Neverwinter Stats and Effects Calculation

Neverwinter Stats and Effects Calculation by Dandes

Because many people dont know how the game´s stats work exactly,i will try to explain it as more detailed i can.I hope it will help you,so you know how to build your gear properly and have no problems.

Power Tooltip = Power*0.04
This formula is largely irrelevant, you can convert power directly to ability damage without multiplying it by 0.04 first.
The power coefficient varies per damaging ability (see Abilities Damage) but they all scale in a linear way with one exception that I’ve found so far: the Control wizards Ice Storm has diminishing returns from power.
Therefore the value of power depends on the abilities you’re using and how often you use them.

Critical Strike
Critical Chance Tooltip = 28.8*CriticalStike^1.2/(LevelConstant+CriticalStrike^1.2)
Critical Chance % = 0.05+StatBonus+FeatBonus+0.288*CriticalStike^1.2/(LevelConstant+CriticalStrike^1.2)
…where the level constant for level 60 is between 10185 and 10187.

Armor Penetration
Armor Penetration Tooltip = 35.72*ArmorPenetration^1.88/(LevelConstant+ArmorPenetration^1.88)
Targets Mitigation % = Mitigation-StatBonus-ArmorPenetrationTooltip*(1+FeatBonus)
…where the level constant for level 60 is between 1225377 and 1225660.
Your % of Armor Penetration subtracts directly from the targets mitigation to a minimum of 0 mitigation. Abilities effects stack, are applied after Armor Penetration and can reduce the targets mitigation into negative numbers. See PvE mitigation info in post #2.

Recovery Tooltip = 36*Recovery^1.5/(LevelConstant+Recovery^1.5)
Encounter Ability Cooldown Time = InitialCooldownTime/(1+StatBonus+FeatBonus+0.36*Recovery^1.5/(LevelConstant+Recovery^1.5))
Action Point Gain % = 1+StatBonus+FeatBonus+0.36*Recovery^1.5/(LevelConstant+Recovery^1.5)
…where the level constant for level 60 is between 102309 and 102311.

Defense Tooltip = 49.99*Defense/(LevelConstant+Defense)
Damage Resistance % = 0.005*(ArmorClass-10)+0.4999*Defense/(LevelConstant+Defense)*(1+FeatBonus)
…where level constant for level 60 is 1643.6.
The combined Damage Resistance from AC, Defense and abilities cap at 80% mitigation, with the exception of those abilities that always mitigate 100% of the damage.

Deflect Tooltip = 30.8*Deflect^1.4/(LevelConstant+Deflect^1.4)
Deflect Chance % = StatBonus+0.308*Deflect^1.4/(LevelConstant+Deflect^1.4)
Deflected Amount = 50% of damage remaining after Damage Resistance is applied.
…where level constant for level 60 is between 41957 and 41977.
Deflection is not affected by the 80% Damage Resistance cap mentioned above and as such can increasetotal mitigation to 90% on deflected attacks.

Regeneration Tooltip = 20.77*Regeneration^1.3/(LevelConstant+Regeneration^1.3)
% of Lost Health Regenerated Every 3 Seconds = 0.2077*Regeneration^1.3/(LevelConstant+Regeneration^1.3)
…where the level constant for level 60 is 12938.
Regeneration heals a % of the health you have lost, not your total health. It is also capped at 50% health lost, so you will never gain more than half the amount on the tooltip.

Life Steal
Life Steal Tooltip = 20.5*LifeSteal^1.3/(LevelConstant+LifeSteal^1.3)
% Of Damage Gained As Hit Points = 0.205*LifeSteal^1.3/(LevelConstant+LifeSteal^1.3)
…where the level constant for level 60 is between 12710 and 12713.

Movement Tooltip = 31*Movement^1.4/(LevelConstant+Movement^1.4)
Run Speed % = 1 + 0.31*Movement^1.4/(LevelConstant+Movement^1.4)
…where the level constant for level 60 is between 42286 and 42340.

Ability Damage
Abilities Damage Tooltip Minimum = (BaseDamage+Power*PowerCoefficient+MinWeaponDamage *WeaponCoefficient)*(1+StatBonus)*(1+FeatBonus)*(1 +BonusFrom#OfPoints)
Abilities Damage Tooltip Maximum = (BaseDamage+Power*PowerCoefficient+MaxWeaponDamage *WeaponCoefficient)*(1+StatBonus)*(1+FeatBonus)*(1 +BonusFrom#OfPoints)
Abilities Minimum Damage = (BaseDamage+Power*PowerCoefficient+MinWeaponDamage *WeaponCoefficient)*(1+StatBonus)*(1+FeatBonus)*(1 +BonusFrom#OfPoints)*(1-TargetsMitigation)
Abilities Maximum Damage = (BaseDamage+Power*PowerCoefficient+MaxWeaponDamage *WeaponCoefficient)*(1+StatBonus)*(1+FeatBonus)*(1 +BonusFrom#OfPoints)*(1-TargetsMitigation)
The BaseDamage, PowerCofficient and WeaponCoefficient varies per damaging ability, and there are some rare exceptions where the scaling in non-linear (just Ice Storm so far).

Critical Severity and Combat Advantage
Critical Strike Damage = AbilitiesDamage*CriticalSeverity
Combat Advantage Damage = AbilitiesDamage*(1+0.15*(1+StatBonus))
Critical and Combat Advantage Damage = AbilitiesDamage*((1+0.15*(1+StatBonus))+CriticalSe verity)

Tier 1 and Tier 2 Mitigation:
Enemies are Level 62 in Tier 1 and level 65 in Tier 2. This does not affect their mitigation.
(Have not yet tested Castle Never)

Bosses 24% mitigation
Brutes 20% or 22% mitigation
Strikers and Leaders 16.2% or 18% mitigation
Minions 14.4% mitigation
Controllers and Ranged Strikers 12.8% or 14% mitigation

So in PvE Armor Penetration starts to soft cap at 12.8% and hard caps at 24%. Other effects that reduce the targets mitigation don’t seem to have a cap, I’ve so far seen enemies go as low as -132% defenses (2.32 times base damage).

Some ability scores are addative to you Armor Penetration %, for Great Weapon Fighters it’s Con and for Guardian Fightes it’s Dex. Meaning they reduce an enemies mitigation by an additional 1% per point of Con (GWF) or Dex (GF) over 10.

Tier 2 boss, 24% mitigation. You have 15 Constitution on your Great Weapon Fighter so that reduces his mitigation to 19%.

You also have 1853 Armor Penetration? Great, that’s another 19% reducing the bosses mitigation to 0.

Your enemies in PvE have mitigation ranging from 12.8% (e.g. archer trash mobs) to 24% (e.g. all bosses), so how much Armor Penetration do you need?

For every class except GWF and GF, between 1271 and 2536 for 12.8% to 24%
Con (GWF) or Dex (GF) of 15, between 879 and 1854 for 12.8% to 24%
Con (GWF) or Dex (GF) of 16, between 802 and 1747 for 12.8% to 24%
Con (GWF) or Dex (GF) of 17, between 724 and 1646 for 12.8% to 24%
Con (GWF) or Dex (GF) of 18, between 643 and 1550 for 12.8% to 24%
Con (GWF) or Dex (GF) of 19, between 559 and 1459 for 12.8% to 24%
Con (GWF) or Dex (GF) of 20, between 467 and 1371 for 12.8% to 24%
Con (GWF) or Dex (GF) of 21, between 364 and 1287 for 12.8% to 24%
Con (GWF) or Dex (GF) of 22, between 233 and 1206 for 12.8% to 24%
Con (GWF) or Dex (GF) of 23, between 0 and 1126 for 12.8% to 24%
Con (GWF) or Dex (GF) of 24, between 0 and 1048 for 12.8% to 24%
Con (GWF) or Dex (GF) of 25, between 0 and 971 for 12.8% to 24%

There is a combat log parsing program here:…bat-Log-Parser

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