WildStar Malgrave Trail Veteran Gold Rank Guide

WildStar Malgrave Trail Veteran Gold Rank Guide by skyhawkx3 and Eliresa

Hello cupcakes! Since I saw too many people complain about Veteran Malgrave Trial and how frustrating and boring is it to get gold ranking! I wanted to share with you my group experience in this Adventure

First of all , getting the addon ” Entspy ” is a must because with this addon you’ll get rid of the RNG ( dunno if it’s fixed or not ) When you get a member of the caravan missing and also if u want to find the invisible supplies and normal Supplies !

The route we use is Greenleaf > Winged “something” > Sand Hive > Seaview > Ubshwa >> Only camp at the second camp get full supplies and 0% Fatigue and you are ready to go.

The most important thing that many people fail to do is that you shouldn’t give any bad supplies to the caravan! it’s written on the buff after you get the food/water … etc (each bad food/water gives them a debuff -1%max hp – stacks 99times)

When we first pick ” Greenleaf ” we get 2dps to go kill all the wolves on the right side of the starting road and Tank/dps/healer goes to kill all the spiders in the way. After killing all the wolves and getting the food for your caravan get only 1 dps to stay with the caravan to protect it and also return the missing supplies and cure them using the T Ability if he has to. then the 1 DPS and healer will be picking up supplies (Water is not important in this stage because you’ll get a water extract event) and tank+1dps will be clearing, The healer or a dps should get the Invisible water it’ll be on the left side shortly after leaving the Strait.

YOU WILL BE DOING THAT ALL THE WAY TILL THE END – I mean getting the supplies and invisible water

And then you’ll get the first event that tells you to protect the water extractors 2dpstank+healer will be killing the mobs asap ! while the 3rd dps helping you killing these mobs too if the mobs spawned too far away from each other lore them in middle , the tank get add and the other dps get the other and meet in the middle

Make sure to use interrupts on casting as much as possible to make it faster

After that you’ll be doing the normal thing by clearing the way and also feeding them the”GOOD SUPPLY ONLY” till you start the second event which is you need to find a combination of matter/focuser and fuel – I don’t have the exact combinations because i’m a tank and I don’t do that shit anyways

But I’m still memorizing 1 pattern which is put 1 fuel 1 matter 3 focusers – the other i don’t really remember. Help me in the comments please.

IMPORTANT! Have 1 DPS With many interrupts + the Tank Should have 2 interrupts AT LEAST stay in the middle of the caravan while your friends are trying to get the teleporter to work! and interrupt any mob that spawn and try to lore it away from the caravan. Only 1 Wave of adds will spawn at a given time after it spawn you have a 60 second window or around that for the next phase to spawn.

the 3rd phase is hard and requires many interrupts so try to get the teleporter to work before that or you’ll be testing your tank and the dps.

After the Teleporter is working

You’ll meet the new ” ENEMY” The red flowers – You need to make 1 dps to turn them off .. ALL OF THEM and I mean all of them because the fire takes like 50% of the caravan members health.

Also make sure to move out of the heat and the poison air ASAP!

Normal clearing till the last phase from now on.

That’s what you’ll mostly find really difficult in the adventure everything else is gonna repeat itself.

I hope you all a nice trip and a golden one in the adventure.

Some links !

EntSpy – Download http://www.curse.com/ws-addons/wildstar/221350-entspy

a Printscreen of our clear : screenshot we had to AFK A little bit in the second camp for BIO and stuff ;p

Thanks guys and see ya around cupcakes!!

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