Hearthstone Warlock Masters Deck

Hearthstone Warlock Masters Deck by elena197

So I’ve been playing around with various rush decks, and observing others, and everyone always seems to chuck in a mix of 3-4 drops.

I really enjoy the tension and the nail-biting finishers of rushing, so I thought I’d try just… even lower cards.

Playing around with a few things and have finally settled on the following. I have included a few lesser-seen cards and a lot of single cards, the reason for this is to create multiple threats. When I started creating a rush deck, people would extinguish MAJOR threats (knife jugglers) but generally focus the warlock itself down, meaning you couldn’t outdraw after 4-5 turns, and it got down to a
1-3 health finisher battle if they pulled a couple of taunts.

Not every card in this deck is a threat to every player, but each card is a threat to 1 type of deck or another. I have found the most important thing with a hyper-aggressive rush deck is to create lots of “mini-synergies” without any overall synergy requirements. You want the game to be over well before you’ve waited for your perfect 4 card combo. But many cards in the deck synergize with eachother.

The Deck

2 Soulfire (0)
2 Mortal Coil (1)
2 Power Overwhelming (1)
1 Shadow Bolt (3)

2 Blood Imp (1)
2 Flame Imp (1)
2 Voidwalker (1)
2 Leper Gnome (1)
1 Elven Archer (1)
1 Argent Squire (1)
1 Young Priestess (1)
1 Acid Swamp Ooze (2)
1 Dire Wolf Alpha (2)
2 Faerie Dragon (2)
1 Ironbeak Owl (2)
2 Knife Juggler (2)
1 Master Swordsmith (2)
1 Novice Engineer (2)
1 Succubus (2)
1 Imp Master (3)
1 Leeroy Jenkins (4)

The Reasoning behind the cards.

2 Soulfire (0)

Either to be used as a finisher, or to be used to clear important cards. With this deck you play cards so fast you can almost always completely avoid discarding anything to play these. The only exception is when you are holding onto leeroy for a finisher.

2 Mortal Coil (1)

Firstly, a great card draw, and useful for getting annoying cards off the table without having to waste a minion’s turn.
You can also use these on your own Leper Gnomes to damage the hero and get a free card draw, but thats usually unnecessarily fancy and blood imps screw you over :D

2 Power Overwhelming (1)

These cards are the free-est damage in the game in my opinion. You can use these for finishing a big taunter (try to use them on cards that would otherwise die, or have a deathrattle), for finishing the hero (nothing hits harder than a double power overwhelming Leeroy followed by soulfire :D) or for eliminating a huge threat.

1 Shadow Bolt (3)

Simply for clearing out things you don’t want to waste your time with. I originally ran 2 of these, but found that often they were just sitting in my hand instead of a minion to draw, unfortunately you need to run 1 of these, because sometimes the discard from soulfire would lose you a finisher (or 2) and you need to clear a taunter or a threat.

2 Blood Imp (1)

Ideally a second round drop alongside another 1 mana drop, these speak for themselves.

2 Flame Imp (1)

The best starter card in the game in my opinion. Just value for mana.

2 Voidwalker (1)

The only taunts in the deck, great for protecting knife jugglers, or just wasting your enemies’ time for the first 3 rounds :)

2 Leper Gnome (1)

Decent value 1 drop with some interesting synergies. You can kill these off with your own mortal coil/power overwhelming to damage the enemy. Always sacrifice these first if you need to kill an enemy minion.

1 Elven Archer (1)

Useful Battlecry to deal with irritating threats, but don’t be afraid just to whack this on the enemy hero and use it as a half decent 1 drop. I really only have this in the deck because every time I get it, it seems to come in randomly useful. I don’t value the card as highly as other 1 drops but Its a free 1 damage you can direct where you please.

1 Argent Squire (1)

Simply a strong trader, one thing people often don’t realise is you can use this to break a divine shield on an enemy minion, and its a free tradeoff.

1 Young Priestess (1)

I have come to love this card, put it under a Voidwalker and it forces removal or it slowly buffs you up for the entire round. Don’t trade with this card, smack the enemy in the face, or don’t attack :)

1 Acid Swamp Ooze (2)

One of the stronger 2 drops, hold it back against weapon threats, throw it at the rest.

1 Dire Wolf Alpha (2)

You often find yourself with 5-6 minions on the table, when this is placed properly it is effectively a 4-2 for 2 mana, anything that messes with the maths on trades and forces removal is strong.

2 Faerie Dragon (2)

Probably my favourite card in the whole deck. This card sits so well with me, I’ll almost never hit an enemy minion with it, especially against mages. Definitely a strong face-whacker.

1 Ironbeak Owl (2)

Silence is so irritating for those annoying priests/paladins/shamans stalling out. Irritate them with it, then throw the card away, its the worst 2 drop in the game once the battle-cry is over :). Keep this in your hand if you expect anything worth silencing to appear.

2 Knife Juggler (2)

Unlike a lot of rush decks, you don’t really have to protect these, but when you can, its a free win. If you have a voidwalker or blood imp available, drop it first, but otherwise just get these on the table before some big drops. Even if they only put out 1-2 random 1’s, its worth the throw.

1 Master Swordsmith (2)

Just like the Young Priestess, this card is a huge threat which will soak enemy removal all day, and if it doesn’t, you get a free damage every turn. This just reinforces the idea of threat after threat so that the enemy is forced to burn removals instead of hitting you back. And don’t underestimate that +1 damage, I had a 9-4 Voidwalker when I used to run 2 of these, shame I needed that silence.

1 Novice Engineer (2)

With so many low-drops you need card draw, this is free, and hits enemies, it also survives a hell of a long time. Use these to trade with 2-1s or 3-2s if you have your imp down. They tend to survive most trades, but do pitiful damage. I tend to only use these and Leper Gnomes to hit enemy minions.

1 Succubus (2)

I used to run 2 of these, but as soon as you have a Leeroy or spell in hand, you don’t wanna put them down. Still – probably the best second round drop in the game.

1 Imp Master (3)

When an enemy stalls on me and I have a knife juggler out, these are hilarious. I tend to run one more because I like the idea than because they are actually effective, though if they are allowed to roll, and you have imps up, enjoy your 1-3 Imps. This card can be dropped for a second Master Swordsmith or Acid Swamp Ooze depending on your preference.

1 Leeroy Jenkins (4)

The only legendary in the deck, 95% of the time this is your finisher, in the rare occasion you REALLY need to clear something off the table, use this. Can be combined with Power Overwhelming for silly amounts of damage.

If you do not have this card, you can replace it with any 4-7 mana drop of your choice. Barring other legendaries I would recommend:

Ravenholt Assassin
Argent Commander
Stranglehold Tiger
Reckless Rocketeer

I would not recommend using anything that does not have stealth OR charge. Charge is preferable.
Reckless is probably the best option. But ravenholt boasts higher damage.


Playing the deck. 

Mostly the methodology is quite simple. Play as many cards as possible and smack the enemy in the face.

Trade when it is highly in your favour to do so (trading a 2-1 Leper Gnome for a 3-2 Acid Ooze you damaged with an elven archer’s battle-cry). I mean REAALLY favourable.

Trade when you have no other legitimate option (someone is rushing you at the same time, and playing a synergy deck – murlocs, beasts)

Eliminate HIGH threats, ignore all others (knife jugglers, beserkers priests are stacking up, etc).

Always go for the face when you know you can. By round 3 you should have 10-15 health blown off the enemy hero, or a whole lotta removals blown.

Ideal starting hand (you are first): blood imp, flame imp, voidwalker OR flame imp, Succubus, Elven Archer (or any other 1 mana throwaway)

Play the flame imp as starter card, follow either with blood+voidwalker OR succubus and discard.

Ideal starting hand (you are second): Young Priestess, Voidwalker, Knife Juggler, Blood Imp (mana card).

Mana card round 1, Young priestess and voidwalker. Drop Blood imp round 2 with another 1 card drop if you draw it, Knife juggle on round 3 with a 1mana drop.

(Never drop Knife Juggler EARLY – round 2-3 – against anyone with hard 2-point removal without a blood imp up first – always make them use 3 point removal or leave up additional threats from your combinations on the board).

Always take note of what you have on the board, and what combinations you can produce (Imp Master+Knife Juggler, Priestess+Swordsman etc), play with these mini-combos and work out what you enjoy playing. Most of the time however, it will be a case of play out your whole hand and start tapping at round 3-4.

Save your finishers and don’t discard too liberally with soulfire+succubus’s, with a deck this low you should be able to use everything before you play them.

When all else fails, hit the enemy hero HARDER.

And ENJOY. This deck was made for FUN, it just happens to win a fair amount.

For those of you interested a rough idea of my match history with this deck is below

Class Played W/L

Mage 8 7-1
Druid 4 3-1
Rogue 6 4-2
Paladin 9 7-2
Priest 7 7-0
Shaman 5 3-2
Warrior 3 3-0
Hunter 4 4-0
Warlock 4 3-1

Shamans and rogues cause me the most issue with this deck. Shamans clear and control exceptionally well, and rogues tend to clear decently while dealing decent damage to the hero itself. Shamans its more about how well they draw than much else, count the lightning storms and strikes and eliminate totems before they stack up too much.

Rogues, just hit them as hard as you damn can.

Mages and Priests should be unable to deal with this deck without extremely lucky drawing, it should be over by round 5 for mage, 6 for priest.

Paladins running control can be tight games, enjoy them! Paladins running anything else are generally steamrolls.

Hunters and Warriors I am yet to face a deck that causes any issue at all, rush hard and rush fast.

Druids can make games last longer than they should with silly amount of taunts, pray to RNGesus you get A finisher or silence sometime this year, and keep up your damage.

Warlocks you should already know everything about :D

The only warning with this deck is sometimes you’re better off trading if you know the enemy removal is coming soon, once the removal is out the way, draw as fast as you can.

Hope you enjoy!

EDIT: This is btw, my first ever attempt at posting any kind of deck or guidelines. Feedback Appreciated :3

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