Rift Warden Quick Guide

Rift Warden Quick Guide by Burninalways

Best Spec:
61 Warden, 11 Purifier, 4 Sentinel – CP Warden

Alternative Spec:
61 Warden, 12 Sentinel, 3 Inquisitor – SP Warden


Standard Rotation:
First off you always keep 5 stacks of Dangers of the Deep which can easily be done at the start before any aoe damage hits the raid by doing dps on the boss, maintaining those stacks for the whole fight.

Then just before the AoE damage starts up you do Tidal Surge + Flashover + Monsoon, maintaining those HoTs you get on yourself.

However when Monsoon is on cd you use the HoTs on yourself with Ripple to spread them again.
Always keeping up Soothing StreamHealing SprayHealing Flood on yourself and Dangers of the Deep using
Call of the Depths & Geyser to do it.

Using reactive healing mainly Pool of Restoration then Wave of Renewal or Downpour when AoE damage hits
the raid. Re-actively healing within 1- 2s of the damage happening.

Preemptive healing with Healing Cataract or Downpour before the AoE damage starts pulsing at the raid and using Healing Effusion if you mess it up.

Mainly using Tidal Surge with Monsoon, you can also use Tidal Surge & Flashover with Wave of Renewal orDownpour.

If you start to lose too much mana use Cascade or stop and channel Open Water if in dire need of mana.

Useful abilities you need to know about:

Please note that most of the numbers shown in the tooltips will be different in-game when leveling, as these are at the abilities show in the Souls and do not have stats or a level to increase their power.

Once at Level 60 Heroic Resolve & Wisdom of the Ages will read as 70, in-game.

You should always cast Shared Excess on yourself, never the tank.

Heroic Resolve

Wisdom of the Ages

Sign of Wrath

Shared Excess

Bosun’s Blessing

The stacks of Dangers of the Deep comes from using a damaging ability, not from DoTs or procs already on the target.


Call of the Depths



Healing Effusion will drain your mana a lot if you use it too many times.

Healing Flare
ST Heal

Healing Breath
ST Heal

Overflowing Renewal
ST Heal

Orbs of the Stream
ST Heal

Healing Spray
ST Heal

Soothing Stream
ST Heal
Stacks 4 times per target.

Orbs of the Tide
AoE Heal

Healing Flood
AoE Heal

Pool of Restoration
AoE Heal

Healing Cataract
AoE Heal
Cast Time: 2.0s

Healing Effusion
AoE Heal

Curative Waters cleanses twice, when you 1st cast then 3 seconds later.

Cleansing Waters

Curative Waters
AoE Utility

After your raid get AoE Rez if you wiped use Wave of Renewal to instantly overheal the raid, make things go faster than waiting for everyone to drink. Then use Open Water or drink yourself to get max mana back.

Cascade can be used on others but you should always use it for yourself.

River of Life

Tidal Surge
Instant – No Global Cooldown

Instant – No Global Cooldown

AoE Heal

Instant – No Global Cooldown

Wave of Renewal
AoE Heal

AoE Heal


Open Water
10s Channel

CP Warden Spec:
This spec is designed around having enough CP (400) for when you are raiding especially when at max (1196) as you have an ample amount for crits to work in your favor.
So you don’t need another set of gear and will be able to do better heals than before.

SP Warden Spec:
This is pre-raiding spec designed around having just SP increasing the base amount of each heal with no forced crits involved.
So you are fresh 60 and lacking any CP (zero) for raiding with however you do have SP, this is the spec for you till to you have enough CP (400).

The majority of your heals will come from it this order:
Soothing Stream
Healing Spray
Healing Flood
Pool of Restoration
Wave of Renewal
Healing Cataract
Healing Effusion
Shared Excess
Bosun’s Blessing
Orbs of the Tide

This is also how your breakdown of hps should normally look like at the end of the fight, with SS doing the most of the healing then HS and going downwards with any item procs at the very bottom.

Cooldowns or mayor heals in the breakdown may fluctuate depending how often they were used or were used a the end of the fight, but this what it should normally look like even it you did used a them couple of times.

You should also be doing at least 2K dps at the same time, while having outstanding hps.
The only reason why can’t do more hps than a Chloromancer is they beaten you to re-actively or preemptively healing the raid with their own dps or direct heals.

It should take the work of 2 Chloromancers to keep up with 1 Warden if you doing every thing right.

These will help, though you can make your own to suit your needs.

#show Healing Breath
cast @mouseoverui Healing Breath
cast @mouseoverui Healing Flare

#show Healing Spray
cast @mouseoverui Healing Spray

#show Soothing Stream
cast @mouseoverui Soothing Stream

#show Orbs of the Stream
cast @mouseoverui Orbs of the Stream

#show Symbol of the Torch
cast @mouseoverui Symbol of the Torch

#show Orbs of the Tide
cast @mouseoverui Orbs of the Tide

#show Geyser
cast Call of the Depths
cast Geyser

#show Cleansing Waters
cast @mouseoverui Cleansing Waters
cast @group01 Cleansing Waters
cast @group02 Cleansing Waters
cast @group03 Cleansing Waters
cast @group04 Cleansing Waters
cast @group05 Cleansing Waters
cast @group06 Cleansing Waters
cast @group07 Cleansing Waters
cast @group08 Cleansing Waters
cast @group09 Cleansing Waters
cast @group10 Cleansing Waters
cast @group11 Cleansing Waters
cast @group12 Cleansing Waters
cast @group13 Cleansing Waters
cast @group14 Cleansing Waters
cast @group15 Cleansing Waters
cast @group16 Cleansing Waters
cast @group17 Cleansing Waters
cast @group18 Cleansing Waters
cast @group19 Cleansing Waters
cast @group20 Cleansing Waters

Complete Set
Warning placement can be very tricky and delete what you don’t like about it.

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