Marvel Heroes Thor Ranged Melee Hybrid Build

Marvel Heroes Thor Ranged Melee Hybrid Build by arCtyC

Build Video

I’ll probably reallocate the points I have in God Blast to something else eventually, but my build’s success is highly dependent on invulnerability which I have on 4 different equipment pieces (Hammer, Artifact, Costume Core, and Medal). Here’s a quick synopsis on how I use my abilities from the video:

Thundering Strike– 1v1 Boss Killer with Asguardian Frenzy

God Blast– Currently my trash mob killer.

Thunderous Charge – Escape/Mobility

BTT– AoE (Used in same manner as Thor Pre-patch by most players)

Medkit – Primarily used for Invulnerability activation against Bosses. When running Dailies I use Asguardian Smite.

Asguardian Frenzy – Used as my Boss Killer/Lifesteal in conjunction with Thundering Strike.

Godly Valor – I end up using quite a bit of Spirit when quickly clearing trash mobs, so I keep this handy.

Storm Hammer/Almighty Mjolnir – I’m testing Storm Hammer as something to use during God Blast cooldown for trash mobs. I really like Almighty Mjolnir, but I won’t put points into it.


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