RaiderZ Creeper’s Nest Rescue Mission Guide

RaiderZ Creeper’s Nest Rescue Mission Guide by gjjake

General Information
1. Rescue Mission consists of 3 stages.
2. Each stages consists of 4 waves.
3. Waves 1-3 are timed around 2.5 minutes.
4. Wave 4 is not timed, and will end when the boss is killed.
5. Assuming it takes your team 2.5 minutes to kill each boss it, should take 30 minutes to complete the rescue mission.
6. There’s no need for resetting the sorcerers after each stage, it’s unnecessary and wastes time.
7. Don’t let Reon attempt bosses, his damage is pitiful.
8. If you have no healers or clerics in your party, you can substitute heals with red drum and pink guitar duet, the more pink guitars the more your duet will heal. (eg. 1 guitar + 1 drum = 250 hp/s, 2 guitar + 1 drum = 500 hp/s, …)

Chest Information
1. After each wave, remember to claim the chest by attacking it once.
2. Attack the chest only when everyone is present, chests much like monsters has an agro. counter that will reset in a short span of time.
3. Attack the chest once and with the lowest damage, allow other people in your team a chance to claim the chest. Don’t be selfish, if you open the chest by yourself, you risk getting banished from your team.

Lure: Lures.
Heal: Heals.
PvB: Player focuses on the boss.
PvM: Player focuses on the monsters.

Roles; Primary, Secondary
1. Defender: Lure, PvB
2. Berserker: PvB, PvM
3. Cleric: Heal, PvB/PvM*
4. Sorcerer: PvM, PvB

*If Cleric has Circle of Punishment PvB; if not, PvM.

Roles; Finding your role
To ensure survival of your team and your sorcerers, it’s important to have at least 2 of your team member in the PvM role. If your team lacks it, designate your teammate(s) to PvM (preferable ones that’s bad at taking on the bosses.)

How to Lure
By being the first thing a monster or boss sees performing an action, such as blocking, or attacking, or performing skills, you will effectively lure a monster. However, on instances where a monster is already attacking something, you must flinch, stun, or knock down the monster in order to lure it. For monsters: once successfully lured, simply run around them until the wave is finished. For bosses: lead them away from the sorcerers (ex. Lure Tyrant Zombie away from Lipare and/or Munji.)

Stage 1

Defender lures waves 1-3, everyone else sits by entrance. (7.5 minutes)
By wave 4, everyone follows their designated role. (2.5 minutes)

Stage 2

Cleric heals Lipare and/or Munji (if there is no cleric, play your instrument to heal them instead) everyone else defends/sits by Lipare and/or Munji. (7.5 minutes)
By wave 4, Defender lures the boss away from the sorcerers (to tell if you have boss agro. check an item that becomes unavailable for use while in combat such as lv4 potions), everyone else follows their designated role. (2.5 minutes)

Stage 3

Defender lures the south portal, everyone else defend (or lure) the remaining portals. Cleric heals Lipare and/or Munji. (7.5 minutes)
By wave 4, everyone follows their designated role. (2.5 minutes)

Best party consistency for Creeper’s Nest – Rescue Mission.
1. Cleric
2. Defender
3. Berserker
4. Sorcerer
5. Defender/Sorcerer

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