Aura Kingdom Tachi/Katar Guide

Aura Kingdom Tachi/Katar Guide by Kyodok


This guide will be about Ronin/Brawler with EVA build. I’m not implying that Ronin/brawler is better or worse than its counterpart Brawler/Ronin, but just teach some basics about this class combination for those who need a guide to start.

Even though people associate EVA build with PVP, in fact EVA is very good in PVE. Sure you can’t dodge red lines with EVA, but in high level dungeons where mobs hits hard and applies debuffs, EVA works wonders. When you dodge a hit, it’s like having 100% damage taken, because you took 0 damage. No other build can lure better than EVA users.

However, in order to make EVA build work, you need GOLD . Since the maximum EVA you can achieve is 95%, you won’t be able to dodge all the hits (and against higher level monsters your real EVA is lower than what it’s shown in your Character status) if mobs manage to hit you and you don’t have high DEF nor HP to withstand, you are useless. And some bosses have some decent ACC, plus Red carpets ignores your EVA. So don’t try this build if you cannot fortify your gears or else you will make Ronin class a Duelist 2.0.

Why katar sub?

  • Access to Combo Skills
  • Heal skill that can boost your crit/eva if you have enough charges
  • AOE DEF shred with Swift Strike
  • Electrocution boosts your DMG and helps with your AOE rotation
  • More gap closers
  • Mini i-frames
  • DEMON WINGED KATARS. It has everything you need: CRIT, HP, EVA and 35% CDMG.

Why not Wizard Sub?

With wizard sub you get ranged skills, more AOE and AOE stun, combo skills, nice buffs, etc. And you can cap EVA since their weapon has this stat.

Even so, I did not choose Wizard sub because I like lvl 60 Analisa Katar more compared to lvl 60 staffs, apart from more HP. Lvl 50 orange staff is good, but you lose a lot of base stats. Plus you can only get one Combo skill without wasting your envoy points unlike the other two.


These are my combat stats (without deffensive posture and floats). I don’t have +20 weapon yet, Top set is +15 and bottom set +9 only. And I haven’t decided which Acc set to use yet.


Try to reach 50% – 60% CRIT in combat and put all your offensive points in Damage.


Some people love having high stats but they neglect their damage against bosses. But you really want high damage against bosses because it’ll boost your DPS by a lot. OW party dungeons have 70% damage reduction, while OW hells/dragon dungeons have 90% reduction. So without any damage against bosses you will be hitting for 10% of your damage, while having 20% you will be doing 30% of your damage (in a 90% damage reduction dungeon). With my 70% damage against bosses, bosses melt in a few seconds.



You need to cap EVA at 95% with Tale of Sword buff (and Eidolon star buff if you decide to use Kotonoha or Aelius). I wouldn’t rely too much to cap EVA in Soul Blade buff, because if your soul bar is empty, you won’t have cap EVA during that time.

Then I can put the rest of points in def/hp. Having 17k DEF points is enough for OW. But if you want to do dragons, try to get at least 18-19k DEF with Guardian buff and ballad.

Floats and Milk balls can help you reach that DEF mark easily (~1.6k DEF)


This is an example of Envoy Path for lvl 69 (23 envoy points). But it’s not set in stone, so you can try other paths.

What I believe it should be a Must Take nodes are:

Charged Jump: +6% EVA +8% Move Speed.

Sacred Dragon Slash: Brilliant Dragon Flash +15% and it makes this kill a Gapcloser.

Steel Body: Increase Hp up to 25% of your CRIT.

You can put the points in Tachi studies in Battle Tactics or Weak Point Analysis if you can cap cDMG with eidolon/party buff/foods or you manage to +20 Devourer set.

Green circles are the 2 Combo Skills to take.

Gale Combo. It’s an AOE skill that it’s very useful when you are luring mobs.

Crescent Assault. The Combo Skill with the highest damage.

If you don’t want Combos, you can skip them and take Infinite Waltz and Soul Breaker.

Infinite Waltz: “40% chance to deal damage to enemies within range when you evade”. It offers a nice boost in your Damage output, since it may proc from each hit you dodge and each proc does AOE damage to all your surrounding enemies, although the range is small and sometimes elite mobs outranges the area of effect of this passive.

Soul Breaker: “When target’s HP is below 40%, Move SPD decreased by 40% and DEF decreased by 20% for 10 sec”. Paired with Destroyer core (-10% DEF), Break Defense (-20% DEF) and Soul Storm (up to -30% DEF) you are an AOE DEF shredding machine.

I recommend you to read this post about Skill amplifiers in order to understand the % I put on every skill.

IV. A) Tachi Skills

Soaring Flash Dance (2s CD). 125% Skill Amplifier. I mostly use this skill to lower Boss’ DEF with Soaring Flash Rond. You can increase it’s range by 5m if you use Indigo Soaring Flash.

Black Swallow (3.5s CD). 120% Skill Amplifier. Storm element. It deals 4m AOE damage and also increases your Crit stat.

Soul Blade. Once you activate this, it’ll consume 5 souls each second but will boost your Damage and EVA, and giving -20% damage taken. Fully charged Soul bar will last for 20 seconds and will allow you to spam Soul storm.

Soul storm. 70% Skill Amplifier. Your AOE DEF shred tool, also has a hidden passive (lag). Only usable with Soul Blade activated.

Dark Spear Raid. 110% Skill Amplifier. Dark Element. This can be spammed 3 times in a row, does linear AOE damage and applies DoT that can be stacked 3 times. DoT lasts for 10s, but you cannot recast this skill in 8s due to the debuff you get and can’t be lowered by SPD. I would stack 3 times this DoT and try to use once to refresh DoT duration.

Iaido (10s CD). 160% Skill Amplifier. It works like Bow charging skills. I only try to fully charge Iaido before starting a boss fight. During fight I would just release uncharged Iaidos for the +10% damage buff it gives. This buff is actually OP, because it increases your damage against Bosses, Elites and Players instead of your base attack damage. It lasts 5s, so I try to use Dragon’s Fury and Brilliant Dragon Flash after that in order to make better use of this buff.

Dragon Flash (6s CD). 150% Skill Amplifier. Fire element. With Sacred Dragon Slash node it’s a Gapcloser, AOE stun. And it’s CD can be lowered by 0.6s using Azure Brilliant Dragon Flash.

Dragon’s Fury (8s CD). 185% Skill Amplifier. Ronin’s highest damage skill. It’s a gapcloser that heals you for 10% of damage dealt with this skill.


Swift Strike (6s CD). 145% Skill Amplifier. Storm Element. You can fit this skill in your rotation and lower enemy DEF.

Blitz (12s CD). 130% Skill Amplifier. I use this skill when I’m luring or I need to stun Boss before he tries to hit me, since it stuns immediately.

Inner Strength (18s CD). 8% Heal. When you need some emergency heals. Also, with Swift Strike and Electrocution it boosts your crit stat with 2-3 earth charges.

Electrocution (12s CD). 135% Skill Amplifier. The damage buff it gives is worth to include this skill in your skill rotation.

Lotus Strike (30s CD). 225% Skill Amplifier. I don’t usually use this skill due to its long CD and 1.5 GCD, but it comes handy when you need to do single target damage and all your other damaging skills are on CD.

Sparks and Flames (12s CD). 155% Skill Amplifier. Fire element. I wouldn’t use it unless you change Azure Brilliant Dragon Flash SS for Sunset Sparks and Flames.

Shadow Strike (12s CD). 125% Skill Amplifier. Dark element. The DoT is very useful but difficult to stack without SPD build.


V. A) General Skills

  • Soaring Flash Rond: -8/-10/-12% DEF
  • Piercing Swiftness: -10/-15 ACC AOE
  • Swift Cruelty: +5/+7/+9% DMG (this actually boosts your base damage).

V. B) Attack Spec

Zeal: 10% chance to cause extra 50/70/90% damage while attacking.

V. C) Advanced Skills

  • Poised Iaido: Iaido DMG +15/+20% (If you use Iaido constantly)
  • Chidori: Target DMG -8/-10% (More survivability against those 1-shot bosses

V. D) Defense Spec

Extreme Speed: EVA +3/+5/+6%, Move SPD +5/+10/+15%..

V. E) Tactical

Organized Sabotage: Every attack has a 25% chance to decrease the target’s DMG by 10/15/20%.

Break Defense: 25% chance to decrease target’s DEF by 10/15/20% while attacking.

V. F) Special Skills

The Best Defense: 1/2/3% of DMG added to DEF.


Pre lvl 50: Whatever you get from quests

VI. A) Lvl 50

1. Weapons

Tachi of the first Village

Meira’s Freezing Katar

Those 2 weapons are easy to get by spending Tokens in Navea. Meira Katars has a hidden 2% nocturnal passive so you don’t need to spend gold crafting a nocturnal weapon.

2. Armor

Requiem Set 1

Requiem Set 2

This set offers good defense, Damage reduction and EVA. But bottom set can be changed into Aria set if you want more damage.

3. Accessory set

Leo set

I prefer this set instead of Nazrudin set because you get more HP and DEF but less EVA.

4. Trophies

Shard of Toto Water Blade

Argus Dragon Heart

Mighty Horn of Argus

VI. B) Lvl 60

1. Weapons

Beholder’s Tachi

Demon Winged Katars

Here’s the main reason why I chose Katar as sub. They offer 20% damage against Bosses and 70% Crit Damage proc, so you don’t need to look for Destroying SS.

For tachi I recommend crafting it with either Shocking (2s Stun), Destroyer (-10% DEF) or Protector (-15% DMG) Vengeance Cores. Of course with Fire element.

For katar put a Nocturnal core in it. Having high % in these Katars makes Inner Strengh heal a little bit better. And about element, either Fire, Storm or Lightning.

2. Armor

Devourer Top set

Devourer Bottom set

This set makes you a Boss killer. You can get up to 60% damage against bosses, 74% with ss and 84% with Iaido buff. Later when we receive melee buffs, we will get another +15%.

However, if you are not tanky enough,

Titan Top set

3. Accessory set

Murfeo’s Winged Necklace

Frederic’s Feathered Cloak

Malodnak’s Ring of the Lich

4. Trophies

Offensive trophies:

Malodnak’s Sharp Claw

Malodnak’s Dark Claw

Caroline’s Intent

Defensive trophies:

Talamund’s Heart

Underrated trophy:

Gekasso’s Amazing Technicolor Skin

VI. C) Lvl 65

1. Weapons

Illusionary Blade Big Dipper

Sacred Blade Angel’s Wing

These weapons have higher base damage value and higher %. But they only do more damage against normal mobs and elite mobs while against Bosses Beholder will do more. I would only change for these if it’s +135% and Fire/Storm element.

2. Armors

I don’t like lvl 65 gold armors for what I want to do. Lethal Beast set and Lion’s Roar set don’t give EVA, so you will have to put a lot of stat points in it. Also, you lose 15% damage against bosses. But if you really want to change bottom part, I would recommend going for Lion’s Roar set. Lethal Beast is better for HP builds.

Survive and adapt set makes you very tanky and you can cap EVA. However, you lose 15% damage against Bosses and a lot of CRIT.

3. Accessory set

Rich boy’s set:

Even richer boy’s set:

If you cannot afford this set, just stick to lvl 55 one.


VII. A) Weapons

  • Thunderous Soaring Flash
  • Thunderous Swift Strike


  • Zephyr Soaring Flash
  • Zephyr Swift Strike

Personally I prefer thunderous stones. In my opinion, zephyr is better for ranged DPS while thunderous is better for melee classes. (RAVENGERS live in a different world).

VII. B) Body

  • Azure Brilliant Dragon Flash (helmet)
  • Golden Electrocution (armor)
  • Golden Iaido (belt)
  • Azure Inner Strength
  • Sunrise Dragon’s Fury (boots)

For all these SS I recommend going for 2% EVA ones. If you have gold, try to get 2% EVA and 2% DMG/-2% DMG taken. The first one will give you up to 14% damage against Bosses, Elites and Players, while the second one will give you -14% damage taken.


  • Head: 1% EVA. 10% DMG against bosses enchant
  • Face: 2% DMG or 2% DMG taken. Soul Blade +5
  • Costume: 2% DMG or 2% DMG taken. Brilliant Dragon Flash +5
  • Ornament: 2% DMG. Black swallow +5 (I prefer this enchantment because it will give more CRIT buff)
  • Weapon: 2% DMG. Dark Spear Raid +5



Yarnaros 8% DMG (24% at 3 star)

Zaahir 5% CRIT (15% at 3 star)

Endora 5% CRIT, 8% DMG


Kotonoha 5% Move Speed, 5% EVA (15% at 3 star). Very easy to cap EVA using her.

Aelius 5% Move Speed, 5% EVA (although his 3 star form will arrive after Kotonoha’s, so I prefer her).

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  1. sir can u send DaFa_MoDe a costume sir hat cheap only but good?

  2. Well I play with an Tachi/Wizard built, an I have to say, that I don’t understand, why to get tanky, when you get the 75% def cap by equip +20. When you have (cames in the german version with the last patch) a lvl 70 tachi, you get 10% bossdmg, and 25% bosscdmg. The same is, if you build an Forbidden Crystal Staff with Lifesteal you have the 10% bossdmg, 25% bosscdmg and 3% Lifesteal against normal mobs encrease against bosses -> you use Dragon’s Fury if your HP gets under 30%.
    For my equip, I actually walk with an Revelation Light Armor and Revelation Head Ornament around, because, you get the dmg, you owned in the 15% bossdmg as normal dmg and gets 30% bosscdmg which is in the end better, than normal dmg, expect you don’t have the cap before. Bottom I have Lion’s Roar Set for cdmg +25% and per item +10% so you get 55% cdmg you also gets nice dmg-stats and crit as well. I would only take some eva, if you have the 75% def cap, because, otherwise you are onehit, by mobs, by elites, and bosses in their aoe, or an unluky punch hits you. So for the expansion from the last patch, you can take the Vengeful Sniper Set Top, you get 30% bosscdmg, +8% dmg, and crits plus the stats on the gear: attention you have to get the Set on 5 stars, otherwise it’s useless, because you have there no lifepoints and get them by the stars, but it will costs you (in germans Servers) 10k gold to buy the Recipe, and 10k gold to built them to 5 stars, with good %.
    So now I have written a small novel. This is, how I have built my Ronin/Wizard

  3. Can you make updated version for lvl 70 gear ?

  4. @Baél Yes it is possible to get +2% Eva and +2% Damage on the same SS. I have seen some in the AH, but they were like 1.5-2k each so thats expensive.

  5. Hi there!
    This is a very good guide so far!
    But I have a question about ss (secret stones).
    Is it posible to have at the same time +2% eva and +2% damage? I know that this two stats come from different groups so they should, but I spent a lot of money and never seen one ss with both at same time.

    Thank you in advance for your replay!

  6. Excellent guide!
    I am currently at the edge of choosing my subclass as a Ronin and I wondered about Ronin/Brawler class.
    your guide turned out to be extremely helpful, thanks a lot!

  7. Thanks for this dude! I can now make a set for my char before sniper set. Because sniper set becomes very expensive now.

  8. Does it matter if my beholder’s tachi has a storm/wind element? and also I use Alucard as my eidolon so will that matter?

  9. nice guide man!

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