Marvel Heroes Zero Defeats Hero Guide

Marvel Heroes Zero Defeats Hero Guide by CptnObvious

So how do you get a 0 defeats hero?

TLDR: It’s boring as hell, and not fun. Takes away from the game play and defeats the whole purpose of playing the game.

Getting to 60 with 0 defeats is not an accomplishment. It’s a test of patience and no skill is required. Avoid any situation you could possibly die in with relative ease.



Avoid Daily missions with Taskmaster, Hood, Magneto, MODOK, Mandarin & Doom.

Use all gear with +HP +Dodge and +Defenses and all skills with +Defenses. I know defense is broken but when u pile it all up and you’re trying to survive it does help in case you get hit.

Get Juggernaut medals on ASAP. Use +life/+dodge artifacts.

Step 1) Levels 1-23 If you are new to the game level up through the story as usual. Only fight Magneto, MODOK and Wizard with help from teammates/orgmates. Avoid Doom altogether. Don’t even attempt to fight him, not untill you’re +10 levels on him and certainly don’t bother trying to kill Doom in dailies. If you are not new to the game and have waypoints, just go to open areas and hit mobs others are fighting and get quick xp and loot with little to no challenge or death possibilities.

Step 2) Levels 23-31 Do T1 Green daliy subway mission farming Shocker over and over. He’s pretty stupid. He runs at you to do a melee attack, he fires a ranged shot, then he does a ground aoe which you can dodge. Very easy to farm once you learn his rotation.

Step 3) Levels 31-32 Do T1 Green daily Warehouse mission farming Doc Octopus. He’s not very hard either and honestly u could do this for step 2 but you get the same exp regardless as long as you are in the level requirement. Doc Oc = Tries to do a melee throw, misses as long as you are moving, then does a very long animation of a melee attack, then tries to throw a rock at you. Rinse and repeat. Avoid where needed and throw in dps when he tries to do his melee attack.

Step 4) Levels 33-40 Do T2 Green Daily Subway missions again. Over and over, yawn. Boring.

Step 5) Levels 41-49 Do T3 Green daily Subway missions again. Over and over, yawn. Boring.

Step 6) Levels 50-51 Do T3 Green warehouse missions again. Over and over, yawn. Boring.

Step 7) Levels 51-54 Do T3 Green Sinister Lab missions. For assurance of not dying just avoid fighting the boss altogether. Clear the trash mobs, leave, start new game. If you do decide to kill the boss he is much easier than Taskmaster, Magneto or Hood. First he fires a set of 3 bolts out, then shoots a direct attack which bypasses shields then shoots an aoe. He mixes in some summons which are pretty easily dealt with for most classes.

Step 8) Levels 55-60 Do T3 Green Castle Doom missions. Farm all the trash mobs, don’t even bother trying to fight Doom. Clear the trash up, get out, start new game.

Congratulations you are now a 0 defeat hero! You have avoided all the content of the game which makes it any fun whatsoever but you can show off to your friends how cool you are. You have also taken ten times longer to get to 60 as anyone else and avoided killing bosses and getting loot.

Doesn’t sound like much of a hero to me at all.

I’ve gotten 2 characters to 0 defeats @ lvl 40 and it just becomes really boring and so I start joining limbo games and doing bosses for gear finding. And then the deaths start rolling in.

My favorite death was my first death with my Jean Grey. I had my kinetic shield on (immunity bubble that reflects shots and knocks melee back) and Hood TELEPORTS inside of my bubble, stuns me, one shots me. Yep after that first death I was like Frak this I’m not getting to 60 with 1 defeat I’m just gonna go play and have fun. Now over 10 defeats easily.

Bloodstone artifacts are a really good idea. The way this game is setup though if you are a squishy character you literally die at points where you are just like “WHAT?” Death should never be a surprise in a video game. You should see it coming. You should be panicking, you should be pressing buttons and screaming and trying to avoid it. Death should not just instantly hit you from nowhere and your screen says you have died.

In almost every regard this game is a hell of a lot more fun than Diablo 3. And the biggest reason is that I don’t feel the need to go to some stupid auction house to get gear. I like finding my own stuff! But I have to say I probably had more fun maxing out my hardcore char in D3 than I would maxing one out here.

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