Marvel Heroes Storm Thundering Tempest Build

Marvel Heroes Storm Thundering Tempest Build by LiranR

I’ll start by saying that my first main hero was Storm (lately I’ve switched to thing) and I’ve tried quite a few builds with her so far this being my favorite one and the most fun to play. Note that if you lag or get bad fps you will probably get killed pretty fast using this.

Build Link

Remember that this one doesn’t have the optional points you have left at the end so you can still add more points to the skills I recommended on the guide

Skill build:

Lighting Bolt+Stunning Bolt – 1 point each to get Lighting Column

Lighting Column – Max – Usefull as a secondary skill when you run out of spirit.

Chain Lightning – Max – Good for fast killig trash mobs almost instantly and when you can’t wait for Ball Lighting to reach the enemies. Also good for Ball Lightning synergy.

Ball Lighting – Max – Does awesome damage and kills any trash mobs number in 2 hits usually, only bad side is it takes longer for it to reach the mobs.

Sirocco Rush – 1 point – Movement skill to move faster or get out of trouble fast.

Windy Flight – Optional 1 point – For those who like to fly and let’s face it, it’s storm, she deserves to fly a little bit.

Spirited – 5 points – I use only 5, some put enough for it to regen 3 spirit per second, anyway you want it just doesn’t pay off much after that.

Lighting Stom + Arctic Blizzard – 1 point each – Needed for Thundering Tempest.

Thundering Tempest – Max – Main skill.

After you do all that you get some extra points, I would recommend adding them to Lighting Storm or Arctic Blizzard for the synergy because Thundering Tempest is the main skill.

The gameplay is pretty simple, easy and fun. You use Chain Lightning and Ball Lightning to clear any trash mobs. You may also use Thundering Tempest to clear trash mobs since it does good damage and hits various mobs simoultaniously, only problem is it hits them if they are near you.
For bosses you use Thundering Tempest: just spam the skill and fly around the boss in circles, you do high damage and will get hit less which is good for Storm since she is squishy.

Try to stack as many spirit and spirit regen whether it’s “regen when hit/defeat” or just normal regen. If you find yourself with too much “regen when hit with basic power” and you have no other gear for your level just start using Lighthning Column when you run out of spirit, after you kill a few mobs you’ll have enough spirit to keep going.

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