Angels Online Wraith Chaos Mage Guide

Angels Online Wraith Chaos Mage Guide by akylesaa

Hello the reason i’m building this guide is because i didnt find any guides for lvl 80+ mages in forum therefore i’m building this one to help all wraith & chaos mages out there!

Okay let’s start, first let’s talk about the build of your character, i advice you to start with this one: Wraith Chaos Curse Axe Vestment
The reason why i picked axe is because it adds defense and mages need it badly, later on, when your skills are like 157 or 160+, you should change avatar for assault (i’l talk better about this later). If your not an axe lover you can chose spear instead since it has some nice hp and spell attack buffs at lvl 119+.

Ok lets point out some important Pros and Cons about this class.


– Higher spell attack in comparison to other non chaos mages (thanks to chaos buffs);
– Easy level up (especially at 133+);
– Spells have high power and alot of elemental damage;
– Less need to repair and buy pots (again especially after lvl 133+);
– Good at almost everything like pvp, Boss camping and AoEing;
– Very good buffs especially wraith ones.


– You need alot of money to be strong (spells cost a fortune and ussualy so do staffs and sets);
– Little defense (that’s why i prefer having axe);
– Chaos spells are kinda weak before 160
– Harder to skill wraith and axe (idk why but after 135 or so my wraith lvl’ed super duper fast xD)

Ok mages seem hard to skill true but after lvl 108 it gets really fun and a little easier the most important problem about being a mage is in fact the money it costs, the spells simply cost you alot (like level 80 wraith aoe costs 7mil with a rank 13+ character)! Just don’t give up it will pay off!


Okay so let me show you the most important spells you character should have (i did skip some because i found them useless or you already have a same level skill that is more powerfull for exemple: 108 wraith aoe is stronger than 108 chaos aoe therefore do not buy 108 chaos aoe ur just throwing away ur precious money). The numbers in front of the skill name are the levels 1 and 4 of the skill level required to learn them

Chaos Skills

Thunder Strike (54-90)


This spell is good to combo when your level is still 130- since you can use all your thunder strikes at once! a good combo is pheonix fire + all your thunders and the AoE

Phoenix Fire (58-94)


You should buy lvl 4 of it i know i only has lvl 2 of it but that’s because i used skill balls and i could buy stronger spells already so i didnt waste my money on lvl 4, but if you dont have skill balls you should buy it. It’s a single attack spell not bad for its level

Demon Surge (74-92)


It’s a nice buff for some ocassions, it only lasts 10 secs and increases your spell attack by 20% at level 4 and by 40% at level 5 its very good, you could use this before u start hitting a gate at HB or before you start a battle in pvp / Angel Arena

Thunder Fury (80-104)


A nice AoE to combo with 80 wraith AoE, good for 100- players anyways don’t buy lvl 4 of it as it is for lvl 104 and if your patient in 4 levels more you will buy the lvl 108 aoe remenber dont waste your money!

Arcane Fire (100-136)


It’s a nice buff, kinda annoying to cast it every 90 secs because it costs significant MP but anways let me explain how it works, at level 4 it transfers 80% of your wasted MP into fire damage, for exemple: your spell used to damage 5000 the enemie and it costed 1000 MP, 80% of 1000 is 800 so you would damage your enemie 5800 damage. This affects all your attack spells.

Cloud Burst (120-156)


A very nice buff at level 4 it increases by 10 the critical chance of all your spells. Level 4 attack spells at lvl 108+ auto add +12 critical chance so combined with this you have 22 crit chance which is high.

Merlin Circle (126-150)


A must have buff at level 4 it increases, both yours and your teammates nearby you, 1200 Max MP and 10% spell attack. By the way if your not in a team it won’t buff you too so you have to be in a team.

Super Frozen Star (33-157)


One of my favorite Chaos AoEs it effects 8 spaces see from how far i hited the jackstraw? xD it has nice ice damage and power you should buy lvl 4 (my poor ass still didnt bought it)

Chain Lightning (145-169)


One of the most powerfull spells you will have it might not look good at first but let me explain, If your enemie has an ally near him (a pet, clone, another person, HB gate/statue, etc) This spell will hit them alot of times, at level 4 it jumps 7 times so, it would hit ur enemie (1st hit) then his ally (2nd hit) then him (3rd) then his ally (4th) him (5th) ally (6th) and finally him again (7th) even if he has more spell defense than you level 4 has over 3000 lightning damage so this would do good damage.

Ice age (150-180)


Same as arcane fire but improved, at level 4 it transfers 120% of your wasted MP into ice damage, buy it when you have the money.
(Thank you to xrodxigox for the screenies)

Arcane Barier (163-193)


It increases your defense and decreases your spell defense, it’s good to fight warriors at level 1 it incraeses defense by 2080 and decreases spell defense by 650. (Thank you to xrodxigox for the screenies)

Wraith Skill

Summon Azrael (76-94)

 The description of the spell has nothing important therefore i did not add it

A nice companion until you hit lvl 100
You can check more about this summon stats and spell here:

Doomsday Bomb (80-104)


This is an interesting AoE, first it hits your target with poison hit 5, then it deals poison damage over time, after 5 seconds have passed it explodes, since after 5 seconds you can aoe again you can combo 80 wraith + 80 chaos aoe if your timing is good.

Summon Soul Muncher (100-136)

At level 100 you get this summon it helps against fighters because it drains MP and SP and also has over 22k hp unfortunetly has little attack :/
You can check more about this summon stats and spells here:

Venomous Breath (108-132)


At last my favorite AoE <3, one of the strongest you will have to besides having alot of spell power and corrosion damage (over 6000 at level 4) it inflict poison for 6 secs decreasing the targets HP by 1000 each second! Doing the math…. (assuming your enemie has around 10 corrosion defense) 6000 poison + 5400 corrosion = 11400 unavoidable damage. If you have assault lvl 126 buff this spell would be instant, which helps alot because mobs can’t interrupt your casting and you can use it more often!

Holy Soul Shield (119-146)


Another decent wraith buff, wastes a significant amount of MP but its worth it because at lvl 4 u got 70% chance not to die when ur HP falls to 0 its bassicly an auto revive, if u are revived by this u will receive 20% of ur HP . Atention: you must have a summoned beast for this to work, so always have at least 1 beast summoned!

Demonic Resilience (120-156)


One of my favorite buffs it rebounds any damage up to 629 to the attacker, at lvl 4. This is perfect to level on mobs since they usually hit u less than 500 if you have a decent defense (for a mage) its also pretty good against archers 133 aoe steel rain. For exemple sr4 hits u 10 times if ur the only one in the AoE area with resilience 4 (assuming u won’t die) u would rebound 6290 damage to the archers isnt that just awesome? It doesnt work on BOSSes (anywhere) and also in monsters (only instance monsters).

Summon Demon (126-150)


At last! your strongest summon its quite very powerfull, at level 4 it has 64k HP and 5k atk with 850 fire damage
You can check more about this summon stats here:

Blood Thirsty bite (130-154)


Finally after all that time using phoenix fire you now can learn a new single attack spell, this one is powerfull for your level to, as it has 2k spell power and 5.6k corrosion damage at level 4, it also causes the target to suffer DoT but its only 200 and this won’t stack with venomous breath poison.

Forbidden Curse (133-157)


Here it is! The famous spell that lets you level up with no pots and broken gear xD (assuming you don’t miss alot) Besides having a good spell power it regenerates you HP and MP at level 1 it regenerates 25% HP and 3% MP out of the damage you have done (3% isn’t alot so at level 1 it’s not so good) but at level 4 it regenerates 40% HP and 6% MP and this is alot, this spell will also help you alot in instances because you might have 200 HP at a moment and when u use FC you would regain almost all of your HP, if not all of it! So this is a must for wraith mages. If you have assault lvl 126 buff this spell is instant, this helps alot because mobs wont be able to interrupt your casting (0.5 doesnt seem to be alot but higher level monsters have higher crit chance and when you are AoE’ing it’s really annoying to get interrupted all the time) and you can use it more often!

Apocalypto (145-169)


This AoE is similar to Venomous Breath but with some important difrences, first of all at level 4 it deals 10k damage on poison which is not bad, it costs more MP (of course), its a self AoE and it takes more time to cast and cooldown, this is where it gets bad, should you inflict +4k hp poison at a cost of +1.5 seconds of vulnerability to your opponent? I don’t know that’s why i only use this AoE to defense HB gates because i can chicken out to my base and be safe xD

Critical Infection (150-174)


I bought this because i tought it would be just like chain lightning, but it turned out not to, it does hit other targets but it wont hit the 1st target again and the other targets will not be damaged they will only be infliected poison status which i s lose 700 hp per 2 seconds, however this poison stacks with venomous breath or apocalypto poison so the only good thing about this out be to stack poisons.
Therefore, unless you plan to poison your enemies to death, i dont advice you to buy this spell.

Duo Summon (150-180)


A nice buff, to bad it only lasts 1 minute at level 1 but lasts 4 minutes at level 4, it’s good to tank sr’s for exemple: you + 2 summons + your clone + pet + mercenarie = 6 enemies for the sr hits to split up. It’s also good to defeat HB gates just summon 2 demons and they would hit at least 1k each on the gate so it would double to 2k.

Soul trap (163-193)


A strong spell has high spell power and over 6k corrosion damage, and also inflicts poison, the target losses 600 hp per 2 secs, altough it doesnt stack with venomous breath/apocalypto poison. Another important thing about it is tat it’s fast, even faster with 126 assault buff! with the buff it would have 0.5 cast and 1 sec cooldown ^^. Your summon also restores health when you use this spell at level 1 it restore 777 HP twice
However if you have ice cask spell i won’t advice you to buy this spell (altought this one is slightly stronger they’r powers are very similar) so it’s not worth to waste money to a similar spell.

Demonic Counter (175-199)


An improved version of Demonic Resilience, and what an improvement :O demonic counter 1 reflects everything up to 2300 damage! Imagine sum1 steel rain 4 you and you survive it would reflect 23k damage MindBlowing!!! This buff also work in silversnow realm instance monsters! *__*

About axe skills: Just buy the buffs don’t focus on attacks especially AoE’s because you don’t have reserve and they cost often more than 2 SP lamps (you can buy shield hit if your fast enough switching weapons you can stun your opponent).

About Avatar/Assault buffs: Buy them all they are all usefull (don’t buy Illusion Strenght (assault buff) if you don’t have avatar because that buff only works on your clones).

Skill Changing/Hybrids

Okay so now that you know which skills are the best for you to buy lets move on and talk about skill changing and hybrids.

Remenber in the begging i told you i would talk better about changing avatar to assault? Well you don’t really need to but you need to be aware that casting speed is very important, the less you have the bigger chances you got to survive and to re-cast that spell again (to kill enemies faster) so when you hit level 157 with wraith (you can learn forbidden curse 4 now) you should change avatar to assault and start skilling it, and since csating spells will also give assault EXP you shouldnt have alot of trouble to get it high level. You might miss the clones at the beggining but later on i’m sure you won’t ;)

With assault lvl 126 buff you have less 0.5 seconds casting so it is much easier to level up because monsters now can’t interrupt you while casting venomous breath and forbidden curse (they had 0.5 secs casting and with 126 buff that have 0.0 sec which is instant).

Some people might want to change axe for assault but i highly don’t recommend this because, like i said before, mages need defense, it’s our only weakness so if i changed axe for assault i would lose 46% defense (rec. shield 5 + fighting shield 5) and 230 def (hell shield 4) 46% defense is alot and you really need it.

Now after your assault is lvl 150 (you can learn shadow meld 4) you have 2 options and they are:

– Change curse for avatar, to have your clones back (they will be stronger now due to ghostly tactics) it’s proven that shadow meld 4 is better than curse, all spells that have 0.8 secs or less casting time will be instant and buffs (ussually 2 secs cast) will only have + 0.1 sec casting whidout curse.

-Stay like you are (wraith/chaos/curse/axe/assault/vestment) altought i don’t recomend this build, it’s the fastest buffer, this means you will be available sooner to help your friends at totem war and HB than the other people whidout assault and curse

Ok that’s it from now on you shouldnt have any more problems with your build and skills, remenber some persons chose to have spear instead of axe to have more HP and spell attack just beware that ghostly tactics can’t be used together with bloody song (this shouldnt be a problem at all because only earth mages need attack) and energy roar can’t be used together with mirror hit.

Skilling (the most boring part)

Okay since most of people got problems skilling wraith (mainly because wraith doesnt have many buffs or AoEs that cost little MP) I’l give you some tips. (I will assume you already have anti locked shield it’s level 60, easy to reach if you attempt all dailies and get some lvl 80- skill exp balls) The best way to skill a wraith mage before level 100 is using these skills : anti – locked shield 1, hurt transfer 1, summon skeleton 1 (use it at 100% HP in your pet) and using all your tranfer bargain (this skill is lvl 68 i didn’t add it in my guide because its not very helpfull, all it does is give your summon some hp and defense you can buy lvl 1 and 2 for skiling) some people also skill with lvl 60 AoE hell flame, i don’t recommend this because it burns your pots quickly.

If you dont want to waste any money on pots… You can go to free terra and use Demon Surge 4 and kill mobs there ( go to the mobs you can kill 1hit) set Angel baby to auto delete HP potions and to auto use MP potions at 90%. Attacking with demon surge 4 will provide you some MP already (50% chance to absorve) and the mobs will drop potions (100% drop chance). While you kill you can use hurt transfer too and anti-locked tactics but no more or your character will be overwhelmed with spells to cast.

After level 157 with forbidden curse 4 it gets even easier, you can actually win money by skilling, all you have to do is the same you did in free terra but instead do it on monsters outside terra (if you dont have decent sa you can do it on busy jackstraw or in slarms/lilies). For this i advice you to auto attack with FC4 and use hurt transfer 1 anti – locked shield 1, all your transfer bargains and summon skeleton. A good place to do this is in Sunken Ruins at the big sharks (they drop around 600 gold each).

Training tips (PVE)

Before lvl 157 its harder but possible, if you have FC1 you can try it out but be sure you absorve enough mana to compensate the mana lost by using the spell, if your still lvl 133- manualy AoE would be good at floating or candy maps but if you want to AFK i advice to put this on Angel Baby:

1: thunder strike first and then phoenix fire (fast combo) and in the final HP absorve spell torestore some HP you possibly lost;

2: Keep away from the enemy to prevent HP loss and gear break;

3: Try to search for monsters with green name (those should be easy for you and still give you full EXP) then try to test your spells on them, chose the one with smallest HP and you do more damage;

4: Obviously, if you are in agressive maps, check this option to keep you away from BOSSes;

5 *Optional* you can put any AoE here if you get attack by many monsters, this only makes sense in maps with agressive monsters.

If you have wraith lvl 157 you should have FC4 by now, it’s alot easier to level up and camp bosses now :3
Anyways if you want to level up here is how you should set Angel Baby:

1: If you are strong enough and you recover 2900 or more mana with FC4 in your current monsters you can put venomous breath 1 (costs 901 MP) in Common attack if you recover enough to compensate venomous breath 4 you should use VB4, this will allow you to kill more monsters, it’s not as good as manual AoE’ing but it’s already better than just single hitting the monsters.

2: By now you should alraedy have Demonic resilience 4 (lvl 156 of wraith) therefor the mobs won’t hit you (unless you are training in a very tough spot) so don’t check “keep away from monsters”, if you do this the monster will damage him self and your demon will hit him more times because hes not chasing the monster all the time, resuming: this will help you kill slightly faster.

Health pots should be used at 50% HP and Mana pots should be used at 25% MP.

If you wish to camp bosses you should set your Angel Baby like this:

1: Put on FC4 here, attention not put FC4 on SP Skill slot;

2: Uncheck this, obviously, once i set to camp a boss and didnt uncheck it and it didnt kill the boss the entire night xD

3: Put in 1 monster attack use VB4 or VB1 if you don’t absorve enough mana to compensate the loss, this allows you to combo VB + FC.

Health pots should be used at 60% (or more if the boss is hard) and Mana pots should be used at 50% MP.

PVP tips

Finally the fun stuff pvp :3!

As a mage it’s important to keep distance from your opponent, that’s why archers are a pain in the ass for us. If your still under level 100 there’s not many tactics just combo phoenix fire + your thunders and AoE when u can until your target dies, if your fighting a melee enemie use action sealed whenever you can, ohh and rememnber to use demon surge before the fight starts!

The fun starts at level 108 when your learn VB, this AoE has a fast cast but has a long delay (time it takes to hit the target after u already casted the spell), you need timing to use this AoE, it shouldn’t be to dificult with pratctice you’ll get there, i just love when people run straight into my AoE. At level 108 you should be able to kill your target in 2 VB maybe 3 because of the strong poison <3.

As i said before archers are our natural enemie so even with 108 AoE don’t forget to action seal them before they silence u and start raining fs5’s at you x.x.

After level 130 you can use bloodthirsty bite and combo it with VB, shouldn’t be too hard since these both have huge corrosion damage and poison (remenber 130 single hit poison won’t stack with 108 AoE poison).

When you 163 you can replace BBT with Soul Trap, it’s way more powerfull, has more corrosion damage and has more poison (and heals you summon). If you have really high SA just use FC this is helpfull at HB to regain HP and some MP.

At HB mages aren’t the best with gates and statues but if some one comes out of the gate you are attack, you should imidiatly use chain lightning (this will deal alot of damage to gate and to the player that came to defend). If you are the one defending your gate, be carefull not to be SR’ed and to be hit by chain lightning, then a good combo would be SFS (super frozen star) + CL (chain lightning) you should replace VB by SFS because you have to point with VB and that might take some time and you need to retreat to your base again before you get stormed with SR’s (the other classes of melee are also dangerous but bow is especially dangerous against you). If you have 175 wraith buff, demonic counter, and prety high defense like 15~16k you will laugh at bow users so just kill ’em all :p.
If you have lower SA than most mages you should focus in elemental damage and poison, those 2 alone can already make a great amount of damage (but still focus more in improving ur sa tho…)

I think i’ve said it all, if you have any suggestions please tell me!

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