Destiny Flawless Raider Guide

Destiny Flawless Raider Guide by FlawlessRaider

The Team:

Bubblebros are OP for this, since their bubble shield with blessings of light is a perfect “OH SHIT” button any time you get into the red zone. Sunbros, sorry but your self-revive is useless and Radiant Skin probably won’t save you in a pinch (unless you have Apotheosis Veil, it’s an exotic helm for Warlocks that heals you when you activate your super, combined with Radiant Skin it makes for a fine OH SHIT button), flame shield is pretty awesome however. Still, Voidwalker would probably be the best except for cheesing Templar if you don’t own Apotheosis Veil. Gunslingers are okay, their lack of a defensive super is somewhat compensated by how awesome Golden Guns are at taking down Praetorians, Supplicants and Oracles in clutch situations.

You should be level 29 at least, and with as much defense as possible. The difference between a 30 with 1463 defense and a 29 with 1440 defense is neglible, and contrary to popular belief you will do the same damage at 29 as you do at 30 since these are level 28 mobs max.

The Loadout:

I always run the highest Armor build I can spec into with my class. The weapons of choice for this are:

VoC/FB primary: Both weapons are good at killing trash, the Fatebringer is especially good at Confluxes and VoC is especially good at Gatekeeper and Atheon.

Praedyth’s Revenge/Ice Breaker: IB is really strong, it destroys Atheon and Gatekeepers, and is good for prolonged sniping at Confluxes and Oracles. However Praedyth’s handles really well and if you don’t need to snipe so much that you’ll run out of ammo I prefer it above the Ice Breaker.

Corrective Measure/Gjallarhorn: Corrective Measure is the real MVP, it destroys Praetorians and Minotaurs, and allows you to solo all the Oracles at Atheon. The Gjallarhorn is even more devastating to Praetorians, but it’s risky because you can blow yourself up, and also doesn’t allow you to carry the Ice Breaker. However it can also clear large crowds of hobgoblins at Confluxes, and at the sync plates during Gatekeepers, so it can be really useful in the right hands. If Atheon bugs out and doesn’t teleport anyone, Gjallarhorn does mad DPS even without Time’s Vengeance.

The Spire Forms:

This part you can do the same as any other raid, even if you mess up here it’s no big deal. Just have two players at each sync plate, with the two on the middle assisting one of the sides each. Gjallarhorn is pretty good against these Praetorians, just be careful with people stepping in front of you, generally during the raid it’s a good idea to jump in the air before shooting as it greatly diminishes the chance that you’ll blow yourself up.

The Way to the Confluxes:

Don’t get too cocky just because the jumps are all easy on this part. Stay focused but don’t stress about it.

Defend the Confluxes:

Leave one guy at the spawning spot to snipe the middle, it’ll be one less guy that can die plus it’s useful for getting the Hobgoblins and the Oracles later on, this guy should have the Ice Breaker for sure. You can also cheese the legions by going to the Spirit Bloom chest room when the confluxes despawn, and a ledge on the right towards the back of the arena. Defending the confluxes themselves shouldn’t be too big of an issue, just be careful about Fanatics creeping up on you (on the left side, be sure to watch the hallway with the ramp, Fanatics like to creep out behind you from there while you shoot the mobs at the stairs). Don’t use rockets here as there are a lot of obstacles and the Minotaurs are pretty weak, Corrective Measure wrecks them.

The Oracles:

This might be a hard fight since everyone cheeses it nowadays. Put two people in the right, two on the left, and put your last guy on the left but to the back. The guy that stayed up is responsible for the calling out any Oracles that might be missed, and calling out Hobgoblin spawns and killing them. It’s good if you know where the Oracles are going to spawn (check the spawning order here (, but it’s not absolutely required.

The Templar:

Cheese him as usual. If you want to be extra safe, have a bubblebro pop Blessings of Light between your cleansing corner and the Templar, that way throwing grenades is super safe.

The Gorgon’s Labyrinth:

Do not mistake this for a regular Normal Mode run. The patrols WILL be fucked up since you’re not starting from a wipe, so your strategy of “running straight through” is going to fail 4 out of 5 times since the patrols won’t match up. There are 4 Gorgons that are relevant to completing this successfully, I’ve drawn a rough sketch of the patrols here:

The first two patrols you encounter are the one that gets close to the spawning place and then goes around to the right side of the maze (this is the one you’d follow in a normal run if you were using the “running straight through” strategy, Gorgon 1 in the sketch), and the one that circles around the big rock everyone needs to climb on (Gorgon 2). The patrols here can overlap in ways you don’t normally see, so follow the first Gorgon, but before you go towards the rock, look to the left of the rock to see if Gorgon 2 is coming, if he is you usually have enough time to let him pass by and get on the rock, if you don’t see him at all you can also go ahead and get on the rock (don’t double jump onto it, use the little ramp on the right side and single jumps, only use double jump in an emergency and be aware that one of the Gorgon’s might be on alert). In rare cases you might see him very far way, just turning the corner towards the left passage, in that case just back off completely to the spawn place and wait for the first Gorgon to make another round.

Now that your whole team is on the rock, you have to patiently wait until the patrol of the three Gorgon’s (2, 3 and 4) line up so that you can safely make it past. That’s generally when Gorgon 2 is towards the back-left on the rock, Gorgon 3 is going into the left passage in front of you, and Gorgon 4 just turned the corner out of view from the rock (I’ve marked the approximate locations on the sketch with stars, but use your own judgment). Fall off the rock (do not double jump) and walk calmly towards the exit, you might see Gorgon 4 patrolling ahead of you but as long as you don’t sprint, jump or get really close he won’t turn around.

The Jumping Puzzle:

I found a little video ( of a strategy that works with all three classes, every single time. Please use this strategy as the other methods can sometimes randomly “bounce” you off walls (it’s hard to describe, but that’s exactly what it feels like, and I got too many people crying). Pay special attention at the jump he makes between 0:34 and 0:40, you have to jump all the way to the other side, do not stop into the little indent in the middle, that’s one of the places where you get bounced off!

If you feel more confident about getting to the ledges some other way that’s fine too, just make sure to make the jump at 0:34 the same way as in the video and avoid a lot of heartbreak. Yes even people who swear they never fail always die at that part because they don’t jump all the way around.

The Gatekeeper:

Send two or three people inside the left portal first, then one guy and the guy with the relic to the right portal. Also remember to send a guy to defend the conflux in the middle. Corrective Measure is your friend here, use Gjallarhorn only if you are extremely confident that you won’t rocket yourself in the face. Avoid fighting to the death if a Praetorian is taking over the sync plate, always prioritize your own life and deal with the Oracle spawning on top of the gate later. A well-put Titan Bubble with Helm of Saint-14 at the close enemy spawn at the right sync plate is very useful. After you all make it to the middle it should be easy, if you’re a relic guy play conservatively and don’t try to keep smashing if your health dips into the red: your teammates can take over and you have four sacrifices to work with, no use risking your life.

Atheon, Time’s Conflux:

Atheon has been, in over 20 times I’ve gotten to him for the Flawless Raider trophy, glitched, every single time. Either he teleports one person, or he teleports nobody. It sucks but you will have to deal with it. I’ve laid out my strategies for each scenario:

One person teleported:

You should start with 3 people on each sync plate, just in case he somehow teleports two people (hasn’t happened for me yet, but it might be a possibility). That way you’ll always have someone opening the correct portal right away. If one dude gets teleported, send at least three people into the portal as soon as it opens just to be safe. Corrective Measure is your friend here, it obliterates Oracles and the Praetorian too.

The guy that got teleported should remain calm, and not try to fight the mobs. Yes I know it’s possible to kill the mobs with no help especially on normal, but I’ve had teammates get triple sniped, not worth it. Instead, drop the relic with Triangle or Y, shoot the first Oracle, grab the Relic again, etc. until you kill at least the first Oracle, this will give your team some breathing room. As soon as they are inside help out with killing the mobs, and stay close to the portal after the mobs are dead.

IMPORTANT: If you somehow succumb to the Oracles, you have a small window to get the hell out of the portal, make a mad dash towards it. If the whole team gets out in time, you won’t get Time’s Vengeance but you won’t die either. Also call out when you’re almost ready to get out of the portal so the people outside can tell you if it’s not safe to come out due to supplicants, you don’t want to get blown up as you’re coming out of the gate.

Now you can choose between going to the middle platform and going to the back of the room. If you choose middle platform you have to be a God with the relic and know the exact spot to stand so you don’t get splash damage, and you trust the team to be able to get out safely. If you choose the back of the room, be aware that Supplicants can and do go there, and have a designated Supplicant killer (preferably a Hunter with Golden Gun). It also helps to drop a relic super on any harpies that might already be at the back, but only do this if you got out of the portal in a timely manner. Be aware that Atheon moves a ton if you put the relic shield at the back. In both cases try to put down Weapons of Light, if you’re in the back of the room put it on the stairs towards the back on the side that your team is coming out of.

Second teleport he will still only teleport one person, so again be sure to have people on both sync plates so you can go in in a timely manner.

No one gets teleported:

Be aware that even if he teleports no one 6 times in a row, there is always a chance he will teleport someone anyway, so always be ready for that.

Atheon can definitely be killed without Time’s Vengeance, in fact that’s how I ended up doing it. Have two people on each sync plate again, and two people in the back. The two people in the back DPS constantly and keep an eye out for when the harpies are spawning and where they are going. The people on the sync plates should take out their sides harpies, DPS Atheon for a bit, then when harpies spawn on their side focus on that again. Stay off the ground (if you’re at the sync plate) and always be aware of your surroundings, periodically go out of ADS and look at your radar. With call-outs on where the harpies are going nobody should be caught off guard. If the two people in the back have Gjallarhorns it’s awesome to spam them on Atheon.

When Atheon drops don’t jump towards him or move a muscle, just wait calmly for the trophy to pop, you can still ruin it by falling off after Atheon dies.

Congratulations! You are a Flawless Raider.

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