Neverwinter Seals Guide

Neverwinter Seals Guide by minminsaur

Hey fellow adventurers!

Lately I’ve met a lot of people not understanding one of the more important currencies in the game – seals. So I decided to write a guide for the lesser experienced players in this sub.

Firstly, what are seals? Well, seals are a category of unique currency found in the game, which do not behave like other currencies like Gold or Astral Diamonds.

Seals are unique in the way that they are not earned directly through quests or monster drops (then again… so are Astral Diamonds). Seals require you to actually buy them, they are a currency that can only be bought by other in-game currency.

Ways to get seals:

  • Buying using Bounty Tokens from Bounty Masters in different maps. Do note that different Bounty Masters give different types of seals in return for their respective bounty tokens. Examples are:
    Map Bounty Tokens Seal Rate
    Blacklake District Sludge Samples none n/a
    Tower District Many-Arrows Insignia Seal of the Lion 20 for 1
    Blackdagger Ruins Blackdagger Insignia Seal of the Lion 20 for 1
    Neverdeath Graveyard Necromantic Sigil Seal of the Lion 20 for 1
    Helm’s Hold Ashmaidai Symbol Seal of the Lion 20 for 1
    Ebon Downs Deathknell Shard Silver Seal of the Manticore 40 for 1
    Vellosk Gray Wolf Insignia Seal of the Manticore 40 for 1
    Pirates’ Skyhold Blackdagger Gold Coins Seal of the Manticore 20 for 1
    Icespire Peak Mithril Nugget Seal of the Manticore 20 for 1
    The Chasm Blue Fire Insignia Seal of the Pegasus 40 for 1
    Rothé Valley Symbol of Lolth Seal of the Pegasus 40 for 1
    Mount Hotenow Ember Shard Seal of the Pegasus 40 for 1
    Whispering Caverns Dwarf Relic Seal of the Pegasus 40 for 1
    Sharandar Formorian Concoction Seal of the Unicorn 40 for 1
  • Buying using Ardent Coins at the Vault of Piety (accessible by clicking on the ‘Spend’ option beside your Ardent Coins. If you do not know how to access your Ardent Coins, press ‘I’ > click on the tab with the stack of coins > click on the ‘Spend’ option beside Ardent Coins). Like Bounty Tokens, there are different ‘exchange rates’ to different seals:
    Seal Rate
    Seal of the Lion 1 for 4
    Seal of the Manticore 1 for 3
    Seal of the Pegasus 1 for 2
    Seal of the Unicorn 1 for 1
    Seal of the Drake 1 for 1

Now, you’ll ask, what do these seal do? Well, friend, they can be used to buy things from any of four specializedSeal Vendors in the Seven Coster Market [SCM] in Protector’s Enclave, or from various, again, specialized Seal Vendors. Now “specialized” here means that a particular trader only accepts a particular type of seal.

Things you can buy with seals:

  • Adventuring Equipments [Rare ~ Epic]
  • Companion(s) [for now only Wererat Thief using 200 SotD]

Specific Seal Traders for specific seals:

  • Seal of the Lion: Mallory Knight @ SCM, Seal of the Lion Vendor @ Blackdagger Ruins
  • Seal of the Manticore: Wesley Soren @ SCM
  • Seal of the Pegasus: Ventanis @ SCM
  • Seal of the Unicorn/Seal of the Drake: Phileas Gram @SCM

You may have noticed that some seals are generally more expensive/higher-tiered than others, and yes, different seals will buy you different level and tiers of items.

What each seal can buy you:

  • Seal of the Lion: Level 16 – 32 Adventuring Equipment
  • Seal of the Manticore: Level 38 – 42 Adventuring Equipment
  • Seal of the Pegasus: Level 49 – 55 Adventuring Equipment
  • Seal of the Unicorn: Tier 1 EPIC Dungeon Equipment
  • Seal of the Drake: Tier 2 EPIC Dungeon Equipment, and a ‘Striker’-type companion

†: Wererat Thief: [200 Seal of the Drake]; Striker-type; 2,625 Hit-Points. More stats can be found here.

So, armed with this new knowledge about seals, go forth and conquer!

Thanks for reading this, and I might be doing other guides about other lesser known things about Neverwinter!

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