Hearthstone Golden Soulbound Cards List

Hearthstone Golden Soulbound Cards List by Starflame

First, the golden basic cards: In order to unlock a golden basic card, you must get a certain hero to a certain level. This is a list of which heros get which cards, and at what level those cards unlock:

15/20- Healing Touch
23/26- Wild Growth
28/30- Mark of the Wild
32/34- Claw
36/38- Innervate
40/42- Moonfire
43/44- Savage Roar
45/46- Starfire
47/48- Swipe
49/50- Ironbark Protector
51/52- Oasis Snapjaw
53/54- Nightblade
55/56- River Crocolisk
57/58- Elven Archer
59/60- Novice Engineer

15/20- Tracking
23/26- Timber Wolf
28/30- Houndmaster
32/34- Arcane Shot
36/38- Multi-Shot
40/42- Hunter’s Mark
43/44- Tundra Rhino
45/46- Animal Companion
47/48- Starving Buzzard
49/50- Kill Command
51/52- Core Hound
53/54- Stonetusk Boar
55/56- Razorfen Hunter
57/58- Bloodfen Raptor
59/60- Ironfur Grizzly

15/20- Arcane Intellect
23/26- Frost Nova
28/30- Arcane Explosion
32/34- Arcane Missiles
36/38- Mirror Image
40/42- Frostbolt
44/46- Fireball
47/48- Polymorph
49/50- Water Elemental
51/52- Flamestrike
53/54- Dragonling Mechanic
55/56- Ironforge Rifleman
57/58- Archmage
59/60- Dalaran Mage

15/20- Holy Light
23/26- Hand of Protection
28/30- Humility
32/34- Hammer of Wrath
36/38- Light’s Justice
40/42- Truesilver Champion
43/44- Consecration
45/46- Blessing of Might
47/48- Guardian of Kings
49/50- Blessing of Kings
51/52- Stormpike Commando
53/54- Bluegill Warrior
55/56- Stormwind Knight
57/58- Goldshire Footman
59/60- Stormwind Champion

15/20- Mind Blast
23/26- Holy Smite
28/30- Divine Spirit
32/34- Mind Vision
36/38- Shadow Word: Pain
40/42- Northshire Cleric
43/44- Shadow Word: Death
45/46- Holy Nova
47/48- Power Word: Shield
49/50- Mind Control
51/52- Murloc Raider
53/54- Shattered Sun Cleric
55/56- Darkscale Healer
57/58- Gnomish Inventor
59/60- Lord of the Arena

15/20- Sinister Strike
23/26- Vanish
29/31- Fan of Knives
32/34- Assassin’s Blade
36/38- Backstab
40/42- Sap
43/44- Deadly Poison
45/46- Shiv
47/48- Assassinate
49/50- Sprint
51/52- War Golem
53/54- Murloc Tidehunter
55/56- Voodoo Doctor
57/58- Acidic Swamp Ooze
59/60- Sen’jin Shieldmasta

15/20- Ancestral Healing
23/26- Windfury
28/30- Totemic Might
32/34- Frost Shock
36/38- Rockbiter Weapon
40/42- Bloodlust
43/44- Flametongue Totem
45/46- Windspeaker
47/48- Hex
49/50- Fire Elemental
51/52- Magma Rager
53/54- Frostwolf Warlord
55/56- Booty Bay Bodyguard
57/58- Frostwolf Grunt
59/60- Reckless Rocketeer

15/20- Sacrificial Pact
23/26- Dread Infernal
28/30- Soulfire
32/34- Corruption
36/38- Voidwalker
40/42- Succubus
43/44- Mortal Coil
45/46- Drain Life
47/48- Shadow Bolt
49/50- Hellfire
51/52- Boulderfist Ogre
53/54- Grimscale Oracle
55/56- Ogre Magi
57/58- Gurubashi Berserker
59/60- Kobold Geomancer

15/20- Heroic Strike
23/26- Charge
28/30- Shield Block
32/34- Whirlwind
36/38- Warsong Commander
40/42- Cleave
44/46- Kor’kron Elite
47/48- Execute
49/50- Fiery War Axe
51/52- Arcanite Reaper
53/54- Silverback Patriarch
55/56- Chillwind Yeti
57/58- Raid Leader
59/60- Wolfrider

There are a few other Golden Soulbound cards that have special conditions:

Captain’s Parrot- Unlocked when you have all of the golden pirates. (Including Captain Greenskin)
Old Murk-Eye- Unlocked when you have all of the golden murlocs. YES! THAT IS ALL THE MURLOCS! That means you have to get to level 54 with the Warlock, level 54 with the Rogue, level 52 with the Priest, and level 54 with the Paladin. (Good luck, have fun with this one.)

Elite Tauren Chieftain- Awarded at BlizzCon 2013
Gelbin Mekkatorque- Awarded the first time you spend real money in the game during the beta.

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