La Tale New Player’s Guide

La Tale New Player’s Guide by Kojow

Hi. This guide is for really new people that are new to LaTale. It explains and reveals the obvious. Sorry if it’s hard to read.
Oh yeh and if any of you pros have anything to add that might help newbies I’ll quote you and add it to the guide if you want me to. Okay thanks.

Table of Contents

1.A – Introduction to the Introduction


1.B – Picking a character
1.C – Creating a character
1.D – What’s you’re name? Oh and Class choosing!
1.E – Are you a boy or a girl? Oh and Character Customization!
1.F – You’re now play LaTale!
1.G – Now wat?
1.H – Why do I want to get stronger? (The story of rateru onrinu)

Playing the game! The beginning of being the very best, leveling!

2.A – Basic Goal
2.B – Being a like able player.
2.C – Leveling Up, a leveling guide
2.D – So do I do this naked?
2.E – Getting Ely

End Gameeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee and gear

3.B – Advanced Vintor Taid set
3.C – Coliseum Set
3.D – Darkness Set
3.E – Viyor Weapons
3.F – Accessories
3.G – Reputation and Gems
3.H – Pets and Buffs
3.I – Functional Fashion
3.whatever – Enchanting your gear to the max
3.J – Monster Illustration and Item Index

1.A – Introduction to the Introduction
So you’re new to LaTale huh? Okay here’s a thorough guide on how to become very good at this game! I am sorry but I cannot make you a pro at this game because pro means professional. A professional is a person who is very good at something, so good at something that they are paid to do it. Nobody is a professional at this game. If they were they’d get played to play LaTale. Maybe there are some but I don’t know any. Okay I’m going to tell you how to get very good at this game now.
*disclaimer* (I don’t even know what that means) Oh yeah I’m going to assume you’re really silly because I think I’m really funny. I will sometimes state the obvious so allow me to fly away. Oh yeah and my vocabulary is very small just saying, and my grammar is kind of bad. Sorry.


1.B – Picking a character
Okay first thing you gotta do after you download LaTale you have to pick a server. If you’re playing on OGP LaTale this is such a hard thing to do. There’s many choices but for beginners I’d say pick the server “Iris”. It’s the best one because it’s the one I play on. So you your server, then you gotta pick a channel. You should go on channel 1 because it’s the most populated but if you don’t like people then you should pick any of the 6 other channels. Now you’re on the character selection screen. Pick your strongest character and. Oh yeah. You don’t have a character yet. Okay.

1.C – Creating a character
So first you gotta make a character. You should pick a cool name that everyone will love. If your name you use for everything is taken don’t use numbers or else you’ll look silly. Unless you’re Kairen12, she’s nice not silly. Or you’re making an alt and your name starts with an “R” and rhymes with bagle. That guy’s nice not silly too.

1.D – What’s you’re name? Oh and Class choosing!
My first name was Kojow, it was so cool. In fact if you wanna name your character Kojow2 or Kojow3 or Kojow4 go ahead that’s a cool name it won’t be silly at all. Here’s a warning, after you pick your name and make your character you won’t be able to change it so pick one you’ll love forever! After you get a cool name you have to pick a class. But there’s like freaking 5 of them which one do I pick? Okay well here’s a link to the class guide thread:

1.E – Are you a boy or a girl? Oh and Character Customization!
So you picked your class. Now you get to customize your character! First figure out if you’re a boy or a girl. This was pretty hard for me but I just looked in the mirror and I was like “Holy look at this manry piece of man” So I picked boy. However, if you’re a boy and want your character to be a girl that’s just fine. After you find out you’re gender you get to customize your character! There are over 7 different possible character customization possibilities! :OO But seriously there’s like more than 7 probably like 50 on the character creation screen and then there’s like n factorial zetta more in game!

1.F – You’re now playing LaTale!
Now that you have created a cool character that’s looks cute, press that handsome or pretty man or woman and get into LaTale. You will be thrusted into some kind of cinematic then thrown into a tutorial. When you get to the end or skip it, you’ll find your own self in the town of Belos.

1.G – Now wat?
There’s a lot of things to do once you start your first character. First you should get familiar with the game. Learn to use the hotkeys and stuffs. You can change the quick slots to any key at any time by pressing “esc” and going to the hotkey configuration menu. Change it to your liking then start playing. The main goal of this game is to get stronger so you can be strong. That’s it. Things you can do include making friends and talking to them, joining a guild and talking in it and doing fun things and not being dramatic. You can fight many monsters and I think this game is pretty fun.

1.H – Why do I want to get stronger? (The story of rateru onrinu)
So there is a world named LaTale. The world was underpopulated by humans, and a demon lord has made every freaking thing outside of the towns your freaking enemy. Seeing that this world needed help, the LaTale makers thrusted everyone’s characters to help fight these freaking enemies. You must get stronger to defeat the Demon King and find Iris Liveler. The hottest guy in the game.

Playing the game!

2.A – Basic Goal
Really the main gold in this game is to get stronger, or to get to level 200. One key ingredient to getting stronger is a high level Each time you level you will get one skill point and 7 randomly assigned points going into strength, magic, luck, and stamina. Stat points. There is 1st class, 2nd class, 3rd class, and sub class. You can advance to 2nd class at level 80, 3rd class at level 140, and sub class after you have achieved 3rd class. Many (just me) believe that there is a secret 5rd class and advanced subclasses, nobody believes me but I know it’s real. Level is not all you need to be powerful, however, there is also your gear. Note that gear does not really matter until level 80. Level makes you stronger because it gives you skill points to achieve your perfect build, and because it allows you to equip your gear. The best gear requires a high level, like 190+. Some people stop at level 195 because it is the level that will allow you to equip anything in the game, that is if you have enough money to delevel things. That’s all to getting stronger, level and gear, the end. Just kidding. There’s also Monster Illustration and Item Codex, which take forever to get, but give you lots of stats. more on these later.

2.B – Being a like able player.
LaTale is a MMORPG. That means that there’s other real life people, strangers that you don’t know playing this game with you. You will need to interact with them if you want to get stronger. But you already knew that. What you didn’t know is that if you are not a like able person, nobody will want to grind with you, and so you’ll be stuck at a level. Just kidding you already knew that too. If you want to be a like able player, here are some guidelines to help you.
-Don’t beg or spam for ely or items, a lot of people don’t like it and it would be easier to get it yourself.
-Be kind! If you’re mean to everyone they won’t like you and they’ll kick you from the Degos party for taking the mech gear while there is an Engistar in the party. You might not know what Degos is yet, I will talk about it very later.
-Don’t be obnoxious. “Wow you’re weak”, “You’re weaker than me so you suck”, “You suck at latale go away” sounds pretty obnoxious. Don’t talk about other peoples damage unless they ask if they’re weak or strong. If they do, you say yes or no, not you suck.

2.C – Leveling Up
Leveling is fairly easy in the beginning of the game. The lower your level the easier it is to level up, but you probably already knew that. Where do you level? What should you kill? You can know by looking at the monster’s name. You will notice monster’s names have a color. From hardest to easiest, a monster’s name will be dark red, red, orange, yellow, green, lime green, and gray. Dark red to orange means those monsters are probably too strong for you. Yellow to green is what you should be killing. Lime green and gray the monsters might be too weak for you. If you press the button that leads to your map (Default key “M”) you will find a map with little dots and a level range on top of them. For early levels like from one to thirty, you can just use that to find out where to grind. Here is a guide on what or where to grind. If you don’t know where these things are look it up on google or ask around.
There are also exp nostrums and enhancers that will make leveling much easier, but they are fairly pricey. On most weekends there is double exp from 10:00 AM-12:00 AM and 4:00 PM-6:00PM OGP time. Take advantage of this. From level 1-80 there is a fairly cheap nostrum that will give you +100% exp for I believe 2 hours, they’re called Level 1-80 XP Nostrum. Use them if you have enough money. Peach cans and advanced exp potions are also kind of cheap, they give +50% exp and +100% exp respectively, both last an hour. POTIONS COME FIRSTTTT. GET A BUNCH OF POTIONSS, THEN IF YOU STILL HAVE A BUNCH OF MONEY, GET SOME EXP POTS. IF YOU GET EXP POTS AND DON’T HAVE ENOUGH MONEY FOR POTIONS, YOU ARE BAD.

30-40: Spooky Village 30. This is an instance dungeon, and the monsters here are fairly hard if you are trying to kill them by yourself. You will need a party. To find one ask your friends, or use the convenient Party Search function. Kill Wisps and Goblins. Pots and Gagas are not worth it. Undertaker runs are the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard of, you can kill him once but don’t reset the party to kill him again.

40-55: Toad Mountain/quests. This is also an instance dungeon, it’s a bit easier than spooky though. 2 or 3 party members will do. There are quests here that give decent exp as you kill the monsters in the dungeon, but you can only do them 3 times each. From levels 52 to 55 you will find that the exp is getting slower. The leveling will be slower, and you don’t like that. Do some quests around your level and just keep killing those super pigs. This takes patience.

55-56~60: Do all the quests that give decent exp. Once you cannot find anymore, go to Spooky Village 60. It’s the same as Spooky 30 except the monsters are harder. Get a party and kill those wisps and goblins.

60-72: Spooky Village 60

72-80: Quests quests quests, Ves quests, lilliput quests, and toad mountain quests should be enough to get you to level 80.

At level 80 you can advance to 2nd class. Just go to Atlantis (find it with your map “M” button) and keep going right to the class change center. If you are a engineer go to Iron City and advance there.

80-90~95: Grats! You’re 2nd job now! Find a party and get your butts to Toad Cave. There are quests here too.

90~95-110: Spooky Village 90. Stay away from pots and gagas, and skip wisps because they now have a horrible headbutt attack that hurts alot.

110-120: Owl Castle Ninjas OR Inter Coli Halves OR Tiger Temple 120. Owl castle with 3 party members, Inter coli and Tiger Temple with 4.
Coli is short for Coliseum, it is a dungeon you can find all the way to the right side of belos. It is home to the exp in LaTale. From now on you’ll find yourself doing tons of coli. When I said “halves” it means you kill everything up until the showtime killer appears.
Tiger Temple is an instance similar to Spooky Village. It has two versions of the same place and monsters, a level 120 and 150 version. I’ve never done the 120 before but if it’s the same as 150, skip the Maxes and kill Elviras.

120-130: Inter Coli Halves/Full OR Tiger Temple.

130-140: Inter Coli Halves/Full OR Fenrirs OR Tiger Temple(?). Fenrirs you can kill with a party of 2 to 4.

At level 139 you can start doing your 3rd job quests. The quests should level you up to 140 after you’ve finished them all, but if you died and didn’t have iron wills (iron wills prevent you from losing exp and ely when you die) you’ll have to grind for a bit. 3rd job quests take a while, but it will be worth it.

140-150: Fenrirs or Expert Halves.

150-170: Expert Halves

170-180: Expert Halves/Expert Full suicides/Expert Full. Suicide means you kill everything until everyone in your party dies. You will buy iron wills so you don’t lose exp.

180-200: Expert Full. The end of the leveling guide.

2.D – So do I do this naked?
No you fat (don’t call people fat it’s obnoxious), like I said before you need gear to be strong. To be accepted into grinding parties like spooky and coli runs you need to be strong. So to grind you need good gear. Here’s a guide on what gear to use at what levels.


1-30:NPC armor

You rich? 30-190: Coli armor. If you cannot afford coli armor DO NOT TRY TO GET IT. It is for the rich people who are making new characters. It is one of the weaker end game armors. It costs around 200 mil to upgrade it to level 190.

30-47(?): Invoke armor. You’ll need help getting it at level 30, so ask your high level friends or guildies to help if they have time. Like I said earlier do not beg (for invoke help). If you cannot get invoke armor it is fine. Just use npc armor. It will take a while, but you should be able to solo invoke at level 40. Use it until whatever level hyunmu armor is.

47-67(?): Hyunmu armor. You will need to be around level 80 to solo it, so you’ll need help from a higher level person. If you can’t get it use npc armor.

67-80: Sphinx armor. You need to be level 140 to solo sphinx, so you’ll need help from a higher level person. If you can’t get it use npc armor.

80-90~130: By this time npc armor will not do the job. Buy class armor from other players or get a coli set if you have the money. I will tell you how to get ely later.

130~170~200: 2nd level class armor or Coli Armor. 2nd level class armor is the weakest end game armor in the game, but if you’re poor it’ll do until you can farm enough money for a coli set.

190-200: Coli/ADV Vintor TAID/Darkness armor. This is the ideal end game equipment. Coli being just decent, and the other two being good.


1-80: NPC equips. If you cannot afford anything below just use NPC equips.

You rich? 20-200: Coli weps. The coli weapons are a bit cheaper than the set to maintain, but if you cannot afford it don’t try to get it or you will be sad when you have no money. They are the 2nd best, if not the best weapons in the game.

30~80-200: Special weapons. Special weapons are weapons. They’re names are dark blue. Their stats are higher than npc weapons. To get one buy a weak or strong special weapon coupon and upgrade it to your level.

190~200: Darkness weapons. Get these from degos. Subs have access to Viyor weapons. Buy them from other players or farm Viyor. Coli weapons.

2.E – Getting Ely
There are two easy ways to get ely in this game. One is farming. The other is selling TRADE-ABLE ASTROS. Selling untrade-able astros will get you banned, don’t do it. I will explain what this is soon.

Farming: Farming is something you can do when you are a higher level. It involves killing a boss or doing something over and over to obtain items, and selling those items to obtain ely. Farming without IDR (item drop rate) is tedious and to me isn’t worth it. Almost every weekend at the same time as 2x EXP (10:00 AM-12:00 AM and 4:00 PM-6:00PM OGP time) is 2x IDR. Take advantage of this as it is a time to farm for free. Another way to obtain IDR is by IDR holy waters. For Sphinx, 300% is enough. Invest in a Superior IDR Holy Water and use it to obtain 300% IDR for 10 hours. Before you can obtain one of these you will need ely, so just farm on weekends until you can afford one.

These are not the recommended levels but the levels you can start farming what at.
At level 80 you can start farming Hyunmu. I’d recommend farming Hyunmu at level 100-120.
At level 140 you can start farming Sphinx. I would recommend level 150+
When you are very very strong you can start farming Vintor. Some use 500% IDR on this big boy because he drops a bit less. Some 195+ players just farm sphinx though because it one of dabes money making bosses. If you are not very very strong and cannot do a vintor run in under 4 minutes stay at Sphinx. Unless you’re a bad boy then do whatever you want.

Beginner Coli can be farm from levels 80-120. Farm if you need money.
Inter Coli can be farmed from levels 160-170, I’d say you should only farm it if you want coli stuff. If you want money kill bosses. Much much better drops than beg coli.
Expert Coli if you are strong can be farmed at level 190+, only maestros or people looking to make a coli set should farm this.

Selling astros: The astro is the in game currency. You buy astros with real life money. If you do not want to spend real life money on LaTale then you can just farm for your whole life, which is what alot of people do. Selling astros is a very fast, easy way of making money. However, you must sell trade-able astros, as untrade-able astros will get you banned. A trade-able astro is not actually an astro that you can give to someone. It is an item bought with astros that can be put in the trade window. Untrade-able astros are astros that cannot be traded in the trade window. Pretty easy to understand right? Usually mics and people will tell you how much an astro is going for.

End Gameeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee and gear

End game is pretty much when you’re “done” leveling and just start on making your character stronger and stronger. To do this you will need TONS of ely, and you will need to be at least level 190+. You can just quit at level 190+ but if you don’t then yeah make your character stronger and stuff. By now you’ll probably already know whats going on and what to get, but if you don’t then here you go.

3.B – Advanced Vintor Taid set
This is a dungeon which gives a very strong set called the Vintor Shining Set or something like that. It is the best pvp set or so I’ve heard. It is nice because it gives HUGE amounts of stats, you also do not have to enchant anything as the options on the item are special and come pre enchanted with options that give higher amounts of stats than a normal option. There are no Vintor Shining Weapons.

3.C – Coliseum Set
Probably the first end game set you will get. Turn in topaz coins to get the stuff or find coli equips as drops when you are farming or grinding coli.

3.D – Darkness Set
Darkness set is obtained by doing Degos runs in the Forgotten Fields. This is fairly difficult and requires strong or experienced players to do. Darkness set and weapons are probably the best in the game right now.

3.E – Viyor Weapons
Viyor weapons are subclass level 190-199 weapons dropped by the sky command crash site boss, Viyor. The Viyor weapons are born into the latale world at different levels, and cannot be upgraded.

3.F – Accessories
There are many accessories and accessory sets, such as Coli, Darkness, Hell, Hero King, and Luseria. Use whichever ones you think will help your character the most
The full coli accessory set is meh. The glasses and bindi are good until you get the darkness accessories. Unless you have 100% TDD without Hell set I’d suggest using Hell stockings with the earrings.
The coli accessory set gives +50 to the stat of the type of set it is from two pieces, and 300 HP and 7% min damage from three pieces.

The hell set is that one accessory set which gives you tasty TDDs. At +9 the earrings give +1000 hp and the stockings give +1000 sp, along with 10% TDD each.
The full set bonus gives an additional 5% TDD.

3.G – Reputation and Gems

Reputation, you kill monsters in certain areas and you gain rep points depending on what area that monster was in. When you get enough rep points for a place, your rep level for that place goes up. and it stays thereee. There are npc’s for each of the rep places that let you trade in rep points for tasty items, including normal gems, foods, gem hammers (used for enchanting gems), and the tasty faction accessories. Also, when you level up your rep, you gain stat bonuses. So yeah, spending time on reputations will make you stronger.

Gems can be obtained by reputation trade, monsters, and bosses. They give stats and other neat bonuses, such as maximum AP increase, movement speed increase, and target defense decrease. Good gems actually give you a butt ton of stats, though they take time to get and are a pain to enchant, they’re worth it if you wanna be dabes.
Here is a guide by Rhavik on how to obtain and use the gems 

3.H – Pets and Buffs
Pets are little babies that follow you and have various features. Most can automatically loot your drops for you. Pets also give buffs, and stacking pet buffs will help you become strong.
There is also food buffs, the most helpful ones being Mango Freezes (+10% max damage) Hot Cocoa (+20% crit damage) and Tomato Sandwiches (I think either +5% or +10% crit rate)

3.I – Functional Fashion
Functional Fashion is fashion that is functional. I mean they give you stats and set bonuses and stuff. Some sets give +3k hp, some give idr. Mix and match them to find the best combination.

3.whatever – Enchanting your gear to the max
Once you have some end game gear, you must enchant it to make it dabes. Use super puzzles. Anything that increases enchant success rate will help. Master craft title and mask and enchant remedies will increase your enchant success rate. A tip for you. DON’T 11 OR 12 OR 13 YOUR EQUIPMENT UNLESS YOU HAVE A BACK UP WEAPON OR A FREAK TON OF MONEY TO MAKE MORE BACK UPS.

Enchants are what make gear good. For example, a well enchanted coliseum weapon can be better than an un-enchanted darkness weapon.

3.J – Monster Illustration and Item Index

Monster Illustration, you kill monsters and sometimes they drop illustrations. If you press it you might learn it. Learning illustrations give you stat bonuses for almost every stat, stranth, defense, TDD, magic resistance, etc.
Item Index, you look at the list of items Ignate wants, then you give them to him hoping he likes them. If he likes them, you also get stat bonuses.

Though the bonuses look small, they add up. Seriously.
ultimapi’s monster illustration spreadsheet
ultimapi’s item index spreadsheet
The spreadsheets tell the grand total of the stats you’ll gain if you manage to learn every single monster card/item in item codex, along with what each individual card/item gives you, its drop rate (for monster cards), and its success rate.

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