Heroes Charge Free Player Guide to Level 40

Heroes Charge Free Player Guide to Level 40 by heroeszabi


Maximum allowed purchase it is the monthly 2.99 payment and one 4.99 – if there are offers from ucool / Ember. So 7.98 usd max, or free. Do not post here please if is suggested to pay more, thanks.

There are many good guides already.Some are made by users, who has spent a lot on game.They truth it is not your truth, because you can’t spend the same amount of the money like they, this is the reason for a new thread.

Expected time to reach level 40 as free, active user it is around 7-10 days. As free user you will not be he top in arena, that is for heavy cash shop users, not for you.

Number of heroes as free user at level 40: 8 or 9. It is plenty already! Later having problem to upkeep. If you make a payment with 4.99 you got 1 or 2 more, depends.
Gears in Blue+1. So the epic spell of heroes doesn’t affect you. Completely different set needed at this level at Arena, Crusade then at level 50+ with epics and other heroe unlock.

The first 5 hero you get very soon Admiral in first step and in tutorial phase A bronze chest will give 1 hero and a gold chest another: Emberstar and Leaves Shadow( if I remmeber)
Completing a few more tutorials you get 2 more hero: Lightening master and Chaplain, thats 5. If you read this post you maybe are already here, if con can be archived in 1-2 hours.
Opening the second gold chest in 48 hours it will give a RANDOM 3 star hero giving the fake feeling it worth to top up and open a couple of 3 star heroes at each opening.

When you open the Crusade (team level 30) you can get another hero: Commando with some coins earned there.

At this point you have already 7 heroes: 6x 1 star and a random 3 star. Later or on other guides you can see as free user is hard to upkeep the 7-8 heroes.

You don’t need to ask what hero should I use in … because you have your budget and hero limited. No way to trade heroes. The standard set and +1 x random, thats all.

As random 3 star hero I got: Brute ( the most usefully at this level a great tank and Admiral it isn’t tank) Wind Master ( great dps, but later more usefully not now) Professional Killer ( later maybe or not at all), wind Master again, Brute again. This from different accounts.

To have the second 3 star hero from chest need to open 20 more chest! That require payment and that is in another thread.

The Ice mage offer and the Arcane Sapper offer (the 4.99) can be skipped in my opinion. Right now there are better heroes, which can be unlocked and need to use those, everybody do like that or fail.

At beginning (until level 40) not even needed the 2.99 purchase either, because you get enough from in game. But that gives the most gems / usd spent. So if you ever think to buy gems from shop that should be!

The problem in this image is the 295/60 stamina.
The 60 stamina pool it is filled and you don’t get any more free stamina in each 6 minute. That is a huge waste and it will block your game progress. As free user you get 24×60 / 6 = 240 stamina free, but only if you pool has room for 1 more. There are 3 daily events to get 3×60=180 stamina but you have to collect it in 2h interval or it is gone. A daily 420 stamina it is given for an active user by the system.

There is another trap for us at daily quests:
Since you earn gems with unlocking new stages and there is a quest to spend it, in fact you shouldn’t use at all.
For 10 gems I can get 23700 gold coins, when I have 146k, of course not!

Below the Crusade unlock again not needed to spend a lot. Use the spells improvement as how your money allows it, do not overspend, like in real life!

There is a thread here when is a suggestion made already to change how Midas should work. At beginning is a great boost a lot of money ever skill cam be upgraded, but later it is just 5% of your income.

Use it ONLY if the team exp needed to reach a new level with this reward and you don’t have stamina and you have purchased the 120 stamina today, because you get stamina with raising team level.

Do not overspend at skills upgrade. and you don’t need Midas.
Remember the beginning heroes, will be replaced later, only the healer not and only used at Crusade. – at Arena is useless.

Below level 20 you should’t use the 50 gem for 120 stamina either, because: if you take care on quests and do dailies and upgrade the heroes gear it will give team exp. Levelling team it will give stamina. You should be above 30 stamina, when levelling, sometimes I had 140/70 or such like that.

If you missed your quest chain or you got a software bug ( like me today ) use all stamina and pay the 50 to get 120 more, but then use 5 raid cards and “burn” 60 stamina instantly on a hero souls / drop needed.

The software bug: when you do a new elite stage on chapter..1-3 .. something low you will get a quest to do it twice more and you get a Leaves Shadow soul as reward from quest. I have finished the stage with 3 star and didn’t clicked to get the 10-20 gem as reward, but very fast I did a raid 1 or 2x. In the software are triggered some event there are queues with different priorities: event dispatch, background and so on. Just be calm, patient and take the unlock reward, do the X at close dialog and click again at quest and make sure the new quest is already there and go back to elite stage and do 2 more times.
If you rush over elite stages: chapter 1-3 later you receive the gems reward, for all. but if you did a soul farming and you got a quest to do it 2 more times for Leaves shadow, then you suck for that day and remember this and next day you will follow the quest line.

To unlock a desired new hero we have to use: coins from Crusade. I can do 6-12 stages from 15, it depends if missed gearing up and spending on the hero spells or not, if I am in a guild with lot of people heroes shared and at level I can buy 1 as Mercenary or not and so on.

Coins from Arena: you can really count in on as free users.
For example Death Knight require 8000 coins and I have 200, maybe if I would focus on arena I would have 2k, but not 8k to unlock it or Old Curse, Poisoned One, Ferryman they are good and based on other guides pick on and stick to collect one, but needed 8k coins, not 200.

Coins from guild: none. We don’t have a chance at this level to make raid and earn 1000 more coins, first because we are to low level, second the first 3 (cash shop users) are in top not we, so we earn less then 1k, but only later.

40 gems needed for 1 soul of the hero.
Usually a desired hero unlocks with 80 souls. There are others with 10 or 30, but they aren’t the desired ones.

40 x 80 = 3200 gems and here it comes the monthly card as help. It gives a total 4230 gems, but you have to collect in 30 days and I don’t know in 30 days what level can I be, but at level 40 you may have maybe 2k gems only.

I have farmed the elite instances to make a statistics about soul drop rate. It is 37-38% with more or less errors, so we can compare with spending on stamina!

Maybe I was already tired and didn’t record correctly a few tentatives, but for long time it was around the 37% the result. For our calculations lets take that now.

100 elite instance with 37% probability will give 37 souls.
100 elite instance needs 1200 stamina ( and gives 37 souls )
Since the FIRST payment with gem is 50 gem for 120 stamina, it require 500 gems for 1200 stamina ( which gives the 37 souls)

At Merchant and Goblin if you see a desired soul you will see at 20k gold or 40 gem. 40x 37 = 1480 gems for 37 souls.

So it is 3x more cheaper to “farm” souls from elite stages ( but you have to unlock) then buy it from NPC.

If you make a purchase with 2.99 payment and maybe the 4.99 payment for the hero you will receive: 300+150=450 basic counted gems for VIP and that leads to VIP3.
VIP3 allows to purchase Stamina 4 times. The 4th time for sure it is not 50 gem for 120 stamina, but 100.

100 gem for 120 stamina it is 1000 gem for 1200 stamina, which is less then 1480.

It worth to pay even with VIP3 ranking the 100 gem for 120 stamina and farm the elite stages for souls instead to buy it from NPC with 40 gem / soul. – until the drop rate of souls it will not be lowered…

Choosing the Priority

There is a daily reset. For me with GMT+2 it is at 5 AM, for you I don’t know, maybe the same or maybe is different, but you still have a daily reset.

For references I have the free Stamina at 12:00, 18:00 and 21:00.

At 21:00 it is the arena reward.

Until we are on the newest server : 24th Ice mage and not the oldest one: 1st Cleric we have a little chance to earn some coins from Arena and purchase a few souls and earn extra gems, just need to be very active. Later no chance, just go to other new server as free user.

Here I will present a kind of a day, where is optimised for arena reward.

At daily reset we start counting the day and play.
First take the Sign in reward, no stamina needed.

After this check the stamina pool and your team experience.
At level 37 I have 624/1100. So it is 476 team exp needed to level up. That is limiting my heroes max level.

Look at Daily Events which has TEAM EXP as reward.
Instance killer 0/10, 120 ( Campaign or elites counts too)
Elite instance killer 0/3, 150 ( Just with those Elite – with souls)
Lord of time 0/2, 80 (rift: you can choose exp potion or items for gold, choose exp potion)
Trial of the king: 0/3, 100 Material for gear

This is 450 team exp.
+ doing instances it will give 6/12 team exp. So this will make the team level up, which will give stamina. Take in consideration this at the free stamina pool when is the team level up.

Not needed stamina:

Arena Lovers: 0/3, 100 use it later, before reward with 1h, not now!
Skills upgrade: 0/3, 60 – use now if you have gold or skills available point at your hero ( max is 10 points for us)
Enchant equipment ( 0/1 ) , 50
Midas !!! DO NOT USE, resist. Do not spend gems for gold at this level. First it will not help a lot, second, better keep for elites farming, third if you don’t have enough gold at this level you have overspent at hero talents, or from merchant purchased to much trash. If you see Shoes at Merchant only that are you allowed to purchase. Let the other gear for him if you don’t have money. I happens to need 1 fragment for a weapon, because you have 4/5 and need to farm not elite stages so better buy it if has and you needed it, but is not a good idea to buy anything from him, just to have it.

Embark on the Journey: Crussade 0/1 , 100
Mercenary Road: Recall and add a hero to guild hall, 0/1 , 20.

There is another team exp of 310, which not needed stamina. Once again pay attention when you reach it and do not have 150/97 pool or something like that!

450+310=760 team exp from daily quests.

You will receive 6/12 exp for instances spent. you can calculate: each stamina spent on Campaign = 1 team exp
+420 team exp is the max from stamina spent.

+1180 team exp, max at this level. That is +1 level.

1x Exp potion gives 60 hero experience.
At level 37 needed 1700 exp for hero to be 38, which is 29 exp potions per hero per level this level. I have 71 at moment, which is maybe enough to level up the 6-7. I have kept the EXP Slave, which gives 300 exo, just for exactly those case, when I got a new hero and need to be from level 37 from level 1. From this I have 96, because I have purchased from merchant 40 or even more. Maybe I shouldn’t, but for sure I will not sale and I will use later.

You do the campaign with 5 and changing 1 for harder so mostly 3-4 will be leveled each time and other heroes need to leveled with exp potions. Do not sell it and do the Rift for exp potion instead of gold / mechanical part.

Lets start it.
If your stamina pool is almost full, then do a Rift or Trail, just to increase the free pool maybe 1 or 2x elite.

If you have room in stamina pool then check heroes gears:

First try to add more gear from normal campaign or elite.
If is not Crussade, then Chaplain not needed usually.
If you can’t bypass a Campaign with the 3 star hero because it is a dps and not a tank then you can try replace it with the healer.
Try to keep they spells round the same level: 18,18,7 for each hero in my case or around that. 8500,8500,13000 gold it cost to level up 1 skill at this level.

Now on this heroes list the Admiral it is not a good tank, it is a front dps with CC and thats why he need or a healer or a crazy dps at hard stages. I will try to prioritise him at gear set. If I would have a Brute, I would focus on him at first point. It has at Blue+1 while others at Blue/Blue+1, thats ok. It has 3 slot gears, while others at Blue+1 2-3. Chaplain is on Blue , he is missing the last slot. We need him at Crusade.

Since I have 3x Blue+1 => 2 will be in just Blue. not bad, but lets gear it one or all.
Since Leaves shadow has 2 star and professional killer is 3, lets check what those are missing and try to get it from campaign if the Trials doesn’t drop.
They are both at Back and kinda excluding each other in a good party, I like the Lightening master AT THIS LEVEL, because he deals AoE dps and he charge a lot faster then the nice and sexy Ice Mage (for 4.99 usd – one time).
Emberstar is a bit tricky at this level. If the auto fight it is ON he deal relative good dmg if not top, if I go farming to chapter 1 elite then Lightening 1 hitting a whole stage and is charged again no time to others to do anything. On harder stages if is a physical tank or need to 1 shot something I am using the auto fight OFF and let Emberstar no less DPS but at stage 3/3 be charged.
Some enemy bosses are dangerous, because I don’t have skills+gear and I try to open the fight with Lightening ( aoe ) + Leaves Shadow and Emberstar on tank, front boss. If has an add on front I am waiting to be killed, then shot with this red mage.

The hard scenes are those, which has a good tank, a team buffer and at back a hard boss. Somewhere it is a stage with the sniper, which will 1 shot my admiral there I get 3 star even the next few stages I can complete with 3 star. No problem in the next day with more gear+level+spells our hero can survive to his ultimate.

I just got the Arcane Sapper. So it is weak now to take in team, need to be leveled up with exp potions from Time Rift. Later he can help in early stages in Crusade and at hard stages to make it 1 or 2 star if lucky instead of failing , but for sure not 3, because he is the first one who will die.


After got a few more gear from this day, because you did a few normal or elite campaign and opened the 5 free chest maybe the team has leveled up too.

Check the Merchant if has an item for sale which you are on 2/5 at crafting and he sells 3 part of yet another Shoe needed and he has 3 and buy it.

Spend your stamina at this stage for gears + Rift ( exp ) + Trials, prefer the normal stages.

Wait for 9 AM at Refresh Merchant and check again if has something what you extremely needed or not.

At 10:30 to 12:00 – before the first free 60 stamina empty your pool again: normal campaigns + rift + trial.

Get the first free 60 Stamina at 12:00 – normal campaigns + rift + trial.

17:00 – 18:30

At 17:00-18:00 empty your stamina pool: – normal campaigns / needed gear from Elites, which has souls needed:

Chapter 4 – “Back under the leaves” with Chaplain and “Mark of Corvus” it is your compulsory daily, no question here. Once unlocked to it 3 times / day. That pendant Reel is needed, that mark is needed than soul is needed.

Other is the Lightening elmental should, but for drop, although I would like to have this hero at beginning stage. The Depth of Voice soul in chap 4 has again a reward, which needed Spark of tyr. If you would like to have that hero, than start farming it.

Chapter 2 -Lightening elemental again has good drops, same as the Leaves Shadow and the Chaplain with Emerald tork.

If you are unlucky and didn’t got Brute 3 star from chest think about to get the Cleric, because it needs only 10 souls and with Admiral works nice at this level, Shallows keeper can be used as a real tank later.

War chief: it is OP now, already it is a thread to nerf it. In this games the spells are changing by the running company. Is kind a risky when is changing in 2 days in 2 weeks or in 2 months…
Try it if you have VIP 3 and to much stamina.

Lightning elemental too it is a long term investment since 80 souls needed. 2 per day, that is 40 day, so you won’t have it at level 40 from farming.

At Central Machinist can be unlocked with 10 souls and we can farm it, but no room for him. At This point Emberstar is better an more geared.

At back we have already to much. I don’t recommend to farm Sipper for his souls only and level ip up and gear it up.


The Arena reward it is at 21:00 and you have 5 chances to improve your rating and get the max reward for your gear set. Time between fight is 10 min.
So with full gears from today we have optimising for that, because in the rest it doesn’t matter when you do the quests. Start arena fights at 20:00 with money from Crusade spent already.

The Crusade is hard and need more heroes then your 5 for campaign. Need to finish at 20:00 so start with 30 min before at least, better a bit earlier for skills available points regen.
Crusade gives the most gold which should spent for spells upgrades and enough for crafts. So if you make and have 500k after finish the Crusade let 100k in your pull if you want really from Merchant or got a new hero or something, do not overspend! – like in real life!

Lets start he Crusade at 19:00.
Money earned goes to skill upgrades, but do not spend all.

After Crusade with new skills go to new Elite stages, new Campaigns for unlock it and while doing arena. 19:30 – 21:00

At 21:00 get the 60 stamina and do the Elites for souls and then gear. At 22:00 your day is done, you can sleep to 5:00 when is a new daily reset.

For Arena I have found the most simple and the best recommendation and I agree 100%, until they don’t nerf the heroes at server side:

The recommended Old Curse needs 30 souls, and that is 3k arena coins. I have 200. This is a “not possible for us” or is a “long term” achievement. This is for the others fast.

Most Important heroes to fight for top 100 in arena

The guide will be divided into 2 parts. Below Level 51 and above Level 51

Requirement :

Old Curse (redeemable at arena), Commando (redeemable at crusade), War Chief ( you need to farm 30 stones. Top priority)

Below lvl 51

Strategy : 1 front line tank – 2 mid – 2 back OR 2 front line -3 mid/back
Important heroes to have : Old Curse (Mid) , Commando (Back)
The rest : Use the highest star heroes you have for each
Special Note : Below lvl 51, 3 star tanks are beasts. If you are lucky enough to own 1 or 2, never hesitate to use them. Biggest problem for players are tanks for this bracket level [0-51]

Above lvl 51

Strategy : 1 front line tank – 2 mid – 2 back
Important heroes to have : War Chief (Front), Old Curse (Mid) , Commando (Back)
The rest : Use the highest star heroes you have for each

It is that simple. And it goes without saying, up all skills on all heroes to MAX

Suggested Elites to farm often( daily):

Chapter 1
Lightening Master soul, for Ihno berry and Recovery ring. That berry needed at lot at early stages, it drop a lot, but later the new heroes needs again. If you collect 20 soul you have a 2 star aoe dps hero, who charge fast, not bad, but not the souls is the main reason.
War Chief soul + Wak-dol blade + Emerald tork. That Tork anyhow is needed and very much from that.
Cleric: the first hero, what you can unlock with farming. Require only 10 souls and at chapter 3 you will have again. Not so good in end game, but I have an idea with Arcane Sapper and can be used at Crusade.

Do not farm the Soulhunter, if you need Shoes, because this needs 80 souls, take the normal instance for shoes.

Chaplain: + Mas+ Tork. All needed. This is an every day job.
Leaves shadow: needed for soul + drop too. Quests are giving souls so this will be the first 2 star hero evolved from farming.
Emberstar: need to farm for drops too, has good dps at this level in auto fight mode

Do not farm:
Lightening elemental for drops, require 80 souls, not really worth for soul, unless you have to much stamina
Ice mage: soul, better pay the 4.99 in the first 3 days if you need this mage as girl at beginning but the drop not really used so often.

Shallows keeper. If you don’t have a 3 star Brute or something like that from the second gold chest, than need to farm this: 10 solus. Drops are in demand too. So better farm it daily.
Savage one: others aren’t using this hero, needs 30 sould, has good droops. Take it or leave it, depends on stamina amount to waste.
Cleric: if you took at stage 1 than farm it here too the sould, drops aren’t in so hard demand, you still need a couple of they.
Ice Mage: the Void gem is needed a couple of times. If you need that sexy girl than farm it if you can’t pay the 4.99
Admiral: 10 souls needed not sure if later is used, they drops not so popular.
Vengeance: you need the drops. 80 souls are to much.

Chapter 4:
Depth Voice: you need a hundred of Spark of tyr, or from here or from normal instance. need 30 souls for hero.
Savage one: has a chest as a good drop, moderate needed the chest.
Chaplain: and Mark of Corvus… omg how much needed form those Marks.. daily compulsory.
Lightning elemental: 80 souls and very much needed drops, farm it daily.
Wind master: drops are in demand, but farm it only if you got a 3 star hero already, otherwise 80 souls…
War chief: with good drops (Spear + Brazer)=> daily
Shallows keeper: + very good drops => daily.

Chapter 5: -This will be hard for you
Emberstar: if you took the souls are you using her, farm it, has good drops.

10x daily stages x 3 raids x 12 stamina = 360 stamina only for this.
Deselect some, but Chaplain x 2 must kept, that is 2x3x12=72 stamina/day.
If you got Brute, than not needed the Shallows keeper so badly, at Crusade the tanks.
War Chief only in epics needed badly.
If you don’t play so much and don’t want to have Cleric + Arcade Sapper combo don’t get Cleric either, get something else.

Right now I would farm:
Cleric x 10, then Leaves shadow.
Chaplain x 20
War Chief x 30

On a new server in day 1 he had all 3 star heroes, but at days 2 or 3 made the screenshot:
It is pure cash shop + arena reward.

Item Enchantment

This worth to do it, but only 1x per day.


Choose an important hero. Since no Brute and all are starting to dps my “tank”, which it isn’t a tank I want to improve him a bit.
Let him have more defence and / or more att.

Now since 1 have a blue unenchanted item I will do that one, if I wouldn’t have just green or I would have 2 blues I would choose that one which gives defense, since there has the problem.

If the Tank it would be ok, then at a dps I would enchant an item with attack stats.

This will not boost a lot at all. It helps a little in combat.
It gives team exp, but cost gold. If you have 100k gold you can pay 2k-4k for enchant, but for exp.
The Void Dust should be used. Or those level 1 gear from which you have plenty: 38x Bucker ( that shield ) 19x Firt of tyre, 26 x Psionist’s Cape, 18x Flet Feet. Anything which you have over 10and is a gray at border, except Inho Berry. That needed a lot at beginning.

Enchantment helps to be chosen your hero at Mercenary hall by your guildies, because they are lazy to inspect the spells or they don’t know how much difference it is between level 6 and 7 spell , but if they see a hero has enchanted item, than it is better – in they mind- so you will earn a little more money from guild.

Do not start enchanting gears, because you can’t bypass a stage!
Add more gears to slot from camping, crafting, level up your heroes, they spells, swap heroes, take care of ultimates triggering at stage 3, do more CC, consider a sinucide trick with Arcane Sapper instead. Now you can get him by just logging in.

Wen you promote the hero the gear is “lost”.
As I can see the promoted hero has better stats then an unpromoted with gears, but without enchantment.
Once at a hero promotion I got back 3x enchantment dust, but usually 1. I don’t remember, maybe that hero had 3 slot enchanted.

The heavy cash shop spenders will enchant all they slots and not once, but 3 times each slot.
Here and here you can see they aren’t joking with enchanting.

That is a different game, it is not for us, don’t take those advices, because you don’t have those resources and you have to prioritise resources what you have – like in real life.
They don’t need 8-9 heroes for Crusade, they don’t need Deathknigh for Crusade, just they will buy so much gold chests as they have 5 star Admiral and each slot 4 enchantment and that becomes a super great dps tank with CC (as how we go to chapter 2 instead of 4-5), while our Admiral need support and sometimes is to weak for tanking in Crusade phase 8-12.

Anyway you can only green gears enchant I am not sure why is the daily enchant quest for that level 1 character, which has no access at all to Enchanting interface. – just another bug.

——————- What is the next step? ————————

Now you have played 1 week, or maybe 2, if you have missed some staminas.

Around 4 or 5 day it is a new server. Go and start again: the same heroes the same strategy, only that 3 star hero has a chance to change. Maybe you will have the luck to get a Brute or even better, and not just a DPS one.
Anyway going and creating a new character on a new server it will keep you busy, you will not cry for leak of stamina. With 6 free account I have plenty of stamina and I need 2 devices and let they play alone the fight not using the Raid feature either in the most case. Maybe once I will not have and need to burn 120 stamina in 1 minute. It is just 10 raids: souls.

Top in Arena, Last phases in Crusade, top Dps in guild raid and top guild coins it is not ours, but for those who pay and they pay a lot: over 1k usd.

The real cost of VIP15:

100 usd for 3k in base.

Vip 15 needs 150k in base:

That 50 purchase of 100 usd and that costs 5k usd.
It will give a little more, because the on time offer give more, but we can calculate as 50×12400 = 620k gems.
10x gold chests is 2590 gem. So you can purchase 239 times those 10x chest.
That will give 100x 3 star hero and a lot of trash, and if you already have the hero than a lot less soul stone what needed to activate, but you will have the opportunity to choose what hero of 5 star you want to play.

The best thing it is: if you go to another server your VIP account and gems and heroes stay here, they will not migrate to there for example at level 1 spells and gearless ( as how it should if I would the leader) but from scratch. In my city you can buy an apartment with 20k usd in good zone…

This game it did cost a lot to make it. We do estimate over 1 million, so ucool want to recover they invested money and make profit and maybe 1% of the players are heavy spenders only.

Please let for heavy spenders the rank 1-3 in arena and phase 13-15 in crusade and don’t be unhappy because you can’t have it! – you are here to let those a meat in arena to let those be superiors to somebody else. Later they will see the free players can’t compete and leaving the server or the game and they will hit each other only.

Guides tactics from others forums of course they works, but ask in detail in what condition: how much star to be that hero, at what level are they spells, how much items are enchanted and how many times one item!
Maybe you need to play here free 1 year to have a hero like they in 2 month. Those are playing different dimensions, different game.

Until this (level 40-45) no major payment is needed and is playable, nice mobile game.

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