Age of Wulin Crafting Guide

Age of Wulin Crafting Guide by Rawwri

Well, lots of Players that start crafting in Age of Wulin are very confused, why they cannot just “start crafting and be done with it”.
Indeed, it is not an easy system, but wit a little more information on which profession needs to work with whom for crafting in Age of Wulin, it will be easy to make preparations before you start.

Well then, lets get started with the “Basics” .. most players dont want to go in to deeply into crafting, so they just ask : How do I get a Weapon? How do I get Armor? etc. So first, I will post some small information for non-crafters, so they will also know what they have to do and who to ask if they want something crafted ; )
This will be just an overall basic information, so i will not go into very much detail what you will need for the exact weapon.

I want a Weapon.

You find a Blacksmith
he will tell you what Ores he needs you to Mine
And you ask a Craftsman what 
you need for the special Handle the Blacksmith needs.

for better Weapons you will have to have
Instance Drops, (for example Malachite),
and sometimes you also need to Hunt (for example Snake Skin for a Dagger)

Advanced, Upgrading Weapons:
For the upgrade you need a Blacksmith*
to make the upgrade Material from disassembled weapons (f.ex. Pupil Ingot),
10L unbound (per upgrade) and The Life Skill of a Blacksmith and a Cook.
Which life skill you need first depends on the Weapon.

I want Armor.

You have to find a Tailor and he will tell you what Plant/Silk you have to Farm
and which Animals to Hunt for the Fur.

And you ask a Craftsman
what kind of Ore you have to Mine for the Hasp.

Advanced, Upgrading Armor:
For the Upgrade you need 10 L unbound money per upgrade ,
Tailor life skill and a Poisonmaker life skill.
For the Tailor upgrade you need disassembled clothes ,
and for the Poisonmaker Upgrade you need Poisonous Plants (Gaultheria)
and Disassembled Accesoires from a Craftsman*. ( Only Poison Makers can gather the Plants! )

I want Jewelery.

You have to go to a Craftsman 
and ask what kind of Ores he needs (+special ores),
often also Fabric is needed.
Some Fabric will drop in Factions from NPC, for other
you have to go to a Tailor
and ask him what Plants/Silk he needs.
( Usually its Guazhou Green, so you will need Ramie and the Newborn Silkworm eggs.)

Advanced, Upgrading Jewelery:
For the Upgrade you need 10L unbound,
Pharmacist life skill and a Craftsman life skill.
For the Pharmacist Upgrading Material
you need to go to a Tailor* and disassemble Clothes
and you need Herbs from a Pharmacist (Mint, only Pharmacists can gather the Herbs)

*For disassembling /assembling things you can actually go to a NPC Tailor/BS/Craftsman – but of course the Players have the same Options too : )

Well thats the Basics ; ) now continuing deeper into the Crafters Heaven:

Here is an overwiev with the general links between the six Crafting Professions.


Now, I will post the actual Gathering and other Crafting Professions you will need, if you have picked one special Profession.


  • Farmer + Farmer Processing Skills (bought @Farmer NPC)
  • Hunter
  • Fisher
  • Advanced: Instance Dropped Ingredients.


  • Farmer
  • Hunter
  • Fisher
  • Gathering Herbs
  • Advanced: Instance Dropped Ingredients. (Workbench only**)


  • Pharmacist Herbs
  • Hunter
  • Gathering Poison Herbs
  • Advanced: Instance Dropped Ingredients.(Workbench only**)


  • Miner + Processing Ore Skills (Bought @Npc Miner)
  • Hunter
  • Handles From Craftsman
  • Instance Dropped Ingredients.(Malachite for non Workbench)


  • Miner + Processing Ore Skills (@Npc Miner)
  • Woodcutter
  • Fabrics (Faction /Instance Drops )
  • Farmer (For Tailor made Fabrics)
  • Instance Drops, like Malachite.


  • Farmer
  • Hunter
  • Miner (Hasps from Craftsman)
  • Fabric Drops from Npc Mobs
  • Advanced: Instance Dropped Ingredients.(Workbench only**)

** Workbenches: They drop in forbidden Instances like QC, PV etc.. Some of the Advanced Recipes work only with a Workbench in a special place. If you click to use a Workbench, you use it up and it will last usually for 60 minutes of crafting, some reward workbenches that you can get at an exchange administartor(Quian Fugui) work for up to 360 minutes.

Basic Explanation Workbenches:

First, the Recipe:

As you can see in the top right Corner for this Poisonmaker Recipe “Ghost Evil Recording” , there is asmall green Point.
This is a mark that this recipe needs a Workbench.
If your cursor is over this point the pop up , which is shown on the right, shows you the Maps and coordinates of working Areas where you have to go to use a Workbench.

Well, I didnt get the corresponding workbench for that example, but i could get some screenshots for one of my Herbalist recipes:

the Green point and the corresponding coordinates.

The workbench has only one coordinate given that is corresponding to one of the Recipes.

So basically you buy a workbench, get the ingredients then go to that place, click on the workbench and then you can work, in this case for 60 minutes.

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