WildStar Stalker Tanking Guide

WildStar Stalker Tanking Guide by fightincowboy

Hey guys! A lot of you might remember the leveling build I put up a while back. Since then I’ve had the chance to go through a few of the dungeons so I figured I’d share what I’ve learned regarding tanking as a stalker. There’s a video attached just like before but as always I’ve typed it all up.

Stalker Tanking Video

http://ws-base.com/builds/generator/stalker#QKvvMvCvCKnCvK/804.805.806.819.820.821.818.831.822.844.845.846.904.825 (amps have been updated to include reputation based amps)

Whiplash: Basic threat generation and damage

Preparation (T4): More deflect & self-healing. At lower levels I’d suggest Nano Field in place of this.

Collapse: Interrupt Armor destruction, great for grouping up trash. At lower levels sub in Stagger or False Retreat for your IA breaker.

Razor Storm: Main threat grab during pulls. Reaver is a decent alternative, personally I prefer the larger AoE from Razor Storm and find it easier to gather mobs with.

Decimate: Constant 10% damage reduction as much as your deflecting attacks.

Frenzy: Large threat generation, energy dump, absorb shield when coupled with stealth.

Steadfast: Amazing ability, tons of deflect chance.

Razor Disk: Assist in group DPS with armor reduction. Could swap this out for a number of different abilities depending on the situation. Pounce if you need mobility, another IA destroyer if necessary, Stim Drone if another stalker is providing armor reduction, etc.

As a general rule, whereas DPS you have a key rotation you can follow, tanking is a lot more reactive. That being said, here’s a rough list of move priority explained.

Steadfast is used on-cooldown every time, Decimate is used everytime it procs. In general the majority of your tanking will involve those 2 abilities while using Frenzy for superior threat generation and the absorption bonus from using stealth with it. Preparation is somewhat of an “oh shit” button. If you drop below 50% pop it for the channeled heal in addition to more deflect, also a great self-heal if you get separated from your healer due to a knockback. Collapse for grouping trash or destroying IA, Razor Storm is used if you’re about to lose aggro to put you back at the top of the threat list, Razor Disc on cooldown to increase groups DPS output.

Stats: Focus on Tech/Insight/Grit. Similar to before, Strikethrough is still important as you can’t maintain threat if you’e missing attacks.

Also remember to switch to Nano Skin Evasive. Additionally, stealthing while in combat as a Stalker Tank is needed. Check the tooltip on NSE and you’ll see there’s damage reduction when you come out of stealth.

In general, be mindful of your groups pace, make sure you’re maintaining threat, and always communicate with your healer. If you’re dodging stuff, there’s a good chance you’re dodging out of his telegraphs as well so be mindful of positioning. Happy tanking!

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