50’s in the circle. If it’s 150 Death, get 3.

Five Headed Dragon:

It’s getting Hercules up in here! The 5 heads in this fight each have their own element and spells to be cast. These spells are cast in groups of 2. Poison and Ice may be fired at once or Fire and Thunder, etc. This fight has a lot of dodging and killing of adds so keeping ontop of that is important.

As you begin the fight, it’s a simple tank and spank. Nothing special. The 5 heads will cast spells in pairs of 2 as I said earlier. During this time, DPS will want to keep an eye on their positioning and bunching up will be a good way to have unnecessary damage dealt to you. Two heads to keep an eye out for are the Ice and Poison Dragon heads. Poison will summon slimes at a certain spot. When you see this slime pool, have DPS run over and kill any slimes that spawn before they have a chance to move. If Slimes get away and form up with other Slimes – they can form a Big Slime. The Big Slime explodes on death causing massive damage to htose in the area. The Ice Head shoots an ice crystal into an area. At first it does nothing but expands gradually. Run away or be frozen on the spot!

After a few spells, at around 70% the boss will start it’s ultimate attack. It’s up to all the alliances to AOE and DPS ALL the heads to death. Each time 1 head is killed the boss will cancel its attack and start up another that does less damage but faster each time. So killing all the heads within the same time period is an effective way to minimize damage. After you kill all 5 heads it will force cast the spell immediately around itself. Dodge away to not get hit but it won’t hurt you that much if you were on point with your kills.

tl;dr: Watch the ground for spells cast by the 5 Headed Dragon. Keep an eye on its emotes to see which heads are casting their spells on the ground. If it’s Poison kill the adds as soon as they spawn. If it’s ice move away from the point as much as possible to avoid freeze. Kill all 5 heads at once as it charges it’s ultimate attack to avoid massive damage to the alliance.

I have yet to figure out what the Dragon Fire Whelps do. They target one individual party member with a line and kills them after a period. Running far away from it does nothing and no one on my server knows what it’s about. Sorry!


This boss is all about splitting up the alliances. In this fight you will see 2 towers linked to chains that go to the Cerberus. Assign an alliance to go “Into the stomach”. Which ever alliances aren’t going into the stomach needs to assign a DPS to put the chains back on cerberus. This comes into play later. The Main Tank should pull Cerberus and hang his tail over the side of the arena to avoid unnecessary damage to the alliances.

As you fight Cerberus at around 85-90% he will break free of his chains and move around. Continue to hit the boss as normal taking note he will hit those behind him with his tail. As you fight he will vomit out an add – Gastric Juice – have the stomach alliance stand inside and get the debuff “minimal”. Flower adds will spawn that the non stomach Off-Tank MUST take and pull away from the area to be killed. The Stomach Alliance the stands inside the purple goo to get eaten. If you do not have minimal you will be one hit KO’d. The Stomach party will be transported inside Cerberus – kill the 4 stomach linings with the tank taking the enemies in the middle.

When the 4 linings are killed the Stomach alliance is pooped out. The 2 DPS assigned to chaining up the boss must interact with the towers and then run to cerberus’s side and interact with his hips to hook him back up. Rinse and repeat to defeat the boss.

tl;dr:Get one Alliance to be eaten, assign at start. Stand in gastric juice then stand in purple to get eaten. The rest tank and fight flowers and the boss. When Stomach party kills inside, get the chains back on Cerberus.

Cloud of Darkness:

To begin, you’ll notice 3 crystal sections on each side of the arena. Just on the inside put a waymark for A, B and C. This comes into play later. Cloud of Darkness will only fight on those crystal sections. All alliance members except for MT should stand to the left or right of Cloud of Darkness to avoid a large laser that does a lot of damage.

Throughout the fight Cloud of Darkness will aim a red crosshair at any random member of the alliance. That member must run as fast as they can (sprint if you are too late) away from others to avoid a constant stream of debuff lasers that will kill you. Keep DPSing Cloud of Darkness watching out for her charging the lasers and the debuff crosshair. Eventually you will see circles on the ground, these Starfalls must have people inside them as soon as they appear. 2-3 people should stand inside to minimalize the damage they deal to the alliance. At about 60-70% Cloud of Darkness will begin to breathe in and summon Dark Clouds.

They come in Small and Large varieties and MUST be destroyed. Each one she swallows gives her 1-2 buffs to damage for an ultimate attack. Marking Dark Clouds for killing makes it easier on DPS. Through out the Cloud Phase the Starfalls will spawn so make sure to have members absorb those. Rinse and repeat until about 40%

At 40% Cloud of Darkness summons Void Snakes that will cast AOEs in the area around them. Hitting them will send them back down. The Red Crosshair move is used again in this section. After the snakes disappear Cloud of Darkness will summon 3 Orbs. A, B and C must take the Orb closest to their Waymarker and DPS it down. Once you attack it you cannot leave until its destroyed so organising a group is important.

tl;dr: Tank boss where she spawns. Everyone hit from the flank. Stand in Starfall Circles to minimalize damage. Focus Clouds when they spawn or wipe. If about to wipe due to absorbing too many Clouds use Tank limit break to stay alive. if targetted by Red Crosshair sprint and dodge and stay away from others. When 3 Orbs spawn split into 3 groups and destory them. Rinse repeat.

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