Aura Kingdom Food Crafting Guide

Aura Kingdom Food Crafting Guide by xHardcore

So I decided to dedicate my day finding locations of ingredients needed for making better quality food that are sold by vendors on maps. I still need to do other maps that are currently in this Beta and I am sure I missed a few spots, which I hope you will help me with by pointing them out or enhancing the maps yourselves but this should be enough to help you out with finding and making it.

Perhaps some unneeded information in these screenshots but I figured I’d give you a heads up before you attempt to make them since they do start to become pricey after a while.

They come in various qualities and add more stats as the quality becomes better ( Which I will add once I get them all.

Note: The Vendors that sell the standard quality food are vendors inside the cities, they have a potion icon.

Note 2: All information after Helonia Coast comes from aminru and deserves all credit.

So far:

Normal quality: 30 Minutes.
Green quality: 1 hour.
Orange & Purple quality: 3 hours.
Gold Quality: 6 hours.


Helonia Coast

Food Qualities:

Helonian Fruit Jelly 
– DMG +63 for 30 minutes

Rainbow Jelly 
– DMG +69 and CRIT DMG +5% for 1 hour.

Refined Rainbow Jelly 
– DMG +76 and CRIT DMG against bosses +15% for 3 hours.

Noble Rainbow Jelly
– DMG +76 and CRIT DMG against Players +15% for 3 hours.

Royal Rainbow Jelly
– DMG +82 and CRIT DMG +15% for 6 hours.


BBQ Snail Skewer 
– CRIT +33 for 30 minutes

Spicy Escargot Skewer 
– CRIT +36 and ACC +3% for 1 hour.

Thickly Sliced Escargot Skewer 
– CRIT +40 and ACC +4% for 3 hours.

Garlic Escargot Skewer
– CRIT +40 and ACC +5% for 3 hours.

Five Alarm Escargot Skewer
– CRIT +43 and ACC +6% for 6 hours.


Fruit Jam Toast
– SPD +33 for 30 minutes

Toast with Honey & Jam 
– SPD +36 and DMG +5% for 1 hour.

– SPD +40 and DMG against bosses +10% for 3 hours.

Texas Toast with Jam
– SPD +40 and DMG against players +10% for 3 hours.

Golden Honey & Jam Toast
– SPD +43 and DMG +10% for 6 hours.

Crescent Hill:

Cactakara Forest:


Finally, a guildmate of mine has confirmed that these gathering spots respawn roughly between 5~10min.

Result for Clark’s Rich Milk (lv20 item):

Jiggly Pudding (green):
Max HP +461, Crit dmg taken -7%, 1 hour

Bread Pudding(orange):
Max HP +503, Crit Dmg taken from boss -15%, 3 hours

Premium Iced Pudding (purple):
Max HP +503, Crit damage taken from players -15%, 3 hours

Result for Nectar Egg Juice (lv30 item):
Lover’s Egg Nectar (green):
Def +256, Max HP +4%, 1 hour

Steamy Romance (orange):
Def +280, Max HP +4%, 3 hours

Jealous Romance (purple):
Def +280, Max HP +5%, 3 hours

Passionate Romance (yellow):
Def +303, Max HP +6%, 6 hours

Result for Double Colored Biscuit (lv30 item):
Strawberry Cake (green) (it’s a lie!):
Spd +256, Move Spd +2%, 1 hour

Berry Tart (orange):
Spd +280, Move Spd +3%, 3 hours

(Unknown name) (purple):
Spd +280, Move Spd +4%, 3 hours (speculated stats based on pattern)

(Unknown name) (yellow):
Spd +303, Move Spd +5%, 6 hours (speculated stats based on pattern)

Result for Spicy Grilled Lamb Rib (lv30 item):
Grilled Lamb Ribs with Colored Mushrooms (green):
Crit +256, Flame Skill’s Flame Dmg +5%, 1 hour

Salted Ribs and Mushroom (orange):
Crit +280, Flame skill’s Flame Dmg +6%, 3 hours

Spicy Ribs and Porcinis (purple):
Crit +280, Flame skill’s Flame Dmg +7%, 3 hours

Lamb Wellington (yellow):
Crit +1180 (LOL. It’s actually 303. How did AGE make THIS mistake? XD), Flame Skill’s Flame Dmg +8%, 6 hours

Results for Floating White Star (lv60 item):
Stardust Float (green):
Def +999, HP +7%, 1 hour

Rocky Meteor Float (orange):
Def +1090, HP +8%, 3 hours

Comet Tail Float (purple):
Def +1090, HP +9%, 3 hours

Brevis Double-Fizzed Soda (green) (lv30):
Max HP +998, P-Healing +2%, 1 hour

Sugary Soda (yellow) (lv30):
Max HP +1179, P-Healing +5%, 6 hours

Dragon Soul Energy Drink (green) (lv30):
Eva +256, Exp gain +2%, 1 hour

Stir Fried Mushrooms with Vegetables (green) (lv30):
Dmg +498, Crit +2%, 1 hour

Veggie Stir Fry with Soy Sauce (orange) (lv30):
Dmg +544, Crit against bosses +3%, 3 hours

Vanilla Macaron (green) (lv60):
Spd +999, Dmg +5%, 1 hour

Special Honey Tea (orange) (lv60):
Max HP +3004, Exp gain +3%, 3 hours

Flavorful Iced Tea (orange) (lv20):
Eva +130, 10% chance to double cast, 3 hours

Delicious Iced Tea (yellow) (lv20):
Eva +140, 10% chance to triple cast, 6 hours

Vegetable Omelette in White Sauce (green) (lv20):
Crit +119, 5% chance of doing double damage, 1 hour

Fresh Veggies and Poached Eggs (yellow) (lv20):
Crit +140, 10% chance of doing triple damage, 6 hours

Fruit & Nut Cookies (green) (lv20):
Spd +119, Move spd +2%, 1 hour

Peanut Cookies (orange) (lv20):
Spd +130, Move spd +3%, 3 hours

Golden Vanilla Chicken (green) (lv20):
Dmg +231, crit +1%, 1 hour

Roasted Chicken with Secret Sauce (purple) (lv20):
Dmg +252, Crit rate against players +2%, 3 hours

Toast with Honey and Jam (green) (lv10):
Spd +36, Dmg +5%, 1 hour

PB&J (Peanut Butter and Jelly) (orange) (lv10):
Spd +40, Dmg against bosses +10%, 3 hours

Rainbow Jelly (green) (lv10):
Dmg +69, Crit dmg +5%, 1 hour

Refined Rainbow Jelly (orange) (lv10):
Dmg +76, Crit dmg against bosses +15%, 3 hours

Golden Honey & Jam Toast (yellow) (lv10)
Spd +43, Dmg +10%, 6 hours

Texas Toast with Jam (purple) (lv10)
Spd +40, Dmg against players +10%, 3 hours

Spicy Escargot Skewer (green) (lv10)
Crit +36, Acc +3%, 1 hour

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