Grand Chase Dungeoning Guide

Grand Chase Dungeoning Guide by ShadowRaichu

Hello everyone, ShadowRaichu hereto give you a little lesson on Dungeoning.

Now, before I go into the good stuff, let me just say, dungeons can be boring do to repetitive things and what not, but they can be fun as well and they’re the best for leveling and improving your skills without doing so the hard way in PvP or not practicing too much in the actual practice modes.

With that said, let’s get started.

This guide goes over the following:

-Getting Started
-Status of Monsters
-Dungeon Run Performance Grade
-Soloing vs Parties
-Items and Forging
-Advanced Tips

Getting Started

When you 1st start out on Grand Chase, you’ll be taken to the character creation screen. Here, you can pick from a selection from 19 different characters to start with. Here are all the characters of Grand Chase and their jobs:

-Elesis (Knight/ Spearman/ Sword Master/ Savior)
-Lire (Archer/ Crossbowman/ Arch Ranger/ Nova)
-Arme (Magician/ Alchemist/ Warlock/ Battle Mage)
-Lass (Thief/ Assassin/ Dark Assassin/ Striker)
-Ryan (Druid/ Sentinel/ Viken/ Vanquisher)
-Ronan (Spell Knight/ Dragon Knight/ Aegis Knight/ Abyss Knight)
-Amy (Dancer/ Muse/ Siren/ Starlet)
-Jin (Fighter/ Shisa/ Asura/ Rama)
-Sieghart (Gladiator/ Warlord/ Duelist/ Prime Knight)
-Mari (Rune Caster/ Gunslinger/ Polaris/ Geas)
-Dio (Stygian/ Drakar/ Leviathan/ Dusk Bringer)
-Zero (Wanderer/ Seeker/ Vanisher/ Advancer)
-Ley (Summoner/ Harbinger/ Evoker/ Dark Matriarch)
-Rufus (Bounty Hunter/ Soul Stalker/ Executioner/ Arbiter)
-Rin (Phoenix/ Awakened/ Chaotic/ Chosen)
-Asin (Disciple/ Mugen)
-Lime (Holy Knight/ Saint)
-Edel (Captain/ Major/ ?/ ?)
-Veigas (Magi/ ?/ ?/ ?)

Note: For more detail on each character and their jobs, please check out other guides for them. Also, please keep in mind that Dio is the ONLY character that does not start out on level 1. He starts out on level 30.

Only a few characters you can have for free which are Elesis, Lire, Arme, Rin, Edel, and Veigas. The rest you’ll have to unlock by doing their GP Mission or Cashing for them. It should be noted that Asin and Lime are only available through buying them. I suggest going to practice and practicing with each character so you’ll know which character you want to play as at the start. If you have the cash to, I also recommend just getting that character you want so you’ll feel a lot like playing at the start. Don’t cash Ronan and Lass as they can VERY easy to unlock through their GP Missions!

Small Notice: Not completely sure of this, but the base of this guide is of Season V. Someone said that all characters GP Missions will be removed. Not sure about this, but come the time I find this is true, I’ll let you all know.

Now that you’ve selected and created the character you want, you are now ready to begin playing Grand Chase.


There are 4 types of Dungeons on Grand Chase today:

-Normal Dungeons: Dungeons you can play normally. Each one has it’s own set of missions you can do to help level faster.

-Hero Dungeons: Can only be played during opening times (which is 30 minutes at scheduled times of the day. The Wizard’s Labyrinth only opens for 20 minutes every half hour) and can only be played 2 times a day (Wizard Labyrinth can be played up to 3 times a day). They give out much more EXP than a normal dungeon and give you Hero Bulletins which is the currency for the Hero Shop; which I tell have some great items for you. These dungeons can only be accessed at specific levels which are the following:

-The Crucible: Lv. 30
-Sanctum of Destruction: Lv: 40
-Wizard’s Labyrinth: Lv. 75

-Event Dungeons: Can only be played during their event times. For the most part, they can only be played by having a certain item which you’ll have to keep playing the Normal Dungeons to forge more. These dungeons drop great items that can either be used to help you or forge event items. It should be noted that base stats in these dungeons are balanced out so that everyone, no matter the level, can participate.

-Raid Dungeon: Can ONLY be played once a day during it’s 20 minute opening. These dungeons a VERY difficult but the awards are worth it. These dungeons can only be accessed when you have a character that is level 85 with a SS Stat Grade,

Each Dungeon can be found on certain Continents which are the following (these are listed in order):

-Silver Land

Edel and Veigas have special Continents.

Edel has ile de Frost
Veigas has Trivia

Note: These Continents can ONLY be accessed by other characters when that select character completes all the dungeons there.

To unlock the next Continent, you must complete all the Normal Dungeons at least once.

Each Dungeon has it’s own set of difficulties. Each difficulty increases the level of the monsters in the dungeons thus making them much harder to kill. The difficulties are as follows:

​-Normal: Pretty much easy mode for that dungeon. Keep in mind, some dungeons are hard even on this difficulty. Normal applies to all dungeons as this is pretty much the base difficulty on Grand Chase.

-Hard: Complete Normal to Unlock for that select dungeon. Hard difficulty in dungeons starts at the Whispering Woods of Silver Land.

-Very Hard: Complete Hard to Unlock for that select dungeon.Very Hard difficulty in dungeons starts at the Partusay’s Sea of Ellia.

-Champion: This is the highest difficulty each dungeon has (expect Trial Forest and Trial Tower). You’ll need to have 1st competed all 3 of the previous difficulties at least once 1st and have at least 1 champion mode ticket to enter. During this all monsters will have a status including the boss itself. Please check below of what statuses are on the game and what they do. Also, each Normal Dungeon (expect Trial Forest and Trial Tower) has a crest (also called a Title). Titles have special properties on them that can be helpful for dungeoning and PvP. It’s best to earn these since some give EXP which can help with leveling.

-Hell Mode: This only applies to certain event dungeons. This is pretty much champion mode for those dungeons and same rules apply. However, there’s a few added rules which can make that dungeon a true form of hell:

—-You can’t revive. That’s right, you only have 1 life to live so you and your party will literally have to YOLO your way through that dungeon without dying. Bring Healers.

—-You can’t use Potions. Ya, if you don’t bring healers or have some fancy way of healing for yourself, good luck.

These difficulties are required for missions. They also help with getting certain items since the drop rate is a bit better on a hard difficulty. It should be noted, that it’s not that much of a difference since the drop rates on certain things are still pretty low. They also help with leveling since the harder the difficulty, the more EXP you get.


In every dungeon, you’ll encounter a series of monsters. Each of them have different types which are the following:

-Standard Attackers: These monsters only really do 1 thing and that’s attack you.

-Tanks: Also know as a big monster, these monsters have a lot more HP than a standard monster and can hit much harder than them as well.

-Healers: These monsters will restore the HP of itself and/or monsters near them.

-Summoners: These monster will spawn other standard monsters near them.

Now, each dungeon will have the following series of monsters inside them. Each will have the following:

-Standard Monsters: These can range from any of the monsters listed above, but most of the time, you’ll just encounter Standard Attackers.

-Sub Bosses: Also known as Mini Bosses, these monsters tend to be a lot harder to kill do to their heighten attack and defense. You’d normally only encounter 1 of these in a dungeon (Forest of Life is the only dungeon with 2 Sub Bosses you’d have to fight at once. Kaze’aze’s Castle and Battle for Bermesiah have 2 Sub Bosses as well but you can only fight 1 per run going into a certain direction on the map). Also, it should be noted that not all dungeons have Sub Bosses. Also, Kounat’s Collapse has a series of Sub Bosses in it.

-Bosses: Bosses are the key monsters in every dungeon; mainly because every dungeon has them and they’re usually the toughest monsters to beat. Like Sub Bosses, there are only 1 in every dungeon (Under Hammer is the only dungeon to where you have to fight 2 Bosses at once. Xenia Border also has 2 Bosses but you can only fight 1 per run depending on the direction you go on the map and Relics of Kounat has 2 bosses that randomly appear at the end; meaning you’ll never know which of the 2 bosses will appear when you get to the bosses room).

Please note that some Sub Bosses and mainly Bosses have special conditions that will make them hard to deal with. Here are the following conditions Bosses may have:

-Healing: Some Bosses have the ability to restore it’s HP in battle. Bosses with this ability need to be dealt with by either fast and swiftly or by avoiding and dealing with anything that could heal them.

-Summoning: Some Bosses have the ability to spawn other monsters. This could potentially make fighting that Boss harder since now you’ll have other monsters to worry about. It should be noted, that some Bosses don’t spawn new monsters but the fight with them can at times start off with some monsters there.

-Shielding: Mostly found in Alcubra dungeons from Deserted Town to Seth’s Pyramid, Bosses with have shields floating around them which will mean that all attacks you throw at them will Miss. You’ll need to break the shield using a Mount. At Seth’s Pyramid, the boss doesn’t have a shield but can’t take damage unless the balfires are lit. Iblis is a Sub Boss of Fortress of Ascension that can use her Puppet to block your damage at random times. Infernal Death Worm of The Crucible can go into a defensive state to where it will not attack, but it can’t take damage either. Naamah is the Boss of the Sanctum of Destruction that has a shield a the start of the match that can be broken by dealing heavy and/or constant damage to her. Once broken, the shield will not spawn back.

-Can’t be Damaged: The Bosses are Wizard’s Labyrinth (stage 30) and Kounat’s Collapse have the ability not to be damage under normal conditions; meaning you’ll have to find another way to hurt them. At Wizard’s Labyrinth, when you drop the Boss’s HP down low enough, he’ll summon 2 Sub Bosses. Until they’re defeated, the Boss will not take damage. At Kounat’s Collapse however, the Boss can’t be hurt by you whatsoever. The only way to beat that Boss to to stall out and wait for an Ally AI to fully charge an attack to deal damage to the Boss. The attack can be charged more by killing the monsters the Boss summons. However, those monsters attack the AI, the charge will drop down and will not charge effectively until they are dealt with, Naamah of the Sanctum of Destruction and Hellstrom of The Crucible (at a certain point) can’t be damaged until their orbs are dealt with. Berkas of Berkas’ Lair can’t be damaged until you use the Suppressor Tool on him.

Also, in certain Event Dungeons, there are Hidden Bosses secretly placed in them. They can only really be assisted through special means. Be warned, these Bosses are difficult to defeat.

Now some times during a dungeon run, you’ll see something go across your screen telling you a message. These message’s should not be taken lightly as they will warn you of incoming dangers that could deal heavy damage to you. Here are the messages that could appear:

-Jump: This is the most common one you’ll see. This means that a monster is about to cause an earthquake that will knock you up and deal heavy damage on you. To avoid, do as the message tell you to do and jump up or use your special to avoid taking damage. You can also kill that monster quickly if you can. Zero, while in his stances, and Duelist Sieghart, while in stance, do not have to worry about his as they will not take damage. 2 warnings about this:

—Watch that monster closely: Some monsters are slow and it takes them awhile to actually deal out the attack. If you jump or skill to early (assuming you’re not using a special that doesn’t last too long), you could find yourself taking a nice could size hit. So try timing your counters well.

—You will not always be warned about this. So again, you’ll have to watch that monster closely to avoid being hit all the time.

-Danger: This is the most killing message that can pop up. If you see this, get ready to counter at all cost as these symbolizes that a monster is about to unleash a powerful attack. On rare times, you’ll be lucky not to have been killed upon taking a danger. It should be noted that at the Altar of Judgment, the boss, Yamini, danger will kill you instantly upon being hit. Be warned, like Jump, you will not always be warned.

-Buster: This is only for Valstrath, the 3rd dungeon of Xenia. This message just means that the boss, Mynos, about about to shoot a huge fireball across the screen in the direction he’s facing.

-Time Messages: When you see a timer on the top of the screen, that normally states that you’ll need to do something before the time runs out. You’ll normally see this at Ra Canyon, which means the monsters that are flying above are about to start attacking when the timer runs out, and Relics of Kounat, which means that the Bosses’ Ghosts will appear if you don’t destroy the dimension portals in time. After they’re destroyed, you’ll have nothing to worry about.

-Tips: Like the tabs says, these only gives you tips of what to do at that moment.

Status of Monsters

As stated before, monsters can have status’ to make them much harder to kill. These appear randomly in the dungeons and the chances of encountering a monster with a status increase depending on the level of the dungeon and the difficulty played on. It should be noted that it’s a 100% chance of encountering every monster with at least one status in Champion mode and that status on monsters doesn’t exist in Hero and Raid dungeons (Be glad they don’t….).

Here’s the list of all status’ a monster in dungeon can have:

-Increased Attack: The damage output of a monster with this is heightened.

-Increased Defense: The damage you do on a monster with this is lowered.

-Arrow Defense: Monsters take very little damage from the front from arrows. This is mainly effective on those that are using Lire.

-HP Recovery: Monsters recover back HP over time.

-Shock Wave: As fallen monsters get up, a shock wave activates causing anyone near them to be blown back.

-Fall Recovery: Monsters get up immediately once on the ground.

-Cursing: Monster give you a Curse Affliction when you take damage from them.

-Freezing: Monsters give you a Freezing Affliction when you take damage from them.

-Petrify: Monsters give you a Petrify Affliction when you take damage from them.

-Super Armor: Monsters can’t be knocked down nor can they be flinched from taking damage.

Be very careful though. They, at times, will not just have 1 of these, they can have 2 and 3 (4 for a select few)! Some of these status’ are very annoying when together. Here’s a list of combinations to be careful of:

Note: You’ll never see a monster with the combination of Cursing, Freezing, and Petrify on at once.

-Super Armor + Increased Defense + Petrify

-Petrify + Shock Wave

-Super Armor + HP Recovery (Much more effective on Flying Monsters)

-Freezing + (Constant damage): If you’re constantly being hit by a monster with freezing, you’re literally going to be stuck there, Best ways out of this is to use your pet or to counter out.

-Fall Recovery + Shock Wave

As you’re going through the game, you’ll notice that monster would have 1 status max in Serdin and Kanavan but would have 2 in Silver Land. To simply put this, it’s to increase the difficulty of the monsters and that dungeon overall. In standard difficulties, you’ll only see a 3 status max on any monster with the exception of the sub bosses and bosses which will have none. In champion mode, however, all monsters will have the max status’s of that continent and the bosses with have them as well. Here’s the following list of max status per continent:

-Serdin, Kanavan, ile de Frost, and Trivia: 1 Status max

-Silver Land: 2 Status max

-Ellia and onward: 3 Status max

Boss Gate monsters tend to have 1 more status over the max of that continent. These will only have 4 in the following dungeons of Alcubra and Archimedia:

Alcubra: Goblin’s Work Site, The Underpass of Lost Hope, Kungji Village, and Sands of Illusion.

Archimedia: Hammer’s Reach, Under Hammer, Thunder Hammer, and Relics of Kounat.


Like the ones already listed, there are a few more different status that monsters can dash out in the form of attacks. Some of these status certain characters and pets you use can dash out as well. Here are all of them with a little detail on what they do:

-Bleeding: When afflicted, you’ll lose HP little by little. This goes away after awhile but can be quite annoying as if can help get you killed faster. Dio (Devil Force), Ley, Rufus, and Rin (Twilight) can cause bleeding as well.

-Curse: When you press your attack key (normally, it’s Z), you’ll lose HP. The more you press it, the faster you’ll lose it. Just like bleeding, it goes away after awhile and can get you killed faster as well. Arme, Ronan, Ley, Rin (Twilight), and Edel can cause Curse as well. It should be noted that monsters will not take Curse effect damage.

-Poison: Like bleeding, you’ll lose HP, but you’ll lose it at a much more higher rate. Poison also causes a Haste Effect which slows you down. Lire and Zero are the only character that can cause Poison.

-Static: When afflicted, you’ll lose HP every 3 seconds. This normally only lasts up to 3 stuns. Be warned that the stuns can stop you from moving and attacking when it takes effect. Arme, Ronan, Mari, and Edel can cause Static.

-Burn: When afflicted, you’ll lose HP at a steady rate. This goes away after awhile. Lire, Zero, and Ley can cause burn. Lire, Arme, Ronan, Ley, and Edel can leave burn patches that can deal damage when standing on them.

-Petrify: When afflicted, your character when start to petrify (start to turn into stone). Damage from this ranges depending on how well you repeatedly press <– and –>. The more you do so before damage is taken, the less damage you’ll take. Arme and Ley can afflict petrify.

-Freezing: When afflicted, your character will be frozen in a block of ice. While inside, you’ll slowly lose HP. To break out, simply press <– and –> rapidly until you’re free. Lire, Arme, Mari, Zero, and Ley can afflict Freezing. Ley is the only character that can make Frozen patches that freezes monsters and cause other characters to slip and fall. Small monsters can be frozen, but will not take freeze damage. Bigger monsters will not be frozen, but there a few that can.

-Blinded: When afflicted, your screen will turn pitch black and the only visual you’ll have is the area around your character. This could make it hard to flee and attack since you may not be able to see what’s coming at you. Ley and Edel can cause Blinding. Blinding does not affect monsters.

-Stat Raise or Decrease: When afflicted, a certain stat either goes down or up. This is a very effective tool in dungeon play as it’ll make killing monsters MUCH easier. On the flip side, it can make killing them harder too as well as making it easier for you to be killed. Stats that are known to be effect:

—Attack: Arme and Ley can lower Attack. Arme, Ronan, Ryan, Amy, Dio, Zero, Rin, Asin, Lime, and Edel can raise Attack.

—Defense: Lire, Arme, Amy, Ley, Asin, and Edel can lower Defense. Ryan, Amy, Ley, and Lime can raise Defense.

—Speed: Ryan and Dio (Devil Force) can raise Speed.

—Jump: Ley and Lime can lower Jump. Dio and Rin (Dawn) can raise Jump.

—HP: Zero and Ley can raise HP.

—Critical: Dio, Zero, Ley, and Asin can raise Crit.

-Binding: When afflicted, you will not be able to move. It can go away after awhile but can be broken early by rapidly <– and –>. At times, you can lost HP over time while you’re bonded. Arme, Ronan, Zero, and Veigas can cause Binding. Binding only works on a few monsters.


Missions are a critical part of of game as they help you with leveling and unlocking. I’ll go a bit in-depth with this:

-Leveling: You’ll encounter that every normal dungeon will have it’s own set of missions. Here are the types of them:

—-Standard: These missions are what you get on every level require you do a certain dungeon to get them done. The base of these missions are that they normally have you kill a specific monster a certain amount of times.

—-Level Requirement: These missions are normally titled “Give or Take.” These missions will have you killing any monster that is within your level range. An example of this is you’re level 70 and you can only kill monsters ranging from level 68 to 72 in order for the to count towards the mission. This means that you can only kill monsters that are -(2)+ of your level.

-Unlocking: These missions are normally missions you’ll have to go buy yourself. Their purpose is to unlock something (obviously). Here the type of these missions:

—-Job Change: These missions are used for unlocking your character’s next job class which can be very helpful as they increase your character’s fighting capabilities. There are 3 missions like these for every character with all 4 of their job classes on Grand Chase today. Asin and Lime only have 1 since their job classes are known as Special Classes. Veigas currently does not have any job classes while Edel doesn’t have her 3rd and 4th jobs.

—-Characters: These missions are for unlocking locked Characters. These missions are quite hard since the items needed have an annoying drop rate and can only come off Bosses; which can mean, you’ll be spamming a dungeon over and over again just to get that 1 item you need for getting a character unlocked. These missions generally work on 2 parts and the items are a Lesser Orb (part 1) and a Greater Orb (part 2).

—-Skills: These missions are used for unlocking specific skills for your characters. These missions can be avoided by buying specific items to get the main prizes of doing these missions. These skills are as follows:

——-4th MP Bar: Extends your MP/AP Meter by adding 1 extra bar. Can be avoided by buying an Extreme Skill Key. This mission is not in the shop but is automatically registered on level 70.

——-MP4/ AP4: Gives you that character’s strongest attack, or Extreme Special. All MP characters have 4 Extreme Specials as each of their jobs have a different weapon. AP and AMP characters only have 1 weapon so therefore they only have 1 Extreme Special. Once again, these missions can be avoided by buying an Extreme Skill Key. These missions require you to be on level 73 before registering it on.

——-Dodge: Gives that character the ability to use the Dodge System. Not sure on how to avoid doing that mission for it.

——-Special Skills: Only available for Asin and Lime. These missions are for unlocking their Level 70 Special Shared Skills for their Skill Trees. This is the ONLY way to unlock them. Asin and Lime, being Special Characters, have a series of missions that start on level 50 and end on level 80. DO NOT DELETE!

—-Weapon Change Key: This is a Level Requirement mission that gives you a Weapon Change Key after killing 1000 monsters that are -(2)+ of your level range. This mission can be bought in the shop and can be registered on level 45. Can be avoided by buying a Weapon Change Key.

—-Event Missions: Missions that are only available during the Event Period. These missions are mainly for unlocking Special Items that you will not be able to get after the Event Period ends and obtaining certain items easier.

The awards after each missions varies depending on the mission. Most of the time it’s items, such as a gem and potions, and martial that can used for forging items.

Dungeon Run Performance Grade

After every dungeon run, you’ll be graded base upon how well you did. As of Season V, there’s a new Stat Grade System that is easier to read and use. The stat grade ranges from F Grade to SS. As you increase the grade, you earn more EXP (only applies to the end of the run), but you’ll lose it as your grade decreases. To raise your grade, avoid being hit and keep a high combo. Sounds simple right? All I can say, at times, don’t expect to always get a SS grade. The stat grade you survive with at the end of the dungeon run is your Performance Grade for that run.


1. SS
2. S
3. A
4. B
5. C (All runs start here)
6. D
7. E
8. F

(EXP of each grade will be posted when I get information on that. If there are rankings I’m missing, I’ll add them as soon as I know about them)


Leveling the the key thing you want to do while dungeoning. Leveling increases stats and gives more access to certain areas of the game and items. You can only level by earning EXP by killing monsters and completing the dungeon run. It should be note however, that you can’t earn as much EXP in certain dungeons for the following reasons:

-That Dungeon is not in you level range: If that dungeon is too low or too high for you, you will not earn the proper amount of EXP from there. In fact, you’ll only like earn 1 EXP Point per monster killed.

-Hero, Raid, and certain event dungeons normally give you just 1 EXP Point per monster killed. Don’t worry, since these dungeons still give you massive EXP just for completing it.

To help level faster, you need to do you missions. Missions give out a lot of EXP for completing them. My main tips on leveling though is not just from doing your missions, but boost your EXP Property.

To boost the property, you’ll need a certain combination of items and a crest (which is why I said these are important). There’s a grand series of tips that are useful for that day to day grind. So, in this part of this guide, I’ll give you all the tips I have on leveling faster.

All you need is the following and no, you don’t really need cash items for each level Milestone:

Level 24 – 37

-4 Warrior Saint Parts
-2 Event items such as Nightmare Circus or Monster Train 301 for 8.8% EXP (optional)
-Any crest that gives EXP
-Moonlight Village Earrings for 3% EXP (optional)

Level 37 – 51

-4 Victor Parts
-2 Event items such as Nightmare Circus or Monster Train 301 for 8.8% EXP (optional)
-Any crest that gives EXP
-Moonlight Village Earrings for 3% EXP (optional)

Level 51 – 67

-4 Kaze’aze Parts
-2 Event items such as Nightmare Circus or Monster Train 301 for 8.8% EXP (optional)
-Altar of Judgment or Fortress of Ascension crest for 9% EXP or better
-Gnosis and Pearl of Persephone Earrings. Both give 5% EXP for a total of 10% EXP off both

Level 63 – 67 (optional)

-4 Aron Parts
-2 Event items such as Nightmare Circus or Monster Train 301 for 8.8% EXP (optional)
-Altar of Judgment or Fortress of Ascension crest for 9% EXP or better
-Gnosis and Pearl of Persephone Earrings. Both give 5% EXP for a total of 10% EXP off both

Level 67 – 73

-4 Thanatos Parts
-2 Event items such as Nightmare Circus or Monster Train 301 for 8.8% EXP (optional)
-Altar of Judgment or Fortress of Ascension crest for 9% EXP or better
-Gnosis and Pearl of Persephone Earrings. Both give 5% EXP for a total of 10% EXP off both

Level 75 and Higher

-4 Kungji or Thunder Hammer Parts for 19% EXP
-2 Event items such as Nightmare Circus or Monster Train 301 for 8.8% EXP (optional)
-Kounat’s Collapse or Ra Canyon crest for 15% EXP
-Gnosis and Pearl of Persephone Earrings. Both give 5% EXP for a total of 10% EXP off both.

For extra EXP:

-Have a Ring of Beefiness for 50% EXP

-GC Club for 25% EXP

-Take advantage of events that give EXP boosts

-Playhouse Berry for 10% EXP

-Couple Bonus from cash ring

-Gorgos Ring gives 20% EXP

-Rack up in your Guild. The higher level your guild is, the more EXP you can get out of it. Max is 15% after requiring 15000 Teamwork Points and the guild’s level being the current max, which is 10. (The others are 5% and 10%)

High Level Grinds:

-Full any dungeon. The more monsters you have to kill, the more EXP you gain.

-On Cycle 2 of the Wizard’s Labyrith, Grind Stage 28 or another stage with a lot of monsters. This give you not only a lot of EXP, but a lot of bullions to save toward getting Hero Items such as Earrings.

-Champion Mode dungeons that go straight to the boss. Dungeons like Thunder Hammer, Relics of Kounat, and Zeruel give out great EXP on Champion Mode. You can do Champion Mode in other dungeons, mainly the ones with a lot of monsters, and full them for even more EXP.

Lower Level Tip:

Just do your missions.

Max EXP Currently:

This is just me stating out and calculating as well the Maximum EXP you can currently get without using the whole stacking method. Note: This is without unseen bonuses like a Fruit.

19 + 8.8 + 10 + 20 + 15 = 72.8

Math Breakdown:

-19 from the EXP bonus of having 4 TH or Kungji Parts on.
-8.8 from Event items (NC or MT301)
-10 from having both the Gnosis and Pearl of Persephone Earrings on. Both are 5 Each.
-20 from Gorgos Ring
-15 from Kounat’s Collapse or Ra Canyon’s crests.

See ANYONE with more than this, they’re more than likely armor stacking. I will try to keep this updated as much as possible so that in case they’re not, it can be proven.

Soloing vs Parties

Items and Forging

Advanced Tips

(this is a work in progress so please give me a bit so I can fully complete it)

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