Dota 2 Best Heroes to Escape MMR Hell

Dota 2 Best Heroes to Escape MMR Hell by Zaoppy

Hello guys. I’ve been playing dota for a long time, and I got calibrated around 4k mmr, while my team mmr got calibrated around 3600. After a month or two, I found myself losing every single game as solo – usually I have been playing in the mornings, meeting russians that refuse to communicate. After few weeks, I have found out which heroes are the best to improve your mmr at this level, and I’m finding myself climbing up to 4k pretty quickly.

First of all, you should aim for heroes that can make plays. If we assume that you are lower than you should, then you got to make plays with your hero. It’s quite hard to do that with someone like Lion, while it’s quite hard to assume that your teammate on safelane would give your PL free farm. Therefore, you should try to pick a hero that isn’t really farm dependant, but can snowball. The next thing is, you should always be comfortable with your hero. If you can’t play the heroes below, try out new things. I didn’t play every single hero, and your overall attitude towards the game may be different than mine. And remember. Be greedy. As This author of this youtube movie said, early and mid game won’t usually matter, unless it’s your rolling over opponents.

Mid heroes:

Usually I’d aim to get mid. One thing you need to keep in mind, that mid hero usually shouldn’t gang too early without proper rune. If you get a haste and you are sure that the opponents don’t have wards, go for it. If your mid opponent is missing, try to push down the tower


He is my #1 choice. He wins mid almost every time, he’s quite tanky and people quite often underestimate how tanky he is, especially with mek. You usually start with a wraith band to help you lasthit and harras a bit and pack of tangoes/two branches if your teammates can pull you two tangoes. You usually skill up poison touch first, but if you feel like you can’t harras your opponent, just go for the Nethertoxin to ensure you get all the lasthits. You should get boots as fast as possibe and then go for mek. Sometimes you can go for phaseboots if your opponent wants to stay in lane, to make his life even harder. After you get boots and mek, you usually go for BLINK DAGGER. Viper is really good at slowing people, but you need to get close first. For me blink dagger is a core on him, you just blink on a support and kill him with few hits, while you’re able to kite other chars even easier. After you get mek, you can go for anything, usually it’s aghanims, heart or manta (only if you can manta out of some silences/spells) and just rightclick people to death. You can go mid, safelane carry or even offlane (though usually as radiant, unless they have a jungler)

Honorable mentions:

Any snowball hero. Slark works really well if you can stay alive, storm, Death Prophet, TA and such. OD is great too, if your opponent goes for an int hero – go for him


Anything that can solo people. Usually I’d pick nyx here, sometimes BH – remember, your teammates barely will help you to get kills.


Sandking, Witch Doctor, AA – they can basically solo enemy team if played correctly. You get a chicken and wards (if you think that your team needs them) then harras the offlaner and help your mid. With AA, you aim to get midas ASAP – you get gold for scepter and quick levels. Around lvl 6, just find an empty lane and farm it, players around that mmr tend to stick together or to farm jungle when the “laning phase” is over. For SK, if you are radiant – you pull 0:30 creep wave, pull through then stack the big camp. You get to lvl 3 and then you can just farm your blink dagger. After you get it, you just kill people. With WD, you have few ways. Usually you can get away with boots first, you go to the offlaner and just harras him. If he hits you back, skill up healing and keep trading.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I’m not really a great player, but following those points helped me increase my mmr.

And one last thing.

If you want to get higher mmr, you should play in the evenings (i’m talking about my server, EU). There’s a smaller chance to get those 4 russian stacks.

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  1. For semi-pros, pick Void. Void is like the best ally or worst enemy when farmed well, FARMED WELL ok?

    For newbies, Sniper. Easy to use, can get hero kills.

    And ALWAYS look the ur team lineups. If you already have mid hero, don’t pick mid hero. But if you always play support type and you always lose in matches, maybe because you’re always teamed up with bad carries, try carry.

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