Dungeon Defenders PS3 Guide

Dungeon Defenders PS3 Guide by chickendude33

This following post should guide and explain some basics and advance game mechanics for new players and some what of a compendium for old ones. Here you will find my PERSONAL experience of game walkthrough. By no means have I claimed as mine any of this tips/advice as I started playing way after the game came out. All my knowledge came from the forums and some from the wiki which applies mostly to PC with some console info. If you have ever thought that leveling to 70 was hard is because you haven’t read this thread, or any of the original post from this forum on those topics. This guide will cover specific maps to farm for mana and experience. Understand that the term “farm” means to perform and complete a map over and over and over again. This guide will cover up to what I have accomplished in game and no more. For the sake of new players I have created a new profile and started a clean game save to use as a diary for example.

1. Understanding Game Mechanics
– 1.0 – Tips
– 1.1 – What not to do
– 1.2 – Hero’ Upgrade Basics
– 1.3 – Weapon upgrading basics
– 1.4 – Armor upgrading basics
– 1.5 – Familiar upgrading basics

2. My Personal Diary
– 2.0 – Description
– 2.1 – 01-30 Squire
– 2.2 – 30-70 Squire

1. Understanding Game Mechanics

– 1.0 Tips

For those how has started playing, keep in mind this is a game, but a fun game to play. Here you will learn basic game understanding.

a. Game Currency is known as Mana. You can use it to buy from tavern and upgrade items. Sometimes mana can become really hard to gather at the beginning of the game, but after a while you will realize that while having fun playing, it is really not hard.

b. Tavern gets reset after each successful completion of a map.

c. Depending on the difficulty is the items that will be listed, i.e. harder difficulties have more chance to spawn higher item level and upgrades, although not always the case. Again it has a higher chance, is not always going to happen. On that note, check your tavern frequently to see what it has to offer.

d. One of the items/things you can buy from tavern is the experience bonus. This bonus can be purchased once every level. If you change the difficulty of the map to insane+, it will grant you more experience that if you have the map difficulty on medium. You don’t have to run a map on insane+, just have it set for it, and then buy the bonus.

e. Looking for a specific familiar to buy? Well, in order for a familiar to appear in the tavern it must be unlock first. To unlock a specific familiar you have to run a specific map on pure strategy or survival on any difficulty. At the end of wave 14, you shall receive the familiar reward and unlocked it in tavern. Tavern has 3 familiars at a time, if what you’re looking for is not listed, complete a map and check again. Exception to this is the Girraffe on Threadmill which is at the end of wave 30 on ANY map, yes ANY map. Most people like to run DLC maps for this as the enemy count caps at 1000-1300, which is way less than vanilla (original campaign) that can go into 10k easily.

f. Never upgrade an item pass 128 points into any given stat value, doing this will make that status becomes negative. Lets say Hero Damage has 20 points on an armor piece, you can only spend 108 more points into it or it will “bug” the armor and have -128 instead. 20+108=128

g. Equipping same armor type i.e. all leather, plate, mail, pristine will give you a bonus identified by a light blue ring around armor. Bonus is 25 % to all status listed per piece of armor.

h. Your inventory is separate from tavern displays. You can have free storage by dropping items on the tavern floor. With this been said, make sure is locked so that no one can pick them up and run. To lock your tavern, open the map selection window and look at the bottom left, you will see the press “Select” bottom to lock/unlock tavern.

i. Sometimes upgrading a weapon in elemental damage only will cause the selling value of weapon to be higher than upgrading base damage. i.e. The High Five.

j. Each map that has a boss at the end that will reward you 1 armor and 1 weapon per Hero playing during last wave, each weapon is Hero specific for that Hero playing or afk. Now challenges in the other hand, will reward 1 Specific Weapon per Profile, regardless of Hero and amount of Hero’s used to complete the challenge.

k. Items drops from mobs/kills are 99.9% useless and only good as a mana source, at low levels Ogre might drop something useful, but I really don’t rely on this, just go with chest drops. Any mana and items not pick up at the end of building phase or end of map, is automatically sold to tavern, no need to pick them up for that.

l. Map completion will grant 30% experience bonus after combat phase wave if one of the following is meet:
• No crystal damage
• Hero does not get hit
• Hero used only weapons since the beginning of map. No tower where set by him. Easy to accomplish if you use 2 controllers, on for builder and other for only a DPS hero.

– 1.1 What not to do

a. Being rude to other players will get you kick.

b. Selling defenses other players set will get you kick.

c. Not upgrading or repairing defenses of an area that you are covering will get you kick.

d. Not calling an Oheee on time (Circle on PS3) when you can’t handle an area will get you kick.

e. Afking after joining a game without saying why or for long times will get you kick.

f. Sometimes playing with hybrids will get you kick.

g. Not having a mic sometimes will get you kick.

h. Lots of other things, can remember them all, learn from experience and don’t do what you will not like to see done to you.

– 1.2 Hero Upgrade Basics

Different Hero have different ways of playing, some like DPS and others Tower Spec, do not recommend hybrids personally so I wont talk about them here. Things in common are the hero speed and casting. Speed soft caps at 70, so any points spend here after that has such high dismissing result that is useless to do. Casting I will say 70-90 is enough for most insane/+ maps. These status mentioned are usually upgraded after level 70+, doing so after spending enough points in the main spec area i.e. tower or DPS. Apprentice have an ability that allows them to almost instantly build or repair at the cost of 8 mana per second, if used properly no need for casting points on this hero. Let’s see some differences and specifics:

a. Tower Squire: overall good at everything and any occasion. Easy to use, can provide blocks at chock points due to placement of tower in the mob path. For upgrade point’s usage, spend them on tower damage at a 3:1 ratio against tower health. This is a good rule of thumb; gear should be similar but no exact (topic 1.3 for more info). Once tower damage is cap at 120. Spend the rest in tower health to cap it also at 120. By this time you can invest a little on speed and casting. Personally, I never spend points in tower rate and radius until have reach at least 70 on speed and 90 on casting, hero points and gear points combined.

b. DPS Squire: most people will avoid him for not having that ranged benefit. But honestly, he is not a bad DPS hero to use. Some tactics for him are having a good block % weapon with a good pet and just stand there and let your pet do all the job. Others are, use of blood rage, run in kill and run out, while other rely on knock back status to push enemies so they don’t get hit. Others simply don’t care. Points for this spec should be spend all in hero damage and main skill used after hero damage is cap at 120, with some in hero health based of how you’re doing on the maps (getting killed to easy? one shot?) mostly I rely on gear for hero health at low levels. Again speed at 70 for level 70+ and casting as needed but no more that 90 is good for insane/+.

c. Tower Monk: is a must have for insane/+. Lack of a tower that will block mob paths make him a dependable hero from other hero’s that can do it. It compensates a little with his ensnare aura that slows enemies, but his auras are elemental, so enemies with that element immunity will not be affected by that aura. i.e. not slowed down. Points should be used the same way as a tower squire. 3:1 damage to health ratio, etc. for the others.

d. DPS Monk: Sorry to not cover this too much, and next lines are based of forums as I have never build one. What I have read talks about the same way to spend upgrade points (hero damage, speed, and casting) with the difference on one hero abilities, pick one: tower boost or hero boost. To maximize they’re usage and benefit. DPS monk can be used as ranged or melee.

e. Tower Apprentice: most people will say that there is two possible ways for a tower spec’ed apprentice: 1 called walls and other called tower app. The differences are that the walls spec is all points into tower health then hero’s abilities and jumping to hero speed and casting. This spec relies only in the usage of magic walls with high health to block mobs path and the use of another hero’s towers to do the kill. The tower spec app is all points into tower damage then rate, little to radius, speed and casting in that order. Neglecting completely the tower health as only ranged towers will be used and other hero’s towers will provide the slowing to kill or the block to prevent mobs from reaching killing app towers.

f. DPS Apprentice: the one hero most people pick to start with. Good overall and fast repairer with his overcharge ability. Points should be spend like dps squire. Also his weapons can be charged while running for burst damage upon releasing attack for that first big hit. Mana bomb will cause a knock back effect, really useful sometimes. More details about him in the weapon upgrade section. Ranged hero = easy experience bonus no hero damage.

g. Tower Huntress: Good at what she does. Mostly her inferno and gas traps are used, but here other towers are good as well depending on the situation. Points shall be spend the same way as squire or monk, the difference that tower rate can have some more love, no more than 200 in this one as the dismissing returns are awful after that. Radius is good with what ever items provide you, if you still are not satisfied, use some points to please your needs.

h. DPS Huntress: if not the first pick, she is the second more used hero in Ethernia. A good way to spend her hero points is hero damage to 120 with some into hero health based of necessity (getting kill to fast?) the Huntress is a ranged hero which allows her to easily get the no hero damage experience bonus. Points used in her abilities should be focused in piercing shot. Piercing shot pick up bonus damage from weapon base damage; keep that in mind when upgrading your weapon and how to use this skill. I really don not use invisible too much, honestly never have use it, so I don’t spend points in this skill. If you like it and use it, share some points here also.

– 1.3 Weapon upgrading basics 

Everybody has their preferences here, what I will try to describe are the options and what to look for. You pick up what to do, but keep in mind that mana will be spend so be sure of what you are about to do before upgrading a weapon. Most players will say that map and challenges rewards are better than core / regular tavern and chest drops. I’m one of those. At low level (bellow 70 weapons) it is recommended to spend upgrades in elemental damage as it scales higher faster than base damage. The only problem is mobs with that elemental immunity, which rends the weapon useless against them so plan ahead if you do this.

a. Tower Squire Weapon can be any at low levels as long as they have tower stats. At some point go can join or ask a friend to help you run no towers allowed for a Mobile Moxie Shield which is solid choice to start your tower carrier. This shield is minimum level 60 requirement. Read tip (J) about challenges. Afterwards Desert Town Morrago Insane will provide the best or second to best possible weapon on this game the Crysknife. Although any weapon with high number of upgrade and necessary tower stats (tower health and damage) will be good for you. When you have a good pick that want to upgrade, it is a good idea to spend points all in tower damage as you want that status to be as high as possible for maximum efficiency.

b. DPS Squire is pretty much anything with high number of upgrades. Wouldn’t spend mana on any core/mob drop but a good starting weapon is The High Five from Ogre Crush Challenge. At low levels (bellow 70) it is recommended to spend your upgrades on elemental damage instead of base damage as mentioned before. After level 70 I would not do this as more and more mobs immune to elements. 90% of the time all upgrades will be base damage on this squire type of weapon with the exception of block and pet strategy mentioned before, that will spend points into block to max this stat, with 90% plus block rate is enough. Rare strategy used, mostly with animus pets.

c. Tower monk weapons are the same as squire. Same way to spend points and farming is based of number of upgrade weapon have. Morrago and Misty mire rewards are good options. For low level (bellow 70) Ogre party hat will be good option from Unfriendly allies or Qi from Glitterhelm.

d. DPS Monk have no experience with this one but can generally say that weapons listed as tower can be used as DPS but again, upgrade in base damage for better dps.

e. Tower Apprentice can use Oculus and Undying rod as 99% people choice post 74, low levels can go with defense reconstructor from no towers allowed on medium or hard for hero cast bonus from weapon. My first DPS staff was a Demonic Heirloom from Hard Alchemy lab that last me until 74. ALL weapons mentioned are good for dps and tower spec. now here is the upgrading tip: upgrade priorities shall be for dps number of projectiles, projectile speed (enough hero not to overrun the shot), then base damage. Some people like to go with charge speed as well but their attacks rely on charge then release, instead of the spamming attack button. For this style 50 points is recommended in charge speed, otherwise nothing. For tower spec should be the same as hero spec (walls or tower, see hero section for this).

f. Huntress runs the same as the Apprentice with DPS and tower spec using same weapon, just upgraded differently. Options here are vast. Low level can go with a Soul Focuser from Alchemy Lab Insane/+ or a Blasticus from Assault Challenge. Shai Hukud from DLC Desert town Morrago is still the best because the aoe with high upgrades (can be 100+). Order of priorities should be projectile per second every time available, clip up to 80-90 should be enough, reload up to 7-10 depends of preference (I usually go with 8), projectile speed, enough to not over run your shots and the rest to base damage. TIP Soul Focuser projectile speed does not seem to be affected by projectile speed stat, spend does points somewhere else , also tower speced should be obviously upgraded the same as your hero 3:1 ratio tower damage to health, although you can go full tower damage, health as needed but armor should provide enough.

– 1.4 Armor upgrading basics

When is time to change armor? Some people ask themselves that question and the answer can be found in the level change the game provides. Levels 60-70-74-78-83-90 are the points I’m referring to. For upgrading you will always want to go with your main stat i.e. Hero Damage or Tower Damage. For DPS spend all in Hero Damage up to 128 points total (base + upgrade spent = 128) then main skill used and hero health as needed, or vice versa. For tower spec’ed is almost the same keeping in mind the 3:1 damage to health ratio mentioned before for Monk, Squire and Huntress, Apprentice in the other hand uses damage and rate (3:1 also) or full tower health. DPS heroes at end game content are required that you spend some points into resistance so that your hero does not get one or two shot. 90% total is a good point to aim for in these stats, so plan accordantly.

– 1.5 Familiar upgrading basics

Here I will only discuss some familiars, which I have seen people normally have questions about. Event pets won’t be discuss as they can not be adquire anymore and trading for them usually involves a duper.

• Animus damage is based of hero damage points, upgrade this familiar in base damage, but your gear must be hero damage upgraded.
• Fairies heal is normally good around 400-500 for 90% of the times, this is again if you are resistance capable on insane+, bellow insane+ that is good enough.
• Imps repair towers without your permission so keep it mind that they will drain your mana during combat phase constantly.
• Priorities for DPS familiars should always be # projectiles then attack speed then base damage with a little to projectile speed (1000-1500), based of your speed.
• Guardian can be upgraded as needed (hero stats or tower stats) or for their original purpose that is tower boosting. Their first 2 stats are related to distance buff can reach and quantity of points buff will boost tower. Upgrade as your playing style.
• Genie return mana to hero per flip based of hero damage caused.

Here is a list of Pets from the wiki for quick view:

Improves the damage of one or more nearby hero defenses.
Complete The Summit on easy/normal/hard difficulty as an Apprentice

Improves the attack speed of one or more nearby hero defenses.
Complete The Summit on easy/normal/hard difficulty as a Huntress

Improves the attack range of one or more nearby hero defenses
Complete The Summit on easy/normal/hard difficulty as a Monk

Improves the damage resistance of one or more nearby hero defenses.
Complete The Summit on easy/normal/hard difficulty as a Squire

Fires heroic arrows, which become stronger based on your hero’s attack rating.
Complete The Summit on Insane / + difficulty based of hero. I.e. Squire = Squire Animus.

Splash lightning damage up to 3 projectiles.
Reach wave 15 of The Deeper Well on Survival/Pure Strategy

Physical melee AoE damage.
Reach wave 15 of Foundries and Forges on Survival/Pure Strategy

Splash poison ranged damage up to 3 bolts
Reach wave 15 of Magus Quarters on Survival/Pure Strategy

Shoots laser beams from its eyes that pierce enemies and walls
Reach wave 15 of Alchemical Laboratory or The Throne Room on Survival/Pure Strategy

Fires multiple arrows dealing physical damage
Reach wave 15 of Glitterhelm Caverns or Servants Quarters on Survival/Pure Strategy

Physical melee damage that causes knockback
Reach wave 15 of Castle Armory on Survival/Pure Strategy

Heals nearby players much like the Medic
Reach wave 15 of Pure Strategy/Survival on Mistymire Forest

Physical ranged damage
Reach wave 15 of The Ramparts on Survival/Pure Strategy

Repairs nearby towers
Reach wave 15 of Endless Spires on Survival/Pure Strategy

Deals splash fire damage with up to 3 projectiles
Reach wave 15 of The Summit on Survival/Pure Strategy

Weakens enemies with its attacks.
Reach wave 15 of Moraggo Desert Town on Survival/Pure Strategy

Fires piercing arrows that also heal players
be a Playstation Plus member

Extra base stats
Complete the final wave of Survival Mode on any difficulty.

Deals Heroic splash damage with both ranged and melee attacks. Knocks back enemies in melee and shoots eggs at distant monsters
Unlock all non-DLC achievements in the original game

2. My Personal Diary

– 2.0 Description

My Diary is a run down of my game progress. Use it as example and proof of how fun and easy this game is. This is listed as follows: run number on map -difficulty – total exp after completion of map – level achieved after completion of map / towers used and/or setup and sort of a general order for them, I’ll try to keep it simple.

For this following lines I will use ONLY and SOLO the squire as it was my first and favorite Tower spece’d Hero. If I have the time will do the same for Apprentice, which is my second favorite, also this is a fast run to the end so that all maps can be unlocked. Some maps are run in easy for that purpose (unlock the next one). There are lots of higher difficulty maps layouts around the forums, so i wont cover ALL of them here. I love the game, but not all the maps.

– 2.1 01-30 Squire (around 1-1.5 hours of game progress)

Deeper Well
1- medium 6.6k level 6 / 2 to 4 spike blockade at stairs then bouncer blockade replace front / bottom spike blockade to bouncer blockade once bouncer are available, then set upper area (2) ones.


2-hard 32k level 10 / 4 bouncer blockade then 2-4 harpoons set harpoons after available/unlocking the bouncer blockade should be inbetween the mill wheel and side rail as close as possible to end of rail but not sacrificing the funnel / narrow gap.


3-hard 41k level 13 / 2 bouncer blockade 2 bowling ball then 2 bouncers upper area and 2 harpoons behind those bouncer blockades.


4- insane 75k level 16 / 2 bouncer blockade 2 bowling ball 2 upper bouncer blockades then 4 harpoon and constant repair and upgrade front defense constantly


5-insane 113k level 19 same as 4th run
6-insane 148k level 22 same as 4th run

Foundries and Forges

1-medium 156k level 21 / just set 5 bouncers and cover the hole left, once you have 40 mana set the last bouncer and start setting 2 harpoons each hall until 6 are done. stay away and repair as needed.


Magus Quarters

1-medium 167k level 22 / 3 bouncer blockade 3 bowling ball 4 harpoons at specific location. sometimes a wyvern escapes the harpoons, the crystal will be hit but set 2 more hapoons looking towards the crystal on the steps and forget about it


Alchemy Lab

1- hard 190k level 23 / 2 slice and dice 2 bouncer blockade 2 bowling ball 7 harpoons / FAIL but good drops tower stats is the priority damage then health


Lure Boss to harpoons for the kill, run 99% of the time during boss phase.

These are my stats after this failed attempt
27/4/5/4 hero 16/74/12/11 tower stats

2-medium 211k level 24 / same setup as first run
3-medium 231k level 25 / same setup as first run

At this point have realize that Alch Lab takes almost 12 min for 20k exp on medium and Deeper Well Insane gives 38k in less than 5 min. Farming Exp now to reach level 30.

Back to Deeper Well

same setup as before and order too. 2 bouncers 2 bowling balls then 2 more bouncers and 2 harpoons. no chest opened after last tower is set, just wait behind the crystal and look at map for unusual archers that are out of line of sight of towers. hit crystal asap. easy 38k of experience in less than 4 min (3:50 is my average at level 25-30)

Tower Stats at this level should start having the 3:1 damage to health ratio. before level 30 90% goes to damage only.

After 5-6 insane DW finally Lv 30.

– 2.2 30-70 Squire (around 1.5-2 hours of game progress)

Servant Quarters

1-easy 376k level 30 / set 1 bouncer blockade as shown. then do the 2 bowling balls and the harpoons as showen behind those specific bouncer. end by setting 2nd harpoon at south west, not necesary. My focus on this map is to complete it, just that.


Castle Armory

1-easy 389k level 30 / set all spikes and bouncers then set bowling balls and harpoons. keep an eye out for archers. My focus on this map is to complete it, just that.


Hall of Court

1-easy 403k level 31 / set spikes then harpoons then bowling balls. keep an eye out for ogres and wyvern that escape harpoons. crystal might/will be damage by wyverns but my focus on this map is to complete it, just that.


The Throne Room

1-easy 427k level 31 / set as link shows spikes, bouncers and the slice and dice first then all Hapoons starting with middle ones. For boss wave, wait for him to get close or in range of harpoons then go behind him towards spawn point to expose his back weak point to harpoons and blood rage him or block until he dies. during normal waves you can upgrade those specific harpoons for more damage to boss but not needed. crystal might/will be damage by wyverns but my focus on this map is to complete it, just that.



Royal Gardens

1-easy 440k level 32 / set bouncers and spikes then 1 harpoon per area lastly bowling balls. have spare DU if needed.


The Ramparts

This is the second easiest exp farming level, the first being Deeper Well up to level 30, here you can go up to level 70 solo or multiple heros plus the first map worthy of chest loot pick up (at least for me it is on hard). The next exp farming map should be Glitterhelm Caverns which is only 4 maps away (including this one).

Hero Stats:

Level 32 Hero 25/4/5/4 -6/1- Tower 38/94/6/7

1-hard 671k level 38 / set just as link shows and patrol for archers as usual. 1 of the bouncers is temporary.



Rinse and repeat a lot…. after first run (221k exp / 110k Mana and missed a couple of bonus because got hit)and new items (just out of this run):

Hero 16/20/20/30 – 24/23 – Tower 57/140/28/33

Also picked up some gear for level 45-60, all in 1 run. Complete as much as you like, At this point in game I have spend 0 mana on upgrades. You are more than welcome to spend mana on upgrade if you like, but I like to save it for the hero exp bonus from the tavern. Just remeber to change current playable map to insane + so that you can get that extra exp when you buy it. For now I will stop at level 70 and The Ramparts Map. Check further sections for level 70 up.

My Diary is a run down of my game progress. Use it as example and proof of how fun and easy this game is. This is listed as follows: run number on map -difficulty – total exp after completion of map – level achieved after completion of map / towers used and/or setup and sort of a general order for them, I’ll try to keep it simple (again).

For this following lines I will use ONLY and SOLO the Apprentice as it was my first DPS spece’d Hero allthough he will be Tower spece’d only for the purpose of leveling solo up to 70. Keep in mind this is a fast run to the end so that all maps can be unlocked (in the case this is your first option instead of Squire). Some maps are run in easy for that purpose (unlock the next one). There are lots of higher difficulty maps layouts around the forums, so I wont cover ALL of them here. I love the game, but not all the maps.

– 2.3 01-30 Apprentice

Deeper Well

1-medium 7.3k level 7 / set magic missiles in upper stairs area the when you reach level 3, start blocking the path to those towers with magic blockades.


2-hard 24k level 10 / set 1 set of magic missile and magic blockade on steps goint up then finish the rest alternating one fire ball and one magic missile.


Run this map 2 more times at least or level 15. Then use this setup and venture into insane and reach level 30.

X-insane 106k level 18 / set 1 magic missile and 1 magic blockade, then do the 1 fireballs and 1 lighting each side and the rest of towers in that order. the X means how many it takes you to get to level 30, for some reason it took my App 7 runs, my squire was less.


Ready to continue at level 31 with
Hero 0/8/28/32 – 7/26 – 30/130/27/30
Got some really good chest drops. So far all my points have been spend in tower damage.

Foundries Forges

1-hard-427k level 31 / set as link shows first wave and stay close to the 1 magic missile covered spawn point, as soon as you get 40 mana set the second one there. 2nd wave set 3 magic walls per stair (not too close to spawn point as link shows) 3 perfectly set walls wont allow any mob to pass, then set 2 fireballs and 1 lighting tower equally distributed behind the walls on all 3 stairs.



Magus Quarters

1-hard 467k level 33 / set as link shows for 1st wave then the second link to finish during 2nd and 3rd build phase. set deadly strikes before lighting towers.



Alchemical Laboratory

1-hard 514k level 34 / set 1 magic barrier to block or chock those stairs shown then a magic missile to provide dps, after initial setup start setting 1 fireball and 1 lighting per chock point then deadly towers aiming at center as many as possible for boss. replace towers that boss destroys quickly.


Servants Quarters

1-hard 575k level 35 / set 1 magic barrier and magic missile like shown, last magic missile will be setup durring combat phase due to not enough mana. continue to build fireballs and lighting towers 1 each spawn point as shownen.


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