Hearthstone Midrange Hunter Mirror Match Guide

Hearthstone Midrange Hunter Mirror Match Guide by ultimatemanan97

I hit legend this season with a midrange hunter without traps, and i faced a lot of other hunters as well, the fact that this matchup is a 50/50 is true but you can get the odds in your favor by making some important plays, I’d like to share my experience, so here are a few tips.

Early game pressure:

The usual early game plays are going to be webspinners and haunted creepers by both sides sometimes followed up by houndmasters and animal companion. Many times I faced this situation if I am going first and i play webspinner my opponent will coin out a haunted creeper which is the perfect counter for the webspinner, and later on that same haunted creeper ends up killing 3 of my creatures thus effectively giving my opponent card advantage, in order to deny this control to the opponent I started keeping ‘scavenging hyena’ or an ‘ironbeak owl’ in my starting hand if my opponent keeps more than 2 cards to counter the haunted creeper, it sounds crazy to silence a haunted creeper but believe me it’s a clutch play. however if you have an unleash combo the correct play would be to kill the creeper on t4 and unleash on t5. If you can stabilize in the early game then you always win midgame.

Snowball plays aka game winning plays:

  1. Playing the Highmane first: The player who can get a highmane on the board first usually wins the game 90% of the time.
  2. Getting opponent below 18: You can just burst them down from this point.
  3. Maintaing board control with 2 or less minions when it is t5: This is important as t6 is the highmane turn and if you have board control you just win however playing around buzzard unleash is very important because if you get behind on cards your only option would be to burst down which wont be as effective if you are low on cards.
  4. Playing around ‘Leeroy + timber + unleash’ combo: You play around this if opponent has been holding onto a few cards for a long time (you need to tryhard if u wanna get legend, track the cards) or if you are super winning, as sometimes you can just die to huge burst.

Common misplays:

T1 tracking:

DO NOT T1 tracking if you already have a 2 and 3

When to track:

  1. On T5 to get Highmane.
  2. To fish for lethal.
  3. To get something to play when you have a horrible curve.
  4. To fish for removal.

Suiciding the deathrattle creatures:

Do not kill the webspinner without getting a trade to get the free beast and do not kill the haunted creeper to get 2 1/1’s (mostly)

The 1/1’s from haunted creeper aren’t beasts.

When to keep UTH:

UTH is a great catchup card if you are behind on board or cards. however it is not always correct to keep UTH in your hand.

You keep unleash if:-

  1. You are going second and have a buzzard webspinner and haunted creeper (aka the perfect hand).
  2. You are facing zoo.
  3. You have a timber wolf and opponent kept more than 2 cards.
  4. Your hand sucks and you think you might not be able to draw into better one.


Tips for popular matchups:

  1. Control Warrior: In this matchup if you can get your highmanes out on t6 you will win, you mulligan for highmanes and if you dont get them then you track for highmanes, most imp. card in this matchup. Do not try to trade with the warriors legendary minions as it will be inefficient. play around death’s bite’s aoe. silence unstable ghouls, always kill armorsmith.
  2. Druid: Play on curve save hunters mark and keep deadly shot in starting hand.
  3. Priest: NEVER HOUNDMASTER HAUNTED CREEPER it will get shadow madnessed. Play around cabal, highmanes win you this game. This matchup isn’t favored but it’s not bad either just try to get max value out of every minion and play around stealerino cards.
  4. Shaman: UTH is the best card in this matchup, hero power as much as possible and you should not play t6 highmane if you suspect a hex, this matchup should be easy.
  5. Warlock:Zoo: Find that unleash + timber at any cost, try to get both haunted creepers out as early as possible. if you can stabilize by t5 you win.Handlock: Save kill commands for face, keep their health high enough so that they cannot molten + taunt unless u have double kill command. you can play buzzard on t3 to disrupt their t4 giant keep hunters mark and deadly shot, this is a really easy matchup I haven’t lost a single game against handlock with this deck.

Decklist: http://imgur.com/drBnDxN

Budget version: http://imgur.com/J1TP9M6


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