Hearthstone Crafting and Disenchanting Guide

Hearthstone Crafting and Disenchanting Guide by imagineaworld

Hey you guys and gals, it’s ImagineAWorld again, with an updated crafting list! I got a lot of critiques, and I added a bit more to this list, including a few clarifications on a lot of cards, tidying up the tables (some stuff listed twice, invalidly, or in the wrong place), and I’m even adding more decklists! The last thread I posted got a pretty positive response, so I decided I’d repost an Upgrade!(heh).

I’m trying to deliver quality content to the community through reddit, and through my stream. I’m a Legendary player with many years of card gaming experience, and I know that I can help out the community to grow and prosper. If you guys have any ideas of stuff that you would like to see, advice you’re like to get, or just have questions that you’d like answered, feel free to post and tell me!

ALSO, I feel like this is a good time to tell you guys that I will be doing a 24-hour stream when the season resets! I will be climbing the NA (and maybe EU Free-2-Play) ladder and trying to get Legend as quick as I can! My stream is Twitch.tv/ImagineAWorld, and if you’re interested, come check it out!

And now, on to the charts!

The Following are cards that I would disenchant all of in order to craft cards I need

Druid Hunter Mage Priest Paladin Rogue Shaman Warlock Warrior
Bite King Krush Cone of Cold Prophet Velen*** Eye for an Eye Patient Assassin Dust Devil Felguard Battle Rage
Soul of The Forest Explosive Shot Lightwell Repentance Master of Disguise Far Sight Blood Imp Upgrade!**
Savagery Bestial Wrath Lightspawn* Redemption Kidnapper Summoning Portal Rampage*
Mark of Nature Gladiator’s Longbow Mind Games Blessing of Wisdom Betrayal Demonfire Commanding Shout
Shadowform* Divine Favor* Headcrack** Bane of Doom
Inner Fire* Holy Wrath Twisting Nether**
Blessed Champion


Wisp | Angry Chicken | Bloodsail Corsair | Hungry Crab | Lightwarden| Secretkeeper| Young Dragonhawk | Crazed Alchemist | Lorewalker Cho*** | Mana Addict | Mana Wraith | Master Swordsmith | Millhouse Manastorm | Nat Pagle | Pint Sized Summoner | Alarm-o-bot | Demolisher | Emperor Cobra | Flesheating Ghoul | Imp Master | Jungle Panther | King Mukla*** | Questing Adventurer | Thrallmar Farseer | Tauren Warrior | Southsea Captain | Ancient Brewmaster | Dread Corsair | Mogu’Shan Warden | Silvermoon Guardian | Abomination | Fen Creeper | Silver Hand Knight | Spiteful Smith | Stranglethorn Tiger | Venture Co. Mercenary | Frost Elemental | Hogger | Priestess of Elune | The Beast | Windfury Harpy | Ravenholdt Assassin | Gruul | Malygos*** | Nozdormu | Onyxia***

*Cards that I MIGHT keep if I were building a specific (probably gimmick) deck

**Cards that I MIGHT keep one of, but probably not

***Legends that I MIGHT not disenchant, because they have potential

The following cards are ones that I would keep only one of

Druid Hunter Mage Priest Paladin Rogue Shaman Warlock Warrior
Nourish* Deadly Shot Spellbender** Mass Dispel Lay on Hands Periditon’s Blade** Earth Elemental** Pit Lord** Brawl
Starfall Snake Trap Pyroblast Silence Avenging Wrath* Lava Burst Gorehowl
Naturalize* Snipe Sword of Justice* Mana Tide Totem

*Cards that I MIGHT keep 2 of if I wanted to play a specific (probably gimmick) deck

**Cards I would disenchant both of if I didn’t REALLY like the class

Now I will list out a few budget decks that you can build relatively cheaply(results may vary)

These are cards that I wouldn’t disenchant even if there were other cards I needed for a different class

Druid Hunter Mage Paladin Priest Rogue Shaman Warlock Warrior
Wrath Flare Blizzard Equality Thoughtsteal Preparation Feral Wolves Flame Imp Shield Slam
Keeper of the Grove Savannah Highmane Aldor Peacekeeper Auchenai Soulpriest SI:7 Agent Lightning Storm Doomguard Armorsmith
Druid of the Claw Tirion Fordring Holy Fire Edwin VanCleef Al’Akir the Windlord Shadowflame Grommash
Force of Nature Cabal Shadow Priest Siphon Soul
Ancient of Lore Lord Jaraxxus
Ancient of War


Leper Gnome | Bloodmage Thalnos | Knife Juggler | Sunfury Protector | Wild Pyromancer | Big Game Hunter | Harvest Golem | Earthen Ring Farseer | Dark Iron Dwarf | Defender of Argus | Leroy of Jenkins | Twilight Drake | Azure Drake | Violet Teacher | Faceless Manipulator | Gadgetzan Auctioneer | Harrison Jones | Argent Commander | Stampeding Kodo | Cairne Bloodhoof | Sunwalker | Sylvanas Windrunner | The Black Knight | Baron Geddon | Ragnaros, the Fire Lord | Ysera | Alexstraza | Mountain Giant | Molten Giant

Zoo ~1300 dust

2x Soulfire
1x Power Overwhelming
2x Abusive Sergeant
2x Flame Imp
2x Leper Gnome
2x Undertaker (if you don’t have the expansion, run 2x Argent Squire)
2x Voidwalker
2x Dire Wolf Alpha
2x Echoing Ooze (if you don’t have the expansion, run 2x Dark Iron Dwarf)
2x Haunted Creeper (These are part of the free week expansion, but if you don’t have them, run 2x Young Priestess)
2x Knife Juggler
2x Nerubian Egg (Same as Haunted Creeper; Run 2x Shattered Sun Cleric if you don’t have them)
2x Harvest Golem
1x Void Terror
2x Defender of Argus
2x Doomguard

Hunter(non-expansion)2300~ dust including leroy

2x Hunter’s Mark
2x Flare
1x Tracking
2x Stonetusk Boar
2x Timber Wolf
2x Haunted Creeper (run 1x Stampeding Kodo and 1x Eaglehorn Bow if missing)
2x Explosive Trap
1x Scavenging Hyena
2x Starving Buzzard
1x Eaglehorn Bow
2x Animal Companion
1x Deadly Shot
2x Kill Command
2x Unleash the Hounds
2x Houndmaster
1x Leroy Jenkins (if you don’t have this, run 1x Oasis Snapjaw)
1x Tundra Rhino
2x Savannah Highmane

Warrior ~1000 Dust

2x Inner Rage
2x Execute
2x Fiery War Axe
1x Cleave
2x Heroic Strike
1x Slam
1x Acidic Swamp Ooze
2x Amani Berserker
2x Bloodsail Raider
2x Cruel Taskmaster
2x Acolyte of Pain
2x Frothing Berserker
2x Raging Worgen
2x Dark Iron Dwarf
2x Kor’kron Elite
2x Arcanite Reaper
1x Argent Commander

Druid ~1500 dust

2x Innervate
2x Argent Squire
1x Mark of the Wild
2x Power of the Wilf
2x Wrath
1x Acidic Swamp Ooze
2x Haunter Creeper
2x Loot Hoarder
1x Nerubian Egg
2x Savage Roar
2x Harvest Golem
2x Swipe
2x Defender of Argus
2x Keeper of the Grove
2x Violet Teacher
2x Druid of the Claw
1x Force of Nature

I added just a couple more decks. I am not sure how confident I am in my ability to make these low cost decks, and win with them. I’m sure that these decks would have DECENT win percentages (especially the first two). I might add some more decks to this later (like I just did now) but for now, I’ll leave it like this! Leave me your feedback! =)

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