League of Legends Get Out of Bronze and Silver Guide

League of Legends Get Out of Bronze and Silver Guide by WhoopYaBrain

Right now, I played almost 2000+ normal games plus above 400+ ranked games and I would like to share my “knowledge” about how to climb out of Bronze or Silver. I will tell you guys some specific tips for each role of the game aswell as tips for League of Legends in general. I am a Support Main, which is because of I dont trust my skill in other roles (except top) and not a lot of other people want to play this role.


General tips:

  • Never ever try something new in a ranked game; This should be a really obvious thing to everyone
  • Never play ranked games without a steady connection; I usually use Teamspeak to check my ping. It gets displayed in the lower right corner of teamspeak client
  • Take your time for rankeds; Seriously, be aware of how long league games can last and make enough space for endure your trip to Soloqueue
  • Never rage. Most people think, it’s obvious that you should point out mistakes others made, but don’t do it in an inappropriate way; e.g.: “Your fuckin build sucks, everyone know graves should build BT before Bortk” ; try stuff like this: “Hey Graves, I really don’t know about botrk start, why not BT instead ?”
  • Only play roles you are capable of playing (or atleast not feeding); ranked is not fun for most people. But winning is fun for everyone. Noone likes trolls. Everyone should focus on their qualities, not on their “picking mood”
  • Ping the shit out of your “missing” button.
  • Be able to adjust your item builds to current situations
  • Don’t waste your junglers time. Ping them away if you consider your enemy’s lane warded
  • Never die trying to save someone if you are not 100% sure you will get them out of there alive.

Tips for Toplane:

  • No.1 Rule for Toplaners (IMO): Toplane is an island. Dont expect any help. Be able to trade in lane. Be able to endure being ganked 24/7 and hope your team gets something done on the other end of the map.
  • People mostly expect toplaners to go tanky. If you don’t like the tanky style of playing league, consider going into the jungle. Otherwise be really good at splitpushing
  • Splitpushing: It is necessary in the kit of a toplaner. Remember the interview after the one game of TSM ? Dyrus said: “It’s was a nice 4v4 game. I played shyvana and pressed W, it was a lot of fun”. Toplaners have to be able to apply pressure and keep people busy. If you lure 3 enemies to your position and you kill one of them or you escape it was really worth it (as long as your team knows how to attack towers as 4).
  • Always ward your damn toplane. You got that free trinket ward, don’t you? Try to remember gank paths of certain champions or imagine how they would have to gank to be successful in that moment of the game.

Tips for Jungle: (I don’t main jungle, but from what I have seen, these are most common mistakes)

  • Never use your smite randomly if dragon of baron could be contested
  • If your toplane is losing and probably raging at you, because he died 3 times due to not warding his goddamn river or because he is bad, it is a very bad decision to help him if the enemy toplaner could get a double kill of from that
  • Timers. God damn timers.
  • Watch the enemy junglers level to know how powerful their smite is

Tips for midlane: (same as by the tips for jungle, I don’t main this)

  • Match your item start with the skillset or playstyle of the enemy midlaner. If you are not ranged, consider starting with more consumables.
  • Be able to roam. If you are playing a “not so good roaming champ” , such as ryze or xerath, you should always try to punish other enemy midlaners roaming. If you are not fast enough to help your sidelanes ASAP or you notice your enemy’s roaming too late, don’t waste time to follow them. Punish roaming by taking objectives.

Tips for Support:

  • Learn how to ward and when to ward. Never leave your AD carry without your protection.
  • Be able to harras aswell. Autoattacks from support hurt aswell.
  • Never build damage. If you are winning 40:10 because enemies don’t want to surrender, then okay, get that rabadons. If not, stay a support.
  • Be aware of the map. This is the biggest role for the support. Not only warding gives you the advantage of being able where the enemy is, look at the others lanes aswell. It’s like you are driving and want to take a turn. Don’t only watch what is in front of you, look in the mirrors to check if noone is in trouble to get rolled over from you.
  • Encourage your teammates to buy wards. You are limited to 4 wards. Make sure to place them and tell the others friendly to put there trinkets down when they are up.
  • Change your yellow trinket (if you start with it) after gettin the normal sighstone.

Tips for AD Carry:

  • Be able to kite. Learn the different ways of how to autoattack. Sidestepping is essentially for not being a burden to the tanks in your team.
  • Know what different ad carries need to build. Vayne is a botrk adc, Graves is a BT adc.
  • Consider buying resistences early in the game. No, not after 20 minutes into the game (unless enemy midlaners is fed). Getting a QSS (Quicksilversash) can get you out of sticky situation and your supporter doesn’t have to waste his Mikaels for saving your butt.
  • Health > Last hits; 1 lasthit estimates 20 gold. 100 health points cost 35 gold (health potion).
  • Know how to last hit. Turn of this automatic attacks in options. 2 Towershots for full health melee minions, autoattack-towershot-autoattack for caster minions.
  • Attack the closest target in a teamfight. If you can land attacks onto the squishies of the enemy team, its great, but gettin yourself in danger is not worth it. With Last Whisper you can consider to even attack enemy’s toplaner, as long as you get free damage done.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and I hope it helped a little bit. Constructive critic will be added later on!


  • BlueWarder added the fact, that before you should push as 5, remember pushing side lanes to bbe not at risk of a splitpush. Also after taking an inhibitor, try to maintain pressure, by simply pressuring other objective, such as the towers of other lanes, aswell as dragon of baron.

Minion-control is huge.

  • I forgot on of my mindset things: IF YOU DIE, IT IS ALWAYS YOUR FAULT ; This sounds harsh, but you can apply it onto any situation. You died because of 3 people coming at you in there jungle ? Guess you didn’t check for enough vision or knowlegde of enemy position. You died in a 1v1 in lane? Guess you took to much creep damage or underestimated enemy, it was truly not your junglers fault. The point in league is not to point out what others do wrong, but more what you did wrong.
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