TERA Online Temple of Temerity Guide

TERA Online Temple of Temerity Guide by Spaghetticatt

For the sake of this noob guide, ToT has two rooms – one smaller room with lasers and the other really large room. We will call laser room “Side A” and we will call the large room “Side B.”

  1. Queue for ToT and enter when the queue pops.
  2. You will see a little guy with a quest to give you a potion. The potion will make you able to use your abilities when fighting the bosses on Side B. The effect lasts 3 minutes and has a 20 minute cooldown.
  3. Get the quest. Turn in the quest. Receive the potion.
  4. DO NOT USE THE POTION. If you use the potion, the group should kick you from the dungeon.
  5. The group will start assigning BAMS. B1 will fight a kumas. B2 will fight a crab. Typically your highest ilvl DPS will solo the crab, and your second-lowest ilvl DPS will solo the Kumas. B3 will be an arachnen and everyone else (Tank, Healer, Remaining dps – usually lowest ilvl) will go in to kill it.
  6. Once BAMs are assigned and you are all ready, someone will activate the stone in the middle to start the event.
  7. Some Archers will start running from Side A in groups of 3. Once they are in the middle of the tunnel (the point where they are grouped together the most) use your AOE abilities to stun/slow/kill them.
  8. You will notice that there is a Kill Count on your screen. There are 21 archers. After the archers is a miniboss general. He is Kill Count #22.
  9. After the general is dead (Kill Count = 22!), your person assigned to B1 will get ready to use their potion and run in to Side B to kill the Kumas. Once he spawns, use the Potion you received at the beginning and run to the back of Side B and kill the kumas.
  10. While B1 is fighting the kumas, everyone else will AOE groups of mobs. Usually the tank/healer can take care of the mini mobs that spawn and the 2 dps will focus on the 4 larger mobs entering through the tunnel
  11. After the Kumas is dead, the B1 person will run back.
  12. IMPORTANT: Just before the second boss spawns (approx. 12 min mark), 4 adds that do not move will spawn by the boss room’s entrance. Have someone step in to pull them so they do not follow B2 going in to solo the boss.
  13. Once B2 solos the crab, they will run back.
  14. Another miniboss. Then, barrel phase starts.
  15. Barrel phase: break barrels to kill mobs when they are next to them. Be careful with your AOE or you will waste the precious barrels.
  16. Once the 3rd boss spawns, the tank, healer, and 3rd DPS will use their potions and run to the back of Side B and fight an Arachnen.
  17. Once the 3rd boss is dead, the event is done and boxes will spawn back in the main room.
  18. DO NOT OPEN BOXES until everyone is nearby. If you pick up badges while people are still in Side B’s boss area, you risk them not getting the badges, which is rude.
  19. 40 minutes later, you can queue again.

ADVANCED GUIDE FOR ELITE PLAYERS: If any noobs super fuck up and you need to help, you can use your potion to enter the boss room, then force quit Tera to save your potion timer. You have to get really used to timing of bosses though. Say you’re a tank and have to solo B2 and then relog for B3. You want to come back after force quitting about 4 minutes later. So if you force quit at 2:00, relog in back at 2:04.

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