Destiny Vault of Glass Tips and Tricks

Destiny Vault of Glass Tips and Tricks by Artillus

Hey everyone. I set up a bunch of raid teams on r/Fireteams, and it seems like alot of people are inexperienced with the raid. Im going to leave a basic guide here for them to refer too if they need help running the VoG.

Read thru it, and if you have general tips, post some comments and ill leave them with credits. :D Thanks for helping the community out boys.

General tips:

1) BRING AMMO SYNTHESIS. 5 heavy/10 speical/20 primary if you can. It will be extremely helpful.

2) Be patient and dont rage quit. This is the hardest content in the game.

3) have fun and communicate with your team. Dont be afraid to call things out or ask questions. Communication is key in the raid.

Phase 1: Opening the Vault.

Goal: Hold 3 sync plates until a spire is constructed to open the vault.


Split your group of 6 people into 3 groups of 2 people each. Send 2 people to the bottom (Left side), 2 people to the middle, and 2 people to the top (right side). These groups will need to defend the sync plates against spawning “Pretorians” They are tough and have void shields. Bring your rockets/Fusion rifles. after defending 4 or 5 waves of “Pretorians” The spire is completely constructed and text will say “The spire is activated.” You’ve offically made it into the vault and are on your way to the first chest!


1) 2 pretorians will never spawn at the same time going for the same sync plate, so if you spread your middle team out sending one to the middle right side and one to the middle left side, you can have 3 people shooting pretorians at all times. This makes them go down faster and keeps things running smoothly. This strat requires the two middle players to communicate and call out spawns heading toward mid so the other mid player can rotate and put some damage out.

2) You dont have to stand in the sync plates, you just have to keep the enemies out of them.

3) Pulse grenades of any kind, and flashbangs from the striker titan help greatly on keeping the pretorians locked down.

Phase 2: Defending the confluxes.

Goal: Defend 1, then 2, then 3 confluxes from vex sacrifices.

Strategy: This portion of the Vault is a 3 step defense event.

Part 1: Defend the middle conflux.

Have your whole team jump down, and split yourselves into teams of 2 like you did at the beginning. Send the team that went bottom to the left side, the team that went mid to the middle, and the team that went top to the right. All of the teams want to hang out at roughly the same distance forward ( No one should go up any stairs). You guys will need to hold out against endlessly spawning enemies for a while (not sure of the actual time 1-2 minutes). After a while, yellow enemies will spawn. they are called Fanatics. When they die, they leave behind PUDDLES OF GREEN GOO. if you step into the goo, you get “MARKED FOR NEGATION”. The boss does a “Ritual of negation” every 30 seconds or so. If your marked when the ritual finishes, You die. Instantly. The only way to survive is to run to the middle of the map into a glowing white “Well” and get cleansed. Be careful to avoid the goo if possible because you only get a limited number of cleanses. After you defend the conflux the screen will have white words that say “The templar is summoning his legions”. At this point you no longer need to defend the conflux. your entire goal is to surive the waves of harpies and fanatics that spawn at a faster then normal rate.

Part 2: Defend the left and right confluxes.

At this point, you want all players to return to their original spots on the left, middle and right, but this time, you want the left side and right side players to go up the stairs and watch the spawn points up there. If vex get to close to the confluxes, they will sacrifice themselves after about 5 seconds. You get 4 sacrifices before you fail this part. The people in the middle will be rotating left and right to clean up the mobs on left and right as then see fit. Minotaurs spawn at this point. Keep those void rockets handy and call out Minotaur spawns if you can. after defending for a few minutes the Templar “Summons his legions” again and you defend yourselves again.

Part 3: Defend all 3 confluxes.

The strategy here is the same as it is for part 2, except the middle people focus on the middle more then the two sides. Woohoo! You’ve made it to the oracles…. (Shudders NOT THE CHIMEING NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO)


1) To easily survive the Templar legions, your team can stand on one of the floating platforms to avoid most of the damage and let your grenades do the work. The best spot we found is to jump to the floating platform to the left of the middle conflux. Its the platform closest to the entrance you used to get to the templar.

2) Calling out where minotaurs are is incredibly helpful.

Phase 3: Oracles of death

Goal: Eliminate the oracles as they spawn.

Strategy: Split your team into the original groups of 2/2/2 and patrol sections of the map. There are 7 oracle spawns. The farthest back left oracle is the most often missed one, so the left side will need to patrol it often. The middle side will be getting hammered by the templars damage, so try to find safe spots he cant target you in, and watch out for pesky sniping hobo-goblins. they suck. They snipe from the outer edge of the map, and they respawn insanely quickly. Some groups like to kill them but our group has found that not shooting them and finding safe spots works out best for us. Call out minotaurs and crush some oracles.


1) The best “trick” here is to wipe as soon as the first oracle spawns the first time. Now you have spawn on the top ledge. Have your whole team back up. Send 3 people to the right beside a pillar and a wall. They will have a good sniping spot on 4 of the oracles (Middle, mid right, Far right, and back right.) Then send 2 people to watch the 2 left spawning oracles (Mid left and Far left) Then, have your final person jump down, run to the middle (Right where the second stairs are(First stairs are right by the mid conflux, second stairs are right before the well) and jump up onto the platform on the rgiht side. Once here, Have them jump straight up, and onto a little ledge directly above them. Then jump into a little cave up above the templar to the right. From here, they can get into a position to safely take out the back left oracle and make this part of the raid simple)

Phase 4: Defeat the templar.

Goal: Wipe the floor with the templars face.

Strategy. You want to split your team up. send 2 people to back left by the spawn zone (One relic holder and 1 defender titan with the overshielding bubble) and send the rest of your guys to the back right. Have the relic holder kill as many harpies as possible with the relic, as it charges the super charge faster. When the supercharge is full, the relic holder should shout something like “SUPER GOING OUT” And fire the super at the templar. This will knock his shield down and let your team DPS the boss. The relic holder should then turn his attention to fighting harpies while the team DPS’s the boss. When the relic holder drops the shield for the boss, many members of the team will be “DETAINED” this means that if you move to far, you will instantly die. To get out of “DETAINMENT” you have to shoot at the red shield like bubble that appears on you. Once your free, your free to move. MAKE SURE THE RELIC HOLDER GETS BUSTED OUT OF HIS SHIELD. He only has melee, so help him out. Rinse and repeat until the templar is dead. Watch out for oracles. If you guys get marked, everyone run to the relic holder and he presses left bumper to cleanse the team!


1) If you stand in the templars “red circle with pillar of light” You can stop the teleport, but it will spawn minotaurs. You cannot stop 2 teleports back to back, the templar will spawn anyways and destroy whoever is standing on the tele spot.

2) If the relic is dropped for more then10 seconds your team wipes.

3 The best templar strat is to go to the 3rd floating pillar on the left from the spawning spot (1st pillar is the legions pillar, second pillar is the little pillar between the two, and the pillar you want in the third pillar) The templar can only hit you there from 2 spots, so play it safe and hide behind the wall. The relic holder should hold Left bumper to “Cleanse the team” when they get marked by oracles. Fire the super, shoot the boss, ignore mobs and harpies. WIN!

Phase 5: Gorgons maze

Goal: Dodge all the gorgons and find your way out of the gorgon maze.

Strategy: This map has 2 chests. Youtube the locations and how to get there if you want them ( YOU DO WANT THEM FREE legies/exotics/ or materials like shards or energies.) Basically, the exit is a tiny cave, well hidden. at the spawn you want to run to the giant slanted rock that you can run up. take a left and wait out the gorgon. Climb onto the next slanted rock and jump over a tiny gap where the roof is really close to your head. Then turn 150 degrees to the right. There is a 3rd slanted rock. Jump to it and look to the right. The cave enterance is down below you on the right wall. Youtube might be your friend here.


You can kill 1 gorgon for a grimore card, if you get your whole group to unload rockets, grenades and primary ammo into the thing. YOU CAN ONLY KILL 1.

Phase 6: Gatekeepers

Goal: Get two relics out of “The past” and “The Future” then defend the conflux.


Split your team into 2 groups of 3 people each. Kill all of the goblins and hobo-goblins on the outside of map near the first gatekeeper. After you kill them all, shoot at, and kill the gatekeeper. as soon as the gatekeepers health reaches 10%, have your “Outside” team of 3 jump onto the pillars near the sync gates and have your “Inside” team of 3 kill the gate keeper.

Inside team: Wait for the portal to active, run inside, kill all the mobs, kill the gatekeeper (BE CAREFUL, after you kill him he detonates a few seconds later.) Grab the relic, get out of the portal. send 1 person with the Gallehorn or some other strong rockets to defend the middle conflux, have the relic holder and the other team member go into the right portal, beat up the mobs and kill the gatekeeper. Watch out for the hobgoblin that spawns when the gate keeper dies. Pick up the second relic and run to the middle. Relic holders can Right trigger minotaurs to death in about 3 shots. Stand behind the spawn sites, Bash em good.

Outside team: Hold the left sync plate, keep pretorians out of it, and wait until the inside team comes out of the portal. as soon as the last member runs out, switch to the right side and get that second portal opened. After its opened and cleared, wait for the relic holders to get out, then rotate middle and defend the conflux.


1) If you need too, you can send a 3rd person from the Outside team into the 2nd portal to speed up the killing of the gate keeper. This member jumps into the portal, fires rockets at the gatekeeper and gets out and defends.


Goal: Shit in atheons Cheerios.

Strategy: 3 people will get teleported and 3 people will have to open a portal for them.

Inside team: These guys get teleported. as soon as you get teleported, call out “LEFT”(Mars looking side with 3 hobo-goblins) or “RIGHT”(Venus looking side with a pesky pretorian(Or just shout “SHIT SIDE” like good ole holyatomic does.)) 1 person picks up a relic, the other two will throw a grenade down into the mobs, then start shooting the oracles as they spawn. The relic holder jumps down and bashes the mobs to death. then runs up and cleanses his team mates.


1) Stick together as you clear oracles so the relic holder doesnt ahve to run all over the place.

2) Relic holder should leave the portal at the last 2 oracles.

3) Cleanse before relic holder leaves.

4) Striker titan flashbang grenades are a godsend, then prevent enemies from damaging relic holder. They are glorious.

Outside team: You have to go to the side the team calls out. Left or right, adn get the sync plate opened. if you stand on the pillar in the middle of the sync plate, the supplicants (Read: Dangerous exploding herpies) cannot blow you to bit, but they can still shoot you full of holes. Just keep that door opened and the supplicants dead for the portal team.

As soon as the relic holder comes out of the portal, run to the floating platform in the middle of the left and right portal, and hold Left bumper for a shield. Your team can shoot thru the shield. Atheon CANNOT. Fire away. Relic holder starts counting down at 10 seconds,( A little timer appears above your super bar) at 4 seconds the outside team runs back to position, at 3 seconds the portal team jumps straight back to the big bad door, and at 1 second the relic holder jumps back to the door. Rinse, repeat, skull fuck atheon in his face pussy. enjoi

Tips and tricks:

1) Use weapons of light to get you a damage boost. Have a titan drop the buff BEHIND the shield holder in mid. People will step back into the weapons of light buff, step forward into protective shield and blast the boss.

2) you get infinate grenades. Toss them.

3) Snipers do INSANE DAMAGE to the boss in the crit spot.


YOUVE JUST BEAT THE RAID WOO HOO. :D Enjoy guys, good luck raiding.

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