Aura Kingdom Speed Ravager Guide

Aura Kingdom Speed Ravager Guide by Desparae


Hello, everyone!

If you have been to the ravager forums before, you might’ve seen me around. I have been active here quite a bit since release, trying to gain knowledge about class mechanics as well as help answer any questions people might have.

The guides in this subsection have slowed down quite a bit as of late, so I decided to make one myself. My goal is to hopefully inform people and give them a building block for their own experiences. It will not be the best or most comprehensive thing out there, but I think my knowledge can be useful in helping people go forth with the new class mechanics. I’ll do my best to keep the info updated and accurate, based on the new things I learn. Even if it’s not perfect, I hope you all can take something away from what I have to share.

Quick note before moving on to other things; this will be a PvE focused guide. Post rage bar, there are a few different builds that ravager is able to utilize to excel in either PvE or PvP. One build will not be optimal for both. If you have questions about PvP, I can do my best to answer, but it is not an area in which I excel. Also, please keep in mind that this is not the only viable build for ravager. Damage build has its pros and cons compared to speed build on ravager, and it is certainly not inferior. Just know that this guide is focused on speed build.

Anyways, that about covers it, so let’s get to the details!

The Build (and reasons it works)

Along with the rage bar update comes a whole new way to play our favorite, big ax-wielding class. In order to take advantage of these new mechanics, we will be building to reach 50% speed. This allows us to constantly use our newly overpowered skill, Round and Round. First, let’s take a look at rage bar to understand why we will mainly use R&R instead of other skills.

When rage bar is filled, there are a few effects that we get. There are actually effects for all four levels of rage, but with how quickly the bar fills, it is not important to know about levels 1 to 3. At rage level 4, we gain a 12% boost in damage dealt, a 10% reduction in damage taken, and a 5 meter area attack that triggers when hitting enemies. This AoE attack is non-elemental anddoes trigger procs (zeal and etc.) as well as heal via life leech. As long as the meter stays in the level 4 region, the rage AoE will trigger for every individual hit done to enemies.

So, why does this make R&R broken? Well, if you’ve played ravager class enough, you will know that R&R deals 10 separatehits in a 3 second time period. Each of these hits can trigger procs individually, and each do their own damage rolls. With rage bar, each hit also induces the rage AoE effect. As long as rage bar is kept in the level 4 region, 10 rage hits will be done along with the 10 R&R hits every 3 seconds. These rage hits are not weak, either; compared to the 35% skill damage and 35% weapon damage for each tick of R&R, rage hits do even more at 100% weapon damage. Combined with the 12% damage boost, this means rage bar has almost tripled the damage of a speed-based R&R build. This, my friends, is why speed build is so broken.

So anyway, to spam R&R all the time you will need two things. One of them was already mentioned, and this is the 50% speed to max out the skill cooldown reduction. With 50% speed, R&R will have 4 second CD. After that, you simply need the two R&R envoys (more info on envoy path in later section) that reduce cooldown by 12% of 8 seconds, which is .96 seconds. The game rounds this to 1, so we are free to mash the skill button every 3 seconds.

OK, but some people will say, “I really like to see 200k damage on my damage stat, and this whole speed build thing really just doesn’t work for me.” Fine, that’s alright. I can understand why you might not want to play this way. Ravager has the highest base damage weapons in the game, so it is natural to think like that. However, if you try this build yourself, you might change your mind. Constant rage hits can really boost up your dps, even if they are a little less powerful. Not only that, but since rage hits activate life leech and R&R allows for perfect mobility, survivability is higher as well. In the end, though, it all comes down to how you want to play your character.

Now that we have looked at the reasoning behind the build, let’s take a look at some possible subclasses to help maximize our damage output.


Note once again that this guide will be looking at class choices from a PvE perspective. Things are quite different if the main focus is PvP, and I do not intend to cover that here (although I can try to help if asked). These class choices will also be ranked going from most to least useful for speed build based on my own personal opinion.

Gunslinger offers many good benefits for a speed build ravager. First, and the most obvious, is the massive amount of speed gained through its party buff. It scales very well with skill level, giving around 10% or more spd stat when enhanced with +skill level items. This allows us to dump more points into crit and dmg while still remaining capped spd. Gunslinger also has a couple viable options for offhand weapons in The Duke’s Duelers (60 npc orange) and Soul Piercing Pistols (60 non-npc orange). In the past I have recommended soul piercing, and I still do. At high levels, however, you will need more speed to hit 50%, so changing over to duke’s duelers may be helpful. Gunslinger also provides frost trap for use on bosses, which will increase damage for party members by a lot. Another nice benefit is the movement speed buff mastery from dark flare trap, which can be useful in certain scenarios. Overall, I feel that gunslinger is the best package for a 50% speed build ravager.

Warbow is actually quite similar to gunslinger as a subclass. The main difference is that its party buff gives about half as much speed. In exchange, you get a buff skill to give 30% chance to proc 50% bonus damage, lasting 25 seconds. It has a 90 second cooldown with max speed. It also has a possible movement speed mastery on arrow of light. The offhand you will be using (Soul of the Glorious Hunter, 50 npc orange) has a bonus damage proc as well as boss damage, with just slightly lower stats than a level 60 weapon. I don’t think it is as good as gunslinger, but quite usable if you prefer to try a different class.

Duelist, while not offering a speed class buff like the two aforementioned classes, does provide some useful benefits. The main reason you would want to use this subclass is probably for the new roll mechanic, which grants invincibility frames and is usable every 7.5 seconds with max speed. Aside from that, it also has a great offhand weapon in Demonic Blades (60 non-npc orange) which gives 10% boss damage and a bonus damage proc. Those are the two main things it has going for it, as you will not be using the DoTs or the ultimate skills. Unfortunately, the evasion party buff is mostly useless to this build.

Bard is a difficult one to pin down. With the new class mechanics, bard has become a much more viable subclass for dps. However, ravager rarely finds the time to use ballad for the +12% damage when constantly spamming R&R. The extra healing is nice, but isn’t really needed because of rage hits. There is also no bonus damage offhand for bard sub (harp of choice probably being Poseidon’s Harp, 60 non-npc orange) . It does have a useful stun and a nice party buff, though. I think this could be an effective sub if used correctly.

You will use wizard for pretty much one reason, and that is instant thunder. It does have a nice bonus damage offhand as well (Staff of Stars, 60 npc orange), similarly to the three previous classes, which is the only reason it still ranks above the rest of the classes. You also get a 20% crit dmg party buff, which can be useful.

Brawler is probably the best PvP class for ravager, but with the rage bar update and speed build it really lost most of its usefulness in PvE. Its party buff is alright, but none of the skills are really useful for speed build ravager. The best weapon to use is Demon Winged Katars (60 npc orange), which gives 35% more crit dmg upon proc, but sadly ravager has high enough natural crit dmg already. At least it would allow you to change up your secret stones a bit. Still, though, I don’t recommend it for this build. Try on damage build for better effectiveness.

Guardian gives some defensive stats on the offhand (Adjudicator’s Sword and Shield, 60 npc orange), as well as some long cooldown buff skills. You will be a bit more tanky, at the cost of losing some dps. May be a choice for some people, but personally I do not recommend.


Whichever class you decide on, make sure that A. You will be able to hit 50% speed and B. You are able to get an offhand with life leech (and stun, will discuss later).


For the purpose of the guide, I will spend the most time on level 65+ gears, but I can also provide some suggestions for those who are still leveling up.

At level 50, you will want to get yourself a few items. First of all is your axe– for this, you could either craft one at the blacksmith or use the 50 yellow. Next, you will want the aria bottom set and requiem top set for armors. These will last you well into the 60 contents until you can afford and use the higher level gear. You can also get the Comet set of accessories to tide you over until the next ones at 55. The last thing I recommend getting at 50 is Toto’s yellow trophy, which will last until 60.

At level 60/65+, you will be gearing for current endgame. This means you will want to get items with good percentages and stats, and fortify them well. The following items are my personal preferences; some of them will have viable replacements. Feel free to experiment as long as it fits with the build.


The first goal you should have is to get a good nazrudin axe from Whirlpool Abyss. Preferably, you would aim for 130%+ on the damage, but this can be a real pain. If you can afford to transfer later, 120%+ should work temporarily. The high base damage, useful stats, and bonus damage proc make this axe the most ideal for ravager, in my opinion. There are some exceptions to this, but they can be quite hard to find.

Possible replacements:

Cleaver of the Sky
I would use this one if you can find a good damage percentage and are willing to transfer scroll to nazrudin axe later. The exception to this (mentioned earlier) would be if you can find a high percentage storm element, in which you should keep and use it.

Karka’s Bloodthirsty Axe
This one is pretty much the same as cleaver; if you can find a high damage storm element, I would keep it.

Sacred Scar Battle Axe
This is a great axe, but you might have trouble getting a good damage percentage on it. I would put destroyer core and storm element on it. Same thing goes here, use it until you can get a good nazrudin axe. (or storm cleaver/karka)
*There is also some debate in regards to the viability of this axe; from what I have tested, at high damage percent it beats 65 axes on bosses, but for every other situation, it will be inferior. If you have a lot of gold to spend, you can aim for a 125%+ and fortify it up for situational use.

Top Set:


You will definitely want a titan top set for the nice damage it reduction it gives on bosses. It is great in harder dungeons, like OW Hard, landing and lament. It also gives nice speed and helps cap defense more easily, allowing more mobs to hit you without dying. You will want to aim for 125%+ on the head, and around 120+ all elements on the body. Best core to use in my opinion is imperial, but bestial or spiky can also work well.

On demon+baphomet, it would be ideal to have a set with 130%+ and good stats. This is for use in places where you know you won’t be dying, such as OW party mode, or when you have a good tank. It offers a large boost in damage over titan while still maintaining the speed stat for your build. You can fortify one of the elemental armors up a lot to be your main one, and then get some lower percent ones of all the elements for the situational defense boost. (this is obviously for those with a larger budget, but figured I’d note it because it is optimal)

Possible replacements:

Devourer Top Set
This is probably the only viable replacement for top pieces, and it is actually pretty decent because of the 15% damage boost to bosses as well as good crit. The thing to note here is that it will not work well if you are swapping it out situationally with speed armors. The loss in speed means your usual build will not hit the 50% cap. I would only use this if your build is tailored to it.

*I used to be a fan of revelation, but the boss damage from devourer is simply too much to pass up. From revelation top you get around 5k more damage (with modifiers factored in), but 15% damage on bosses is quite a bit more. It’s your call, though; the overall cleartime in dungeons won’t be vastly different in the long run. (The exception to this would be if you plan to +20 revelation top, in which it actually provides a good amount of damage and might work.)

Bottom Set:

Lethal beast set is, in my opinion, the only viable bottom set for speed ravagers at 65+. The 11% flat crit is very nice, it offers a great bonus damage proc, and is pretty affordable now. You should aim for 130%+ with nice crit and dmg stats. There is no reason not to use this unless you already have full +20 lion’s roar from another class.

Possible replacements:

Devourer Bottom Set
Devourer bottoms can be used pre-65 for the nice set bonus and proc. Try to switch to lethal beast as soon as you can though.

*Keep in mind that we are talking about speed build ravager here, not damage build. With damage build, lion’s roar set becomes more viable because the attack speed buff will actually raise your dps on bosses. Just something to keep in mind.



I recommend aiming for the flokja accessories, but they can take quite a while to farm with dragon coins. If using gold, they will be fairly pricey. The speed is obviously great on this build, the bonus damage proc is amazing, and the base stats are higher than the 55s. There are some drawbacks, though. If you ever swap accessories for abyss or other dungeons, you will not likely be able to maintain 50% speed. Basically, you become dependent on them for speed. You also lose 9% damage and 12% crit dmg that you could gain from the other set. A major plus is that you can allocate a lot of speed points into damage or crit instead.

Talamund/Gekasso/Hale accessories are still great, as their stats are amazing for ravager. They are certainly effective no matter what level you use them. Much more affordable, too.

*As with all classes, ravager should aim to have blue/white accessories with +3 buff skill levels. This is especially important for Burst of Speed and Mental Focus on warbow and gunslinger, because they allow for less points in speed. You simply swap them out when you need to buff, such as at the start of dungeons or start of floor in sky tower.



These trophies are the best for speed ravager. They have all the best offensive stats that we want, combined with great procs. Try to get high stat rolls on them, and put an imperial or bestial/spiky core on the orange if you can.

If you can afford it, I would also advise getting the six elemental trophies in order to maximize dps. A 20% boost to damage will be better than green malodnak’s in every situation. These are more for high-end players though, since they cost quite a bit.

*Don’t use the wind spirit trophy; it will lose out on a lot of dmg and crit, as well as bonus damage procs. Instead of increasing your dps, it will actually lower it. The only place it should be used is in dungeons with storm element mobs.
*Caroline’s is not a good choice either, since the life leech only works on auto attacks– something which speed build ravager will rarely be using. If you use this trophy, do it for the extra imperial core it offers.

Offhand Weapons:

As a ravager, this part of your gear is actually quite diverse. For that reason, I can’t really list one thing to recommend for everyone– obviously there are different weapons for different subs anyway (I do have the recommended orange offhands for each class listed a couple sections up, though). What I can do is give some basic guidelines as to what you should be doing for this slot, and when.

The first thing I will say is that, nine times out of ten, an orange offhand is not going to be ideal. The best ones you can use in PvE will be blues with dual effects, such as 3% lifesteal plus 30% damage to an element. The only issue is that these can be quite difficult to find.

In a perfect world, I would have 21 offhand weapons. Three blues for each element– 3% lifesteal, 10% defense reduction, and stun effects. The last three would be orange for non-elemental mobs.

The obvious problem with this setup, though, is that it’s pretty much impossible. Nobody is going to be able to find all those weapons, let alone have enough skill bars for them. So instead, most people are going to have to rely primarily on orange weapons. You can still customize these a little though.

My subclass is gunslinger, and I have three different orange Soul Piercing Pistols. Two that I use for bosses (nocturnal/destroyer), and three for normal mobs (nocturnal/destroyer/shocking). The Duke’s Duelers have 10% damage to bosses, so they are more useful there if you happen to have extra crit dmg. Soul Piercing Pistols have a nice bonus damage proc, so they are better on everything else. Shocking and destroyer cores are really nice to have when clearing mobs, because they proc very easily with R&R plus rage bar. The idea is to basically get either defense reduction or stun on them, depending on your party composition. Then you can alternate between nocturnal and that choice so your HP stays up. If you have a 60 crafted axe, you don’t even have to make a choice because you will always have defense reduction anyway. For bosses, all you have to do is swap between destroyer and nocturnal.

Obviously, 30% elemental damage from blues would be the best in most situations, but don’t feel bad if you can’t find them. Just make do with what you have.

Envoy, Masteries & Stat Points

The setup for this build is pretty straightforward, but can vary depending on what subclass you are working with. For example, a katar or duelist sub user might opt to go for ultimate skills, changing the envoy setup a little bit (personally I don’t recommend for strictly PvE, though). Likewise, certain classes might have masteries that are more beneficial than others. These are just my guidelines; you can adjust it to whatever you like best.

Envoy Path:

Before level 69:

The idea here is to take the most useful stuff as quickly as you can, to aid you in leveling up faster. You can change your envoy upon hitting level 69 by spending around 25 gold. In reality, it really doesn’t matter if you follow this example or not, as long as the end result is the same. This is simply for people who can spare some gold and want the ideal envoy at a lower level. The yellow dots show what I suggest taking after hitting level 60.

At level 69+:

When you reach 69, you can afford to take all the crit damage envoys, which boost their value greatly. That’s why the ideal build at 69+ is a bit different from pre-69. The red dots are what I suggest taking after completing the basic path at 69.

A few noteworthy points:

  • Wild Fury, Armor of Thorns, and Finishing Blow passives should always be taken
  • Both Round and Round mastery points are necessary for this build
  • Vindictive Burst may be traded out for another envoy

The issue with Vindictive Burst is that, when constantly using R&R, it will only apply for a couple seconds on enemies. If you test it out yourself you will see what I mean. I personally still take it, because it helps overall dps in the end, but other people may opt to take something else.


General Skills: Boulder Crush
I like this skill for situational use, although it can easily be changed out for useful subclass skills. Things such as -def (ex. gunslinger, guardian) or +dmg (ex. warbow, katar) come to mind. Jawbreaker isn’t all that useful because of being speed build, but you can still use it if you like.

Attack Spec: Zeal
Definitely the best attack mastery for ravager, especially since we operate mostly on pure damage hits instead of DoTs. Divine Power may seem like it adds a lot of damage, but it just doesn’t compare to Zeal in reality.

Advanced Skills: Whirlwind Slash
This is another situational one, as certain classes might have different masteries that are useful at different times, such as movement speed from gunslinger or warbow in infernal abyss. At other times you might find -10% damage from flame slash to be useful. For the most part, though, you will just be using whirlwind, because 10% defense drop is a nice boost to dps for the whole party.

Defense Spec: Extreme Speed/Courage
You should use Extreme Speed whenever you don’t mind being a bit less tanky, for the huge boost in movement speed. You can use Courage when you need to take a few extra hits. Courage is really the best tanky mastery because of the flat 3% reduction plus HP. It works better than just pure defense or HP.

Tactical Spec: Break Defense/Organized Sabotage
Obviously you can use any of them based on party composition, but these are the main two I advise having. Ravager is special in that you can easily keep debuffs up on all mobs in the area, so usually it will be best to use break defense for faster clear times. Don’t be afraid to switch it up, though, especially if there are other AoE users in your party.

Special Skills: The Best Defense
This is really the only choice to be considered, especially with the huge base damage of ravager weapons. The orange tier mastery will get you around 13%+ defense with a +20 axe, and even more in combat. This should be your first priority to spend dragon coins on (need to do vulture dailies every day for around a week, too!)

Stat Points:

As mentioned earlier, you will be aiming to hit 50% speed with whatever buffs you will normally have on. This includes eidolon, speed food (raisin bread or macaroon) and subclass speed buff if you have it. Sub weapon procs also apply here.

After 50% speed, aim for around 75% crit rate in combat. This will likely be around 60-65% outside of combat. This is to help trigger the procs that rely on critical hits more often. After that, put the rest into damage.

You should aim to cap defense at 75% with relevant buffs, but you can never really know when you will be partied with a guardian or a bard. As a general guideline, I would aim to hit around 65% with eidolon and float, then the rest into HP. This is simply my personal preference, though.

Enchant Cards & Secret Stones


Before getting into the enchantments, I will first recommend that you take -2% dmg taken on face and body costumes, 2% HP on head costumes, 2% dmg on back costumes, and 5% crit dmg or 2% dmg on weapon costumes.

For the actual enchants, ravager generally has an easy time deciding what to use.

Head Enchant: Boss Damage/Elemental Damage
I personally use a 10% boss damage enchant with 2% HP for my main head costume. The 18% elemental damage enchants can be used in dungeons with the respective elements for maximum dps output.
*Burst of Speed Mastery is an important one to have on warbow subs for the extra speed buff

Face Enchant: Tornado Spin Mastery
Plus five skill levels to our main skill, Round and Round. It’s pretty much the best choice here, use it with either -2% damage taken or 2% damage.

Body Enchant: Crit Resilience Against Bosses/Crit Damage Against Bosses
-13% crit damage taken from bosses gives you the chance to survive more hits. 25% crit damage against bosses can help you cap if you are lacking in that department. Either choice will be quite useful. Again, -2% damage taken or 2% damage with it.

Back Enchant: Extreme Speed
5% move speed is excellent for reducing clear times as well as making it easier to dodge red carpets. Another no-brainer in my opinion. Enchant it with 2% damage.
*Mental Focus Mastery is an important one to have on gunslinger subs for the extra speed buff

Weapon Enchant: Gaia Revival Mastery
Basically a filler, because nothing else that useful is currently available. Your teammates will appreciate it during battle, though. Enchant with 2% damage.

Secret Stones:

For a speed ravager with Lethal Beast set, your secret stone choices will be fairly easy. You’re basically going to go with 6% crit damage and then a secondary stat of your choice. My personal preference is -2% damage taken, because it allows to tank hits from more mobs. 2% damage is also viable as well, but you will lose a some damage reduction. 7% elemental damage is of course advised in places like Whirlpool/Infernal Abyss.

For weapons, you should definitely be using Thunderous or Zephyr, the choice depending on how high your HP and defense are. +20 armors could possibly allow for use of Zephyr, but if under 80k HP + cap defense, I would go with Thunderous.


Bel is a great eidolon to start out with, as the crit+crit damage buff can help your party do more damage. 5% flat crit rate is also a nice boost to dps as well.

Tigerius Caesar:
Useful for the movement speed buff when you want to clear easy dungeons faster.

Aelius is awesome for the cleanse if you’re trying to pull dungeons with movespeed debuffs, such as AT or MS. It’s also good in Whirlpool Abyss, among other places.

Kotonoha can be a pain to get, but it one of the best eidolons for speed ravager. The 5% passive movespeed is great, and she has a 10% lifesteal buff that lasts for 10 seconds.

If you can manage to get both Kotonoha and Tsubaki, you can have an almost permanent 10% lifesteal buff up. It takes some practice to get used to, but you can switch them out every 10 seconds to use it.

If you can manage to get two Endora keys, I would definitely use her. 5% crit rate plus 8% damage is one of the best two star buffs out there, and is amazing for ravager. The increased enemy crit dmg taken debuff from her trophy is also great.


Updates will be made to this section if I make any new videos about ravager in PvE.
*Updated 6/14

Infernal Abyss party mode solo (improved)
Infernal Abyss party mode solo
OW AT/GG/MS party mode solo

Closing Statements

I will do my best to keep this guide updated and accurate. Feel free to ask me any questions about my playstyle or opinions on different topics.

I have a decent amount of knowledge on this class, but I am far from knowing everything. I welcome discussion, corrections, and debates.

Thank you for reading, and I hope I could be of some help!

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