Neverwinter Campaigns Guide

Neverwinter Campaigns Guide by Alceraptor

So you want to know what it’ll take to get all the boons from the campaigns and what would be beneficial and efficient for you? Got a ton of alts that are somewhat decently geared and want to know how you can better utilize your time? Well, have I got a guide for you!

It’s no question that I am an altaholic, but one of the things I love to do, is to find out what I can do to maximize my time, particularly when it comes to crafting or daily questing. So here’s a look at what I’ve compiled to help not only myself, but fellow guildmates. Take note of the various acronyms I’ve used to understand what I mean.


Battle for Sharandar (BfS) = 10x Feywild Sparks / 7x Gold Crescents (DAILY QUEST)
Arcane Reservoir (AR) = 50x Feywild Sparks (WEEKLY QUEST)

First: Plant Vibrant Seedlings 3x – 10x Feywild Sparks / 3x Vibrant Seedlings (VS)
Second: Unlock Dark Fey Enclave – 90x Feywild Sparks
Third: Reinforce Protective Wards 9x – 3x Abjuring Charms (AC) / 10x Feywild Sparks
Fourth: Unlock the Realm of Malabog – 150x Feywild Sparks
Malabog’s Castle – 150 Feywild Sparks, 5 gold, 3 VS, 50k AD

For Unlocking All of Sharandar You Need: (Excluding Malabog’s Castle)
9x Vibrant Seedlings = 3x daily quests in Blighted Grove
27x Abjuring Charms = 9x daily quests in Dark Fey Enclave
3x runs of Arcane Reservoir
21x days Battle of Sharandar
(About 21 days of questing)

*Each daily quest, except BfS gives 1 Gold Crescent (GC). BfS gives 7x GCs per day. In total, 10x GCs per day.
*Fomorian Concoctions (FC) are dropped throughout the entire Sharandar area as a Bounty item and can be turned in 5x for a GC.

First:            60x GC / 5k AD
Second:       60x GC / 10K AD
Third:           40x GC / 160x Feywild Sparks / 18 Iliyanbruen Blades (IB) / 15k AD
Fourth:         60x GC /  220x Feywild Sparks / 9x VS / 9x AC / 9x IB / 20k AD
Fifth:            60x GC / 250x Feywild Sparks / 9x VS / 9x AC / 9x IB / 25k AD

To Unlock All Boons You Need:
18x VS from Blighted Grove (6 days of daily quests)
18x AC from Dark Fey Enclave (6 days of daily quests)
36x IB from Realm of Malabog (12 days of daily quests)
280 GC = 28 daily BfS & quests / 1400 FC
630x Feywild Sparks = 5x AR & 38x BfS
75k AD

GRAND TOTAL (Unlocking Sharandar and All Boons)
30x VS = 10 days of daily Blighted Grove quests
45x AC = 15 days of daily Dark Fey Enclave quests
36x IB = 12 days of daily Realm of Malabog quests
280 GC = Should have thanks to all dailies (Seriously.)
1140 Feywild Sparks = 9x AR & 68x BfS
125k AD

RECOMMENDATIONS: Do the daily quests in each area until you have enough to cover your boons and location unlocked. Once you have that you can just do the weekly Arcane Resovoir and hunt down powries for your Feydark Crystals for Battle for Sharandar. Alternatively, if you’re after the Blink Dog companion or trying to get marks from skill nodes, you can nab a quest for one of the lairs and grab keys from the leprechauns every day and do Tower of Celadaine in Realm of Malabog so long as you don’t complete the quest. I find by nabbing one of the earlier lairs works out well so I don’t accidentally turn in. Lairs are -completely- optional here.


Bounty Item: Onyx Fragments. 5 = 1 Vangard Scrip

Weekly: The Red Wizards: 30 Thayan Scrolls
Daily: 3 quests per day – 3 Vangard Scrips per quest for a total of 9 Vangard Scrips per day.

*In addition to the three daily quests, you also have a Lair quest which may either be chosen in the case of Saturdays and Sundays, and random on Monday and Fridays. Each gives 1 Thayan Ciper, 5 Thayan Scrolls, and 3 Vangard Scrips with the exception of Monday and Friday which gives 3 additional Vangard Scrips. You may also open an arcane coffer for additional rewards based upon the level of gauntlet you have “crafted”.
Dread Spire: Tuesdays Lair rewards a Greater Mark of Power when completed, as well as if chosen for Saturday or Sunday Lair.
Death Forge: Wednesdays Lair rewards a Greater Mark of Stability when completed, as well as if chosen for Saturday or Sunday Lair.
Phantasmal Fortress: Thursdays Lair rewards a Greater Mark of Union when completed, as well as if chosen for Saturday or Sunday Lair.

Study Thayan Writings – 7x    
    5 Vangard Scrips / 1 Thayan Cipher / 1,000 AD
    *Grants two boons with progression.
Decipher Thayan Writings – 24x
    10 Thayan Scrolls / 5 Vangard Scrips / 1 Thayan Cipher / 1 gold / 2,000 AD
    *Grants 3 additional boons when completed.
    5 Thayan Scrolls / 20 Vangard Scrips / 1 Thayan Cipher / 5 gold / 50,000 AD
    *Grants access to Valindra’s Tower dungeon, has gearscore requirement of 10,500.

240 Thayan Scrolls = 4 weeks of lairs and weekly quests done
155 Vangard Scrips = 2 weeks of questing (counting lairs, + or – a few) or 725 Onyx Fragments.
31 Thayan Ciphers = 31 lair runs
24 gold
55,000 AD

Each gauntlet opens an arcane coffer at the end of a lair. You can only craft 1 per day. It takes 20 hours to forge the gauntlets. You can not skip a gauntlet to gain a better one, sadly, it must be done progressively. Unless you get a Star Gauntlet which is a one time use item.

Forge Silver Gauntlet (White Quality) – 40 Thayan Scrolls
Forge Platinum Gauntlet (Green Quality) – 50 Thayan Scrolls / 70 Vangard Scrip / 1 gold / 10,000 AD
Forge Mithral Gauntlet (Blue quality) – 60 Thayan Scrolls / 100 Vangard Scrip / 2 gold / 15,000 AD
Forge Adamantine Gauntlet (Purple quality) – 70 Thayan Scrolls / 120 Vangard Scrip / 3 gold / 20,000 AD

For Silver Gauntlet = 1 weekly / 2 lairs
For Platinum Gauntlet = 1 Weekly / 5 lairs / 5 – 6 daily quests or 350 onyx fragment turn ins
For Mithral Gauntlet = 1 weekly / 7 lairs / 9 daily quests or 500 onyx fragment turn ins
Forge Adamantine Gauntlet = 2 weekly / 9 lairs / 9 – 10 daily quests or 600 onyx fragment turn ins

GRAND TOTALS (Boons + Gauntlets ONLY)
460 Thayan Scrolls = 6 weeks of lairs & 7 weekly quests
445 Vangard Scrips = 4 weeks, 4 days of daily questing + lairs or 2075 onyx fragment turn ins
31 Thayan Ciphers = 31 lair runs
30 gold
100,000 AD

RECOMMENDATIONS: Dread Ring is where it’s at. If you want to unlock 3 boons to get to Icewind Dale, this is the place. It’s also the fastest to get all 5 boons. Consider your opetions and time if you want to get the gauntlets. The Greater Marks give over 3.5k refinement points in an artifact where they’re needed, plus there’s a chance at the Eye of Lathandar artifact which is a Union artifact and CAN be used to refine others (sadly it’s BoP). Ultimately, it’s your choice and time. There’s always people looking for groups for lairs, so take that in consideration if you want to do it quickly.


In order to get to do Icewind Dale campaign you must have 10,000 gearscore(GS) and three boons from either Sharandar or Dread Ring. The easist place to get three boons is Dread Ring, and to boost your gearscore, I recommend upgrading an artifact to blue quality and filling all of your enchant slots with enchants that will benefit you.

Note: No matter which faction you pick, Arcane Brotherhood (AB) or Ten Towns (TT) you will garner the same rewards. The quests only have different names.

Weekly: Biggrin’s Tomb (BT) – 50 Konig Coin (KC) / 1200 Black Ice (BI)
Hammerstone Queen – 1900 Black Ice (Found off corrupted Hammerstone dwarves)
Daily: Needless Distractions (ND – AB) / Safe Keeping (SK – TT) = 10 Caer-Konig Reputation (CKR) / 10KC / 250BI
Icewind Pass quests give you 1 Auril’s Tear (AT) each and 100 Black Ice.
Dwarven Pass quests give you 1 Dwarf Gold (DG) each and 100 Black Ice
Bounty: Kessel’s Sigils (KS) 5 for 1KC.

Baerick’s Iceforge I – 10KC / 3AT (MUST have this to unlock everything else)
@ 10CKR:
1st Boon – 50KC / 3AT / 3k AD
@ 50CKR:
Dwarven Valley – 30KC / 30k AD
2nd Boon – 50KC / 5 DG / 4k AD
Hook, Line, & Sinker I – 50KC / 3 DG
Frozenfar Expeditions I – 50KC / 3AT
@ 100CKR:
3rd Boon – 75KC / 10 DG / 12k AD / 6 gold
Baerick’s Iceforge II – 75KC / 5 DG / 10k AD
@ 200CKR
4th Boon – 100KC / 10AT /10 DG / 16k AD / 8 gold
Hook, Line, & Sinker II – 75KC / 10DG / 10k AD / 2 gold
Frozenfar Expeditions II – 75KC / 10AT / 10k AD / 2 gold
Kessel’s Retreat (Skirmish) – 10KC / 10k AD (Must have 12k GS and 20% resistance from black ice)
@ 350CKR
5th Boon – 100KC / 15AT / 15DG / 20k AD / 10 gold
Baerick’s Iceforge III – 100KC / 10AT / 10DG 15k AD/ 2 gold

350CKR – 35 days of daily ND/SK
415KC – 3x weekly BT (will have extra on account of daily ND/SK)
31AT – 11 days of questing in Icewind Pass (technically it’s 10 days + 1 quest)
40DG – 14 days of questing in Dwarven Valley (technically it’s 13 days + 1 quest)
85,000 AD
24 gold
Black Ice earned: 16,200

Opens up quest – Need for Mead which can award a yeti treat to earn the yeti companion
350CKR – 35 days of daily ND/SK
540KC – 4x weekly BT (will have extra on account of daily ND/SK)
31AT – 11 days of questing in Icewind Pass (technically it’s 10 days + 1 quest)
53DG – 18 days of questing in Dwarven Valley (technically it’s 17 days + 2 quests)
95,000 AD
27 gold
Black Ice earned: 16,450

Allows access to the various fashions of Icewind Dale at the cost of Black Ice
350CKR – 35 days of daily ND/SK
560KC – 4x weekly BT / 1 extra daily ND/SK
44AT – 15 days of questing in Icewind Pass (technically it’s 14 days + 2 quests)
40DG – 14 days of questing in Dwarven Valley (technically it’s 13 days + 1 quest)
95,000 AD
27 gold
Black Ice earned: 16,450

The iceforge is the ONLY way to level up Black Ice Shaping profession which will allow to upgrade the black ice armor and weapons into Corrupted or Purified Black Ice.
350CKR – 35 days of daily ND/SK
540KC – 4x weekly BT / 1 extra daily ND/SK)
44AT – 15 days of questing in Icewind Pass (technically it’s 14 days + 2 quests)
55DG – 19 days of questing in Dwarven Valley (technically it’s 18 days + 1 quests)
110,000 AD
26 gold
Black Ice earned: 17,200

350CKR – 35 days of daily ND/SK
840KC – 7x weekly BT / 13 extra daily ND/SK
54AT – 18 days of questing in Icewind Pass
68DG – 23 days of questing in Dwarven Valley (technically it’s 22 days + 2 quests)
118,000 AD
32 gold
Black Ice earned: 24,500

RECOMMENDATIONS: Do the quests you want to do to unlock the things you want. If you want fashion, go Frozenfar, if you want to get a yeti, go for the Hook tavern. The Iceforge ones are only if you plan on crafting yourself some armors, otherwise, stick to the boons, it’s the easiest of them all.


NOTE: This guide is still a work in progress as I go through it on my main character, I am still compiling data, please be patient!

Assist the Harpers 3x – Requires level 26, starts in Neverdeath Graveyard
– 3 Dragon Hoard Coins (DHC) / 2 Cult Secrets (CS)
Assist the Order of the Gauntlet 3x – Requires level 35, starts in Ebon Downs
– 3 DHC / 2 CS
Assist the Lord’s Alliance 3x – Requires level 46, starts in Icespire Peak
– 3 DHC / 2 CS
Assist the Emerald Enclave 5x – Requires level 60, starts in Rothe Valley
– 6 DHC / 3 Dragon Sigils (DS) / 1 gold
Assist the Zhentarim 5x – Requires level 60, starts in Whispering Caverns
– 8 DHC / 4 DS / 1 gold
Dragonforged Artifact
100 DHC / 6 CS / 6 DS / 1 Dragon Forged Steel / 1 Dragon Bone / 1 Dragon Gem / 5 gold / 25k AD

197 Dragon Hoard Coins
24 Cult Secrets
40 Dragon Sigils
15 gold
25k AD
1 Dragon Forged Steel
1 Dragon Bone
1 Dragon Gem

Form of the Dragon
– 15 DHC / 30 Forbidden Lore (Also known as Page of Arcane Lore – PaL) / 2k AD / 1g
Power of the Dragon
– 30 DHC / 9 CS / 40 PaL / 6k AD / 2g
Will of the Dragon
– 45 DHC / 18 CS / 50 PaL / 12k AD / 3g
Spirit of the Dragon
– 60 DHC / 70 PaL / 1 Haarl’s Treatise on Dragonkind / 20k AD / 4g
Soul of the Dragon
– 90 DHC / 70 PaL / 1 Breyer’s Draconic Investigation / 30k AD / 5g

240 Dragon Hoard Coins
27 Cult Secrets
260 Pages of Arcane Lore (Forbidden Lore)
70k AD
15 gold
1 Haarl’s Treatise on Dragonkind – Obtained from Tyranny store or Skirmish chest
1 Breyer’s Draconic Investigation – Obtained from Tyranny store or Dungeon chest

Shores of Tuern (Skirmish – Chest unlocked with Mystic Dragon Key)
– 30 DHC / 25 CS / 15 DS / 20k AD / 5g
Lair of Lostmauth (Dungeon – Chest unlocked with Arcane Dragon Key)
– 50 DHC / 30 CS / 20 DS / 30k AD / 5g

Mystic Dragon Key
– 20 DHC / 4 CS / 4 DS / 10k AD / 3g
Arcane Dragon Key
– 30 DHC / 6 CS / 6 DS / 20k AD / 5g

437 Dragon Hoard Coins
51 Cult Secrets
260 Pages of Arcane Lore (Forbidden Lore)
40 Dragon Sigils
95k AD
30 gold
1 Haarl’s Treatise on Dragonkind – Obtained from Tyranny store or Skirmish chest
1 Breyer’s Draconic Investigation – Obtained from Tyranny store or Dungeon chest
1 Dragon Forged Steel
1 Dragon Bone
1 Dragon Gem

517 Dragon Hoard Coins
106 Cult Secrets
260 Pages of Arcane Lore (Forbidden Lore)
75 Dragon Sigils
145k AD
40 gold
1 Haarl’s Treatise on Dragonkind – Obtained from Tyranny store or Skirmish chest
1 Breyer’s Draconic Investigation – Obtained from Tyranny store or Dungeon chest
1 Dragon Forged Steel
1 Dragon Bone
1 Dragon Gem

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