Allods Online GM Commands and Console Activation Guide

Allods Online GM Commands and Console Activation Guide by Maxcom

Hi all! That’s my mini-guide about game console.

Before all, you must activate a console in game client.

Open the folder with game client and in folder “profiles” change file input.cfg.
Under “commonbindsection” you must add bind toggle_debug_console ‘`’ then save file and close it.
Then you can launch client.

In game client press the button ~ to open debug console.

It’s some gm commands list for you.

set_access Master Sets you a Master access, letting you to use console commands
shelp Prints a list of all console commands
shelpf Search for a desired commands by the first symbol(s) typed after shelpf command
level_up Levelups the character to a stated value
set_level Sets a certain level to a character
add_exp adds a stated amount of exp; mandatory argument – amount of exp needed
add_honor adds a stated amount of honor; mandatory argument – amount of honor needed
attach_buff attaches a chosen buff to a character
add_rep adds a stated amount of reputation; mandatory arguments – faction, amount of reputation needed
learn_spell learn a chosen spell
learn_all_spells learn all the character’s class spells without level confirmation
exploit use one of stationary objects or devices in melee radius
cast_spell make a character to cast a certain spell; mandatory argument – full name of desired spell from a directory /game/data
respawn in case of death – resurrect on the closest respawn spot
normalize buffs a character to restore a BaseStatValue
set_full_health set a basic value of max HP; mandatory argument – amount of HP needed
revive revive a character in case of death. If the character is alive – restore health
iddqd set invulnerability
print_quests (print a list of active quests) – command implements to a character that initiated the command
give_quest take a certain quest from a chosen character, if there’s no characters chosen then the command implements to a character that initiated the command; mandatory argument – full name of the quest from a directory /game/data
finish_quest finish a certain quest to a chosen character, if there’s no characters chosen then the command implements to a character that initiated the command; mandatory argument – full name of the quest from a directory /game/data
complete_quest set a certain quest “ready to deliver”. Syntax is the same as give_quest one
accept_quest take a test quest, noticed in GameRoot.fakeQuest
print_quest_state print a state of a certain quest. Syntax is the same as in give_quest
abandon_quest abandon one of taken quests. Syntax is the same as in give_quest
take_loot take one or all the items from loot, it works as long as your bag is opened
print_bag print a content of a bag by slots
drop drop one or all the items from a bag
create_item create an item in a bag using a resource; mandatory argument – item resource name from a directory /game/data
move_item move an item in a bag; mandatory arguments – numbers of initial and destination slots
print_dress print a character’s current equipment
put_on equip an item from a bag; mandatory argument – bag slot number
take_off unequip an item and put it in a bag; mandatory argument – slot number of the item you qish to unequip
add_money mandatory argument – value
add_items adds an equipment of VisualMob; mandatory argument – VisualMob
find_group find a group by the name of one of the members; mandatory argument – name
leave_group leave the group
teleport <XXXX> <YYYY> <ZZ> teleport to new coordinates; mandatory argument – coordinates in meters
tp2avatar teleport to avatar; mandatory argument – avatar name
tp2me <nick_name> teleport another avatar to me; mandatory argument – name of avatar
tp2loc <map-locator_name>[\_map-resource name\_] teleport to a certain named location on a map; mandatory arguments – name of location, path to and a name of location source – necessary in case the location is located on a zone different from the current one
tp2me_union teleport all members of a group to the character’s location
kick kick a player from a game by his account name, no ban, just disconnection – so the player still can log in
kickbyavatar kick a player by his avatar name
avatar_info get an information about an avatar by its name. The information includes status – online/offline – coordinates and level
mute <avatar name> <duration in minutes> <reason, optional> prevent a player to post messages in chatroom for a certain period of time
unmute stop muting the player
ban <account name> <duration in days> ban an account for certain period of time
banbyavatar <Avatar name> <duration in days> ban an avatar for certain period of time
unban unban the banned account
gn_add <period of time in minutes, “0” means not to repeat> post a periodic message in a chatbox
gn_list get a list of id’s of periodic messages posted before
gn_remove <id> delete a periodic message
gn_remove_all delete all repeatable messages
summon summon a mob or a device. It is necessary to enter the name of the object you wish to summon
sudo <player name > <console command [its parameters] his command allows GM to run a server console command in the name of another player
whose_avatar finds the owner of an avatar by its name and prints an account name in a console; Mandatory argument – avatar name
acc_avatars print in a console a list of all avatars on a certain account. Mandatory argument – account name
list_avatars print a list of currently playing avatars. Parameters: a number from which the list should start, and a length of the list
count_avatars count a number of online avatars
ping_server check the latency of a client query and a server response in milliseconds

And a txt file with full command list. Press Here
Mini-guide for this commands
I recommend to use notepad++ for correct work with this file.
Before all, i should say thanks to Nafer for this command list. Power allods… In our hurts., kill yourself.
Some guide: in this file we have some list commands, for example:
dbDescriptors.cmds.uiData.CmdSetUIChunkManagerMode$name = set_ui_chunk_manager_mode – that you must type in console how a main command
dbDescriptors.cmds.uiData.CmdSetUIChunkManagerMode$help = установить режим ui chunk manager – This is russian comment = 1 – online, 0 – offline – This is special value for yours command, you must type that after you main command. For example, set_level 45(command set level)
All info about commands you can find if you will read it carefully. Good luck.

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