Warframe Limbo Quest Guide

Warframe Limbo Quest Guide by Demeteri

To help out those who are doing the limbo quest here what needs to be done:

first you need arcwings to even start doing the mission.

  1. Start the mission from the after getting the materials and crafting it. (make sure you check your inbox after starting otherwise the Mars quest mission node won’t appear).
  2. Beat the Mars quest node (archwings grineer intercept mission) just beat one round
  3. Craft limbo theorm nav thing (you need 3 to craft it, you may get more than that from the mossion).
  4. Next mission is excavation Earth, the goal is to complete excavations, not finishing the mission (ones that get destroyed don’t count) you get rewarded with the limbo helm blueprint and craft it. the helm drop rate is rather low, expect to go over 6 full excavations.
  5. Do the same Mars archwings mission again (you will be prompted to do so)
  6. Craft the limbo theorm nav again.
  7. Excavation Phobos, Same as the Earth excavation, complete excavations. Rewarded with limbo system blueprintand craft it
  8. Beyond here I haven’t gotten to yet but I assume it is the same, do the archwing intercept mission on Mars and then excavation mission on europa or something.

Tips for the archwing intercept mission:

I recommend getting your archwing to at least level 10 so you have your 4th skill, it has a knock back and stun which helps tremendously when defending a point.

have team restores on you so you can spam skills and keep yourself alive as well

Stay away from asteroids and obstacles, you can get glitched in them and get stuck there for the entire mission

The enemies can glitch occasionally when you kill them with your melee, they die but their capturing animation stay and then you can’t do anything to stop it. Your rifle doesn’t seem to trigger this glitch.

Try to make a group of 4 people that are competent.

Make sure you have revives, going down usually means death.

boy these were hard. I have to solo the excavation mission and I didn’t know if it was RNG or not so I didn’t even have the proper frame to do it. Meanwhile the arcwing mission was unplayable at first and even after the fix it was extremely difficult because of how high level they were and how low level I was.

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