Destiny Xyor Solo Guide

Destiny Xyor Solo Guide by Solid_Win

I managed to do this the other day so I thought I’d post up how I did it, I hope this helps others trying to do this who can’t or don’t want to finish this challenge with other people.

Recommended munitions:

  • A good arc sniper rifle.
  • A good solar sniper rifle (Icebreaker would be ideal). A solar homing rocket launcher would also be good for dealing with wizards.
  • A good arc rocket launcher (A machine gun would be ok too, but I tried it and it was harder to use than a rocket launcher). Arc fusion rifles can be used in place of these but make sure you’re confident in their use.

If you don’t have Icebreaker, I’d recommend you buy lots of green ammo synthesis for this run. I’d also recommend lots of purple synthesis as well, cos’ you know, explosions.

If you DO have Icebreaker, you can use this gun to generate all the green ammo you want for other weapons. Equip the Icebreaker, wait for it to charge to 6 shots, then switch your other secondary and it should have a reasonable amount of ammunition. Note however, this blatant abuse requires patience!

So once you’ve reached the end part of the exotic bounty (congratulations on the 500 void points, your crucible team mates will be relieved), fire up the unique version of The Summoning Pits strike which has newly appeared on the moon.

This strike would normally be ok, but it has the epic modifier which makes enemies hungry for your blood to no end. They will chase you around corners you didn’t know they could chase you around and bombard your screen until your controller is shaking so much it runs out of batteries. Lots of enemies that didn’t have shields before will also have shields, especially the annoying ones. With that in mind, let’s continue.

From mission spawn the enemies are quite easy because they’re not part of the strike. Once you’ve descended down the steps into the large open room with the left side overlooking the Hellmouth, things can begin.

There are essentially five types of enemies in this strike:

  • Acolyte – I don’t believe these guys ever have shields, so they’re the easiest enemy to deal with. Just hit them in the head a few times with a sniper rifle or your primary and generally stay out of their way.
  • Thrall – These are generally fine to deal with, but if you know you are about to be swarmed by them make sure you have somewhere far away to run to. They will punch the shit out of you if you get stuck on a column as you’re trying to bunny-hop away from your demise.
  • Grenade Launcher Knight – The hardest enemy to deal with. They will have arc shields, and with line-of-sight will spam you with bombs. Only engage them when they’re by themselves, otherwise you will die. I’d recommend arc rocketing or sniping them until their shields disappear, then hitting them with everything you have so that they die before their shields go back up. Sniping them from afar will be difficult because they dart around like pixies.
  • Sword Knight – Sort of like the above, minus the spam. Deal with them the same way. If they start charging you, just run away to a safe, faraway place. There’s no rush guardian, he’ll be there when you want to try again.
  • Wizards – Epic does something fierce to wizards. They unrelentingly throw bombs at you if you have linw-of-sight, which is annoying because after a while you won’t be able to see anything. They have solar shields, so as soon as you see one I’d recommend just trying to kill it with Icebreaker or something similar right away. They don’t have much health, so it should be possible. I’ll describe more detailed encounters in the actual guide.

With this knowledge, pick your way through the first room slowly using your sniper rifle – or not, no darkness zone. Die however much you want. DO NOT rush through to the end of the room without killing anyone so you can just start the door sequence – although this would be hard to do. You need everyone in the room to be dead.

Three-stage Door Unlocking

Go down the steps and start Dinklebot’s trademark three-stage test of patience. Immediately turn right and run back to the door of the room which you used to enter before, and possibly right back up the stairs if you’re scared. This section of the mission is difficult, and this will be your safe zone (hence why you killed all the enemies in the previous room so they won’t be bothering you). As enemies start spawning for the first wave, peek your head around the door to the main room and shoot at the Thralls and other lesser beings until all that’s left is the Knights. If the thralls swarm you, run all the way back up the stairs into the Hellmouth room – yes, they will follow you up the stairs but will give up at some point.

With all the Thralls and Acolytes dead, you may have to lure the Knights out from deep within the door room. Run into the room, find a knight and shoot at it a few times, then run back to the entrance. Try and kill the knight using the method I described above, but if it doesn’t work don’t worry. Just rinse and repeat, many times. Eventually they will die.

The second wave is mostly the same as the first, but with more acolytes (easy).

The third wave is hard, because lots of Wizards appear with the intention of making you very nervous. Wizards will follow you into your safe zone on the stairs, which personally makes me sad but what can you do. If they start charging you, run all the way back up the stairs into the Hellmouth room. Hide behind one of the rocks that’s near the top of the stairs and snipe the wizards – they won’t follow you into the Hellmouth room themselves, forever chilling on the stairs.

That should be it. Easy yeah? Did you die a few times trying? Yeah :( Every time you die and respawn, you need to go back into the Hellmouth room and clear out the five or so enemies that spawn. Otherwise, when the Thrall or Wizards start charging you in the third wave and you run all the way up the stairs to escape them, a Knight will meet you at the top and you’ll throw your controller through your TV.

Middle Section

Once Dinklebot says he’s done cracking the door, unless you’re on the brink of death just run straight through the now unlocked door. Don’t worry if there’s still enemies left.

The mission itself between where you’re at now and the actual final boss room is fairly simple. Just take it slow, hang back and snipe your foes. I’ll meet you at the boss room.

Boss Room

Ok, you’ve reached the boss room door. It opens. Don’t run out into the boss area, hang back in the doorway and snipe a few enemies (Don’t touch Phogoth). After a while they will start charging the tiny door itself. Back up into the room behind you and slowly kill them. This may take a while, but make sure all the enemies other than Phogoth are dead.

Once everyone except Phogoth is dead, it’s time to use the magic Phogoth rock cheese method. This video here shows it. You’re going to want to get Phogoth unchained by either shooting at him a few times or running really close to him, then haul ass to this spot (Don’t actually know if you need to, when I did it I left him chained and no one spawned). Generally, things can’t kill you but if you’re unlucky, lots of grenade launcher knights will spawn at once and pound you to dust with bomb splash damage. To avoid this, whenever you see a grenade launcher knight destroy the crap out of it as quickly as possible with your sniper rifle. The same goes for Wizards, but they’re less of a threat.

Keeping that in mind, just chill here. Kill any enemies as quickly as you can while staying alive. Duck your head when Phogoth tries to say hi. Sword Knights who realise they can’t do anything to you will generally stand around the corner of you to the right, so chuck a grenade there every now and then to bait them. Once you’ve killed enough of the smaller mobs, a dropship will arrive and drop off more people. Rinse and repeat.

Now, on the third dropship, Xyor will arrive. Provided you’re still alive, snipe him to death (he’s really weak). Go to orbit. Cry tears of victory.

The whole process took me about 40 minutes. Buyer beware.

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