Destiny Atheon In-Depth Guide

Destiny Atheon In-Depth Guide by ToFurkie

After running the Vault of Glass Atheon on hard with the new changes, I’ve come up with an in-depth strategy for how to deal with both the inside team and outside team for all classes in Destiny. I’ve sectioned all information as specifically as possible if you are looking for any specific information. Keep in mind, you are still at the mercy of RNG and this does not take into account lower level/weaker players. This simply gives every players and classes a general idea of what to do when your team is separated. I’ve also done my best to explain it as simply as possible for newer players but it’s not so easily done. I really wish I could do a video guide but I lack a capture card.

Class/Skill Composition

  • Warlocks – Sunsinger: Fireborns (given) + Fusion Grenades + Gift of the Sun (2 grenades) + Shield Scorch
  • Hunter – Gunslinger: Just Gunslinger. Achlyophage Symbiote helm will also help (4 Shots with super instead of 3)
  • Titan – Striker: Blind Grenades + Shockwave. Armamentarium is also a big help

Portals, Planets, and Locations

Note: Left and Right positions are in relation to when you are standing in front of the doorway and looking towards Atheon

  • Venus Planet – Right side portal. The inside will look like forest with a subtle overlay of blue. Looks very much like Venus. Common callouts are Venus, Right, Jungle, Fuck Minotaurs
  • Mars Planet – Left side portal. The inside will look like a desert with a subtle overlay of orange. Looks very similar to Mars. Common callouts are Mars, Left, Desert

General Rule for outside team

  • When it says Atheon is teleporting your teammates, make sure EVERYONE has their feet on the ground. Outside team WILL be detained on hard mode
  • You can destroy the Detain bubble by shooting it. Melee works but it isn’t very consistent so you are better off shooting
  • Make sure to communicate with inside team on which sync plate to activate and portal to open
  • Stand on top of the sync plate (circle location in front of the portal. You will know you are on the right spot if you see a glowing white ring slowly rising up). Do not leave the sync plate until the portal is open. This can be indicated by a “WOOSH” sound. However, if you are getting severely hurt, then swap with another teammate and find a safe spot to regenerate. A closed portal is better than a dead teammate
  • Your job is to kill all the enemies that look like Harpies. They are called Supplicants and they deal a lot of damage. If they get too close, they will explode and deal instant kill damage if you are in its radius. Titan’s have a chance of surviving the explosion if they are max armor and at the very edge of the explosion
  • Always have at least one person on a very high ground spot. This is always on the left side
  • When inside team calls out that they are on the last two oracles, you focus fire supplicants near the portal they exit
  • If the inside team is having a tough time with oracles, send ONE person into the portal to assist. They will leave with the other 2 shooters (see inside team below to see who the “shooters” are)

General Rule for inside team

  • If someone knows how to run the relic, immediately pick it up. First person to pick it up will run the relic. Simple as that
  • Identify what planet you are on once the Relic is picked up
  • If no one in the portal is familiar with the relic, the second option is a Sunsinger Warlock because of Fireborns. Option 3 is simply anyone. Anyone pick it up and FAST!
  • Relic holder will prioritize killing the 3 enemies that are inside the portal. They will then assist the shooters once all enemies are dead.
  • Shooters will only help to kill the 3 enemies while waiting for oracles to spawn. Once oracles spawn (the red glowing orbs in the air) then you the shooters will 100% focus their efforts on killing these oracles IN ORDER! A total of 7 oracles will spawn, the last two will be directly in front of your exit portal
  • SHOOTERS MUST STICK TOGETHER! Be aware of your partner and move together. Do not expect your relic holder to come to you. Relic holders should instruct your shooters appropriately since shooters might have tunnel vision while aiming down the sights. Side note: screaming cleanse will not refresh the cleanse sooner. Clearly say you need to be cleansed once and wait to be cleansed
  • If the inside team is having issues with oracles, tell your team! The outside team will send one person in to assist. Relic holder can also drop the shield for a brief amount of time to assist IF NECESSARY (See “Relic Holder Guide”below)
  • [Venus Portal] Assist your Relic holder in dealing with the Minotaur in any way. Rockets, grenades, several bullets, anything helps. Once the oracles spawn, shift gear to focusing those. If your Relic holder is having issues, then it wasn’t going to be successful anyways
  • [Mars Portal] Same thing as Venus. Assist in any way to fight the Hobgoblins. Bear in mind that the sooner you do damage, the sooner their invincible shield triggers, giving your Relic holder less time in dealing with their bullshit. Suggestion is to toss a grenade in the Hobgoblins’ direction the moment you spawn in Mars
  • Call out to the outside when you have only 2 Oracles left so they may focus fire Supplicants near the portal. When the first of the last 2 Oracles spawn, the relic holder will cleanse one last time before exiting the portal while the other two remain behind to kill the last Oracles. The relic will move into position to activate the bubble shield for the rest of the team to enter before Times Vengeance activates, allowing for more time do deal damage

Relic Holder Guide

  • Melee Button = Standard Melee Attacks (3 – 5 hits on Goblins/Hobgoblins, 5 – 8 hits on Minotaurs)
  • Shooting Trigger = Shoulder Charge Attack (1 – 2 hits on Goblins/Hobgoblins, 4 – 6 hits on Minotaurs)
  • Grenade Button = Cleansing Field – used to clear players of blinding effects and acts as a one-way bubble shield against enemies. Hold the Cleanse for at minimum 2 seconds
  • Super Skill = Energy Cannon (1 Hit Oracles)
  • Jump + Shooting Trigger = AoE Ground Smash (1 – 2 hits on Goblins/Hobgoblins, 1 hit all of Minotaur’s shield so resort to Shoulder Charge once you land)
  • Switching Weapons = Dropping the Relic (Picking it back up will return all Super/Cleanse energy it had before dropping UNLESS someone else picks it up)

Relic Holder Strategy

1.) If you are confident in running the relic, immediately pick it up. Lower level teammates should NEVER under ANYcircumstances be running the relic.

2.) Right where the stairs begin to descend, high jump into the air and rapidly hit your Melee button to traverse the air similar to Blade Dancer’s Arc Blade Super

3.) When you are in the right spot, hit your trigger button to activate the AoE Ground Smash on the Minotaur/Hobgoblins. It is VERY important you hit the Minotaur. It is also VERY important that you do not land when Hobgoblins have their invincibility shield up

4.) 2 – 4 Shoulder Charges will kill a Minotaur when shields are down. Note, if they melee you, they will heal health. 1 – 2 Shoulder Charges can clean up Goblins/Hobgoblins. Use sliding frequently to avoid Hobgoblin shots and close gaps

5.) Once all enemies are killed, instruct your shooters to stand TOGETHER! This is VERY important. Cleanse once your cleanse bubble is ready and make sure you get both of them. Be sure to hold down the grenade button for 2 seconds

6.) Position yourself in front of the portal for your second cleanse. You should not need to cleanse them more than twice in a portal run

7.) Once you are on the last two Oracles, cleanse your shooters one last time before exiting the portal

8.) Once outside, immediately jump into the center island. Activate and hold the cleansing shield for the entire duration of Time’s Vengeance (the buff timer should be just above your weapon’s ammo count)

Note: Do not stand too far too the left or too far back. The higher up the Relic holder is, the more room your group has to work with. Once you arein a position where you aren’t hit by splash damage, DON’T FUCKING MOVE!

9.) Keep an eye on the timer and call to your teammates when they need to leave the safety of your shield. They should be out of your bubble at the 5 second mark. Once everyone is gone and safe, you will run directly behind and position yourself behind the pillar by the entrance at 1 – 2 seconds left on Time’s Vengeance

10.) Wait to be teleported or detained

Atheon’s Time Vengeance DPS Moment

  • My most successful strategy is everyone entering the center island in the shield and dealing damage withCONSISTENT damage dealing weapons
  • No grenades and no rockets. If you have the Gjallahorn then DO NOT jump into the center with the group. Your position will be in the back two pillars. This way you don’t kill yourself. Don’t give a shit what your argument is, you’re gonna blow yourself up and we’re gonna wipe if you go in the center. Stay out of the bubble if you use Gjallahorn. Any other rocket and you’re better off using a machine gun no NO MATTER WHAT!
  • At 5 seconds of Time’s Vengeance, all team members but the Relic holder will leave the center island for a safe spot. Once everyone is safe, the Relic holder can stop using cleanse and will immediately move to the back. The sooner your teammates leave, the safer the Relic holder will be
  • Don’t fucking jump like idiots once Time’s Vengeance is up. You’ll get killed by the detained if you do
  • If you are unable to defeat Atheon in 10 runs, he will Enrage which spawns triple the Supplicants. If he does and he’s not close to dead, you’re better off wiping

Specific class roles on both inside and outside teams

Note: After each Time’s Vengeance, all players will have maxed super energy


  • Inside Team – Use Gunslinger super on the enemies immediately. Prioritize all shots on the Minotaur unless instructed otherwise by your Relic holder. Do not shoot the same Hobgoblin twice in a row as they will create an invincible shield to protect themselves. Use one shot on each. If you aren’t fast at killing oracles or are low on ammo, save your super for when the first oracle spawns and use it on those instead
  • Outside Team – Hunters will almost always be the ones to take on the untouchable high ground spot. When your team calls out that they are on the last two oracles, use your super to drop any supplicants nearby the portal for a safe exit. When Time’s Vengeance is at 10 seconds, you will leave the bubble early and use your super to eliminate any and all Supplicants remaining in the area. If you have 2 hunters then you can both leave at the 5 second mark and clean up Supplicants together
  • TIP – Invisibility will keep the effects of blindness from being Marked by the Void so long as you are invisible


  • Inside Team – You are the “Plan B” for the Relic. If no one inside knows how to run the relic, you are the go to person. Fireborns the moment you die inside and grenade or melee the enemy in front of you before picking up the relic again
  • Outside Team – You will prioritize opening the right Venus portal because there will already be two people on the left Mars side to cover each other. You can Fireborns back up if and when you are alone on the right Venus side
  • TIP – While Radiance is active, you will have perfect vision while being Marked by the Void


  • Inside Team – You are the MVP of the inside team. No matter which planet you land on, you will use your blind grenades on the enemies, aim for the Minotaur if you are on Venus. Take note that your grenades bounce so readjust your throws accordingly. If you have a second one, use it if you miss or save it for a second use if your Relic holder needs it
  • Outside Team – Blind grenades are good against supplicants but I have not tested if they will stop them from exploding on you. I would assume so because they are blind and can’t see you. If the sync plate/portal is getting too crowded, use Fist of Havoc and aim your shockwave at the group. Keep in mind that if you trigger it right when a Supplicant is about to explode on you and you have the skill that makes you tougher while using your super, you have a high chance of survival
  • TIP While sprinting and activating Shoulder Charge, it will clear your vision so long as Shoulder Charge is active. It will immediately black out once Shoulder Charge is deactivated

Additional Tips/Tricks

  • If you are about to succumb to the oracle or the relic wielder dies with a 100% chance of not getting it, wipe. Save your ultimate before the game takes it from you
  • Warlocks are not as valuable on the inside as a Hunter or Titan. If you have Warlocks and they don’t know how to run the relic, have them kill themselves at 5 seconds of Times Vengeance. Take note that there must ALWAYS be at least 1 person alive on the outside so only 2 people are allowed to kill themselves if 6 players are alive and only 1 person can do this if only 5 players are alive. Also keep in mind that killing yourself is a risk and will take away your Radiance (unless you know how to infinite revive but I won’t be telling you how to do it). It’s a risk but will also give a much higher chance for other players to enter the portal. FYI you kill yourself by throwing two fusion grenades at your feet. If you don’t have two fusion grenades, you must QUICKLY jump off the edge
  • Relic holders can drop the Relic so a good strategy is to pick up the Relic, run to the stairs, drop the relic, fire your rockets, throw grenades, or shoot 1 – 2 sniper shots on an enemy and pick up the relic again to finish the job. This requires coordination and practice to perfect but if you know how to do it, it will make killing them easier. It should not be necessary on hobgoblins but it does help to force hobgoblins into invincibility, essentially disabling one hobgoblin for a brief period of time
  • If the glitch occurs where only 2 people are sent into the portal, do not immediately wipe. Run the inside like standard and, once the portal is open, send in two people to assist with oracle cleanup duty. Make sure the one shooter that was inside is aiming in order so the two outside members know which ones to shoot first. Keep in mind, once all the enemies in the portal are killed, you can drop the shield to assist in killing the oracles. Remember, you only have about 3 seconds to leave the Relic unattended before picking it up. If you are too late to picking it up, it will wipe your team regardless of whether or not you are holding the relic

That’s all I can think of putting as of right now and this has been, by far, the most effective way my group has done it to run Atheon on Hard. One last note is if you have 6 people with Gjallahorns then it will take, at max, portal runs to kill Atheon if all team members use one Heavy Ammo Synthesis. Happy Raiding and don’t let RNGesus bring you down when Atheon randomly teleports you. Grab RNGesus by the balls and squeeze the Vex Mythoclast out of him as you bring Atheon to his knees!

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  1. Actually, striker has blind grenades. Defender has the magnetic, void dot and suppression grenade.

  2. Just a small edit, the Titan subclass, Defender, is the one with the blinding grenades, not Striker.

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