Wakfu Enutof End Game Earth Guide

Wakfu Enutof End Game Earth Guide by Nanaers

Here is my earth enu’s set guide

I use radioactive set + moo + rampart, this way I can profit alot from the set bonus. It’s better to use the rampart pieces+vamp bp over the kraken set UNLESS your looking for a pure damager, if your using kraken youll have very very bad resistance but about 30% extra dmg, 7% crit and 80% crit dmg.

I used to play with a Kraken but I found that I would take way too much damage from mobs in pve and id be too flimsy in pvp.

here are my final stats on the earth enu, I added 1 ap, 1 mp and the rest all into damage. Some of the perks from using the set+stats mentioned above are

-By adding strength>critical hits I get a reliable source of damage AND more earth resistance.

-High hp with rampart set and vampric breast plate

-Extra spell levels from using the enutrof insignia+radioactive set

-High resistance

-Not much prospecting (yes this is a good thing because you can eat a +60 pp candy and stack +100 pp and you’ll get 200 pp on the dot.

Some cons are…

-Not much dodge (I haven’t got the dodge scroll yet and it can go up with POL but its still a bit low

-Lower damage, critical hits and critical hit damage compared to using kraken

-9 ap isn’t very good in normal form (harder to stack pp, x 2 shaker with drheller is impossible)


Out of popular demand I have added a spells guide as well, enjoy.

Currently, the two main spells are Shovel Shaker and Deadly Nightspade.

If your hitting a single target you should always use Deadly Nightspade > Shovel Shaker as it provide’s a higher damage per ap (12.5 p/a for deadly nightspade, whilst 12 p/a for shovel shaker)

But when there is a possible AOE you should use shovel shaker.

And If possible I will make Killer Spade a lvl 100 spell as well in order to help finishing low hp mobs.

I have maxed Mine Mover instead of Geology, this proved to be better because previously I would waste 1 turn upgrading my mines when now I can get a gold mine in 1 turn. The draw back isnt very bad either as 5 mine’s is just enough in my experience.

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