LoL Blue Ezreal Guide

LoL Blue Ezreal Guide by Yakarue

Hello all,

First, I’d like to introduce myself and offer a bit of background. If you don’t care about that please skip to the text below the first line break.

My IGN is Yakarue (same as Reddit name) and I’m currently a Diamond player (mostly Support but I also love to ADC). My highest ranking this season was mid DII but I’ve since fallen off a bit due to some long work weeks and other life priorities.

That said–Blue Ezreal! Blue Ezreal is probably one of my most favorite builds right now, regardless of its viability. Back at the end of last season, when I was still maining ADC, I watched so many pros play Ezreal and I really wanted to get good with him in order to maintain a proper champion pool. I spent a solid two and a half months playing almost nothing but Ezreal, especially in normal matches where I was playing with buddies. I’ve also done a lot of research so I have both empirical and anecdotal backing for my guide. Please feel free to challenge anything I say as it’s an open board for discussion. Here we go:

Let’s start off with build path and masteries.

Build path (brackets signify suggested back times): [Doran’s, pot, yellow trinket] + [Tear, Doran’s or Long Sword] + [Cutlass or Sheen, T1 boots] + [Cutlass or Sheen] + [IBG] + [Manamune] + [Order is situational: Ionian Boots, Essence Reaver, BotRK, LW].

End items: Ionian boots, Muramana, BotRK, Last Whisper, Ice Born Gauntlets, Essence Reaver.

Masteries: 21/9/0I put points into Sorcery over Fury so I get 5% CDR instead of Attack Speed, which results in a full 40% CDR.

I see a lot of Ezreals make the mistake of finishing their Manamune before they have built anything else. Doing this results in an extremely quick Muramana, to the point that you will not have the mana sustain nor the mana pool to make efficient use of the item. The one exception would be a mid Ezreal that has the ability to obtain Blue Buff at regular intervals throughout the game. Even then, it’s still risky. Once you have Manamune it is important to follow it up with a quick IBG or ER for the increased mana pool/mana sustain. This is why having Sheen completed before Manamune can be very effective. Additionally, Sheen + Cutlass offer an incredible amount of early/mid game power. You should be able to complete your Tear, Cutlass, and Sheen before the opposing ADC completes his or her first whole item (often IE these days)

This section is going to go over play style.

Early Game: In order to be a successful Ezreal player it is incredibly important to understand his strengths and weaknesses in lane. Ezreal is traditionally thought of as a weak early laner due to his reliance on skill-shots, low AA damage, and medium-to-short range. While it’s true that Ezreal does not fare well with extended trades, he has two very potent strengths: poke and all-in once someone is below half health. The last one is something I see a lot of players fail to recognize. Given the right opportunity, Ezreal can put out a massive amount of damage with a well-placed Arcane Shift and Mystic Shot combination. Knowing when you can commit to an engage is tricky and will definitely result in some accidental dying; however, it is SUPER important to get good at. As a Support player I can almost immediately recognize when I’m playing with a good Ezreal based on their knowledge of aggression and how to apply it properly in lane. How do you get good at this without dumpstering your Elo? Play a bunch of normal games and constantly go too HAM. You can’t learn the limits if you don’t push them in the first place. Playing a passive Ezreal is just asking to lose the game; it’s asking your team to do well so you can carry by simply sitting in the back to dish out damage. Now don’t E into a full-health level 6 Graves that has his ult, but that doesn’t mean you should sit back and cry in the corner until you get a gank. Oh, once you’re six? You can 100-0 any non-tank support with a R/E/Q combo and a bit of help from your support, assuming you don’t miss anything.

Once you have Sheen and Cutlass you can pretty easily win trades and duels with the opposing lane (even if they have BF + x). However, it’s important to remember that you won’t win most trades when both parties are at 100%. Ezreal has a long-range Q for a reason—use it. And stop missing it. Aside from understanding proper aggression on Ezreal, the close second in “most important things to do on Ez” is to land his Qs.

Mid Game: Most of everything else I’ll cover in the post-mid game section as it applies here too (once you have IBG). However, the most important thing to remember in mid-game: farm. Never. Stop. Farming. It’s incredibly easy to fall behind on farm with Ezreal and it’s incredibly dangerous once you do. So always make an effort to keep your farm up.

Late Game: You’ve done it. You now have Muramana, IBG and maybe an Essence Reaver. What next? Well, next you win the game for your team. This is where your Q marksmanship truly needs to shine. Aside from the tankiest teams, your Q should really put the hurt on (especially if you have your BotRK and LW). At this point you don’t want your team to be engaging in full-on battles. You’re just like any other poke champion, except you’re also a master at disengage. With proper use of your E and Q you should be able to completely control the distance between the other team and your team, while doing damage to them the whole time. Make sure you’re getting off AAs in between Qs if someone is in range (but don’t put yourself in danger to do so if, say, the other team has someone like WW). And ALWAYS check the status of your Muramana. It provides a TON of damage while it’s on, but even with Essence Reaver your mana will get drained pretty fast if you don’t remember to turn it off when it isn’t needed.

TL;DR: Build properly, learn proper aggression, don’t miss your Qs.

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