Aura Kingdom Beginner’s Guide

Aura Kingdom Beginner’s Guide by taylorw_421


Hello everyone! MoggyMike (also known as FoxInferno elsewhere) from [AnotherWorld] here!

I’ve seen a lot of different guides around the forums and thought I’d make a general guide
that pulls it all together and hopefully have it eventually become a sticky if there’s
enough positive feedback.

Why did I make this guide? – I noticed a lack of organization yet a wealth of information
just floating around the forums and noticed how clueless most beginners are ingame with
different UI functions, and I know that not everyone is like me and explores the
interface/options to ‘learn the game’ so to speak. So I had an idea to compose a guide
that pools that wealth of information in one easy to find thread, instead of having to dig
through the forums for different guides to what you want to know/learn.

In this guide I’ll be going over the basic components of the game such as knowing your
interface, helpful hotkeys to learn, tips and tricks in general, advice on marketing and
methods for hopefully stabalizing the economy, crafting, and various other things. I’ll
also be including links to various already made guides on different subjects like damage
comparisons later on for those who want to learn the game at a more in-depth level.

I’ll be keeping things extremely organized and try to be as short as possible with most
explanations, and for the more indepth things like damage comparisons and such, I’ll
provide links to various guides (as mentioned before) created by other players that I went
through myself and found useful/informative on a level that isn’t (surprisingly in some
cases) common knowledge.

All credits the guides and their makers will obviously be included, thank you all for
taking your time to put your posts together! I’ll be going to each individual and asking
permission to use the guide, and if not given I will remove the guide from this thread as
soon as I see it.

If you’d like to contribute to this guide, feel free to personally message me including a link to your guide you’d like added into the topics, or just message me personally if you see false information or otherwise. I will check the forums when I make further additions to this guide, so I apologize if I don’t immediately respond to any message sent.



My personal goal in this guide is to improve the basic knowledge of the community overall
and to improve play quality as well (better performance from a larger number of people in
dungeons and general open-world farming situations, also improving community relations

Hopefully this guide will help even a single beginner avoid making mistakes along the road as much as possible, and inform them about the different features and functions of the game that can make things much more convienient.

I was confused by so many things at first when I first came into the game and came to the forums to see different guides hopefully out, but was disappointed to see the lack of information on the forums/wiki. However, now that some time has passed since the game
kicked off there are individuals each experimenting and expanding on their own guides.

The goal of this guide, putting it simply, is to organize all these guides and also
include my own contributions to form a solid, singular “Beginners Guide” that helps players
quickly navigate for what they’re looking to learn about, as well as explore more specific topics.


I know that most of the following information can be found on the games site itself, however I also know that sometimes people don’t look into the game beforehand. So I decided to include a section that covers different things, while summarizing the different details.


Guardian – Basically your MMO tanker. High defense, attacks with a sword and a shield. Has
buffs to increase defense, reflect damage, reduce damage under various conditions, skills
that generate malice (aggro/hate).

Duelist – The speedy single target physical DPS. High evasion and attack speed, attacks
with dual blades.

Ravager – Power-house AoE physical dps. Has many AoE based attacks as well AoE stuns,
attacks with Great Axes.

Wizard – Magical based AoE with slight healing capabilities. Has various elemental spells
and magics. Conducts their spells through magically imbued staffs.

Sorcerer – Magical based single target. Casts DoT’s and debuffs to torment their foes,
leaving them weak and vunerable. Draws their magic from ancient tomes and grimoires (books filled with incantations and spells of powerful magicks).

Bard – Healing/support class. Has access to various focus heals or group heals, which also
buff the party with various effects. Heals/buffs/attacks by playing different music on a lyre.

Grenadier – Ranged-based AoE with access to various gadgets like turrets to help attack
monsters that come too near. Uses a giant cannon that convert magical energy into missles
and plasmic discharges.

Gunslinger – Ranged-based dps that can do both Single Target and Area of Effect. Fires
hails of bullets to inflict damage upon their enemy, lacing them with magic. Also employs
various traps that help with CC (crowd control : A term used for immobilizing/stunning/slowing enemies). Uses a tactic called “kiting” which involves
damaging their enemies while keeping on the move to avoid being hit.

? – Will be announced later, once announced I will include a basic description. From what
most people have seen it will be involving Katars (a type of push dagger, think of it as a
fist weapon you wear that rests above the user’s knuckles, which connect to a blade).

Learning About The Eidolons

An Eidolon is a powerful being from “Aura Kingdom”, you work side by side with these eidolons as you quest throughout the world and improve your relationship with them over time, raising them into even more powerful beings. It is extremely important to take care of your eidolons and make sure to level them alongside of you by using experience crystals you get as rewards from monster drops, and other various methods like Linking with Gaia. There are various ways to obtain different eidolons that will be included later on in this guide. You may have up to 3 different Eidolon to make up a team you can switch from quickly for various situations/effects.

Training Your Eidolons

You level your Eidolons through experience crystals earned as drops from monsters you’ve beaten in the fields/dungeons. You also get various ‘crests’ and ’emblems’ that you can feed to the preferred Eidolon of your choice that improve it’s various stats such as Damage, Critical, and Defense to mention a few. Eventually they will reach the point where you can evolve them (first evolution is available starting at 40) given you have the items needed (For the starter eidolons, it’ll be a number of experience crystals and Hero Emblems. For the later obtained Eidolons, you’ll need their summoning key to power them up further! Evolving your Eidolon raises it’s general score, and ups each of its stats by 1, so if your Eidolons attack is rank B, it’ll go to rank A.)

Features of the Eidolons

There are two key features when it comes to Eidolons, and those are bonding (speaking to them when they want to talk, which is shown by a speech bubble on the icon that opens up the interface to interact with them).And there’s Linking to Gaia, which uses up some of your Eidolons ‘Affection Points’ to link them directly to Gaia to receive different rewards. Mainly experience crystals, secret stones, Emblems, and Crests will be obtained from doing this, however there is an extremely low chance that you can get a key fragment of whichever Eidolon you linked with! It’s speculated that there’s a slightly higher chance to get the fragments if you keep your Eidolons affection in the higher numbers (70+), however this isn’t confirmed as far as I know.

Extensive Eidolon Information

Even though the names/skill names have changed now for the eidolons, koagemos made a chart of the various eidolons and their elemental type, as well as their stats for different attributes and even included models for what each eidolon looks like in-game. In his guide he goes over each eidolon description, skills, and combo skills with each different class.

Look through the guide and give it some love and positive reviews! He even included future eidolos that aren’t out yet, so if you see a certain one you especially like, take note of it so you can obtain the one you want as quickly as possible!


I’m going to include a link at this point to save space, to the websites page that teaches you about the various features, controls, environments, tools (UI : Map, Quest Log, Status Bars, etc.) character information, Envoy’s Path, Quests and Gliding, Fortification, Refining, Secret Stones, Map Interface, PvP.

This is all basic and standard, helpful information. If you haven’t already gone through all this, please do so. You can learn plenty of helpful knowledge to use in your gameplay. There will various topics from these that I will expand upon later on with guides or my own explanations such as Fortification, Refining (crafting), and Secret Stones.

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