World of Tanks Where Not To Go On Maps

World of Tanks Where Not To Go On Maps by YORALIYPO

If I get one more team of 10 tanks sitting by valley of Cliffs, I may kill something.

This is a comprehensive guide on where NOT to lemming to on maps. Disclaimer, these spots do usually need a few people spotting or guarding, and some unica may find success there, but they are by no means where average or above average players should gather. Bads flock to these spots because they feel more “safe” and protected; it’s the main reason that when there’s a right way and wrong way to go on a map, bads always pick the wrong one. Any WoTlab user should not be at these spots, unless there are just absolutely no one there. Some spots don’t even require any tanks at all. This is not meant to be an advance guide covering advance spots on the map with high risk and high reward, but a guide on where to avoid at the start on maps with noob traps. See Sela’s map guide for detailed attack routes and tactics. As a starting step for improvement, start by avoiding the red and yellow spots.

Someone on another site was wondering how I came to the conclusion of which area on the map is bad. One person guessed that I looked at data of teams having more tanks in these area losing more. No. Nothing of this guide is from any data or heat map. Everything is from the personal experience gathered throughout my 23k+ battles. There is no database of any kind that I can use to update these, so as maps are changed, I need to relearn them before I can update them on this guide. 

I placed circles on the maps and color coded them according to explanation in the following paragraphs. These areas apply only for initial deployment. The entire map can be used depending on the situation as game develops (well, not for all maps. I’m looking at you Erlenberg, go die in hell).

Red areas should be avoided. These are either deathtrap or offer nothing to the game play. Going here at the start will result in death or minimum contribution.

Yellow areas are either questionable or limited in ability to influence the battle. They’re the “grey area” and I will explain my opinion on them for each individual map.

Green areas are key spots on the map. They are usually where the main conflicts happen and where the match is decided. You will notice that most of the greens are in elevated parts of the map, which follows the fundamental battle tactic that high grounds are usually the key.

Arrows are there to indicate direction of movement. They’re used to clarify from which spawn you’re moving into the area.

The red lines are the “conflict lines”. These are where the major conflicts usually happen, and where you should be expecting to meet the enemy. On your side of the lines would be considered your side and crossing the lines would be venture into enemy side. These are not set in stone and may very well change depend on the deployment (fast movers may very well blow past these line and change the point of conflict), but they are the general guide line on where you would expect to see the enemy. It can be a rule of thumb that staying behind these lines can be considered being defensive and going pass these would be the start of an offense. Like other spots, the lines apply at the start of the match and initial engagement. For some maps, it’s one single line across the entire map, and for other maps it’s segmented. I will go into these for each map individually. You’ll notice that the conflict lines usually divide up green areas. This is to be expected, as you’ll want to be at or near the conflict points to affect the battle.

A few maps I left out because either I don’t feel they have major dangerous area, or I don’t them well enough yet (new El Halluf).

Abby (current)


The west side is the key. I know the common argument that slow, well armored TD can do fine east, but those are better off going west anyways. There’ve been times where we want to push west but can’t due to not having any anchor leading the way. This isn’t to say that east should be left completely open, but most of the time there will be enough pubs going that way that the real difference makers should play the west flank. The major differences between the two sides, even though they’re both bottlenecks, are that the west has elevation and more map control. Elevation means if you have to return to base on the west flank to defend, you’ll be looking down on the base had have a natural advantage compare to if you return to base from east valley. West also have fire lanes into the middle (the flip side of that is you can also get shot from the middle) to support the fight there. Taking the middle gives inherent advantages of cross fire into the high path of west flank, and also the ability of your team pushing the high path without getting shot on the side. The conflict line naturally divides evenly for the whole map.

The 6/7 line path should just be avoided. You’ll be just driving into the open against their base campers.

Airfield (current)


The key conflict is at the E5/E6 hill. Middle hill is very limited in terms of opportunities, as well as the camping spots back near base. J line push should be completely avoided. Not only is it low ground and bottle necked, even a successful push through the J line require crossing of an open area to reach the base, which when you will be shot from E5/E6 hill.

The B line have some opportunities for cross fire, but it was changed recently. The change that I know of is the firing lane of B9 into E5/E6 area is now blocked off. It’s just a questionable area of the map that will also require speed and camo. I stay away from it except in fast small TD due to likelihood of being pin-down and limited flexing ability. D2 area I’ve also not tested since the change. It does have shot into the main center push at E5/E6, but it’s limited that I wouldn’t recommend going but in special TDs.

The conflict lines mostly divide vertically down the map, with the section for E5/E6 area slightly shifted to the 6 line.

Arctic Region (current)


Key conflicts happen at NW and SE corners. Common trend is that heavily armored go SE and fast movers go NW. I mostly go NW no matter the tank, just because it’s much easier to flex back and defend from NW if SE flank fell, but not so much the other way around.

5 line is death trap at the start, so is 7/8 line going from east spawn.

The conflict lines are pretty standard.

Cliffs (current)


The map is won or loss on the top. Camping the base edge or the 1 line is completely useless. You need maybe 2-3 tanks guarding the 1 line at the most and rest should be fighting up top.

Erlenberg (outdated)


I… can I skip this one? This is currently THE worst map to play. It’s got the highest draw rate of all maps, probably rival old Province draw rate at high tier. Crossing the closest bridge and camp just pass it is asking to die. Flat areas on 4 and 8 line should naturally be avoided. You can cross them of course, but it should be obvious that these areas are completely open and you should not stay in them for long. I’ve followed the “not crossing near bridge” rule for a while, but I’m reconsidering the strategy for this map due to such high draw rate. I may start trying pushing past nearest bridge then to either K8/K9 or B2/A3 area. These areas have natural disadvantage, with enemies having higher hills, but if I get this map I might as well go out in a blaze of glory than sitting for 15 minutes.

Fjords (current?)


There are three areas of major conflict and F line being a bad spot to push across. A note for east spawn is that going down the 5 line to reach south conflict would get you shot in the back from E4 hill, so that line should be avoided and you should be taking the city path to south corner.

Hidden Village (current)


Common principles of maps apply here, even though it’s a new map. High ground is the key. This is why the most SW path is the viable one, with the lower path vulnerable from cross fire and the use of village being limited. Even if the fight in the village is won, the SW upper path will have elevation advantage to overlook and defend the base from further advancement. In my view it’s a very flaw map design. It’s balanced as far as I know, but much of the map is off limit physically (entire 1/3 of the SW corner, hello), and the rest are off limit strategically. The 2 paths that have options aren’t deadlock bottlenecks and could offer some good brawling, but my experience on this map is limited and it could possibly stall out if filled with big alpha TDs.

Highway (outdated)


Sitting in the middle open fields for any extended period of time, or trying to travel through them in slow tanks, is asking to die. The city used to be the main conflict point for this map, but due to people figuring out the shooting lane down the 8/9 line, it has become less practical for SW spawn to go city. The game usually develops into SW spawn secure NW corner and NE spawn secure SE corner then goes from there. Even though they tried to provide cover for the J and K line path to the city, tanks still can get shot from the side, so going to city from SW spawn is not recommended. Not to mention NE spawn have access to the city sooner and can already be setup in cover waiting for you even if you make past the 9 line.

The mistake I see from NE spawn is continuing pushing for SW base through the open field. This gives free shots to all the defenders set up at SW base hill. After taking the city, the team should reassess the situation, confirm that north will not fall to a push, and slowly gain map control from there.

Karelia (current)


Middle swamp is death trap and I think most people know this from horrible death resulted from traveling through there early game. NW flank used to be less consequential due to SE hill’s ability to support that flank through cross fire. Although they might have changed the terrain of NW to provide more cover from the hill. I have lost on the map post patch due to NW flank falling, but I’ll have to see more to be sure. Will update on this…

Naturally camping on the ridges near the base is useless for the most part. The couple of acceptable occasions would be no one went NW and you’re setting up a defense on the ridge, or you’re in position to fire on the H7/G7 hill engagement (but even then that’s questionable and probably should only be done if you’re bottom tier).

Komarin (current)


The dangerous areas are the 4 open fields that provide little to no cover. I tend to favor the east flank when I’m not playing the middle island. It just seems to have more cover – houses and terrain. Camping in the corner forests is terrible at the start. Only retreat to there when a flank is fallen.

The conflict lines for the two side flanks aren’t too clear cut. It could change from D line to F line for the east flank just depending on tank composition and how daring they feel.

Lakeville (current)


Valley is a no-no. This doesn’t need in-depth explanation or justification. Bottleneck with bad ground resistance is much easier defended than attacked. Yes, a well armored top tier tank may able to push through it against low tiers, but you will fail much more often than succeed. Even if you win the valley, city tanks can still defend the base. Do not even defend this as top tank. Win the city fight and keep your eyes on the mini map for enemy valley push.

Middle road is tricky. There are tanks that can camo snip there, but shooting lanes are limited and it’s also risky. I would not play the mid at high tiers except for initial spotting. North spawn seems to have an advantage on middle spotting at the start, with more cover to retreat to if you get spotted. The C4/H4 corners can get early shots in tanks if they’re spotted and they can provide reasonable support fire into the church, but those are not the best spot to be for the entire game.

The conflict line for this map is mostly evenly divided. The section for middle path is shifted up, because F4 area is wide open and you really have to push to the E4 bend to have any chance of living at all if you push up the mid early game (do not).

Live Oaks (current)


Not much to say about this map as far as bad positions. The main area is west side of the railroad, where you will get cross fired from the NW flank. A SE fight should always be done on the east side of the rail. Middle has a “path” through the water, but it’s really a joke and not viable for anything whatsoever.

Malinovka (current)


One of the oldest maps in game, and most people “know” how to play it. If enemy have fast tanks, they could light you through the field initially (a.k.a. damn pebcock hackerz), so don’t sit in your spawn position for long. While in big tanks I actually back up at the start just to be safe from being spotted across. Hill is still important despite some changes to this map so do not camp base. H1/K3 dip is… annoying and I won’t go into them here.

Mines (current)


Hill is an advantage, but it’s not everything, so it’s not GG if you can’t take it at the start. This is even more so now that they redone the city and the east corner of the hill. The green circle includes the cliff sides of the hill, because pushing around the east cliff is more viable, with dips in the cliff for cover. I’ve never been a fan of the west island. Shooting lane is limited and you’re isolated.

Mountain Pass (current)


The bridge path is mostly dead end, the least viable of the 4 paths. Middle riverbed is tricky and you don’t want to just stay in the riverbed. Fast tank can push across to their hill and spot across, but it’s dangerous. I do it more often from SE spawn than NW, because NW has safer spotting position at E4. I don’t like the ice road, even though I’ve done some pushes on it with US tanks. It’s a more flankable path from the river bed and it’s at lower elevation.

Murovanka (current)


West flank is the key. Center city is pretty bad for early games. Forest is passive and hard to make pushes for either spawn. SW spawn have to weed out the forest campers and NW spawn have to cross an open field that can be easily defended from H2 even if they take out the tanks at H9. This isn’t to say that the forest should be left open, but there are usually enough pubs to defend it.

Northwest (current)


The 1 line and A line is where main conflict happens (big surprise they are the high ground!). SE flank isn’t horrible, but like all low ground the firing lane is limited to just what’s in front so your influence is cut off from rest of the map. Even if you win the flank, you still have to climb up to reach the base where the high grounds can shoot down on you to defend. Middle area is viable route of attack, given that you won the NW fight.

Pearl River (outdated)


It’s one of the most bottlenecked maps, despite the open feeling. I feel more comfortable in a medium tank even on Mountain Pass or Abby than on here. Going middle city can be done at the start, but it takes caution due to possibility of getting shot from SW paths. Purples including myself have died horribly from going there and making a mistake.

Prokhorovka (current)


Middle scouting run is hit or miss. You really need enemy team to be dumb to be able to spot anything that’s shootable. TDs camping west road won’t get spotted most of the time unless they’re making a push. 2 line in general is questionable for normal tanks. I’ve played it successfully in TDs, but even then I don’t like it.

The conflict line shifts south a little on the east hill flank. This is due to tanks pushing up on the reverse hill on the 0 line. I like the F0 spot, but it can be countered from F6. Any tank at G7 area will get eaten by F0. D6 spot is also a bit open and risky, but it’s far away from the hill that there’s less chance of being spotted and you can fire on to the G0 hill.

Redshire (outdated)

NE flank is pointless. Pushes from both spawn can be easily defended and result in quick death. This map is won or loss (or draw) at the SW half.

Sacred Valley (removed?)


D4 to D7 is suicide. The B line is a key flank (high ground!), but this map isn’t balanced and NE spawn gets a much safer path to B line. SW spawn can get shot from the side when climbing for the hill at F2 to D2 area if they get light up by fast enemy tanks reaching C4 first. Fast tank of SW spawn can do some spotting going to the F6 spot, but I’ve only spotted relatively successful there in my full vision setup Bat. I’m not sure what else SW spawn can do other than having fast tank rushing B line to discourage enemy spotting, with heavies trying to climb anyways. If you give up B line, and we’ve won from doing it, you give the enemy much advantage. It’s a very small map so B line has shot to a huge area below. Pushing SE doesn’t make up for it because NE spawn can still be defended quite easily from B6/B7. Maybe WG will fix this eventually like they did to Steppe’s imbalance.

Sand River (current)


Middle platform doesn’t open up until mid and late game, and going that direction at the start, even though is somewhat of a high ground, result in quick death. Scouts (light tanks only) can hide there in bushes, but it’s risky. I’m biased towards the NE flank, but I’ve also done successful push on the SW flank.

Serene Coast (outdated)


It’s pretty decent after the fix. I favor the west flank (take a wild guess why). It seems the middle path along the rail, although not as bad as pre-fix map, is still not too viable route of attack. East path have much terrain cover and can be fun, but it’s isolated.

The conflict line at the very west side depends on how far your mediums are willing to scout. Pushing to E1 is a good idea from north spawn because letting the enemy pushing up the 1 line means giving up much of the map control. As long as you don’t peek over and you have sniper support you should be ok most of the time. There’s still a risk of enemies pushing over the hill and rush you, but that’s just part of the game.

Siegfried Line (current)


Main battle happens in the city. Although you can get some sniping shots from the field and I’ve done field pushes in fast mediums back in the arty days, it’s generally not as useful.

South Coast (current)


Beach conflict is not really important. Your beach push can get flanked from a laughable amount of spots throughout the 3 and 4 lines, and you can still be flanked making a push to the base. The game is usually decided from east of 6 line. Middle spot can be viable for fast tanks at the start, not so much for KV or T28.

Steppes (current)


Hallelujah they balanced this map. East flank is no longer auto-win for the north spawn. It’s obvious that the center open field should be avoided. Middle valley isn’t viable for early push either. Although camping on the ridges near the spawn can have some use to get sniping shots across, it shouldn’t be done for any extended period of time. This map can be played very aggressively (like!).

Severogorsk (completely fucked)


I’ve seen middle riverbed push work before and probably done it a couple of times myself in medium platoon. In general it’s hard to pull off. The city areas next to the riverbed are death traps. If you’re not getting shot you’re pin down. Battle mostly happen on the 3 line and 8/9 line. 3 line push if spotted correctly can get shot on the side from 8 line hill, which is why I don’t like playing 3 line, but I have lost due to enemy pushing across 3 line past the opening gaps and not being spotted.

Conflict line is a little broken up. South spawn does get the hill, with north spawn having to fight to take the hill. This could be good or bad for each side depends on arty composition.

Swamp (current)


It’s a slow map and there isn’t much to say about it for initial deployment other than north spawn should not cross the south bridge. H5 is my favor area to farm north pubbies trying to push south. Pushing north from south spawn isn’t as deadly, but it’s not easy. Entire middle area is meh…

Tundra (current)


The riverbed can be used nicely mid to end game, but it’s not something you should be rushing for at the start. This map is quite complex and there are a lot of shooting lanes to watch out for. Both west and east flanks are viable. East flank, although is the high ground, can sometime be bogged down. I’ve abandon east before when failing to take the hill in a medium and looked for opening elsewhere.

Westfield (current)


The exact SE half of the map contributes little to the game. The bridge is a favor camping spot for NE spawn, but it’s a useless spot. I can see a bottom tier sitting there, but don’t even go near there as top tank. I know most mediums spawn at the bottom, but you should be climbing up to support the fight up top instead of sit below. The two sniping spots on the NW are questionable. You can get spotted pretty easily even if behind bushes there.

Widepark (current?)


It’s no longer in high tier battle (no I won’t do Province). The Conflict line runs along the rail track. The battle is mostly fought with tanks hugging the hill leading up to the rail. If you sit back too far from the hill you’ll get shot by tanks peeking over. The east side isn’t the best place to push due to side shots coming from west park of the map, but sometimes that’s the only spot to break through.

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3 Responses to “World of Tanks Where Not To Go On Maps”

  1. You forgot to mark the sniping spots in Widepark: J2, K2, A3, and B6. These spots are much more effective now that only low tier tanks play this map.

  2. What about Himmelsdorf? Could you add this map please?

  3. Prokhorovka, I have to argue that the hill on 0 is a sound target to take. Really, I see no strategic value, you cant spot and cover either base, and if you have to return to base you have to cross the railroad tracks which leaves you exposed to the people camped 1/2 line, this goes the same if you want to push to enemy cap.
    I find whoever takes the 1/2 line ends up winning the match. Much more strategic value to hold 1/2 as you’re in cover and can cover both bases and the middle easily.

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