Arcane Legends Speed Leveling Kraag Tomb 4 Guide

Arcane Legends Speed Leveling Kraag Tomb 4 Guide by Serancha


In preparation for the Singe Rescue event, I spent quite a bit of time, along with my guildmates, to do comparisons and research on levelling strategies. The numbers that came up were pretty interesting, and it turns out that with our characters so strong now, WT4 is extremely inefficient for levelling. Perhaps it always was, but the stronger we get, the less benefit that tomb gives us.

The Problem with Watchers Tombs:

Mobs spawned by witches give 0 exp. and 0 kills — (rarely they do appear to count as kill, but we have concluded that the ones counting are likely native floor spawns — it is impossible to distinguish. Tests of witches in tombs all over Arlor prove that their 2 batches of 3 zombies give nothing.)

Watchers tombs are full of mages spawning crap — so more time killing for less reward. You can’t even tell how many extra you’re killing, since they all group up and (best calculation is that approximately 30% of the mobs don’t give you kills or exp.).

In the Watchers tombs, a large number of the countable mobs also spawn out of the floors. These spawns are slow, meaning you need to go slow enough to allow them to come up. The faster you do a run, the less mobs you see, and therefore less experience gained.

Why Kraag 4? 

Kraag crypts do not have any mage OR floor spawned mobs. This means you get experience as fast as it is possible to kill. The tomb is smaller, but the numbers are always the same, runs are faster, and pulls work very well — hit the first/second mob of a room and they all file out to die. There is no running into rooms or waiting for spawns.

Added bonus, all of the bosses drop crates like KM3. I have cleared 20 crates/hour in here on elixirs.

With a full exp. elixir stack and party, Pheonix members were getting a stable 480 exp. per run through the levelling race — and none of those runs were over 2 1/2 minutes, even with warriors.

I did several runs in WT4 and got only 500 exp. for a run almost twice as long (again with a fatty). I ran it with a dps team and got much less.

(I will note here that we do have numbers from several hundred runs accumulated. In the interest of keeping the guide uncluttered, I am not including the nitty gritty numbers. Anyone who wants to analyze further it can PM me for the charts.)

The Pull Guide

This can be reversed easily if you want to go the other way. The hallway mobs pull a bit differently depending which way you go, so experiment and pick which is comfortable.

We use 4 pulls for this guide, because this is for levelling. For speed runs this is not how one would do it (yes, Aze), but for levelling it is ideal.

If you do this map with 3 pulls, spreads your team out beyond experience sharing range. The person doing the pulls from ahead will experience a large drop in exp., and the rest of the team will also lose, although not quite as much. This pull map was calculated to always keep the team sharing exp. for highest gain all around.

The title on it is “revised” since we went through a few drafts while working out the most optimal setup. Enjoy.


And for you backwards people – The Reverse!


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