LoL Warding Guide

LoL Warding Guide by Artiquinno

Hi! My name is Artiquinno, a Gold I player on EUW who has climbed all the way from Bronze V this season. I am writing these guides to help give people an insight as to how I climbed the ranked ladder, and giving them small tips that ought to help them greatly. This installment of my guides covers warding, and where to place them in what situations! Lots of you may already think that you know where to place wards, but I hope that you’ll be pleasantly surprised by at least one spot!

Bot Lane Wards.

Spot One – A great place to ward to spot the enemy jungler coming in from down the river. This gives vision of the entrance to the Blue Buff as well, whils also giving a bit of visison over dragon.
Spot One – Different Angle – This picture demonstrates how much vision one wad can give you. It gives you more warning than by simply placing one in the tri brush.

Spot Two – Warding the lane bushes is very important in lane if you’re pushing/ being pushed. This shows you what the enemy is doing in the bush and allows you to prevent it. I.e/ Avoid Vi’s Q.

Spot Three – This picture demonstrates an overlooked spot to Pink Ward. If you establish vision control in the lane bushes whilst you have an advantage over your enemies they will be scared of you and you can zone them a lot easier.

Spot Four – A simple pink ward at dragon. This wouold be predominantly the supports job, but it provides great vision control and allows your team to close in and contest any dragon.

Spot Five – Warding here when you’re on Red side is a really good idea if you’re scared of getting dived under tower, you can back off with ease – only having to forfeit a pink ward. Or you can contest the pink if you’re strong enough!

Spot Six – This is a great spot when you’re on Blue side. You can place a pink that will be hard for the enemy to destroy and gives you a large amount of vision over an area from where the jungler may gank.

Cool Little Warding Trick @ Baron.

Perspective One
Perspective Two

As you can see here – if you place the ward on the edge then any pink wards from the baron pit won’t be able to detect it – they’d have to use a speeper to get rid of that ward. Despite this not giving you full vision of the Baron pit, this is incredibly useful as you’ll be able to see when a team is going for baron an be able to contest it. Not many people know about this ward and I suggest that you keep an eye our for it. It has helped me many times!

Jungle Wards.

Spot One – Warding Baron isn’t just the supports job. The jungler should also be responsible for it.

Spot Two – As a jungler if you sweep your buffs then you may find a ward placed there, it would be a good idea to get rid of the ward before you clear the buff so the enemy doesn’t know the jungle timer.

Spot Three – Warding your buffs as a jungler if you’re scared of getting counter jungled is a very good idea. You can get your team to collapse on the enemy! Not enough junglers look after their buffs, you really should!

Spot Four– Warding here in the enemy jungle/in your own jungle can help a lot. You get an idea of where they are so this will help lanes know when they’re safe. Place wards like this in your own jungle when you;re scared of getting counter jungled – this gives a lot of vision.

Spot Five – If you plan to invade their blue buff later in the game (eg/ 7:15) then this ward can be great. You can see them coming and run away if you aren’t strong enough to fight. But if you’re a lot stronger than them, then you can sit in that bush and wait for them to come – potentially killing them.

Spot Six – When ganking bot lane – this is a very important place to sweep for wards, there’s almost always one and you won’t be able to gank if they see you!

Spot Seven – Warding Dragon is also your responsibility.

Spot Eight – This gives you an indication as to if they’re invading your buff. It also gives the mid laner a bit of vision, so you can kill two birds with one stone.

Spot Nine – This bush is highly overlooked. This gives great vision of the entrance to your/the enemies jungle. Make sure you sweep/pink ward it regularly as there is a high chance that there will be a ward in there to get rid of!

Mid Wards.

Spot One – This warding spot gives you a large amount of vision. You can see if the jungler is going into the lane bush – or behind you to gank: as demonstrated here.

Spot Two – The same can be replicated on the other side of the bush (it gives an indication of if the jungler will lane gank).

Spot Three – Warding here helps the jungler cover ther buff, and gives you vision of the are to show if the enemy jungler is coming in to gank.

Spot Four – This is a great spot for warding in mid. You can see hte jungler clearing their wolves so you can roam to try and kill them, or start playing safer in lane – it’s all situational.

Spot Five – Warding here either helpes protect your own jungle – or to give vision over the enemy jungler when they come into gank. Getting rid of wards here for your own jungler could also be beneficial as they may have an easier time ganking.

Spot Six – Pink warding the dotted side bushes is exremely effective. You grant vision over an area of Baron/Dragon – but you can also tell when the enemy jungler is coming up the river to gank you. Also great against mid laners who roam a lot as you can see which way they roamed and either counter roam or ping like crazy for your team to fall back.

General Offensive/Defensive Wards.

Spot One

Spot Two

Spot Three

Spot Four

Spot Five

Spot Six

Spot Seven

Spot Eight

All of these spots are pretty self explanatory, these spots work both as general offensive and defensive wards. You want to start placing these in teamfight stages of the game. If you’re winning + pushing then place them offensively. This means that you can catch anyone out in their own jungle and push your lead further. If you’re getting pushed place them in your own jungle. This means that you won’t get caught out so easily if you have to go and farm. These wards are very useful and I wish more people would see the benefits of warding late game!

Top Warding Spots.

Spot One – Great defensive ward to use if you’re on red team. If you’re on Blue team this is a deep ward you can use to see if the jungler is coming to gank you.

Spot Two – Great wards to use if you’re split pushing – you can see any enemies coming towards you and either run/ catch them out to continue pushing.

Spot Three – A great defensive ward to use if you’re scared of getting dived by multiple people.

These wards are very similar to the bot lane wards, just don;t underestimate the amount of wards you need to buy a game. If spending 1000g on wards saves you from dying twice then it’s worth it in the long run.

Thank you for taking the time to read this – I’ll be realeasing more guides soon – check out my other guides if you haven’t seen them before – and good luck in ranked!

Oh – and thank you Ultimatedrac for helping me <3

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