Hearthstone Shaman Combo Deck

Hearthstone Shaman Combo Deck by duennschizz

I recently made a new deck, a Combo Shaman. The idea is based on the “Kitty power” deck by Tidesoftime, and I “modified it” and for me it’s working great at Rank 1 with 3 stars (hopefully legend soon). So here’s the deck:


So let’s go through the cards in detail:

Earthshock x2: A staple in every Shaman deck. Tidesoftime, who gave me the idea about the deck by playing it on stream doesn’t play Earth Shocks, but after I’ve met several Handlocks and situations where I had to remove a taunt, I decided to put it in.

Lightning Bolt x2: Good for early removal or in the lategame to “burst” the enemy (a Lightning Bolt with SP Totem is 4 Damage with can’t be ignored)

Rockbiter Weapon x2: This card is auto-included in almost every Shaman deck. It’s really important for this deck, since Rockbiter Weapon makes up for the majority of burst in this deck (with Windfury or Doomhammer). Be not afraid to use it as an early removal tho, if it is your best play.

Argent Squire x2: Really good 1-Drop, I’ve experimented with just one Argent Squire, but I feel that two is way more solid in the earlygame.

Windfury x1: Used for burst with Leeroy/Stranglethorn Tiger. Combo this with a Rockbiter Weapon for ridiculous amounts of damage.

Flametongue Totem x2: It puts a lot of pressure on the enemy early (with Totems and Argent Squires). Also it helps to burst the enemy hero later in the game.

Loot Hoarder x1: A solid 2-Drop that helps to cycle through your deck, I’m not too sure about this, but whenever I played it, it fulfilled its job.

EDIT because of questions: I like to use this instead of Thalnos because it can trade up (e.g. Flame Imps) and because I think the 2 Attack seemed better than Thalnos, as weird as it sounds: I almost never could make use of the +1 Spell Power. If you really want to use a Thalnos, rather switch out one Argent Squire.

Feral Spirit x2: Another staple Shaman card, that also puts a lot of pressure on the opponent and that can trade really well.

Hex x1: Tidesoftime chose to not run any Hexes in his Shaman deck, but I really felt I needed at least one copy of Hex, because it still helps you to survive the lategame (when the enemy drops a Rag for example) or to bypass huge threats when you normally would run 3 of your creatures in it.

Lava Burst x2: A really good burst spell (as the name might suggest) that CAN be used to kill enemy minions (good against a Turn 4 Yeti when you fell behind on board for example), but you would mostly want to use it to the enemys face in order to kill him.

Lightning Storm x2: The AoE spell that helps you win games against Zoo and also helps you to come back from bad situations. Also really good in the Shaman vs Shaman match-up.

Acolyte of Pain: A good card that can cycle well. Always feels solid when you drop it. Previously I ran two of these and NO Mana Tide Totem, but when I tested Mana Tide Totem it was just too good, so I decided to replace an Acolyte with one Mana Tide Totem.

Mana Tide Totem x1: Also a really strong card, that is high on the enemies “I should kill that”-list. It simply helps you draw your combo pieces and other good cards.

Unbound Elemental x2: A solid body against Aggro decks (It can tank two 3-2-minion hits). Also it is a good Turn 3 play in Control match-ups and it can escalate quickly with other Overload cards such as Feral Spirit or Lightning Bolt.

Defender of Argus x2: Your tool to give you another Turn vs Miracle Rogues or Aggro decks. I chose this over Taz’Dingo, because it has good synergies with the Shaman’s hero power.

Leeroy Jenkins x1: Your primary finisher. With this one you can do up to 24 damage in Turn 8 (Rockbiter Rockbiter Windfury) when you haven’t used any of these cards by then. Also without those strong combo pieces it is a neutral Fireball that can deal good amounts of damage to the enemy hero. Just use this if you can finish the enemy hero!!!

Doomhammer x1: This is used to keep the enemies health/armor low to prepare for your combo. If you don’t draw Leeroy Jenkins you can use this as a finisher too, since it does 10 damage with one and 16 with two Rockbiters.

Stranglethorn Tiger x1: This was one of the main things I stole from Tides’ list. It may seem odd at first, but first it can really throw your opponent off guard since almost no Shaman deck runs it. Also it is a minion that doesn’t die to any AoE (except Deathwing, Twisting Nether, sick Bladeflurries or sick Shadowflames) and if you don’t draw Leeroy you can combo this with your Windfury and Rockbiter stuff too since this minion will almost certainly survive the turn it is played.

Fire Elemental x2: The card is too good to bypass in any Shaman deck IMO. If it stays on the board you can also combo it with Windfury etc.

General Playstyle: You try to dig for combo pieces (Leeroy, Doomhammer, Stranglethorn Tiger, Windfury, Rockbiter Weapon, Lava Burst) while still playing a control match-up (You don’t go for face when you have something to clear). You should rather try to avoid using Rockbiters or other burst spells (e.g. Lava Burst) in the early for removal, but if it is your best play you should’nt not use it.

If you want mulligan guides or other information just write in the comments, I’ll answer those or write something additional in here.

EDIT: Check out Tidesoftime’s stream at http://twitch.tv/tidesoftime. He plays a lot of hipsterish and cool decks and is a really cool guy/good player.

EDIT 2: Because many people complained that a sample size like 57 games is a bit too low, forget it. Then you just ignore the 80% title. I just wanted to say that it works. It is just what I have in my ranked games since I didn’t play more with this deck.

EDIT 3: The mulligan:

Mulligan: Against Warlock: Lightning Storm/Lightning Bolt/Rockbiter (if it is Zoo), always Earth Shock for Scarlets/Squires/Twilight Drakes, sometimes Loot Hoarder. Unbound is often Soulfire, sometimes I keep it, depends on the day, Feral Spirits is too slow.

Against Hunter (if you see them, I kinda see more than expected): Acolyte of Pain, Loot Hoarder, Argent Squires.

Against Druid: Unbound, Feral Spirit Combo, they can’t deal well with it. I keep enough removal to be able to deal with Innervated Yetis or similar things.

Against Control in General: I feel like Argent Squires and Flametongue (if you have them) can put a lot of pressure on the control player. Also early buffed Unbounds are really nice.

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