Aura Kingdom Sky Tower Strategy

Aura Kingdom Sky Tower Strategy by superalimx

1st Floor: Very easy, just dodge the red lines.

2nd Floor: Upon entering the room, you will receive a debuff that give you a positive (red) or negative (blue) circle. If any of your party member with the opposite sign circle overlapped with your circle, both of you will receive damage. Stand separately from your party members and only attack the boss when your circle is positive (red). This is because the bomb spawned by the boss are positive (red) circles. Players with blue circles, stay away.

3rd Floor: Monsters will spawn continuously. Players with very high movement speed should lure monsters and continuously run circle. Players will crowd control skills, such as sleep, stun and freeze debuff can use them too.
Other players that are not luring have to throw green orbs into the gaint jar. The more orbs that is thrown into the jar, the bigger the fire that is burning in the jar.

4th Floor: The boss will summon plant spawn to attack the players. When the plant spawn is alive, the boss will receive 95%? (I forgot to check) damage reduction buff. The main tank will continue to tank the boss, while the sub tank lure the plant spawn into the fire pit. The plant spawn will receive very little damage when attacked outside of the fire pit. DOT damage is very useful here. Players should be careful and not stand in the fire pit for too long as it will damage you.

5th Floor: Range DPS deal damage on boss. Melee DPS pick up orb and throw at the mud summons to bind them. There are 10 mud summons and every time the mud summon touches the boss, it will heal the boss.

6th Floor: The 40 members raid group have to split into 6 groups to protect the 6 towers. [4 towers with 1 party each + 2 towers with 2 parties each] This floor will clear after the players successfully defended the towers for a certain amount of time. (I was too nervous, so I didn’t time how long it was*) Kill the monsters with a crown icon first.
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7th Floor: There are 3 bosses. Each boss will spawn after a certain time from the previous boss. One tank hold aggro of the 1st boss and lure it to a corner and stay there until the next two bosses die. 2nd Tank hold aggro on the 2nd boss and everyone starts to attack it. The 3 boss will spawn very shortly after the 2nd boss is spawned, so a 3rd tank will aggro it and wait for everyone else to clear 2nd boss first. After 2nd boss is dead, everyone focus fire 3rd boss. Finally, after the 3rd boss is dead, everyone starts to attack the 1st boss. The boss have two axe throw skills. The fire axe throw skill will put a debuff that prevents you from receiving heal for 30secs. The shadow axe throw skill will pull you to the boss if you got hit.

8th Floor: The npc will continuously summon totem buff. The earth totem will increase boss defense. The flame totem will increase boss attack. The ice totem will heal the boss. The tank have to continuously pull the boss out of the totem buff zone. It will be easier to kite the boss if no one use any skill with binding debuff.

9th Floor: Around 8~10 giant flame spirits will appear. These giant flame spirits have two skills. 1st skill is a flame orb throw that moves very slow. Anyone who got hit by this flame orb is an idiot. The 2nd skill is a flame damage over time zone skill. Large brownish red circles will appear and anyone inside the circle will receive damage over time. Around 5,000 damage per tick. The tanks are suppose to aggro all the little flame spirits that spawned outside the blue zone. Other players have to walk into the blue zone to receive water ball to throw at the giant flame spirits. Water ball will decrease the hp of the giant flame spirits. It is easier to the giant flame spirits by focus firing them with water ball.

10th Floor: Main tank pull the boss on the stairs on that at the 12:00 (time)point of the map. All the tanks in the 40-man raid group will continuously attack the boss, while the other players (healers that are not busy healing the tank+DPSes) will split into 2 groups to attack the mini boss that are spawned at 1:30 point and 10:30 point of the map. If you don’t clear the mini bosses, the area guarded by the mini bosses will heal the boss. By pulling the boss to the stair, the 4:30 point and 7:30 point won’t be able to heal the boss.


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