Wakfu Air Sacrier Guide

Wakfu Air Sacrier Guide by RaVeN-Fifteen

Hi guys! I decided to make a more detailed guide for air Sacriers! I want to go through some air branch spells & specialties, and give my opinion on each. I’ll give you a leveling & gear guide as well. At the end I will Start adding different end-game builds for ideas. Eventually I will add a build you can use while leveling.

Air Spells:
Rejectattoo: 3ap Range: 1-2 (needs line of sight)
-38 hp (-57 hp crit)
-48 hp if the target is stabilized (-72 hp crit)
Pushes target back by 1 cell.

It’s a necessity in most builds. you will use this more often than some might think. If you’re using motion sickness/assult then you will want this somewhat leveled. Close-combat enemies will get in your face, and you can push them back to make distance without having to risk getting locked & losing a turn of damage.

Sacrier’s Fist: 2ap/1mp Range: 1-2 to 1-5 (needs line of sight)
-38 hp (-57 hp crit)
Pulls caster to target.
Conditions: [2 uses per target]

I don’t use this as much. this is one of my spells I just throw levels in for damage and resists. You’re only doing a straight damage that you could out damage with assult. You may find some situations where you can use it for movement., but that’s all I’d use it for.

Assult: 3ap Range: 1-3 (needs line of sight) Lvl. 90+ Range: 1-4 (no line of sight at 91+)
-32 hp (-46 hp crit)
-42 hp if the target is stabilized (-61 hp crit)
+45 dodge to the caster (+70 dodge crit)
Switches places with the target, & sets the target’s gaze towards the caster.
Conditions: [Can not be used on a carried target]

This is the 1st spell I always want to push levels into. Pretty much every air Sacrier will want this as one of their highest leveled spells because of how great it works with Motion Sickness. If you wanted to use a different build like a Lightspeed one, I would still use this at a some-what high level

Motion Sickness: 1ap/1mp Range: 1-5 (needs line of sight)
-21 hp (-31 hp crit)
-10 hp to target per cell crossed (-14 hp per cell crit) [max of 3 cells]
Conditions: [1 use per target]

Unless you are going for a build rarely seen, you will want this as one of your highest spells, if not the highest. This is pretty much the source of your power. An exception would be if your oppenent is stabilized. If they are stabilized you can still use Motion Sickness with Assult still. You may not get that damage from them crossing cells, but you will still get a slight boost with Assult on a stabilized target.

Lightspeed: 5ap/1mp/1wp Range: 3 (does not need a line of sight)
-73 hp (-100 hp crit)
Teleports caster to destination cell (6 cells away)
Hits every enemy in between

I used to use this as my mid-high level spell instead of Rejectattoo so that if I needed to, I could hit a heavier AoE. In PvE this could be a better choice if you find yourself in these situations. I started playing alot of PvP and I learned pretty quickly that Rejectattoo would benefit me far more so I can push for distance. You don’t want to find yourself locked and out of a turn’s damage in a PvP fight.

Attraction: 4ap/2mp to 2mp Range: 2-3 to 2-8 (needs line of sight)
-2 to -25 dodge to target
Pulls target by 2 to 7 cells

This is one of the air Sacrier’s most useful moves in my opinion. It doesn’t matter if you have 5 or 6 MP, you will want this maxed! Sometimes you won’t need all of your MP to get to your target and you’ll find that you will have all of this MP left over. You can just back up and pull your target to you and deliver good damage through Motion Sickness.

Transposition: 5ap to 3ap Range: 2 to 2-7 (needs line of sight)
+5 to +50 dodge to caster
Switches places with the target, & does not set the target’s gaze towards the caster.
Conditions: [Levels 1-4 can only cast on allies.] [Level 5-9 can cast on both allies, & enemies.] [cannot be used on a carried target.]

Sometimes I have this maxed, but sometimes, I don’t. It’s used to move targets around on the battlefield, or sometimes if you can’t quite reach your opponent, you may want to use this with Motion Sickness for some sort of damage. Make sure it’s at least at level 7 so that it only costs 3 AP. The difference between a level 7 & a level 9 Transpo is 1 range. So if you don’t find yourself using this to it’s furthest capabilities, it’s a good idea to move it down to level 7 so you have more points to throw into other specialties.

At Lvl. 9, you gain a new ability! You can regain an AP after using it as long as a spell other than Motion Sickness was used 1st.

Sacrifice: 6ap to 2ap Range: 1 to 1-5
Adds 1 Sacrifice per enemy. (Max 6)
Switches places with the target when the target suffers damage. Caster takes the damage.Loses 1 Sacrifice each time the target takes damage.
Conditions: [Levels 1-8 needs a line of sight.] [Level 9 does not need a line of sight.] [Cannot be used on a carried target.] [Target can not already be in the Sacrifice state.] [Can not be in the impending death state.] [Target must be an ally.] [Target can not be in the Scar State.] [1 use per turn]

I’ll go ahead and skip talking about Life Transfer because these are pretty similar. Sacrifice will add up to 6 Sacs to your ally, but only up to the amount of enemies you’re fighting. Life Transfer gives a set amount up to 5 sacs and heals your ally by giving them some of your own HP. It’s a good idea to have one of these spells. It’s up to you which one that is.

Life Transfer: 1wp Range: 1 to 1-6
Adds 5 Sacrifices to target.
Transfers 1x to 2x the caster’s level.
Conditions: [Levels 1-8 needs a line of sight.] [Level 9 does not need a line of sight.] [Cannot be used on a carried target.] [Target can not already be in the Sacrifice state.] [Can not be in the impending death state.] [Target must be an ally.] [Target can not be in the Scar State.] [1 use per turn]

Sanguine Armor: 3ap/1wp to 1wp Range: 0
+6 lock to +60 lock to caster
Multiplies Coagulation from 1.5 to 2
Conditions: [1 use per turn]

There really isn’t a use for this as an air Sacrier. The best possible use would be if you can’t reach your opponent so you use earth spells for Coagulation, and then multiply the Coagulation to protect yourself further. You would rarely find a situation like this since you have so many map manipulating spells. I don’t recommend using it.

+0.5 dmg per 10 angrrr to +10 dmg per 10 angrrr (Max Angrrr is 100)

You will want this maxed no matter your branch! Per 10 Angrrr you can have 10 damage, so that’s a maximum damage given from Angrrr 100% damage! I think it’s blunt enough.

Blood Pact:
+1% max hp to +20% max hp
+0% max hp per ally to 8% max hp per ally
If ally dies -1% max hp to -12% max hp

This is another one you will want maxed! Even if you are fighting a mob by yourself and you have let’s say 1000 HP out of a fight… Then that means inside that fight you will really have 1200 HP. Extremely useful!

When the caster is at each of these percents of his/her max hp they will recieve a bonus:
40%: +1 lock/+1% dmg to +20 lock/+20% dmg
20%: +2 lock/+2% dmg to +40 lock/+40% dmg
1 hp: +4 lock/+4% dmg to +80 lock/+80% dmg

This is one of actives many Sacriers ignore, or don’t fully max. I have done the math comparing this active with these other actives: Cling to Life, and Tattooed Blood. The extra damage you deliver from Moribund throughout a fight is greater than the best possible damage you would receive with an extra turn using Cling to Life. The damage you deliver with Moribund is also greater than the amount of HP saved throughout a fight with the Coagulation from Tattooed Blood. If I were to make a new earth Sacrier I would do the math, and very possibly use Moribund over Tattooed Blood. Of course then you would have to take Sanguine Armor into account as well.

Clinging to Life:
+5% to +100% chance to apply the Impending Death state.
Notes: Once the user’s hp reaches 0, they have a chance to stay alive for one more turn. In this turn the user loses 2 mp, & cannot lock. The user then becomes invincible for 1 turn.

As I said, I did the math and Moribund is better than Cling to Life for an air Sacrier, but if you were to drop Transposition down to 7, and choose not to use Sacrifice nor Life Transfer, and use Cling to Life instead it may be worth it. That would be if you don’t see yourself sacrificing on an ally. So if you have an air Sacrier strictly built for solo PvP, I’d say this is a great addition to your abilities. If you do choose to use Cling make sure you take Moribund’s 1hp bonus of +80% damage into account.

Tattoed Blood:
+0 to +2 increases in Coagulation
+1 lock to +30 lock
Notes: Coagulation is invisible armor that the caster can add levels into. Each point into coagulation means that you will have armor protecting you from 1% of your max hp. The user absorbs 70% of the damage, & takes 30%.
[If you have 10 coagulation, & 2000 max hp, then it can protect you from 10% of the 2000. So if your opponent hits you for 500 damage on their next turn, then you would absorb 70% up to 200, and take 30% until that 200 limit is up. So you would block 350, but your armor only supports 200. So by the time your opponent ends their turn, you would have taken 300 of the 500 damage they hit for.

Leveling Guide:

level 1-10:
You should be fighting wodents in Incarnum. You could also check out the gobbals found in Incarnum as well. Feel free to collect all of the emotes hidden here too. There are quests that you can do here, as well as a proffesion! You can learn the Trapper profession here and collect seeds off of the Gobbals! Then you can plant your own Gobbals in areas where they are allowed. Also if you kill all of the Gobbals here a Celestial Gobbal appears! He drops the read a book emote.

Level 10-20:
You are faced with a choice. Decide if you want to stay in Incarnum longer, or talk to Sojay to send you down to Astrub! You will land on top of Mt. Zinit where you can choose to proceed to Astrub, or if you’re daring… fight the giant Ogrest found on top of this mountain. Once you land in Astrub you can talk to Master Boss Owl in Astrub’s center. Here you can tell him you are interested in joining a nation. Then you have another choice. There are 4 nations in the world of 12: Amakna, Bonta, Brakmar, & Sufokia. You can not rechoose so take your time deciding! You can fight several kinds of creatures here. At this level, I’d suggest Piwis, and Bow Meows. You can run to the nation of your choosing and there will be stronger enemies as you approach. You can find more enemies your level inside each nation’s beginner areas.

Level 20-30:
Make your way to your nation’s Gobbal area inside the beginner area. These Gobbals will be a little tougher then what you are used to from Incarnum. There are other dungeons inside the beginner area as well. I suggest exploring, and if possible, trying each at least once. You will find several monster families you can fight here. Each fight differently, so again, I suggest trying each out and really discovering more about each famly.

Level 30-40:
Now you can choose to stay in the beginner area, or move on to bigger & badder prey! Each nation has different monster families to fight so I’ll throw some possibilities out there for you.

Amakna: There are many families here that you might want to try your hand at. More gobbals can be found here, but I’d suggest looking for flowers that can be found in Amakna’s crop filled fields.

Bonta: You will come rushing out of the beginner area into 5th bond! This is where you can meet many other players by the marketplace. Low-leveled players, mid-leveled players, and many max level players. This is the home of the game’s largest market so maybe you can find gear that fits you! Being around all of the high level players, you could watch some PvP fights, and get an idea of what people in your class are doing end-game, or meet other air Sacriers for advice. Who knows? Maybe you will find your guild here too! You should move onto leveling when you’re ready. Nearby are Moogrs & Prespics! I would be careful here! Moogrs may be okay, but Prespics can be difficult at this level since they can go invisible!

Brakmar: Mourning Wood is the home of the Scara family. You may also find large herds of Gobbals here too. I’d suggest moving onto here when you’re ready. And if it’s not for you, you could look for low level mobs of Tofus and maybe baby Striches in Pabong Fields.

Sufokia: I suggest looking for small preay when leaving the beginner area here. You could find fish here. I think that these could be a nice challenge for young air Sacriers like yourself!

Level 40 to 50:
Amakna: I’d suggest sticking with the flowers here. If you’re getting sick of them feel free to grab a group and head up to Emelka. You can find arachnees here. At night Polters appear, and they can be a great source of experience, but I would suggest taking a team with you.

Bonta: Now you should focus on BliBlis a little. They are air, so it may seem a little rough. It’s a good idea to fight a few so you understand that not everything is going to be as easy as those Wodents you used to fight. If you can find a group, you could always level at Cania Plains too. Here you can find Moskitos, and Mushds.

Brakmar: Next up I’d visit Pabong fields if you haven’t been there yet. You can fight Striches here. There are also Chafers nearby! Skeletons dwelling in Sidimote Moors! Just at the foot of Brakmar’s volcano! These should be fun, and more of a challenge for you.

Sufokia: There are still some fish that you can fight, but you may also want to try your hand at Kokokos! These are palm tree monsters found in the Jumpin’ Jungle. Further than that are baby Kraloves that you could fight as well.

Level 50 to 60:
Here you will pretty much make your way to whatever area has the boat with the most destinations. You’re going to go on a ship soon!

Amakna: Now it’s time to kill some Cracklers! They are found in the Holey Forest. They are earth creatures, and shouldn’t be a big problem for you. if they are, then you could go back to polters, or get a group to fight the Cracklers.

Bonta: Now move towards your nation’s forest found in the Thicket of Yurbut. There are more creatures that will benefit you, and if you have the Lumberjack proffesion feel free to gather plenty of resources.

Brakmar: Now you will want to try fighting the Stalagamotes! They’re rock-form monsters found in Sidimote Moors, but closer towards Gnashville. At Gnashville you can fight Kralas, and Snails.

Sufokia: Now when you are ready, move onto fighting larger Kralas and sharks! I don’t think they should be too tough for you, but if they are, you can always move back to Kokokos for awhile.

Level 60 to 70:
Now you have discovered alot of what your nation has to offer. There’s more in your nations, and if you want, go ahead and finish checking it out. You can easily get by in your nation to level 70. If you find a good team, I’d suggest going to your first island! The Sadida Kingdom! The baby Boowolves here are level 60 to give you an idea, but I’m sure you will be in a guild, by now, and if they haven’t brought you here already, I’d ask. These can easily bring you to level 70, and probably quicker than anything in your nations, Polters may be an exception.

Level 70 to 80:
You can choose to stay at Sadida Kingdom if you want. They will be a little easier now that you have leveled a bit. If you can get a group with your guild again you could also move onto the Monk Monastery! Air and fire players are great here!

Level 80 to 90:
You may still find yourself at the Sadida Kingdom, or Monks at this time, but once again if you have the group, go to Kelba!! Kelba would be more difficult for you because the Crows here are air, and have that high air resist, but this is also where you will get a Crobak set! This is an MP set, but it should work well as an air Sacrier.

Level 90 to 100:
Now it’s time to move onto Whispers! This is where most alts are power-leveled due to the high experience you gain here. I’d suggest keeping to the guide so that you learn more about the game and know what you’re talking about when asked a question, or if it’s brought up in a conversation. When you are ready to level an alt, this is where you should go, unless you choose to learn more about other nations/islands. This is also where you will find Whispered gear! Most endgame Sacriers will want Whispered or Black Crow.

Level 100 to 110:
As of now you should stay at Whispers. You’re also at the level to go finish explore all of the fun dungeons you may have missed before. This will bring you to the current max level of 110! Make sure you find Ultimate Boss groups you can fit into too! I’m sure your guildies would love to run Black Crow with you, and by this time, I hope you have Whispered gear to wear as well.

Level 110 to 120: Chillberg has now been released! The experience here is nice! It is not as good as the experience at Whispers, but the quest does give a ton of experience in a short amount of time. I’d suggest exploring the new island with friends, and running through the quests. You should reach level 111 before you know it. After the quest there are so many new air sets out there that you may want to look into. If you find anything you like, you could level here while farming your new set. Otherwise you could always level at whispers as well.

Grats on Max level! Now you will probably be wearing great gear! I’d still suggest looking into a Hushed set to finish! More and more players are defeating Shhhudoku, and the gear could be easier to obtain now.

Equipment Guide:
Level 1: Wodent/Purple Piwi
Level 10: Purple Goo Goo/Royal Piwi/Tofu
Level 20: BliBli
Level 30: Royal Tofu
Level 40: Royal BliBli
Level 50: Cloudy
Level 60: Imperial BliBli
Level 70: Royal Puddly/Blood Stained
Level 80: Crobak
Level 90: Whispering/Black Widow
Level 100: Black Crow/Whispering/Vampyro
Level 110: Black Crow/White Crow/Hushed
Level 120: Black Crow/White Crow/Hushed/YeChti’wawa/Mecha
(More sets you may want to look into is the Prespic, and Infernal. When leveling at Boowolves, Crows, Monks at a lower level with your group, you will level faster due to the amount of Wisdom they give.)


Level 110: Common Whispered / Black Crow

This is probably the most common set up an end-game air Sacrier will use. Everyone throws there own little twist into it since everyone will build it a little different. This has a good amount of damage while keeping some good resists/hp, and can reflect up to 20% of the damage you receive back to your opponent.


lvl. 85: Whispered Helmet
lvl. 101: Black Crow’s Epaulettes
lvl. 87: Whispered Cloak
lvl. 89: Whispered Belt
lvl. 87: Black Widow Amulet
lvl. 100: Makabrakfire
lvl. 100: Makabrakfire
lvl. 91: Whispered Breastplate
lvl. 100: Zeorus’s Blade
lvl. 100: Khiel’s Aegis
lvl. 101: Black Crow’s Boots
lvl. 50: Clawbot

(If you need to make some changes since you don’t have the kamas for the gear don’t worry! I’ll give you a list of some cheaper alternatives.)

Black Crow’s Epaulettes:
lvl. 79: Heaterettes
lvl. 68: Blood-Stained Epaulettes

lvl. 84: Black Widow Ring
lvl. 70: Blood-Stained Ring

Zeorus’s Blade:
lvl. 100: Makabrards
lvl. 100: Small Makabra Sword

Black Crow’s Boots:
lvl. 83: Black Widow Boots
lvl. 81: Twofut
lvl. 71: Croboots


+1 ap
+2 mp
+145 hp


(When I show spell levels I’ll just round them to the nearest 5. Not showing exact spell levels can give a little difference between players’ builds.)

75 Rejectattoo
50 Sacrier’s Fist
90 Assult
90 Motion Sickness
50 Lightspeed

Here are some combos you will probably be using often:

  • Motion Sickness+Assult+Assult+Assult+Attraction
  • Motion Sickness+Rejectattoo+Assult+Assult+Attraction
  • Motion Sickness+Assult+Assult+Attraction+Sacrier’s Fist (placement)
  • Motion Sickness+Assult+Assult+Sacrier’s Fist (placement)

As you progress leveling your spells in one branch, they will require more experience to level. Even the rest of your spell experience into the Fire and Earth branch spells. This will give you a boost in your resists, and at a cheap cost! You can get the most out of your spell experience this way.


20 Blood Pact
20 Angrrr
20 Moribund
9 Attraction
7 Transposition
9 Sacrifice Life Transfer
1 Cling to Life

(You should have 5 points left to mess around with. I threw it into Cling so that you always have that 5% chance. Feel free to throw it where ever you want.)


I figured I would throw some statistics your way. This is around what you should have if you used the original choice of gear along with your guild & nation bonus.

(The more pieces of equipment you replace will make a larger difference from these stats. And if you replace the rings don’t be alarmed if the HP is off. You get 210 hp from both rings combined.)

HP- 1954
AP- 10
MP- 6
Reflect- 20
Air Dmg- 387
Water Res- 106
Earth Res- 136
Fire Res- 136
Air Res- 167
Initiative- 148
Crits- 20
Backstab- 20
Dodge- 50
Block- 18
Lock- 35

(These are not all of the statistics. I remove the boring stats like Prospecting and Wisdom from the builds.)

Level 120: White Crow Lightspeed Lunatic
Alot of the gear that was used before relied on runes. This build will not need any runes, but you could always add runes for an extra boost. It’s also a little tankier than the last one as well.Gear: 
lvl. 100: Black Crow’s Helmet
lvl. 105: White Crow Hackle
lvl. 105: White Crow Wings
lvl. 105: White Crow Belt
lvl. 87: Yech’Ti’Wawa Amulet
lvl. 100: Black Crow’s Ring Makabrakfire
lvl. 100: Black Crow’s Ring Makabrakfire
lvl. 105: White Crow Breastplate
lvl. 100: Zeorus’s Blade
lvl. 112: Buste Fishbone The Bloodthirsty
lvl. 100: Black Crow’s Boots
lvl. 50: Clawbot(There are some replacements, but it can really change alot about the build. You can mix it up if you want.)Abilities:
+1 ap+2 mp +200 hpSpells: 
(When I show spell levels I’ll just round them to the nearest 5. Not showing exact spell levels can give a little difference between players’ builds.)

75 Rejectattoo
55 Sacrier’s Fist
55 Assult
90 Motion Sickness
90 Lightspeed

The spell combos you could be using is:
Motion Sickness+Rejectattoo+Transposition+Sacrier’s Fist x2
Motion Sickness+Assult+Transposition+Sacrier’s Fist x2
Motion Sickness+Assult+Transposition x2+Sacrier’s Fist

As you progress leveling your spells in one branch, they will require more experience to level. Even the rest of your spell experience into the Fire and Earth branch spells. This will give you a boost in your resists, and at a cheap cost! You can get the most out of your spell experience this way.

20 Blood Pact
20 Angrrr
20 Moribund
20 Cling to Life
9 Attraction
9 Transposition

Now I’ll throw some more statistics your way. This should be around what you should have using this specific gear along with your guild & nation bonus.
(If you replaced the Black Crow’s Rings with the Brakfires you should add +210 HP, along with 20% reflect. And subtract -28% dmg, -16 backstab, -30 initiative, -32 dodge, -2 crits.)

HP- 1965
AP- 10
MP- 6
Air Dmg- 417
Water Res- 87
Earth Res- 97
Fire Res- 87
Air Res- 124
Initiative- 142
Crits- 25
Backstab- 101
Dodge- 116
Block- 1
Range- 1
Lock- 15

(These are not all of the statistics. I remove the stats like Prospecting and Wisdom from the builds.)

Level 100: Rattitude 10/5 10/6
Before We get too far I’d like to say that when distributing your abilities, you will have 95 points left! You can stat whatever you please, but I suggest hp, or waiting until level 101 for that extra mp.

lvl. 88: Rattagain Headgear
lvl. 65:Imperial Drheller Epaulettes
lvl. 100: Great Ice Cape
lvl. 80: Sen Souali Belt
lvl. 89: Rattagain Amulet
lvl. 84: Black Widow Ring
lvl. 100: Makabrakfire
lvl. 93: Rattagain Breastplate
lvl. 100: Makabra Cards/Small Makabra Sword
lvl. 80: Ratty Riot Shield
lvl. 91: Rattagain Boots
lvl. 50: Clawbot

(This time I tried to use gear that can be obtained easier to your convenience.)

+2 ap, +95 hp (+2ap, +1mp @ Lvl. 101)

(When I show spell levels I’ll just round them to the nearest 5. Not showing exact spell levels can give a little difference between players’ builds.)

55 Rejectattoo
50 Sacrier’s Fist
90 Assult
90 Motion Sickness
50 Lightspeed

The spell combos you could be using is:
Motion Sickness+Assault x3+ Attract
Motion Sickness+Rejectattoo+Assault x2, Attract

As you progress leveling your spells in one branch, they will require more experience to level. Even the rest of your spell experience into the Fire and Earth branch spells. This will give you a boost in your resists, and at a cheap cost! You can get the most out of your spell experience this way.

  • (I chose around 40 spell levels in Fire and Earth on this build)

20 Blood Pact
20 Angrrr
20 Moribund
9 Attraction
9 Transposition
Rest into Sacrifice or Life Transfer

Now I’ll throw some more statistics your way. This should be around what you should have using this specific gear. I did not add the guild or nation bonus. I can try to add them later if you guys would like.

HP- 1757
AP- 10
MP- 5
Air Dmg- 288
Water Res- 92
Earth Res- 133
Fire Res- 132
Air Res- 157
Initiative- 45
Crits- 6
Willpower- 2
Dodge- 0
Block- 24
Range- 1
Lock- 28

(These are not all of the statistics. I remove the stats like Prospecting and Wisdom from the builds. I am disappointed in initiative, crits, dodge, and even the dmg/res ratio a little although that could be because of the level… Perhaps you guys will find something that works well)

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