Aura Kingdom Supportive Abilities List

Aura Kingdom Supportive Abilities List by IkamiruXE

I’ve been creating builds for different character and there is almost always a person complaining about the combination picked.

This is why I made you guys a list with all the class skills that will help you in battle so that YOU can choose which class you want to choose as sub class. This will also help you pick the sub-class.


Buff: Movement Speed
Weapon: +5% Move SPD

Ambient Drone
36 Seconds Cooldown
3 Second AOE Stun
4.5 Seconds Cooldown
Recover HP per second Stacks 3 Times
15 Seconds Duration
Healing Tones
4.5 Seconds Cooldown
Grants party-members regeneration
Holy Noted
30 Seconds Cooldown
Single Target Heal


Buff: Evasion
Weapon: +5% EVA

Slash cut
9 Seconds Cooldown
Reduces enemy defence
10 seconds Duration
24 Seconds Cooldown
Grants 75% extra CRIT DMG on your next CRIT
Crit must happen in less then 60 Seconds
Purple Lightning
180 Seconds Cooldown
Move SPD +20%
Increase in CRIT
Adds DOT to Deadly Wink
Decreases Enemy Move SPD -50% when hit by Whirling Dance
20 Seconds Duration
Whirling Dance
18 Seconds Cooldown
Gap Closer 18M range
Dancing Balisong
24 Seconds Cooldown
Recovers HP and deals damage


Buff: CRIT
Weapon: +5% HP

Fiery Salvo
9 Seconds Cooldown
Stuns the Target
2 Seconds Duration
Range: 25 M
Machine Gun Turret
24 Seconds Cooldown
Summons a Turret that deals damage
30 Seconds Duration
Icy Grenade
36 Seconds Cooldown
Immobilizes an enemies (small AOE)
4 Seconds Duration
Healing Crystal
360 Seconds Cooldown
Summons a crystal that heals allies nearby
Duration 60 Seconds


Buff: DEF
Weapon: +5% DEF

Sword Slash
6 Seconds Cooldown
Decreases damage received
Shield Bash
18 Seconds Cooldown
Stuns a target
3 Seconds Duratoin
Wind Fury
24 Seconds Cooldown
Dashes towards enemy location (Dash is always 20 Met Far)
Mirrored Shield
135 Seconds Cooldown
Reflects damage to attacker
30 Seconds Duration
Thunder Cut
12 Seconds Cooldown
Generates Malice( AOE attack)
120 Seconds Cooldown
Reduces DMG taken
20 Seconds Duration
Terrifying Roar
36 Seconds Cooldown
Generates Malice (AOE attack)
4 Seconds Duration


Buff: SPD
Weapon: +5% Move SPD

Aimed Shot
6 Seconds Cooldown
Reduces Targets Move SPD – 30%
4 Seconds Duration
Range: 25 M
Frost Trap 
24 Seconds Cooldown
Freezes enemies and deals DOT when triggerd
Dark Flare Trap
24 Seconds Cooldown
Deals AOE DOT and reduces enemies ability to heal by 75%
20 seconds Duration
90 Seconds cooldown
Enemy hit becomes an ally
18 seconds Duration
Range: 25M


Buff: HP
Weapon: +3% CRIT

Soaring Slash
24 Seconds Cooldown
Leaps towards an enemy to do AOE Damage
Range: 20M
Mirrored Axe
12 Seconds Cooldown
Targets Move SPD -30% AOE
8 Seconds Duration
Range: 25M
24 Seconds Cooldown
AOE Stun
3 Seconds Duration


Buff: DMG
Weapon: +5% EVA

Devour Soul
9 Seconds Cooldown
Heals you for 10% of DMG Dealt
25 M
Demon Soul
6 Seconds Cooldown
Target takes more damage
Targets Evasion Decreases
12 Seconds Duration
Range: 25 M
Arrow of Binding
24 Seconds Cooldown
Immobilizes Target
4 Seconds Duraton
Range: 25 M
Blood Seal
12 Seconds Cooldown
Recovers HP Decreases Targets CRIT
12 Seconds Duratoin
Range: 25 M
Rejuvenation Mantra
18 Seconds Cooldown
Randomly cures a debuff
Heals over time
Randomly inflict a cure that deals DOT stacks 10 times
12 Seconds Duration
Nightmare Totem
36 Seconds Cooldown
Summons a totem that attacks nearby enemies
Puts Target to sleep (dealing damage to a sleeping target can cause them to wake up becoming immune to sleeping for a while)
Deals DOT
6 Seconds Duration


Weapon: +3% CRIT

Icy Curse
12 Seconds Cooldown
Reduces targets Move SPD -35%
6 Seconds Duration
Range: 25 M
Ice Storm
18 Seconds Cooldown
Immobilizes Target
3 Seconds Duration
Range: 20M
Rejuvenating Prayer
90 Seconds Cooldown
Randomly cures a debuff
Duration 12 Seconds
Range: 25 M
Instant Thunder
30 Seconds Cooldown
Gap Closer
AOE Stun
Duration 3 Seconds
Range: 25M

This took me a long time to write so I hope you guys appreciate it.

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