DragonFable Frost Moglin Guide

DragonFable Frost Moglin Guide by Womba

This is the directory… Use this to find something specific within this guide!

Note: If something is listed as DA-Only. Only players with a Dragon Amulet can access it.
If something is listed as RARE! it means it is no longer obtainable.
1.) Description.
2.) Helmets!
3.) How to obtain.
4.) Frostval and Frostvale. (An important distinction!)
5.) The Skills.
6.) Stats&Builds
7.) Boss Monster Combat
8.) Single Monster Combat
9.) Multi-Monster Combat
10.) The Problems (Bugs and Glitches)
Conclusions, and thanks.

1.) Description:

This magical armor filled with Frostval spirit, is an extremely powerful suit. Supposedly powered by Hugs. One of the most powerful sources of magic on Lore… The hero must go and gather Slay Bells to power up this furry equipment. Since Slay Bells aren’t as powerful as Hugs, the hero must gather many of them, to power the armor.

Now… if you’re wondering… it’s rather difficult to gather ALL of the needed Slay Bells. Specifically… to unlock all the skills, you’ll need to:

Use 1 to unlock Frost Moglin Armor.
Use 3 to unlock a skill from this armor. (total of 42 needed)

2.) Frost Moglin Helmets!
*jingle jingle*
Here’s something of intrest also. Slaybells are needed to construct the armors helmets. There’s a Male version, and a Female Version.

Combine 10 to form Female Frost Moglin Helm
Combine 3 with Female Frost Moglin Helm to form Female Frost Moglin Helm II
Combine 3 with Female Frost Moglin Helm II to form Female Frost Moglin Helm III
Combine 3 with Female Frost Moglin Helm III to form Female Frost Moglin Helm IV
Combine 3 with Female Frost Moglin Helm IV to form Female Frost Moglin Helm V
Combine 3 with Female Frost Moglin Helm V to form Female Frost Moglin Helm VI

Combine 10 to form Male Frost Moglin Helm
Combine 3 with Male Frost Moglin Helm to form Male Frost Moglin Helm II
Combine 3 with Male Frost Moglin Helm II to form Male Frost Moglin Helm III
Combine 3 with Male Frost Moglin Helm III to form Male Frost Moglin Helm IV
Combine 3 with Male Frost Moglin Helm IV to form Male Frost Moglin Helm V
Combine 3 with Male Frost Moglin Helm V to form Male Frost Moglin Helm VI

Basically… you’ll only need 10 for construction, 3 for upgrading. Simple, right?

3.) How To Obtain?

Location: Chilly in Chapter 3, Act 5 ( Frostval 2008) / Permanent in Armor Closet
Default Weapon: Sword
Cost: 1 Slaybell

Level: Any
Category: Armor
Equip Spot: Body
Bonuses: Crit 5

3 Slay Bells: Spirit Burst
6 Slay Bells: Blind
9 Slay Bells: Wreath
12 Slay Bells: Fruitcake Brick
15 Slay Bells: Yule Tide
18 Slay Bells: Twig
21 Slay Bells: Warmth
24 Slay Bells: Light
27 Slay Bells: Candy Crane Kick
30 Slay Bells: Gingerbead Invasion
33 Slay Bells: Evergreen
36 Slay Bells: Horrible Gift
39 Slay Bells: Missile Toe
42 Slay Bells: Spirit of Giving

The FMA, is a Frostval exclusive armor. Even if you’ve unlocked, and trained it. You can still only access it during the time of year when Frostval is here.

However… there’s 2 options any player with a Dragon Amulet can use.

1.) Buy a House. With it, you’ll have a spot for an Orb Of Saving. It costs 20,000 Gold, and can be obtained in a number of House (Stuff) Item shops. One location of these shops is in Dragesvard. Now, after you set it up all nice and pretty in your house, you will need to click on the Orb. A list of buttons will show up. To save the armor you have equipped, it will cost a fee of 7,213 Gold before you can do that. You can also save your equipment at the same time doing this, so you should put on your gear before hand.

2.) Just like in 1, you’ll need a house. This armor saving device is called the Armor Closet. For 1,000 DragonCoin’s you can buy the Armor Closet. It has access to EVERY single armor you’ve ever unlocked, and trained (fully and not fully). Plus… it let’s you save your class for FREE! With this, you can access FMA any time of the year, whenever you want. Just like the Orb, it will save currently equipped items also. If you have the resources to get this… it’s a MUST HAVE for anybody.

Disclaimer: The Armor Closet, has a few armors you can’t access unless they are in your inventory. These armors, aren’t obtained at a trainer, so the Armor Closet doesn’t know you “unlocked” it. You will need to have the item in your inventory to access it on the Closet. These armors are…

4.) Frostval and Frostvale
An Important Distinction!

Okay… First things first: There’s a HUGE difference, between Frostval, and Frostvale

Frostvale (with an “e”) is the city, or… village, rather. A wonderful place up in the north, where a large group of Moglins celebrate the Spirit of Giving. Hey! If you’re lucky! You might get something here when Frostval comes around.

Frostval (without an “e”) is the time of year when magical things happen. Beautiful things. And people will have a smile everywhere you go. Unless you’re a Scrooge… Than begone, humbug! Basically, it’s Artix Entertainment’s version of Christmas! This event only comes around during the 12th month of the year, December. There’s boatloads of cool stuff to see, do, and get! So go crazy!!!

Dragonfable has been around for a while now… It has celebrated several wonderful years of Frostval, each year getting bigger, better, and more punny. Listed below are links to the events of yester year. Please… take the time to read through them, if you choose to do so. You should find all information you need about that specific year.

Frostval 06

Frostval 07

Frostval 08

Frostval 09

Frostval 10

Frostval 11

Frostval 12

5.) The Skills.

(Oooh shiny pictures!) This is the order in which all Frost Moglin Armor skills will be shown when using the class in-game. Enjoy!
Here is a list of the skills you can unlock for you FMA. Remember each skill costs 3 Slay Bells to unlock. For clarity’s sake, I have separated them into four categories: Offensive, Defensive, Other Useful and Less Useful.


Spirit Burst: Two hits of 120% damage, totaling 240%, one turn cooldown.

Twig: Three hits of 100% damage, totaling 300%, three turn cooldown.

Spirit of Giving: Nine hits of 25% damage, totaling 225%, four turn cooldown.

Missile Toe: Multi attack, hits all enemies for 100% damage, one turn cooldown.

Yule Tide: Multi attack, hits all enemies for 100% damage, one turn cooldown.

Candy Cane Kick: One hit of 120% damage.


Wreath: A five turn shield. Eight turn cooldown.

Fruitcake Brick: A three turn stun. Nine turn cooldown.

Blind: One hit of 100% damage, enemy has 50% chance of missing for four turns. Three turn cooldown.

Other Useful:

Evergreen: Reduces all cooldowns by three.

Gingerbread Invasion: One hit of 100% damage and a chance to heal you for HP equal to your (HP+End)/20 for two turns.

Less Useful:

Horrible Gift: Exactly the same as a normal attack; no reason you should ever bother with this.

Warmth: One hit of 100% fire damage. You shouldn’t need to use this because ideally you have weapons of all the primary elements.

Light: One hit of 100% light damage. ^See Warmth

So now that we have all the skills out there, let’s look at some of the combos we can do with them, depending on the situation. (Note that these combos are only general guidelines, and you should not feel obligated to follow them to the letter. Mix and match as your current situation demands.)


For FMA, as with many other armors, there are two main routes you can go in terms of build, though both of these are open to customization. They are as follows:

The Destroyer:

This build is primarily geared towards dealing the most damage possible in the shortest amount of time, and overwhelming the enemy before they have a chance to deal much damage back to you. Generally this build will involve putting the vast majority of your stat points in your primary damage-dealing stat. (Str for warriors, Int for mages, Dex for rogues.) Smaller amounts of points are often put in Wis (to ensure you have enough mana for long quests or fights), or perhaps End, to give you a little extra staying power. Also, warriors and rogues might consider putting some point in Int, to take better advantage of Spirit Burst. (It deals Magic type damage.) Given the highly damaging skills of FMA, this build hits HARD.

The Tank:

On the other side of the spectrum, you have this build. Points are split so that only a little over half are put in the primary damage-dealing stat (Str, Int or Dex), while most of the rest are put in End. A few extra are typically put in Wis. The advantage of this build is that, taking into account the fact that FMA has a blind skill that can be infinitely looped, it is almost IMPOSSIBLE for 99.99% of the monsters in DF to kill you. And while they flail uselessly away, you are free to destroy them with FMA’s powerful damage-dealing attacks, which will make short work of them even though you have not pumped quite as many stat points in your primary damage dealing stat.

Obviously these builds can be mixed and matched, so that everyone can find something that suits them; these are just guidelines or suggestions.

7.) Boss Monster Combat

FMA is a very versatile armor, wether against multiple foes, or bosses… here is a rough guideline for those stubborn bosses.

(Note that I am never going to suggest stunning, as most bosses in DF have high stun resistance. If you happen to be fighting one that doesn’t, however, feel free to substitute brick for blind whenever you can.)

Turn 1: Blind.
Turn 2: Spirit Burst.
Turn 3: Twig.
Turn 4: Spirit Burst.
Turn 5: Blind.
Turn 6: Spirit Burst.
Turn 7: Twig.
Turn 8: Spirit Burst.

And repeat as necessary, though the majority of bosses in DF will not be alive after that. Even if they didn’t have any weaknesses for you to take advantage of, you would still have dealt 1660% your weapon’s damage, and probably taken little to no damage whatsoever.

8.) Single Monster Combat Strategy

Now that I have explained how to use FMA for more difficult battles I hardly think I need to tell you how to use it against less challenging opposition, but have decided to do so if only for completeness. Now you must realize that this is even more open to personal interpretation than the boss guide; these are just some simple one or two turn ideas for you to consider.

Easy Monsters: Whenever possible, just use Twig or Spirit to kill it; don’t bother complicating things. (Spirit has a faster animation, and will allow you to farm faster, but Twig will do more damage, giving you a better chance of a OHKO.)

Medium Monsters: If it has too much HP to be killed with just a Twig/Spirit I like to use Blind and then Twig/Spirit. Hopefully it will then be dead. If not, just use whichever of the two you didn’t use (Twig/Spirit) and finish it off. Or, if you want to conserve mana, and the enemy’s health is low enough, just use a normal attack. (Some people like to use Brick instead of Blind, but I prefer Blind as it costs 1/3 the mana and will work on all monsters.)

Hard Monsters: For monsters not hard enough to be bosses but harder than your average monster, I like to use Blind, then start The Cycle, (see above,) until they are dead, which will probably be before Blind wears off. If it isn’t just use Blind again whenever possible to give you more time.

A Note on the Skill Gingerbread Invasion:

Note that I have not included this skill in any of these combos. This is for the simple reason that I do not know when any of you may need to heal. Use it whenever you feel the need, but remember never to use it while your enemy is stunned or it will heal him too, and that is obviously not something you want.

Alternative Stun Tactic

Alot of monsters have a rather high Immobility resistance, so it’s obvious that you’d most likely be wasting a potential turn to cause massive damage, trying to stun them. However, there’s also just as many with a low, if no immobility resistance. This tactic is highly potent against these little rascals.

1.) Brick
2.) Twig
3.) Spirit Burst
4.) Blind
5.) Spirit Burst
6.) Twig
7.) Spirit Burst
8.) Blind
9.) etc.

2. Blind actually acts slightly odd. The FIRST time you use blind (not sure if this is every time you start the cycle, or just only the first time), you only get three turns of protection. HOWEVER, after that, you get four, turns, so, the damage strategy would look like…

Turn 1: Blind.
Turn 2: Spirit Burst.
Turn 3: Twig.
Turn 4: Spirit Burst.
Turn 5: Blind.
Turn 6: Spirit Burst.
Turn 7: Twig.
Turn 8: Spirit Burst.
Turn 9: Spirit of Giving.
Turn 10: Blind.
And repeat steps 6-10.

9.) Multi-Monster Combat Strategy

FMA is great for fighting groups of enemies because it has two multi attacks, each with only a single turn of cooldown. Therefore you could spam them one after the other all the way up until you ran out of mana. But it will never take that long. Anyways, if it really needs explanation, here is the basic outline:

Turn 1: Missile Toe.
Turn 2: Yule Tide.

Repeat as necessary.

10.) The problems…
(This section is about the current bugs and glitches of the class.)

The Cookie-Monster Bug

When, if you ever, stun an opponent, and use Ginger Bread Invasion the following turn. There’s a chance it will heal your enemy, instead of you. However, there’s a possibility you’re safe from it if a guest attacks the foe before you use Gingerbread Invasion.

Player Hating Weapons Bug

There’s already alot of weapons out there, with a special attack of sorts. However… some weapons simply won’t activate. The Necrotic Sword of Doom, and its On-Attack activated special, will reverse on you after it takes affect, unfortunately. There IS a small chance this won’t happen while the enemy is stunned/incapacitated… But you almost never, will need to use the Attack button, because of The Cycle strategy.

Conclusions, and thanks

So, the FrostMoglin Armor MAY have its cons, but it definantly has far more pro’s. In short…
It has extremely high damage, even for a class in need of a polish. It also has extremely great self-support, and defence as well. FMA is lacking a little bit in combat against multiple foes, but unless they’re extremely powerful, it’s not going to be a issue most of the time.
It’s difficult to train, but just like all other classes before it… it’s worth the time, and the effort, even if you won’t ever use it!
Whatever you enjoy the most, I hope you enjoy FrostMoglin just as much. Everyone who has helped craft this guide, and myself wish you the best of luck with this class. Have a good one!

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