Vindictus Karok Clash Guide

Vindictus Karok Clash Guide by SinDreadElla

How to use the guide:
If you are searching for any particular boss to clash and already know the basics of clashing, please use the search button and type either the name of the boss or the dungeon to skip to the part where I give advice on how to clash it, along with a video of the clash.

(Note: The “difficulty” category in the list of clashable bosses is NOT the actual difficulty of beating the boss, but rather the measurment of how hard it is to get that clash in battle.)

Clash, a move which can turn the tide of a battle by completely stopping a bosses attack in place while holding him down for your allies to attack. A move that makes a Karok fun to play with and a move that sets him completely different from all the other characters. This is the Karok clash guide and this will explain everything you need to know about clashing.

First the question about what makes a good clash.
A good clash is when a Karok safely clashes a boss and holds it in place for as long as possible and hence, giving time for the party members to do whatever they like during that time. (drinking pots, reviving party members, attacking boss, etc)
This differs from the other clashes where a Karok quickly ends a clash for the sake of saving his stamina or a Karok who gets a bugged clash due to his bad positioning.

So what is a bugged clash?
A bugged clash usually occurs due to the bad positioning against a Boss’s clash attack. The result is that the boss’s attack will end abruptly but will not move into a deadlock. In some attacks where the boss’s clashable attack is an AOE, the damage of the attack may still get carried out to other players so long story short, getting one is NOT good.
(After the revolution patch you will no longer gain any clash debuff until a deadlock is established, meaning you can still clash after a bugged clash.)

The Basics

Ever since the Revolution patch is updated, a Karok can have two options of pulling off a clash:
1. The Manual-clash
2. The Auto-clash

Let’s go into further details, starting with the:

1. Manual clash~

The first few things to know about this clash is that your Karok must be facing the boss to do a clash. This is where the Align view to closest enemy button becomes useful since your camera will be facing the boss in a click of a button once you’ve cleared any mobs.
For a clash to occur, most of the time, you need to get “hit” and connect your Karok’s hitbox with the boss’s to pull of the clash.

A Karok doesn’t necessarily need to press E (or the grab if you set it on a different button) at the correct time to execute a clash move. You can hold down the grab button for about 1-2 seconds before the clash attack hits you. While you are holding down E, any clash attack that hits you (providing you are in the correct positioning) will automatically take both you and the boss into the clash mode. Here is a video showing a Karok holding E to pull off a clash.

If you look at the slow motion parts, you will see that his Pillar Toss bar fills up, meaning he is holding down E.

Once you’ve got into a successful clash, you can repeatedly press EL (normal attack), R (smash attack) orSpacebar (dodge button) to win the clash.

And that’s basically it.
If it’s simple enough then I’d suggest you go with this.
But if you’re having trouble so far with the Manual clash, let’s see the second option:

2. Auto-clash~

Oh auto-clash. A clash which some (if not many) of the old Karok clashers hated ever since Revolution patch came out.
Some love it. Some hate it. Some loathe it with passion and some say that it’s EASY MODO:

(Yes I know I totally referenced Touhou here)
Why is this called the easy mode?
Simple. Unlike the Manual method, this only involves pressing a single button which will make your Karok go into a stance mode. During this mode ANY clashable attack will NOT damage you (at all) and you can maintain this stance for as long as you want, at the cost of absolutely nothing. No SP, no stamina, no health, nada.
To make things even easier, you don’t have to face the boss to pull of a clash using this method. The only requirement for this clash is to get hit. And unlike the “hit” that I mentioned back in Manual clash, all you really need to do here is to get hit literally.
Techincally the boss won’t hit you since you’re invulnerable to his clash attack during this move BUT so long as your hitbox connects with his attack, you’re good to go and you won’t take any damage either.

Originally Posted by ZOMG Ella the preacher

“It is a good option that the Devs created for players who are having a bad connection but ever since this came out, clash is no longer that much of a special thing amongst Karok players. Back in the old days, whenever a player clashed a 24 man boss, it is considered a massive feat only accomplished by the few. These days anyone holding a single button! So remove this skill Devs!!!111one1eleven”

If that’s what you think I’ll say, you’ll be terribly wrong.

Now after testing both clashes out I find myself standing at a neutral point of view. True the Auto-clash makes things waaay easier but there are still quite alot of bosses that CANNOT be clashed using this skill. Plus, auto-clashing usually puts your teammates at risk since it ALWAYS requires you to literally get hit first (and maybe a couple of your nearby teammates too) before the boss can go into a deadlock. This is where a Manual clasher shines better than an auto clasher since Manual clashers will initiate the deadlock with a headstart and usually before the boss carrys out it’s attack.
However, there are situations where even a skilled manual clasher can’t pull of a clash without resorting to the auto-clash.
If you think that’s not true, then I dare you to clash Lionotus manually while staying very close to him or Pantheum after he finishes his first attack in his combo.

When does a Karok lose a clash?

A Karok loses a clash when he:
1. Runs out of stamina
2. Gets killed (obviously)
3. Holds a boss for too long.

Advance clash strategy and advice

Your stamina gets refilled to a full as soon as you get a clash. This means you don’t need to wait until your stamina gets refilled normally after a long combo.

Do be careful about any external attacks. As much as the boss can get hit during a clash, your Karok can get hit too. Meaning it’s best to clear mobs (if there are any) before you do any clashing.

10 seconds is the max amount of time you can hold a boss in clash, no matter how much extra stamina you have.
Usually it’s best to hold the boss in clash until your stamina is almost depleted. Hence a good method of measuring how long you can hold the boss is by checking the stamina bar.
In some cases where you transform yourself into a DK (with Revelation: Aura) or a nearby DK gives you theStamina Aura, you can extend your clash time to the max 10 seconds.

To hold down a clash effectively, just tap the EL, R or Spacebar button at a rate of three or four times every 2 seconds and once you are about to run out of stamina or is getting close to about the 8th or 9th second, mash all three (or four) buttons and it will almost immediately end the clash with you winning it.

Most of the time, if you win a boss in clash, you will end up getting it into at least another 1 second of free time for your party members to attack it, since the boss usually have this flinch animation when they lose the clash.

Some bosses chain their clashable attacks together with the unclashable attacks as combos.
If you have a very high knockdown resistance (with the help of trans) you can face-tank a boss’s unclashable attack(s) and wait till they use their clashable attack.
Eg: Chiulin (

F11 spam is a good way of luring most of the boss to attack you and hopefully it throws a clash attack on you.

Shout is a 1 bar (250) SP skill that draws the attention of the boss onto you and making it use it’s clashable attack (if it has one). This duration of “aggro” will only last a few seconds so try and only use it at the end or near the end of a boss’s attack/combo. Or else, the boss will simply lose attention and may target someone else and most likely use another attack instead of the clashable one.
Do take note that there are certain bosses that will be unaffected by this skill even though they have a clashable attack and they will be mentioned specifically with the Immune to Shout sentence in the list of clashable bosses below.

One last thing is that the Muscle spasm debuff is removed once you die. What good does this do? Well for some bosses (like Irukul) which are easy to clash, I sometimes spam XE and get myself killed just to pull off another clash when I’m revived.
I like clashing after all.

The only other way you can hold a boss for more than 10 seconds is when the Karok who is clashing the boss gets disconnected or leave the party during a clash, though this rarely happens nowadays. Here is a video of it:

Which characters can support clash?

A Staff Evie who freezes a boss during his clash attack animation will easily help a Karok get him into a clash.

A 2nd transformed DK with Fissure can also assist you with your clash. Or, if you are a DK yourself, you can use Fissure just before a boss uses his clashable attack. While the boss is frozen, simply run up to him holdingE or position yourself for auto-clash.
Here is an example:

A Scythe Evie using Insane Reaper can help extend the clash duration of a Karok by one to three seconds (she can’t help extend the 10 second limit though) and at the same time, get the party to do an all out attack on the boss since everyone’s stamina is regenerated.

For bosses with more lenient positioning in clash, a Fiona luring a boss into using a clash attack on her can help a Karok clash too.

But of course the best method is having another Karok Shouting.

Things which players should NOT do during a clash

Using palala on bosses (that can be blinded) during a clash will make it flinch out of the deadlock.

Using Reverse Gravity on bosses will also break a boss out of his clash deadlock.

So palalas and gravity in general, are a no no during the clash.

Which bosses and dungeons are easy to practice my manual-clashing?

If you have:

1. just started playing as Karok and his level is at least 17, Red Ruins might be the best place to train your clashes. The Gnoll Chieftain in the Red Ruins is very predictable since he will usually do the Overhead hammer smashes first and usually followed up by the clashable whirlwind hammer swing. Also to get to the boss, you only need to clear one room. If you are just there for practice, try not to damage him too much since he will go into the un-clashable Hammer Swing Frenzy when he takes too much damage.

2. a lvl 41 Karok, you can practice clashing the Giant Spider in Hidden. That spider is less predictable compared to the Gnoll Chieftain and is slightly more challenging to clash him. Again, you only need to clear a single room to practice his clash and the Giant Spider is easy enough to solo even at lvl 41, not to mention that he also gives you very good EXP.

3. a lvl 60 Karok, try Fomorian Leader to clash Shakarr. No room clearing is needed to get to him and his clash move is very similar to Irukul. If you can clash him, you can clash Irukul and even Herokul.


Perilous Ruins

Gnoll Chieftain [Decisive Battle]:

Difficulty of clash-
Chances of boss using the clash attack-
Positioning and Timing-
If you are too close to him, he will usually do the annoying kick.
At a moderate distance and he will do the overhead hammer smash.
Too far and he tends to do the clash attack.
Hold down E once you see him charging up for the swing. If you are doing Normal mode delay the E until he starts his swing.
If you are in a party you can lure him. When he is getting close enough to attack you, run directly away from him (causing the distance between to increase) and this usually makes him use the Whirlwind Spin. When you see him charging up for his attack, simply move into position for the clash.
Remember, you can’t clash the Hammer head so position yourself close enough to clash the Hammer handle. Meaning move into the inner radius of the hammer swing instead of staying outside.

Gnoll Chieftain [Red Ruins]:

Chances of boss using the clash attack
(Low when he has less health)
Positioning and Timing-
Requires the same positioning as the Gnoll Chieftain in Decisive Battle.
Red Ruins Chieftain is much easier to clash since he will do the overhead smash+360 swing combo A LOT. He has become much more predictible since he will do the overhead smashes first before he does the whirlwind swing. Do be careful since he sometimes only do the overhead smashes without ending the combo with awhirlwind swing.
On a few ocassions he will do a single whirlwind swing while on other occasions, he will do the swift whirlwind swing which is unclashable.
If you get his health down to half of the total capacity (health bar depends on number of players and difficulty so it’s not precise), he will go into the hammer frenzy and use less of the overhead+360 combo.

Hoarfrost Hollow

Sturdy Emuloch [Kobold Chief / Prepare for Counterattack]

Chances of boss using the clash attack
Positioning and Timing-
Positioning is lenient and you can even change the direction it’s attacking when you get him into a clash. You’ll have to stay close to clash him.
Timing is easy. His combo only consists of a single slam followed by the clashable slam, meaning you canDodge Roll or Weave into his first attack and immediately proceed to the clashing (providing you’re facing him).

Giant Polar Bear [Dethrone the White Tyrant / White Tyrant’s Challenge]

Chances of boss using the clash attack
Positioning and Timing-
Positioning is strict and it requires you to stay around the small swiping area where his paw is about to land.
Hold E as soon as he goes into the crouching position.
If you stay too close to him, he will end up using close range attacks like the 140 Degree Swipe or Rear up slam. Too far and he will come at you with the double 140 Degree Swipe or just run towards you. But if you stay at a moderate distance and spam F11, he will usually do the clashable attack and all you have to do is face him and his paw will land straight onto you.
Watch the video to check how much distance you should put between you and the Polar Bear.


The Blood Prince/The Duke [Blood Prince/Depths of Ainle]

Chances of boss using the clash attack
The Blood PrinceAverage
The DukeLow
Positioning and Timing-
Stay close to him and he’ll usually do the melee attacks instead of throwing fireballs at you.
Your cue with both bosses is to watch out for his right hand. If he raises his right (spear) hand, dodge it first. It could either be a single attack or the triple attack (with a clashable 360 spin attack at the end).
Positioning is lenient on this one. You don’t even need to get hit by his third 360 spin attack to clash him. Staying barely outside his attack radius can even get both of you in a clash. The easiest part of this, is that since his attack is a 360 spin, as long as you’re facing him and staying within range, you can simply hold Ewhen he is about to do the clashable attack.
(PS: The only difference between The Duke and Blood Prince is that The Duke uses the clash attack less.)

Blood Lord [Shadowed by Darkness]

Abysmal(On Hero mode)
Chances of boss using the clash attack-
Positioning and Timing-
The very first major pain in the @$$ is not only a pain to beat, but also a pain to clash.
Ok what can I say about him. He is a tricky one to clash since he can chain up his clashable attack in many ways. I will write a few combos where he ends his chain attacks with the clashable attack. But most of the time, he only ends up using it when his target is at a short distance away from him (check the videos to see how far it is).
Warp-After he warps, he usually uses this attack when his target starts moving away from him.
Random slashing-After he finishes his attack where he randomly slashes (while standing) he sometimes use the clashable attack to end his combo. (this can be seen in the first video link below)
Gliding Fury-After he does the glide(s), he sometimes ends the combo using the clashable attack.
My main advice would be this:
When he warps, keep your camera view turned to watch your character’s back. If you are doing solo, you can almost always be sure that he will pop up behind you. Keep running in a straight line because when he re-appears, this will put a small distance between you and the Blood Lord and hence it will tempt him to use clashable attack as soon as he appears.
(this can be seen in the second video link below)
If he is about to pull off a gliding fury, absorb/weave that first glide while facing him. If he pulls off the clashable attack, just hold E. If not, start dodging/weaving his next glide and check to see if the use the clashable attack again.
Fiona spamming F11 will most likely attract Blood Lord to appear behind her. If you are the Karok, ask a friendly Fiona to spam F11 while you stand face to face near her. As soon as the Blood Lord appears, he might use clash attack.

Weeping Queen/Ravenous Queen [The Weeping Queen/An Ancient Race]

Abysmal(On Hero mode)
Chances of boss using the clash attack-
Positioning and Timing-
Another pain in @$$ boss to beat or clash. What’s with all the pain in the @$$es being gathered up in Ainleanyway?

Stay directly in front of it when it readies itself to pounce. You can position yourself closer to it’s right claw since that is the claw that you’ll be clashing.
Here is the problem though. There is the High jump and the Low jump. The High one is un-clashable and it hurts like hell when you get hit. The low one is the clashable one. Now what makes it hard to clash is the fact that it’s a 50/50 when you see the Queen getting ready to pounce. It sometimes uses the Low jump when you are relatively close to it and uses the High jump regardless of the situation.
So here’s my advice:
In Normal mode: Wait until it is about to jump. If it starts doing the Low jump, immediately hold E and you can still get a clash in time. If it suddenly leaps sky high, just dodge/weave away.
In Hard/Hero mode: Hold down E as soon as you got the correct positioning and when you see it getting ready to pounce. If it does the Low jump, Huzzah you got her. If it does the High, be quick and start dodging the attack. You will have to act even quicker for the dodge in Hero mode.
(PS: Be careful of it’s annoying little baby spiders. They can still hit you or even kill you while you are in clash. Same thing applies to the Ravenous Queen where the other two spiders can hit.)

Prairie Entrance

Shining Shakarr [The Fomorian Leader]

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy
Chances of boss using the clash attack-
Positioning and Timing-
Easiest boss clash. I never got a single bugged clash on him. The Devs probably programmed his clash better though.
He spams this attack more when you start running away from him. (AKA if his normal hammer attacks can’t reach you)
The only thing you’ll have to watch out in this clash attack is that there are two parts.
The first is the charge where he comes directly at you and this is the only time he can be clashed.
The second part is where he ends this charge by swinging his hammer in an upwards motion. By then, he can’t be clashed.

Ruins Of Sanctity

Warchief Black Scar [Gnoll King, Ruler of the Ruins]

Chances of boss using the clash attack-
Positioning and Timing-
Another easy boss to clash.
He crouches low and charges at his target for a short distance. It hurts if you get hit though but it’s a very easy clash.
The only advice I can give is to make sure that you face him when he gets ready to charge. Heck you can get an early clash before you even get hit, if you hold E early.
It is a bit harder in Hero mode, but it’s nothing to worry about.

Giant Spider/Thorn Laghodessa [Hidden/Nightmare at the Ruins]

Chances of boss using the clash attack-
Positioning and Timing-
Stay at a certain distance away from the boss (check the videos to get an idea of how far) and those spiders tend to spam their clashable jump attack.
When you see it getting ready to pounce, simply face them and hold E.
It’s predictible and doesn’t have a 50/50 chance like the annoying Queen.
The same thing applies to the Giant Cloaking Spider and Thorned Spid er in An Ancient Race.

Hoarfrost Depths

Rockjaw/Black Belly [Yeti King/Revived Fear]

Chances of boss using the clash attack-
Black BellyLow
Positioning and Timing-
The boss does a triple roll attack but you can only clash them on the third and final roll.
Both bosses tend to use this attack more when you are far away from them. But Black Belly does this less due to the fact that he has more moves to use and that the dungeon room is significantly smaller than Rockjaw’s.
They still aren’t hard to clash even on Hero mode because that attack is very predictible. The first two rolls will never be a problem for Karoks either since they can facetank those by Absorbing/Weaving.
Fiona can support this clash by luring the boss with F11. Once he starts rolling at the Fiona, the only thing the Karok has to do is stroll behind the Fiona and hold E when he does the final roll. In this way, the Karok won’t get hit even if he didn’t manage to get the correct positioning/timing and it’s very helpful, especially in Hero mode.
(watch the first video in the link below for it)
Calm Ezroch [Madness]


Sorry where was I again? Oh yes the difficulty-
Chances of boss using the clash attack-
Positioning and Timing-
Easy boss, easy clash and have a high chance of using the attack whenever you’re at the distance where hisjumping axe attack can hit you, see the videos below for more details.
If you stay close enough during his initial axe attack, you can clash him.
You can clash him while he is in the mid-air during the jumping animation.
And, you can still clash him even when he comes down with the falling axe attack.
He is really easy to clash but honestly though, I think it’s because the Devs failed the clash programming for him. I mean how the hell can you clash him when he is jumping and is stuck in mid-air?

You received the title: Ezroch is too E-Z
The following Stats have been permanently improved
IT’S OVER 9000!


Cold Imich [The Howling Soul]

Very Hard
Chances of boss using the clash attack-
Positioning and Timing-
Ok his clash attack looks exactly like Calm Ezroch but it seems like the Devs managed to get the clash timing right on this one. Unlike Calm Ezroch, you can only clash him when he is coming down with his axe. Which, is the proper way to clash and actually looks bad@$$ instead of buggy where Calm Ezroch just snaps out of mid-air and sticks to your Karok like a magnet. Anyway, with the proper animation, the difficulty of this clash rises.
For one, you can’t clash him during his initial axe attack, so don’t stay close to him (but he’ll usually use it only when you’re within his jump range just like Ezroch).
If he jumps, make sure you clash the axe part instead, because you won’t be able to clash if you get hit by his body when he comes down.

Irukul [Irukul]

Chances of boss using the clash attack-
Spamming F11 at a distanceHigh
Positioning and Timing-
Face him, wait for it, hold EIrukul is among one of the easiest bosses to clash.
The problem is that it’s sometimes buggy as hell and you get quite alot of these bug clashes even when you don’t lag and it could be a problem in Herokul (Hero Irukul) where it hurts alot.
Positioning is slightly leninet on this one and you can even clash him if you are slightly off on either side of his head. (check the second video link below for it)
If you see him getting ready to charge at you while you are at the far end of the map, run straight to him since you might miss the clash. You can always hold E as you run towards him and still get a clash.
And spam alot of F11 from a very far distance since he gets easily attracted and usually charges at you for it.

Hilder Forest

Taonu [Fight That Must Be Won]

Chances of boss using the clash attack-
Positioning and Timing-
Taonu is an easy boss to clash and all you have to do is stay close to him when he starts stomping the ground with his mace. That is the signal that he is about to do his AOE jump smash. The only problem is that if you are not his target for this attack he will jump away from you. (if the target is running around in circles)
My advice is to spam F11 to keep most of his attention and attacks on you.
And from my experience, he tends to use this attack more when none of his other combos apart from his jump smash reaches you. So if you want a clash, stay at a relatively far distance away from him while spamming F11.
Note: You can’t clash the jump smash which he chains up during his combos after drinking the Bloody Shade.
Evie can support this clash by using Ice spear. If you see him stomping the ground with his mace, charge up focus to level 3 and shoot an Ice spear just when he is about to jump or is in his jumping animation.

Fomorian Base

Commander Kakrish [Lost Road/Last Fragment]

Lost Road KakrishHard
Last Fragment KakrishAbysmal
Chances of boss using the clash attack-
Lost Road KakrishHigh
Last Fragment KakrishLow 
Positioning and Timing-
Lost Road Kakrish is simple to clash and he will usually jump around or jump back before he actually use theclashable shield charge attack. And yes he spams this attack a lot, so it shouldn’t be a problem. Just keep checking where he is jumping by turning the camera angle using the “Align view to closest enemy” button, and face him as soon as he prepares to charge.
Last Fragment Kakrish turns out to be a pain in the @$$ to clash. Seems like he learned his new shockwave slash skill from Roronoa Zoro and all he does is spam that instead of the shield charge 99% of the time (I’m exaggerating but you get my point). Most of the time you’ll be caught off guard when he uses the shield charge. And if you’re playing in a party don’t expect to clash him at all because even if he uses the shield charge, the chances of using it on your Karok is divided by 4. It’s better to just smack him in the face the entire run.

Warlord Black Hammer [Rescue]

Chances of boss using the clash attack-
Positioning and Timing-
The clashable attack is the quick 360 Spin.
Positioning is a bit strict on this one and it requires you to stay directly in front of him and close to him. (but not necessarily hugging his legs)
If you are any further away, you will get hit by his hammer instead.

Titan [The Giant]

Very Hard
Chances of boss using the clash attack-
Very Low
Positioning and Timing-
Positioning is strict but you don’t have to be right beneath his stomping feet. (though you have to be somewhere close to it)
He sometimes chains up the AOE stomp with the “Homerun” kick. He sometimes use the kick before the stompand sometimes the stomp before the kick. Other times he just only do a single kick or a stomp.
There is one very good way of looking whether he will do the stomp after the kick or whether he will just do asingle kick.
If he is going to stomp after the kick, you will see the E button appearing on him while he is doing the kick.(Warning you can’t clash him even though you see the E during that time.)
After that kick, he will definitely pull off the stomp afterwards, so don’t miss that opportunity to clash. (unless he gets stuned, gravity, or anything that breaks his combo)
If you don’t see the E during the kick, don’t bother running to him cause he won’t use it.
What makes this clash very hard to pull off is the fact that he rarely uses this attack.
In an average Titan run, he only uses this move 2-3 times. And considering the fact that most people can’t stick to him 24/7, (because you might be dead, drinking pots, reviving people, etc) 2 or 3 times only makes the overall difficulty of the clash pretty high.
Spamming F11 is recommended to attract his aggro most of the time.


Novice Chiulin [What the Dead Leave Behind]

Chances of boss using the clash attack-
Positioning and Timing-
A combo attack where he slashes horizontally that covers alot of ground, followed by a vertical (hard-hitting)slash. Only the vertical slash is clashable. The timing to get a clash can be a bit difficult since you will have to be careful about his horizontal slash if you are too close to him. You can either absorb the first slash and proceed to clash the vertical slash (this will be harder to do on Hard/Hero mode) OR stay far away from him to avoid the first slash, then run back towards him when he proceeds to do the vertical slash.
Chiulin tends to use either this clashable attack or the spin2win attack when you start moving away from him.

Ortel Castle

Ahglan [Ahglan The Golem]

Very Hard
Chances of boss using the clash attack-
Extremely Low

Positioning and Timing-
His clashable attack is where he rears his right fist back and punches it to the ground. (doesn’t have any AOE)
The clash is relatively easy and the positioning is as lenient as Controlled Black Hammer.
What’s hard is the fact that Ahglan uses the clashable attack very, very rarely and in some runs, he doesn’t even use it.
He seems to use this attack more when you spam F11 or when you show him his back. Though the bad thing is that he doesn’t necessarily use it on the player that is spamming the F11 but rather the player closest to him.
My advice for this clash would be to spam F11 while you’re Karok is turned to face your camera. When he rears his fist with a loud roar, turn around and clash him. By the time you turn around, it should be perfect when you hold E.
Ingkells [The Central Garden]

Chances of boss using the clash attack-
Positioning and Timing-
Stands still for one second and makes a grunt-like sound, proceeds to jump and do the clashable shockwave slash.
The thing about this attack is that you can clash the sword, but not the shockwave. So the most important thing you should know about this clash is to stay/move close to him when he starts grunting.
Ingkells also tend to use this attack much more on people who are drinking pots, repairing or sitting far away from him. So if you want a clash, just spam F11 and when he starts preparing for the attack, just move towards him.
When he goes into the Rage mode, you can still clash the second shockwave slash, in case you missed the first one.
An Evie can support this clash by using Ice spear. Even though Ingkells doesn’t give as much time as Taonu to charge up the Ice spear, he uses this attack way more often.


Controlled Black Hammer [Betrayal]

Chances of boss using the clash attack-
High (only uses it in 2nd phase)
Positioning and Timing-
CBH can only be clashed during his 2nd phase. He does use the quick 360 spin (like he did in Rescue) during the 1st phase but it is unclashable(Way to go for slacking on the programming)
His clash attack is pretty predictible since he will go “ARRRR!!!”, tap the two hammers together and slams it into his target.
It looks flashy, it looks as if he’s going for an all out hard-hitting attack, but it only deals as much damage as his AOE jump slam.
And he spams that move alot during the 2nd phase, so it’s rather easy.
Positioning is lenient and you can even clash him from the sides. (see the second video link below for it)
My advice is to stick close to the his left leg when he is about to use that attack.
Lionotus [The Evil One]

Very Hard
Chances of boss using the clash attack-
Positioning and Timing-
This is the one clash in the game that is literally hard not because of the boss having an alternative way to attack you (like that damn Queen or LF Kakrish) or just because the boss is being an @$$ without whipping out his clashable attacks (like Titan or Ahglan).
This clash needs a good positioning, but not necessarily a good timing. (just hold E ftw!)
Ok this clash (like some of the other clashes) doesn’t need you to get hit, to clash it.
The most important thing to know about this attack is to NOT clash the inner part of his tail. For some reason, you will never catch it. This basically means, don’t stay close to him when he uses this attack. If you are inside the radius of his tail swipe, you will usually get hit by his body instead.
The best method would be to stay outside the tail swiping radius where he barely grazes you with that attack.
Check the two video links below to get a good idea of the clash. Both have different positioning.
Why is this clash rated as “Very Hard” you ask. Simple.

Yes, Lionotus is another very buggy boss to clash.
As if he doesn’t already have enough bugs and glitches from the corner glitch, levitation and WTF-PHYSICS-WHERE-HE-DOESN’T-SLIP-AND-FALL-FROM-HAVING-HIS-ENTIRE-BODY-STICKING-OUT-FROM-THE-CLIFF!!!!


Craftsman Colru/Blacksmith Goibhniu [Colru the Golem] 

Blacksmith GoibhniuNormal
Craftsman ColruHard
Chances of boss using the clash attack-
Blacksmith GoibhniuHigh
Craftsman ColruAverage (even during his Gold attack pattern)
Positioning and Timing-
Both bosses have identical clash positioning so I’ve put them in the same category.
The boss basically lifts his right hand up and proceeds to squish/pound you into the ground. If you fail to clash him, you usually get hit by the oncoming 360 spin attack.
The positioning on both bosses are lenient and you can clash from either side of the golem without getting hit.
Hence a good way to clash him is from the side lines instead, just like Controlled Black Hammer where the boss’s attack will attract to you like a magnet. This way, you won’t get hit even if you got the timing wrong.(check the second link below to see Colru clashing from the side)
Goibhniu (Gold golem) uses the clashable attack most of the time and hence, you can clash him almost everytime your debuff is gone. Also, he tends to use it even more when you stay close to him. (close enough for him to squish you)
Same thing applys to Colru.
The first difference between the Gold-golem and Colru is that, you’ll have to act faster to press/hold the E forColru since all of his attack speeds are faster than the mini-golems.
The second is the fact that Colru can use either the AOE or the Boulder throw and hence, decreasing the chances of him using the clash attack. If you are in a party where people around you drink pots or do repairs 24/7, Colru will most likely spam his boulder throw at those people. The annoying thing about this is that you can get hit if you stay too close when Colru lifts up the boulder. But then again, you have to stay close to him to pull off a clash.
Lastly, once he switch on his fire aura, totally forget about clashing him until he finishes all the three attack patterns and start doing the Gold one again.
The best way to clash Colru is by spamming F11 since he is extremely attacted to aggro.
Using F11 makes this clash alot more easier and hence I reduced the difficulty rank of this clash to just Hardinstead.
Be careful when you’re spamming F11 directly on either side of him (both left or right) because chances are high that he will swipe his hand either left or right. If you spam it directly behind him or in front of him he will most like turn around normally (if you’re behind him) and will either do the 3 hit combo or the clashable attack.
Fiona can support this clash. She can lure the aggro using F11 while the Karok clash the boss from the side. If you are a Fiona, be careful when it comes to Colru though. He might throw a boulder instead.


(Ancient) Siglint [Earthborn Seal/Guardian of the East]

Very Hard
Chances of boss using the clash attack-
Positioning and Timing-
Dear passenger.
You have now boarded the Siglint Airlines.
We are equipped with the latest Siglint Drag 900 to ensure that all our passengers have a wonderful thrilling flight completed with an instant death.
In the event of an emergency, we will be reading out the clashing guidelines for the safety of our customers.
To clash a Siglint, the passenger will first have to stand within the clashing area and align themselves to face it’s claw.

The clashing area can be seen in the picture as shown above where the Green areas are the clashable area while the Yellow is the area where Siglint’s claw grab players.
Holding really early doesn’t work for Episode 10 bosses and you’ll have to rely more on timing. 
Please take note that the clashable green area is approximately as wide as Siglint’s wing span.
Should you still wish to hold E, your timing to start holding it down would be when Siglint opens up it’s claws. You can also use the roaring sound that Siglint makes just before the grab, as your timing to press and hold E.
A supporter for this clash is highly recommended. Should you have a Staff Evie in your party, let her lure Siglint while you clash from the sidelines. Using the Align view to closest enemy button (see the first video link) will also come in handy should you wish to clash from the sides.
Do you know? and other tips
A Karok’s clash is NOT better than Hemdrill bombing. The down time for a clashed Siglint is about 2 or 3 seconds less than the Hemdrill stun. So if your party is very good with bombing, do not clash.
It is highly recommended in the 24 man raid to display all the other players in robes. This will significantly improve your lags and therefore the timing for the clash too.

If you’re still hesitating on whether to choose our Siglint Airlines or not, just listen to what our faithful customers have to say about us. (^_^)

We hope you have a pleasant one way trip to kissing the floor. Have a nice day. (^.^)

(Ancient) Beokros [Frostborn Seal/Guardian of the West]

Very Hard

Chances of boss using the clash attack-
Positioning and Timing-
Positioing for this clash is quite lenient and you can even clash him from the far distance of his front-left paw.(check the third video link for it)
The problem (like Siglint) is that you’ll have to face the part of the boss that you’re going to clash, and in this case, his right paw.
Now unlike Siglint you just can’t use the Align view to closest enemy button in here. In fact, it might even cause you trouble since your camera will end up switching view to his hind legs rather than his claw. So my advice is don’t use it at all and adjust your camera view manually instead.
Now the next problem is the timing which is even more strict than Siglint. If you want to hold E I would strongly recommend to only do it when his claw is about to come down and swipe at you. Or else you will get clawed.
Holding E really early doesn’t work for Episode 10 bosses and you’ll have to rely more on timing.
Stay at a relatively far distance from him because you can’t clash his body.

So to summarize this:
1. Do not stay close near him. Stay infront and near the area where his paw will land.
2. Face his paw. Not his hind legs, not his face or anywhere else. As long as you turn your Karok to face in the direction where his paw will land, it’s good.
3. The timing to hold E is when he has already got his claws out and is already coming down to swipe. (Timing may be a problem for players with bad internet connection and I don’t think holding E early as a compensation will work unlike the none episode 10 raid bosses.)

Still confused? Well then here is Beokros Clashing in a nutshell.

PS: The Red area is the path that the claw is swiped and that includes most parts of the Green area too.
Some areas where the claw is swiped cannot be clashed and yet you will still take damage if you stay in there.
But if you looked at the part where the Red and the Green doesn’t overlap, you will notice that there is a smaller Green area where you can still clash him without taking the risk of getting swiped if you fail.
(again the clashing without taking the risk can be seen in the third video link)

But on the bright side his clash doesn’t hit very hard or instantly kills you. Plus he also uses it quite often.
There is a big difference in clash difficulty between 8 man Beokros and 24 man Beokros, but my opinion might differ though.
8 man Beokros is harder to clash mainly because you will have to spend more of your time dodging the homing snowflakes that follows everyone rather than focusing on his right paw.
Fissure clashing is great for 8 man Beokros as it gives you some time to run up to the claw.
24 man is relatively easier since it only targets 8 people and as long as your party is cooperative, you won’t really have any problems with the 3 minute long freeze since you might even get freed in less than 5 seconds.
Do you know? and other tips

Players can still throw Ice shards in Beokros’s face while a Karok is clashing. The best part about this is the fact that during the clash, Beokros head is low and close enough to be easily aimed. After the clash has ended, Beokros can still suffer from the disability of not being able to use any ice attacks. (unless the throw is bugged which can sometimes happen)
Karok stabbing Beokros’s face with ice after winning a clash does NOT prevent him from using any ice attacks temporarily. (even though there is clearly an ice shard in his face)

Dragons doesn’t get aggro by any normal means like F11, poting, camping, etc so the only way to clash them is to move into their attack rather than luring them.
It is highly recommended in the 24 man raid to display all the other players in robes. This will significantly improve your lags and therefore the timing for the clash too.


Crescent Moon Island

Deathchief Kielu [The Chief of Death]
Chances of boss using the clash attack-

Positioning and Timing-
Kielu’s clashable attack is this.
She will raise her staff high, yell out a really loud sound like “AEEE HEEEYYY” and stick her staff in the ground and attempt to impale one or many of you three times with Lakoria’s blunt tail.
At first look, one could easily mistaken this attack with the projectile shot attack because in both attacks Kieluraises her staff.
But here is where the two attacks differ:
1. Kielu will never shout “AEEE HEEEYYY” when she does the projectile attack.
2. Kielu takes about one extra second on the animation where she is raising her staff in the air if she is going to do the tail spam (clashable) attack.
3. Kielu will distort the air in the dungeon when she does the tail spam attack. (kind of like how Glas or Krakendistorts the air to warn players when they grabbed someone, but without the red tinge)
Kielu rarely uses that attack unless the player that she is targeting is not within the range of her melee staff attacks. And when players are out of her melee range she will either use the tail spam attack or the projectile.
So now that we know the difference between the two attacks, here is my advice on the clash.
For this clash, you can stay at a distance where her melee staff attacks won’t hit and spam F11. Or you can ignore that part if your party has a few Staff Evies or Kais.
Always make sure you’re standing in front of her and not behind her.
If you noticed her raising the staff, simply roll/weave towards her and hold E.
If it’s the projectile attack, you will end up absorbing it. If it’s not, then you have about one extra second to hold E because the tail spam attack comes out slower than the projectile.
Lanns , Scythe Evies or Kais because they have invincible frames in case the Karok fails to clash. Either of these three spamming F11 usually aggros Kielu to use tail spam on them. Or in the case of Kais, they probably don’t need to since their shortbow spam already gets enough aggro.

Lakoria [Serpent King Lakoria/A Ruler’s Refuge]


Chances of boss using the clash attack-

Very Low 
(lvl 50-69)
Extremely Low(lvl 70-80)
Positioning and Timing-
50-69 – It does the clashable move often, and it always, ALWAYS uses a clashable right when Phase 2 starts, after the “hiss”.

70-80 – This one on the other hand is reaaaaaally really rare, and there are but few ways, that do work, to get it to do the clashable move, so here goes.

At the start of Phase 2, Lakiora, in this mode, does the normal “hiss” and just dives down to continue on to poison certain areas. After this, he starts with the usual tail attack.
Most of the times ,after the tail attack, it just ends up swallowing** someone that’s hitting the the rest of the body and not its head.(**After whoever got swallowed gets out, start counting up to 2:30 minutes, or 3, since it’s usually the time Lakiora’s “Cooldown” on the swallows ends.)

But, if you see that Lakiora didn’t swallow anyone yet (Or simply dives down after the mentioned cooldown at any time during the battle.), dives down and the Ballistae spots show up, RUSH to the first ballista spot that’s nearest to where Lakiora first comes out. (I’ll get an image of it soon if you don’t know where)
If you rush in time as it spawns, or predict a dive and set yourself there, once the MARK shows up, do this : “one.. two.. *F10*”
After training the timings a bit, and if you get it right, Lakiora will be hit almost as soon as it’s head pops out, which, in turn and in favour for you,will increase the likelihood of FLINCHING which has been the key for my clashes in every run.

But, it’s not really about flinching, you see, Lakiora doesn’t clash because of flinching, but because ofTARGETING, Lakiora clashes more often if the party altogether is attacking its HEAD, since if they’re attacking its body on the sides, it will of course “hiss” and do an unclasheable swallow more often.

The only reason the ballistae tactic works so well for me, is because the ballistae damages the head enough to the point that if I damage it it enough to flinch, it will target me, and again, since I was hitting the head and facing him directly, he will use the clasheable.

NOTE: What I just mentioned above, would even work too if the rest of the party would come, since, at every dive, majority of the players tends to place themselves on the top right hand corner, and from there, they see the head as the nearest target, thus, helping you flinching it, “helping” you clash it(So, if anyone out there wants to see clashes, help our fellow karoks ! )


Ship Graveyard

Cursed Captain [Lost and Damned]
Chances of boss using the clash attack-
Positioning and Timing-
Ya want to clash me matey? Ain’t no one clashin me unless ya knoe da way I swing me blade.
First, ya wanna know that I will shoot ya with me pistol if you run away from me like one of me deck-mopping-scurvy-bilge-rats. Or if I’m feelin cheeky, I might as well swoosh me saber to unleash mah supah wave slashz if ya mateys are still runnin round like headless chickens.
If ya wanna clash me, come at me like pirates who will give no quarter, savvy?
Fight dis old Mad Willy Flint close enough and I will swing me sword with an uppercut. But if ya don’t clash me fast enough I will slash ya’ll to ribbons when I continue me flurry of swords.
I’ve got another sword combo dat ya can’t clash so watch out for that me matey. Anywayz I’m too drunk to explain why I gotta make ya clashing dis difficult so Imma just chuck down dis bottle a rum to get moar drunk.
Drink up me hearties yo ho!
Why is the rum always gone?

Muckrot Monark [Treasure Hunt]
Hard (lvl 8-49)
VeryHard (49-80)
Chances of boss using the clash attack-
Positioning and Timing-
This… no comment…
I was about to consider this abysmal but I think I will save that one for Hero mode Monark.
Ok let’s begin.
Chances of Monark using the clash attack is low because she have so many other moves she can throw at you(there is even more in lvl 49-80) before she ends up using the clash attack. Those chances does increase if you stay close to her but she is usually surrounded by “Monark mines”lightning boltsfake Monark or that sea spectre debuff that causes explosions similar to Keaghan every few seconds…
Ok now the even harder part about this is the fact that her clash attack just comes out too quick. From my experience, there is no warning, no sign whatsoever and you will have to clash her first clawing attack and win to completely prevent her from using the rest of the combo.
You have precisely like 0.5 seconds or less in the lvl 70-80 version to clash her and all I can say is that it ends bloody fast.
If you still want to clash, all I can say about the lvl 70-80 version clash is this.
Whenever she finishes one of her other attacks, stand in front of her and hold E. Hopefully she will pull of thatmelee clawing attack on you and you end up clashing her.

Kraken [From The Depths/Devil in the Water]

Chances of boss using the clash attack-

Positioning and Timing-
Kraken is a really easy boss clash.
Well what makes this clash so easy?
First it is extremly predictable and Kraken warns you with red tinges and distorted air that it’s going to do the clashable AOE.
Also his head starts it’s first attack by using that AOE a few seconds after the cutscene.
Second his head isn’t moving anywhere. It will always be there and it will never change it’s direction so you will never have to end up facing him at different angles or worry about chasing him down or spamming F11 like other bosses.
And third…..
it is extremly predictable. What I’ve said that already? Well yea that’s how predictable Kraken is basically.
Now you’re going to tell me well why didn’t I rank this difficulty as easy or even easier than Shakarr?
Here’s the reason why. The clash timing is a bit strict. From my experience so far, you can only hold when it appears and not earlier (just like the two dragons). But even with that you still have like 1 second time to react and hold E as soon as you see it.


Commander Ikrium [Endless Questions]

Hard (lvl 8-49)
VeryHard (49-80)
Chances of boss using the clash attack-
Positioning and Timing-
Ikrium is a hard boss to beat and clashing him is just as hard.
His clash attack involves him doing a little hop twice before jumping up and proceeding to smash your brains out.
And this is the important part. The “E” symbol doesn’t appear on him until he brings his sword down. By then it is already too late. You must spot the hop or else you might mistaken his clash attack as his upward wave slash. This is harder to spot in the higher level versions where he is much faster and each hit from that attack deals you a chunk lot of damage or even kills you if he crits.
And if that is not bad enough, his exploding mines is something else you’ll have to watch out for and it’s best not to try and clash him while his mines are around.

Another good way you can “spot” his clash move is by listening to his footsteps. It will sound like two footstomps during the hop before he slashes you. I suggest turining down the background music, leaving only the in-game music during this fight.

So to sum it up- Spam F11, Spot the hop, hold E as soon as you see the hop (for lvl 70-80 version) and you should get a clash. Unless you host, it will usually be too late if you only press E when his sword starts coming down.
As far as I know, his clash positioning is not so lenient and requires you to be directly infront of his attack to clash him.

If this is all too confusing, an alternative method would be to face tank everything (if you have enough DEF, you’re in trans or you’re invulnerable because of the first few seconds of trans) and hold E as soon as you see him start dragging his sword. Because if you get it wrong, you will most likely get hit by the three waves up close which also deals a heck lot of damage.

Alteron The Chief Priest [Underground City]

Chances of boss using the clash attack-
Positioning and Timing-
A much easier clash compared to Ikrium. There isn’t anything that you need to spot since a big “E” (or whatever button you mapped your grab onto) symbol appears on him for about 1-2 seconds while he is preparing for his clash move.
When that happens simply stand facing him, infront of him and just hold E.


Q: I set the “Align view to closest enemy” button but it doesn’t seem to work. I press it more than once but nothing seems to happen. Is it bugged or something else?
 This happens if you haven’t checked the “Auto align camera to player” box in the checklist. You can find that checklist in the Advanced Settings.

Q: Why should I use my clash when I can do alot more DPS just by smacking the boss.
A: You should use clash because it is the best supportive skill in the game. Imagine a boss being in a complete deadlock with one of your party member for 10 seconds (1 or 2 seconds more if you include the flinching time). That is longer than Evie’s Reverse Gravity (which sometimes lift bosses like Ingkells so high that you can’t even hit it), Evie’s Freeze (which has a random chance of freezing the boss and can be defrosted when another Evie uses Ice spear/blast) and even Vella’s Tempest.
Not to mention the very high knockdown damage that a Karok deals after every winning clash. In bosses likeColru’s mini-golem, 3-4 winning clashes are enough to stun the Blacksmith Goibhniu (gold golem) completely.
If you are looking for a fast run, then I strongly recommend you to use clash whenever you can.
If you are not using clash for the sake of getting top DPS, then I can’t say anything more…

Q: How do I get the boss to attack me more with his clash attack?
 Spamming F11 usually attracts the attention of most bosses. Even though this won’t guarantee that they will use a clash attack, most bosses usually use it just by spamming F11 from a distance. The AI is programmed to make the bosses chase after you with it’s long/wide range attacks when you are far away from them (so that it hits you, obviously). And most of these attacks are clashable. A couple of examples are Taonu/Ingkellsjump attack, Irukul/Shakarr’s charge, Gnoll Chieftain/Lionotus/Blood Prince swing attacks, etc.

Q: Would you recommend clashing when soloing these bosses?
A: If you are soloing you can make a few adjustments yourself depending on the type of boss.
If a boss frequently uses it’s clash attack and you are good at clashing it, I would definitely recommendedusing clash, mainly because clash instantly refills your stamina.
But of course, unless you want some screenshots of the clash, there is no point in holding it until your stamina drains out. Quickly mash the buttons to win the clash and Voila, you got yourself an almost full stamina bar again. The other reason to use clash even in solo, would be to stop an on-coming dangerous combo (Eg:Kielu’s triple tail attack)
If the boss isn’t the type mentioned above, then it’s probably best not to tempt it into using it since it’s a waste of time and the clash usually deals very little damage on most bosses.

Q: Is the damage dealt from winning a clash depend on how much ATT you have?
A: Yes

Q: Can I do Breakoff during clash?
A: Short answer no. Long answer yes, but with a few things to take note of.
You can deal breakoff damage during clash if you hit the boss in the right location but it will NOT flinch.
This basically means if you clash a boss like Irukul while the rest of your party members spear the tusk, IrukulWILL take the BO damage but will not flinch. Meaning you can throw over a thousand spears during that one clash and you still won’t make him flinch. But considering the fact that bosses still take BO damage during the clash, even the weakest of smash that deals BO damage will flinch the boss once you’ve reached the peak of it’s BO damage to achieve that flinch.

If all that talk about BO damage and flinches are confusing, here is another example.
Ingkells (in party mode). Ingkells requires 3 spear hits or 2 stickies to achieve each flinch.
This basically means you can also use only 1 spear and 1 sticky together in combination to also cause one flinch. When Ingkells is clashed, simply throw one spear at his shoulder (aimed correctly ofc) and one sticky to ensure the flinch after the clash has ended.

Also if you are fighting Lionotus, feel free to chuck everything at Verafim (the lizard) during clash because Lionotus and Verafim are two completely different monsters and clashing Lion will not stop the BO from happening.

Q: Why does Karok’s clash only hold a boss up to 10 seconds? Shouldn’t they be able to do more than just that?
 In the past Korean players used to have infinite stamina during transformation. And in the past, there was no such thing as a 10 second long clash rule.
And therefore those two combined to give this:

Now it isn’t exactly fun or technically realistic if the boss just gets his @$$ handed on a silver platter like that eh?

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