LoL Veigar Tips

LoL Veigar Tips by SpokingZZ

Because of his ultimate skin that came out recently I decided to practice this champion and learn all about his strengths and weaknesses. Today it is time to share it with all of you guys! I’ve made a video with the general ideas of how to play Veigar on lane and in teamfights, as well as how to execute his deadly combo effectively.

Here is the link to the video:

Let me know what you think about this guide or if there is anything else that I should’ve added to this guide. All feedback is welcome and all questions will be answered below.

Here is the script for those who are not able to watch the video right now.

  • Welcome everyone to this new season 4 guide. In this video I’ll be teaching you how to play Veigar. I hope you enjoy the video.
  • Veigar has the strongest burst damage from all champions in the game. It doesn’t matter if you’re fed or not, at some point you’ll be able to oneshot almost everyone.
  • Because his ultimate skin came out recently I decided to practice him and find out what his strenghts and weaknesses are. I managed to be pretty succesfull with this champion, racking up fantastic scores and wins.
  • So without further a do, let’s get started.
  • Here you see an overview of runes, masteries, item build and skill order. You can use these settings if you so feel like it, but it may not be the most effective settings. I prefer this myself as it worked out for me. Feel free to pause the video here to copy these settings.
  • The interesting part, of course, is the ingame part. First I’ll cover the laning phase, and then I’ll cover the teamfighting phase.
  • Veigar his Q is a great damage dealer, but it also has a very good passive on it. On every lasthit with this spell, you will gain extra ability power. This can be stacked infinitely, so try to get as much lasthits as you can with this spell to gain extreme ability power bonusses.
  • The downside of this is that this might cause you to be low on mana, so be careful with that. You always want to have some mana left to be able to fight against your opponent. Lasthit with your Q if you have more than 20% mana left.
  • With veigar you’re actually able to fight people relatively early in the game. However, I would rather focus on farming minions with your Q than to fight your opponent all the time. Fighting your opponent causes you to lose a lot of mana, which you will need to stack your Q.
  • As soon as you get your tear and perhaps a blue buff it is time to fight your opponent. See it as a factor of surprise: first you stay in the back farming all the time, and then all out of the sudden you burst him down.
  • Veigar his level 6 is extremely strong against AP champions. Against AD champions it’s not that bad but it’s better against AP because of how his ultimate works. It gets extra damage based on the opponents ability power.
  • Now comes the interesting part: how to combo your opponent. This combo has to be executed very fast in order to make it deadly. Here is what you do: You use your E (your stun) and make sure he is instantly stunned. Then, instantly use your W on top of him. Follow that up with your Q, R and ignite and I’m sure you’ll get a kill.
  • This E into W combo has to be done really fast so try to practice that. Positioning your E so that it stuns directly can be a bit tricky, but with some practice you’ll be able to get the stuns off easily. At that point, you’ll become really deadly as Veigar.
  • Furthermore, make sure you have wards up. You can watch my video on where to ward if you’re interested in the best possible warding locations for every lane.
  • Basically what you do all the time on lane is farm with your Q to stack it until your ultimate is off cooldown. When it is off cooldown, burst your opponent down with the combo. Then repeat this process.
  • Then in teamfights Veigar has this role of taking someone out instantly before the fight really happens. With your insanely big stun you’re able to stun entire teams, which will help your team to win fights.
  • Because of his ultimate you should always try to take out the enemy AP champions right away. You will deal the most amount of damage on them. Burst them down, and walk away until your skills come back off cooldown. When your skills are back up you can join the fight again with your team and clean up.
  • There is no reason to stay in the fight when you’ve just combo’d someone. Stay out of it until your skills are available again.
  • Don’t be afraid to flash engage when you see your targets out of position. A flash stun is very unexpected and could win entire games for you. Only do this when you know you’re capable of doing it.
  • Aand that’s all for playing veigar. Try to practice his combo against bots to get a better feeling of how to do it. Once you can execute his combo fast, you’re ready to try him out in a game. I wish you all good luck.
  • Thank you for watching this season 4 guide. If you’ve liked the video don’t forget to like and subscribe for more season 4 guides. Also, feel free to comment with what you thought about the guide and let me know which champion you want to learn next.
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