Dota 2 Tips and Tricks to Improve Your Game

Dota 2 Tips and Tricks to Improve Your Game by Press3000

I’ve improved a lot recently and feel like passing on my knowledge. I’m not the best writer so I’ll just put things in a list. Here you go,

1) Switch tower aggro: Diving a tower as CM can be a pain if the tower locks onto you. “a” click an ally creep or hero near the tower to switch tower aggro from you to something else.

2) Day and Night: This is taken for granted way too often. Vision is severely reduced during the night. take advantage of this by ganking. If you plan on pushing during the night, have wards ready. A simple ward on the ground might reveal that SK trying to prepare his ulti.

3) Be prepared: It’s rare for a team not to include invis of some sort, have detection. That level 5 mirana won’t be level 5 for long. And having a bounty or slardar isn’t a good reason not to carry detection.

4) Abuse Fog of War: Clinkz pop out of no where and orchid you? Walk around the closest corner and teleport out!

5) Analyze the other Team: I could write a lot about this but I’ll sum it up the best I can. DOTA Strategy is never set in stone and almost everything is situational. If the enemy team looks greedy, be aggressive, get a early necro 3 or mek and push. If the enemy team wants to split push, pick up a blink dagger and catch them out, mobility is generally the best counter. If you’re up against a global team such as Spirit Breaker or NP, pick up an early TP scroll. Your solo mid laner probably looks like easy pickings to them but your TP scroll can turn that around.

6) Communicate: Crying about Peruvians and Russians isn’t going to make your MMR go any higher. Customize your chat wheel to contain useful comments and use pings appropriately. Spam pinging isn’t going to do anything if you’re already dead cause you got dove. How about use the chat wheel to say “buy a teleport scroll”

7) Effective Trading: This will take time to learn but I’ll go ahead and include it. Knowing when you’re at an advantage and disadvantage. You don’t have to defend every tower! Try to make money else where, if they’re pushing top, it’ll be hard for them to rotate to rosh. Trade that tier 1 that doesn’t get back door protection for a free rosh. A tier 1 for a tier 2 is probably not the best trade but it’s a lot better than your whole team wiping.

8) Farming: Every second counts when it comes down to farming. And just because you’re not the carry doesn’t mean you can’t help improve your carries farm. Ping free lanes, stack camps, and create space.

9) React quick: If your teleport scroll is on cooldown, buy a smoke and start running, pop a drum charge and get moving, use that shadowblade, It actually does more than make you invisible. If you have a bottle and your in the fountain, use it on allies to help them get out of base quickly.

10) This game isn’t a secret: You don’t need to theory craft for everything, Look up guides. If you think you’re too good for guides, look at this, PPD to EE If the drafter for the ranked 1 DOTA team is learning “so much” from one person than I’m sure anyone can learn a thing or two from someone else.

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