Brave Frontier Raid Battle Unit Role Tier List

Brave Frontier Raid Battle Unit Role Tier List by Zombica09

Before we get to the actual unit tier list, let me give some players an idea of what raids are.

Raid Battles in a new game mode on Brave Frontier where players in groups of 4 can quest together and defeat bosses in real-time. These bosses are not easy, but they are not as hard as dungeons like the Grand Gaia Chronicles. Benefits include: New craftable items and sphere like Medulla Gem and Legwand Gems. New options will open up at the Imperial Capital Randall to craft Raid Items and a new Slot Machine which can drop rare things like Metal Gods and Crystals, Sphere Frogs, Gems, Spheres, Burst Frogs and best of all, Jewel Kings.

There are currently 3 levels to Raid Battles, called Raid Classes; so up to Raid Class 3 – RC3 for short. RC1 being the easiest and it gets rather difficult upon reaching RC2. The way you progress is by clearing all the missions and you move to the next class. Upon reaching RC3, it is mandatory to have some form of damage mitigation, since from there it gets extremely hard. Healers are not necessary if you have a unit who can produce HC or increase its effectiveness while still doing damage.

Items Craftable while in Raid: link

Items Craftable at Randall: link

Tier List: Like I have said before on my other guides, just because I don’t list a unit does not make it USELESS. I just list the units which I think are the better choices. That’s my personal opinion and I do accept recommendations. Also, I plan for this to be a long-term tier list. There might be some unreleased units in here that we have not gotten here in global yet. Last thing, if you are wondering why I didn’t add Hard-Hitters (besides single-target killers), it’s because other roles include them there. For example, Zelnite is great as a BC generator and a great attacker. Arius is great as a healer and an offensive unit. Kuda is a powerful Crit-rate and ATK buffer and a great offensive unit. See where I’m getting at?

Remember: don’t just put any unit you see here in your squad. You need to make sure they all work together to deal enough damage and produce enough BC. Synergy is very important, just like in GGC and the Trials.

Leader Role

The leader role is as important in Raid Battles as it would be in a trial. There are many leaders to choose from, but I will only list a couple to give you an idea of what you should be looking for. Pretty much the best units would be units capable of maintaining your BB-gauges with Ares’ Leader Skills or Lilly Matah-like units. Maxwell is also great to deal higher damage. Other Options: Faris (for Ares’ LS), Uda (for Ares’ LS and BC D.R. buff), Orna (BB-spam LS), Mariudeth (Crit Damage buff), Narza (Nice Ares-like LS), Elza (Ares’ LS)

Unit Name Best For Role Tier Details
Creator Maxwell ANY META Maxwell might just be the best leader in the game until now. She lets your team do 125%more critical damage and 100% more elemental weakness damage. She has amazing balanced stats that are amongst the highest in the game. Her SBB can do 33 hits with a perfect 660% damage modifier. Perfect if you want to take down the boss quickly while maintaining your BB-gauges thanks to her high drop-check. Use double Maxwell for best results.
Tyrant Lilly Matah Single-Body META If you or one of your friend has her as a leader, you have no excuse for not using her (unless you prefer double Maxwell). Only one Lilly Matah is necessary for Raids since her leader skill is enough to have all your BBs up. I forgot to mention, she works best for single-target bosses since with bosses with multiple body parts you will be able to produce more than enough BC. Raid bosses do like inflicting lots of damage to you and hitting you a lot, which is perfect for Matah (she’s a masochist). Any time you get hit, you gain from 3-6BC. Her BBs amplify it even further by filling up your gauge, increasing the BB-gauge fill rate and increases the amount of BC taken when you get hit. Must have as a leader/friend for Raids.
Thief God Zelnite Multi-Body EXCELLENT Zelnite is just a very good leader. His stat total is just near Maxwell and is even able to surpass Maxwell’s stats with max imps. His leader skill is great for maintaining SBBs all the time and he even has a great BB and SBB to compliment it. Zelnite is one of the best units in the game for a reason; stick a Legwand and a Sol Creator on him and watch the Brave Crystals come to you. Both his BB and SBB refill you gauges by 8BC, so you can constantly spam BBs. He also has a high damage output.
Guardian Darvanshel RC2, RC3 OK… Darvanshel is not really the best leader for raids since you probably have to bring a status nullifier or a healer-hybrid with you anyways. But if you still don’t have a mitigator and your friends do, Darvanshell is a solid choice. His leader skill is able to negate ailments and has a small chance to mitigate some damage. Not only that, his BB and SBB can mitigate damage while producing Brave Crystals. During RC1 you don’t really need him since bosses don’t hit hard enough for mitigation to be necessary. I was able to survive with 2 5-star units and the rest as 4-star and I only used a healer. For RC2 and RC3 though, he is a must.

Single-Target Killers

You won’t be able to beat the Raid Battle if you aren’t dealing any damage, right? These Single-Target Killers specialize in dealing massive damage to a single enemy while constantly having their SBBs ready for the next turn. Any of the units below are great choices for any single-body boss. Other Options: Rickel (High-Hit STBB/SBB with poision effect), Loradn (Strong STBB/SBB), Lira (Strong STSBB), Edea (High Hit-Count STBB/SBB with poison effect)

Unit Name Best For Role Tier Details
Lightning Gun Rowgen Single-Body META Rowgen is an excellent unit; infinite SBB, immense damage, 1-hit for maximum damage and better chances to spark. Pretty much the ideal single-body boss killer. He pretty much beats any other single-target BB user in damage and can easily drop any boss’s health down with his SBB. If you’ve seen Ushi’s video, you will know how much damage he can dish out. You can add elemental buffers to the squad so that he can always do strong elemental attacks and deal even more damage.
Terminator Lilith Single-Body EXCELLENT The original infinite SBB-er. The reason Lilith made it as a EXCELLENT instead of meta was because she can’t deal as much damage as Rowgen and her stats are not as jaw-dropping as Rowgen’s. The only stat she has higher than him is her REC. That’s about it though, just survivability. As for her pros, she is a Light unit; meaning that she is unresisted and is only weak to the Dark element. She has a high hit-count on her SBB so that you can generate lots of BC/HC too. Thanks to all these great things, she is able to constantly bring the bosses HP down very fast if the correct conditions are met.
Ice Angel Sergio Single-Body Great Newest SBB spammer is here. Sergio is now great unit thanks to his new 6-star form. He has great stats with an above-average attack with the Lord typing. His SBB hits 17 times with a 600%damage modifier with an 80% chance to inflict weakening. Not the greatest ailment, but it does help with bringing the boss’ HP down faster. He also doesn’t have better stats than Lilith or Rowgen. I’d choose them over him whenever I’m not fighting a single-target Fire boss.

BC Generators

There are many types of categories that fall into this role. There are units that increase the BC drop-rate, BB-gauge fill rate, fill BC, generate BC over time… and any others. I will make sure to list those that I think are more popular and the ones I think will make a good unit member. Other Options: Lodin (Insta-fill BB, Gradual Fill SBB), Garnan (Gradual fill BB), Lilly Matah (BB and SBB greatly increses BC generation).

Unit Name Best For Role Tier Details
Thief God Zelnite Multi-Body META Probably the best drop-rate buffer for trials, I think. His stat total is just near Maxwell and is even able to surpass Maxwell’s stats with max imps. Zelnite is one of the best units in the game for a reason; stick a Legwand and a Sol Creator on him and watch the Brave Crystals come to you. Both his BB and SBB refill you gauges by 8BC, so you can constantly spam BBs. His SBB also increases the drop-rate of BC and HC, good for maintaining your BB-gauge and having good health. He also has a high damage output.
Crusher God Uda ANY EXCELLENT Felneus 2.0 never dies. Most likely one of the best BC drop-rate buffers in the game right now. He possesses a BC drop-rate buff not only on his leader skill (actually it increases the BB gauge fill rate by50%), but also in his SBB. His BB is just a regular 12-hit AOE with a fast fill-rate meant for the arena. His SBB does a 15-hit AOE attack and increases the BC drop-rate by 25%. Perfect for multi-body bosses.
Aqua Goddess Kuhla ANY Great A great unit for trials indeed. Although she does not boost the BB gauge, she helps fill it up. Her BB does a 12-hit AOE attack and fills the BB gauge by 8BC. Not bad, it’s just like Zelnite’s BB. Her SBB does a 16-hit AOE attack, gives a fantastic 115% attack buff and increases the BB gauge by 4BC for 3 turns. Great for maintaining your BB gauge and hitting hard.

Damage Mitigators

As long as you have one, you are good. One of the following is recommended for RC2 and mandatory for RC3 if you want to survive. Also, Darvanshel is the only META mitigator for obvious reasons, accept that. Regardless, if you or your friends have any of the following, you should save a spot in your squad for them. Other Options: Edea (25% DMG mitigation), Elimo (25% DMG mitigation).

Unit Name Best For Role Tier Details
Guardian Darvanshel RC2, RC3 META Definitely the best mitigator in the game. If you use him as a leader, you will negate all ailments and have a 10% chance of mitigating 20% of the damage taken for an attack. As a regular unit though, he’s more than great. He can mitigate any damage taken the next turn by 50% while doing a 12-hit single-target attack. His SBB is the same, except that it’s a 13-hit AOE instead and buffs your defense by 50% for 3 turns. Really great since he can provide BC while defending.
Ice Fortress Oulu RC2, RC3 EXCELLENT The original mitigator is still very viable. Instead of being a Offensive-Defensive unit like Guardian Darvanshel, it focuses more on defense. It’s BB simply mitigates 50% of the damage taken next turn. Its SBB mitigates 50% of the damage taken next turn and boosts defense by 100% for 3 turns. As you can tell, no sort of BC generation for his BB and SBB and that’s important because you’ll be using you BB/SBB constantly.
Mad God Narza RC2, RC3 EXCELLENT Our newest damage mitigator that looks rather offensive. He is actually not. Narza is semi-offensive, in a way. His leader skill increases the BB gauge fill-rate by 40% (only 10% less than Ares’) and has a 10% chance of mitigating 20% of the damage of an attack. Useful leader skill. His BB mitigates 50% of the damage taken next turn and negates ailments for 3 turns. His SBB mitigates 50% of the damage taken next turn, negates ailments for 3 turns, and gives 5-6BCwhenever a unit is attack for 3 turns. A unique unit indeed. As you can tell, no BC generation on his BB, but his SBB fixes that. His regular attack, however, has 32 drop-checks which is very nice. His BB and SBB negate ailments, but does not remove them.

Critical-Rate Buffers

A very useful role that’s not completely necessary for a squad, but help deal almost 2x the damage. There are many units to choose from now, thanks to recently released units and new spheres like Amanoha-bacon. Also, Maxwell is not included here because she is preferred as a Leader Unit, her buff is somewhat low, and I want to show other units instead. Other Options: Faris (45%), Mariudeth (45%), Garnan (35% on BB, 30% on SBB), Aisha (Powerful SBB with a 45% Crit-Rate Buff)

Unit Name Best For Role Tier Details
Zeus Whip Orna ANY META Yes, the newest unit is META in this role. Orna is a new unit that many people don’t know about, so I’ll do a mini-analysis here. Her leader skill boosts BB gauge by 2-4BC whenever you’re attacked and increases the BB gauge fill-rate by 30%. She has a 12-hit regular attack capable of producing up to 24BC. Her BB is a 14-hit AOE that adds the Thunder and Fire elements to all units for 3 turns. Her SBB is a 17-hit AOE that adds the Thunderand Fire elements to all units for 3 turns and boost the crit-rate by 50%. She is obviously the better unit. She has 2 elemental buffs which is great for multi-body bosses with different elements.
Duel-SGX ANY Semi-META Thanks to Orna’s release, it has dropped in tier from META to Semi-META. Its BB boosts the critical-rate by 60% and adds the Dark element buff to all units for 3 turns, although it brings no damage to the table. Its SBB is a 20-hit AOE that increases the crit-rate by 60% and add the Dark element buff to all units for 3 turns. No longer the best crit-buffer since other units do a better job and his BB produces no BC.
Master Assassin Kuda ANY EXCELLENT Another new crit-rate buffer, with a few extra buffs. Kuda is a near-meta unit, but not as a pure crit-buffer, I think. His BB is an 18-hit AOE that gives a70% attack buff to all units for 3 turns. His SBB is a 24-hit AOE attack that adds a 100% ATK buff (15% lower than Michele and Kuhla’s) and also adds a40% crit-rate buff to all units for 3 turns. Great hybrid unit, one of the best in the game.

ATK Buffers

A very useful ability, but again, it’s not mandatory. Having one on a squad is very helpful though, it can boost your attack by a lot and help take the enemy down much faster. We not have better ATK buffers than before, so there’s a bit of variety. Choose carefully one of the units below that you think might fit in your squad. Other Options: Lucina (50%), Leorone (70%), Hogar (70%).

Unit Name Best For Role Tier Details
Master Assassin Kuda ANY META Kuda probably takes the cake here. I had trouble selecting which of the three (Kuhla, Lucca, or Kuda) should be META. Kuda it was for very good reasons. Kuda’s BB is an 18-hit AOE attack with an attached ATK buff of 70% for 3 turns. That’s very useful for when you need a quick buff with the ability to deal lots of damage and produce a high amount of BC. Now his SBB is a 24-hit AOE that gives a 100%ATK buff (slightly lower than Michele’s) plus a 40%crit-rate buff for 3 turns. Two-in-one is always good. Kuda is extremely useful for trials.
Aqua Goddess Kuhla ANY EXCELLENT A great unit for trials indeed. Slightly less useful than Kuda, but she is actually better than him in some ways. First, her BB is a 12-hit AOE attack that increases your BB gauges by 8BC. Her SBB is a 16-hit AOE attack that fills your BB gauges by 4BC for 3 turns and gives a 115% ATK buff (highest in the game) for 3 turns. Better than Kuda in terms of keeping the BB gauge filled and has a slightly stronger buff.
Deity Ruler Lucca ANY EXCELLENT Our newest unit was just an eyelash away from being this role’s META unit. Since he is rather new, let me give a mini-analysis. His leader skill reduces BB cost by 15% and fills 2BC at the end of every turn. Not extremely useful. He has a 8-hit regular attack capable of producing up to 24BC. His BB is a 14-hit AOE that adds the Earth and Waterelements to all units for 3 turns. His SBB is a 19-hit AOE that adds the Earth and Water elements to all units for 3 turns and gives an ATK buff of 100% for 3 turns. He has 2 elemental buffs which is great for multi-body bosses with different elements and the ATK buff is great.
Goddess Axe Michele ANY OK… What was a great unit is not just a viable unit. Michele is not an EXCELLENT unit because of certain reasons. Her stats are obviously outdate, making her a lot weaker for later content. She has a great regular attack and SBB, but her BB is somewhat useless. It gives the Fire element and boosts the ATK by 110%. No BC generation, so it’s not usefull. Her SBB on the flip side, is an 18-hit AOE which adds the Fire element to all units and boosts all unit’s ATKs by 115% for 3 turns. She is great, just outdated.

SPARK Buffers

Another extremely offensive ability. This though, is only useful for multi-body bosses so that you can dish out more damage faster. There are some units with this ability, but I won’t list them all. Like I have said multiple times before, if a unit isn’t listed here, it doesn’t mean it’s not viable. Other Options: Bordebegia (70%), Douglas(50%), Omega Behemoth (70%), Garnan (70%), Sodis (70%).

Unit Name Best For Role Tier Details
Inferno Goddess Elza ANY META We all know her, and we certainly know she deserves this spot very well. Her regular attack is capable of producing up to 30BC. Her BB is not important , but, it’s a 13-hit AOE on all enemies with a45% of curse. Her SBB, however, is a 30-hit AOE with a 60% chance to curse and buffs the spark damage by 70% (highest in the game) for 3 turns. 30 hits, damn. If you have her, open a spot for her. No questions about it.
Defiant God Luther ANY EXCELLENT Gumi didn’t even give him enough time to let him enjoy his throne. Luther is a great unit for sparking because he has an STBB and an AOE-SBB which he can use for either type of boss. His BB is a 15-hit ST-attack that has a 80% chance to Paralyze and Weaken the target. His SBB is a 28-hit AOE that buffs the spark damage by 50% for 3 turns. Great, but not better than Elza at all.
Spear King Raydn ANY EXCELLENT An older unit that still does a great job at what he does. Raydn has a 12-hit AOE that boosts spark damage by 60% for 3 turns. His SBB is a 14-hit AOE that boosts spark damage by 70% and gives the infamous Ignore Defense buff to all units for 3 turns. Not much else to say about him. Defense ignore is only great in certain dungeon, not so useful anywhere else.

Status Nullifiers

Necessary the bosses love inflicting ailments to slowly hinder your effectiveness. There aren’t that many units that do this job, so pick carefully. So do the job really good, others don’t. Also, I excluded Altri and Ulkina from the tier-list since I prefer them as healers. But, if you don’t want to, or don’t have space or another unit in the squad, then include either of them. Other Options: Altri (Heals and removes on BB. Heals, removes and prevents on SBB), Ulkina (Heals and removes on BB. Attacks, removes and prevents on SBB), Narza (Mitigates and prevents on BB and SBB)

Unit Name Best For Role Tier Details
Beast God Exvehl ANY META Boy, Zelnite’s batch sure produced a lot of meta units. Exvehl here is probably the best unit to use as a nullifier if you have no Altri or Ulkina. Exvehl’s BB simply removes and negates ailments for 3 turns. No BC generation here, so not so useful. His SBB though is a 24-hit AOE that removes and negates ailments for 3 turns. Great BC generation and really good for a BB-spam squad. He can generate lots of BC if you are going against a multi-body boss.
Legatus Melchio ANY EXCELLENT Not that useful anymore with the release of Exvehl, although they both work very alike. Melchio’s SBB prevents (does not remove) ailments and give the Light attribute buff for 3 turns. His SBB is a 15-hit ALL Elements AOE, prevents ailments and gives the Light attribute buff to all units for 3 turns. Good to use for multi-body and multi-elemental bosses, but that’s it.
Black Lotus Lunaris ANY OK… Not as good as Melchio or Exvehl. Her BB does not remove or prevent ailments, it’s an 11-hit AOE with a 45% chance to weaken enemies. Her SBB is a 15-hit AOE that removes and prevents ailments for 3 turns. Her BC cost is too high to maintain regularly, so she is not recommended unless you have no other choice.

Healer Role

Lastly, a semi-important role. This role has two META units, each does a different role while still healing effectively. You can bring a healer along if you don’t have a unit which increases the drop-rate or effectiveness of HC. Zelnite is a good example of one, you can use him as a pseudo-healer since he can generate more HC and practically heal your entire squad. Although that’s only recommended for multi-body bosses only. For single-body bosses, it’s better to just use a healer or a dedicated pseudo-healer. Other Options: Any premium healer is really good.

Unit Name Best For Role Tier Details
Guardian Goddess Tia ANY META Another new unit takes the throne. Tia is by far one of the best, if not the best healer in the game. Her BB greatly recovers HP and gradually recovers almostthe same amount at the end of every turn for 3 turns. Hot damn. Her SBB massively heals you (I made that up, it’s greatly heals you, but it does almost double her BB’s) as well as recovers your HP at the end of every turn a little more than her BB and fills your BB gauge by 4BC for 3 turns. So many buffs. A 3-in-1 unit really rare, especially for healers. With her gradual heal, you almost don’t have to worry about healing every turn.
Alpha Tree Altri ANY META Another meta, and this old tree is still extremely viable. His BB is capable of healing a great amount of HP as well as dispelling any ailments on your units. His SBB can heal a massive amount of HP as well as dispel and nullify ailments for 3 turns. Really great unit and you can use him if you do not own a status nullifier or don’t have room for one.
Fire Goddess Ulkina ANY EXCELLENT In a way she is an Altri 2.0. The reason she is not meta is because she cannot perform the healer job as good as Altri. Her BB heals a great amount of HP as well as dispels any ailments on your units. Same BB as Altri’s. Her SBB is a 16-hit AOE that dispels and nullifies ailments for 3 turns. That’s good for generating lots of BC, but she can’t heal with it. Therefore, dropping her a tier lower. Otherwise, you can just use her BB over and over again. Possibly use her SBB once to negate ailments and just use her BB to remove and heal.
Ice God Arius ANY EXCELLENT Not an actual dedicated healer, but he is very good. Arius’s BB is a 13-hit AOE with a 45% chance to inflict weakness. Not so useful, but can help against multi-body bosses and lots of bosses are susceptible to weakness. His SBB is a 16-hit AOE with a 60% chance to weaken and heals a great amount of HP. His recovery is slightly lower than Altri’s and Ulkina’s, but it’s good for a pseudo-healer.
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