Age of Conan New Player’s Guide

Age of Conan New Player’s Guide by BoomBox

Hi Everyone, just thought I would put together some info for any new Steam players who are looking at trying AOC for the first time but a little lost.I’ll include here some basic info about the F2P, the in game store, basic player/class info and access to the forums.
If there is anything else that people would like added/removed or is wrong then let me know an I’ll edit as I go along:)


I know a few people are put off by the advertised 25GB download size and if you are on a limited bandwidth then I can understand, but in reality through Steam it only downloaded 17GB for me so not that bad.

AOC fully installs with this one download, it isn’t like some other MMO’s where you install and then still have to download/load data every new area.
This is just one install maybe 200MB+/- patch and then it’s done, you will have small loading times in game between areas but no further downloads at all unless there are updates.

There is an option in the client/launcher to choose what parts of the game to download but I believe that is only if you download AOC direct from the website. If it is through Steam then I think it will always be the full 25/17Gb as Steam handles the install.

Graphics Options

Right I’ve read a few people complaining that the graphics for AOC are bad, I was one of them when I first started but I didn’t know what I was

A lot of new players will adjust the graphics options by the launcher and then forget about it in game and complain it looks terrible.
Leave the launcher alone it doesn’t really improve it all, always adjust your graphics settings in game through the video settings until you find what’s right for you. As it is one of the older MMO’s you will find it can run on a varying amount of systems with no problem.

Once you have done this you will see that AOC is in fact a huge beautiful world to explore.


The first thing I will do is list the abilities of F2P:

All Classes are free to play!
All Races except Khitian are free to play
2 Character Slots ( Premium get 8 )
No level limit – Top Level 80
12 Inventory Slots
20 Bank Slots
10G Gold Limit – The rest is saved
Raids – 2 Accessible Kilikky & Yakhmar
Instances – All Instances before level 80
Offline levels – Unavailable ( As a premium player you gain 1 offline level every 4 days )
Veteran Points – Unavailable
Alternate Advancement – Unavailable ( Premium players gain access to AA after level 80, also items can be purchased from the store that allow F2P to advance AA )

How this effects you? :

You will never be able to purchase higher level mounts in game as they cost more than 10G so unless you purchase from the store or become Premium only basic mounts are available ( Nothing wrong with normal mounts, perfectly useable:)

You can still buy end game PVP gear to any level and still get some of the best gear from lower level dungeons.

Overall as a F2P myself I have found that the only restriction to really affect me is the inventory size, it means you can carry less loot to sell and it may take a while longer to gain money but apart from that its fine.

Game Shop

Let me get this out there straight away, this game IS NOT PAY2WIN.

The majority of items in the shop are vanity gear that will allow your character to look as cool as you want him/her
Sure there are items that you can buy that effect game play but none so dramatic to make it a P2W game.

Even a lot of veteran players will tell you that the shop is mainly for vanity gear and cool things, but all the REAL gear is found in game.

The one thing I myself have purchased is the Tortage Pack that is available through Steam, it has a range of weapons for all classes, Mammoth mount for later, double XP potions, a bigger bag for storage ( Main reason for getting it:) and a few other things.

It works out a good value IMO as a bag from the store is minimum say 10Euros while the Tortage Pack is £7/10Euros and you get other things as well as a bag which improves your experience a lot.

Also the expansion packs for the game are available through here with varying offers and varying prices, I wouldn’t worry about them until much later though, enjoy getting to 80 an then think about it.

The main thing to remember is that just because the shop is there doesn’t mean you have to buy from it, if you want to support Funcom and buy something then sure the options there but I have never felt that if I didn’t buy something my game is ruined or that people are OP because of the shop.

Race/Class Info

Below I will list the available Races/Classes to give you some background info for you to choose from when you start:

Your story begins on a Stygian slave galley somewhere off the coast of the treacherous pirate city of Tortage in the treacherous waters surrounding the Barachan Isles. With no memory of who you are, or who you were and with the jungles of Hyboria looming in the distance you now have the chance to start a new life. Through character creation you must choose to play either as a Cimmerian, Aquilonian, Stygian or Khitan ( Expansion only ). Your racial choice will affect not only looks, but also the class options available to you and where in Hyboria you belong.


The Aquilonians are a people divided behind a front of unity, and threatened behind a show of dominance. Their kingdom, the so-called Flower of the West, is the unrivalled jewel of Hyboria.
In Age of Conan, playing an Aquilonian will ensure a varied and diverse gaming experience. Landing somewhere in the middle of the Cimmerians and the Stygians on many different levels, the Aquilonian is a perfect choice for anyone wanting to role-play a character that has not got as many stereotypical features pinned to him or her as the other races often have. It is easy to draw parallels between the Aquilonians and the Romans, mostly because both people are known for their highly cultured society where structure is held in high regard.

The classes an Aquiloanian can play are:
Soldier: Conqueror, Dark Templar, Guardian
Priest: Priest of Mitra
Rogue: Assassin, Barbarian, Ranger


“You laugh greatly, drink deep and bellow good songs; though I never saw another Cimmerian who drank aught but water, or who ever laughed, or ever sang save to chant dismal dirges.”
In Age of Conan, players will find that playing the Cimmerians can be a very varied experience. Their barbaric nature, their stout posture and their willingness to charge into a battle where the odds are against them, should appeal to those players who would solve a dispute with the blade rather than with words. Still, Cimmerians are a people with an interesting culture that often runs deeper than the roots of mountains, and exploring this society as a player will yield many surprises.

The classes a Cimmerian can play are:
Soldier: Conqueror, Dark Templar, Guardian
Priest: Bear Shaman
Rogue: Barbarian, Ranger


The Stygians are an ancient, decadent people, born of a culture more than fifteen hundred years older than any of their neighbouring kingdoms to the north.
In Age of Conan: You will find that the Stygians can be a joy to role-play. Their mysterious and magically aligned nature makes them perfect if you want to play an intelligent and wise character with great power behind his or her dark eyes, yet they might also choose to play the role of a rogue whose goal is to grab the riches that might be found in the estates of those in the upper castes. They are a diverse people who follow many paths of life, and players will find a wealth of opportunities if they choose to enter Hyboria as one of them.

The classes a Stygian can play are:
Mage: Demonologist, Herald of Xotli, Necromancer
Priest: Tempest of Set
Rogue: Assassin, Ranger

Khitans Expansion Only

The ancient empire of Khitai is a stronghold of the world’s greatest wizards and masters of the eastern world. Khitai is nearly legendary to the western Hyborian races. Khitan society has a place in the structure and codes of behaviour which must be followed. The Khitans believe that those who best obey the codes will be rewarded by the gods. From this, they deduce that “the winner was right,” and this success-oriented approach gives them a penchant for treachery and double-dealing which would cause a Hyborian noble to blanch. The Khitani are similar to the Chinese/Korean of ancient history.
The Khitan people are the people of Khitai have merged into a homogeneous race: slender, of medium height, with parchment-yellow skin, slanted eyes, sharp features, high foreheads, and oval faces. Some regional variation exists (Southerners, for example, tend to be shorter and thicker about the waist), but the distinctions are almost invisible to Westerners.

One confusing aspect of these codes is the extreme politeness of the Khitan demeanor. Most Western traders find this unctuousness irritating, if harmless; successful traders recognize the traps concealed in this veneer of respect and watch their backs.

The classes a Khitan can play are:
Mage: Demonologist, Herald of Xotli, Necromancer
Priest: Bear Shaman
Rogue: Assassin, Ranger
Soldier: Dark Templar, Guardian


For a full listing with visuals please see the Official websites classes link:

If you would still like to read on however the following is a list of all available classes in AOC & their general equipment/armour etc:

Assassins are the most lethal killers in Hyboria. Those aspiring to the top of this profession face the most deadly regime of training, discipline, and study, but the ones that survive are executioners supreme.
Archetype: Rogue
Permitted Races: Aquilonian, Stygian and Khitan
Weapons: Daggers, crossbows, and dual-wielding
Armour: Cloth armour

The barbarian is one of the most dangerous and feared sights on the battlefield. Their combat style focuses on strength, aggression, and relentless assault.
Archetype: Rogue
Permitted Races: Cimmerian, Aquilonian
Weapons: One-handed edged, one-handed blunts, two-handed edged, two-handed blunts, bows, thrown weapons, and dual wielding
Armour: Cloth armour and light armour

Bear Shaman
The spirit of nature is strong in Cimmeria and has begun to manifest itself amongst the barbarians of the north.
Archetype: Priest
Permitted races: Cimmerian and Khitan
Weapons: Two-handed blunts, bows, crossbows, and thrown weapons
Armour: Cloth armour, light armour, and medium armour

Conquerors are a sword-wielding fusion of heavy armour and battlefield command, rare individuals rising from the ranks of Aquilonian generals and barbarous Cimmerian war-leaders.
Archetype: Soldier
Permitted races: Aquilonian, Cimmerian
Weapons: One-handed blunts, two-handed blunts, one-handed edged, two-handed edged, crossbows, thrown weapons, and dual wielding
Armour: Full Plate, Heavy armour, medium armour, and light armour

Dark templar
Dark Templar’s combine heavy armour, martial prowess and blood-thirsty magic with an all consuming desire for triumph.
Archetype: Soldier
Permitted races: Aquilonian, Cimmerian and Khitan
Weapons: One-handed edged, one-handed blunts, crossbows, and thrown weapons.
Armour: Full Plate, Heavy armour, medium armour, light armour, and shield

The demonologist is the mightiest of sorcerers, wielding the power of hell and earth and capable of conjuring pillars of flame or titanic storms of electricity.
Archetype: Mage
Permitted races: Stygian and Khitan
Weapons: Staves, Daggers, crossbows, and thrown weapons
Armour: Cloth armour

Guardians are the most heavily armoured and well drilled soldiers in Hyboria. Capable of withstanding punishment like no other, they also have an array of deadly attacks that deal devastating damage.
Archetype: Soldier
Permitted Races: Aquilonian, Cimmerian and Khitan
Weapons: One-handed edged, one-handed blunts, polearms, crossbows, and thrown weapons
Armour: Full plate, heavy armour, medium armour, light armour, and shield

Herald of Xolti
Heralds of Xotli are hybrids of the mage and soldier archetypes who wield alien spells and two handed weapons, making them a formidable enemy on the battlefield.
Archetype: Mage
Permitted races: Stygian and Khitan
Weapons: Two-handed edged, crossbows, daggers, and thrown weapons
Armour: Cloth armour

Necromancers summon and command the undead, and they are legion. Their ghoulish minions are capable of tearing men apart or casting their own death magic.
Archetype: Mage
Permitted races: Stygian and Khitan
Weapons: Staves, Daggers, crossbows, and thrown weapons
Armour: Cloth armour

Priest of Mitra
Priests of Mitra wield divine power that can aid, heal, and even bring the dead to life.
Archetype: Priest
Permitted races: Aquilonian
Weapons: One-handed blunts, one-handed edged, daggers, crossbows, and thrown weapons
Armour: Cloth armour, light armour, and shield

Rangers are the finest marksmen in Hyboria, capable of stalking an enemy and delivering devastating shots with pinpoint accuracy.
Archetype: Rogue
Permitted Races: Cimmerian, Stygian, Aquilonian and Khitan
Weapons: One-handed blunts, one-handed edged, daggers, bows, crossbows, and dual-wield
Armour: Cloth armour, light armour, medium armour, and shields

Tempest of Set 
These priests wield the awesome destructive might of Set, the snake god of Stygia.
Archetype: Priest
Permitted Races: Stygian
Weapons: One-handed blunts, one-handed edged, polearms, daggers, bows, crossbows, and thrown weapons
Armour: Cloth armour, light armour, and shields


EU – Fury – PVP

The main PVP server for the EU version of AOC. This server will suit those who like to get involved with other players and don’t mind the risk of getting jumped every now and then by

City areas are all secure, they all have guards who will kill any player attacking another within their field of vision so cities often act as hideouts if you don’t want to fight.

If you like to run around say farming/crafting without any hassle then maybe this server isn’t for you, but on a whole I enjoy it more as it adds an element of randomness to the game.

EU – Crom – PVE

The main PVE server for the EU version of AOC. This server will suit those who don’t always want to be hassled by others for duels or combat etc.

All areas are secure same as the Fury server but other players cannot attack you at all in the open, even in the wilds you will be safe;)
I have found Crom to be slightly more populated than Fury but overall they are both good.

There is also a German server still operating in the EU but as I haven’t played on it I don’t feel it would be fair for me to comment on it.

Starting Area – Tortage

The main area you will find yourself in when you begin AOC is the pirate city of Tortage and the lands surrounding it.

It has a wealth of areas to explore and is really good for getting to grips with the way the game works. Most players seem to want to leave Tortage as soon as possible, I don’t know why maybe they don’t like But I find it a good place to start so no need to rush.

Once you’ve finished in that area you will move on to the world map and are able to visit most areas straight away, although it’s not advised as some will just be too tough for low levels.

The game is HUGE trust me, if you want to rush to level 80 then it’s easy enough with quests everywhere, but I would advise you to take your time.
It’s not a race, the world is huge and if you run around too quickly you will miss all the secrets it has to offer:)

However if you do want some help with Tortage there is a handy guide right here:

Also for a look at the different areas that await you:

Phew…well anyone who does read this thank you very much an I’m sorry it’s so
Many thanks to the internet and its sources for helping me put this together.
If there is anything that needs adding /editing or you need some advice then please let me know;)

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